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  • A total by-the-numbers thriller made by no-names and semi-no-names. The plot is typical for a cheap thriller. The acting is awful and I don't think one single actor in the whole production pulled his or her weight and gave even a mediocre performance. The characters are clichés, and several minor characters are dumb stereotypes. The pacing is bad, and the film drags so much that it seems like the director figured that the audience would sit through anything. The cinematography is daft. The film has nothing new to offer to the genre, and is merely a rehash of various old story lines, that are done before, and much, much better. The director(who's incidentally also the writer) has done nothing big before(or so it would appear; I haven't really studied his filmography hard, though), apart from a single episode of X-Files, which is probably why the direction is so bad. The dialog is badly written and the delivery is even worse. The whole thing is so thoroughly predictable and boring that it's seriously hard to explain. One could compare it to following a soap opera while staring at a spot on the wall, but that would probably be unfair, both to the soap operas and the spots on the wall. All in all... just don't bother. I recommend this to no one, as it has no actual value, and you'll feel like you've just wasted an hour and a half on it, which could have been spent much better, by doing something far more constructive, like, say, clipping toenails or clicking a pen repeatedly. Stay away. Stay far away. 1/10
  • rodbsfr7 June 2003
    An excellent and fast-paced thriller with top notch performances from all. JoBeth Williams plays Sarah Gallagher, a high glass escort who wants to retire - only thing is, the Mafia accountant she trusted with her hard-earnt 750,000 has skipped town with her money - and 20 million of the Mob's. Allying herself with an ex-con,Douglas Colson (Tony Denison) who has served 10 years for armed robbery only to find his share of the money missing on release, the two pursue their quarry onto a luxury liner embarking on a world cruise. Can they unmask the man and recover Sarah's money before the Mob beats them to it?

    A first-rate TV movie with a fine supporting cast - look out for Alien Nation's Eric Pierpoint, portraying a villain in a nice change of pace.