James Wright: This check seems to be made out to "selfish, arrogant dickhead."

Miranda Presley: Yeah, they'll cash it. They know it's you.

[Kyle runs into back of a guy's car and a crowd gathers]

Driver: Didn't you see the stop sign?

Kyle Davidson: That's my song!

Driver: Well, that's my car!

Kyle Davidson: That's my song playing on the radio!

Driver: You wrote that song?

Kyle Davidson: Yeah!

Bystander: You're a better songwriter than you are a driver.

Kyle Davidson: That's my song!

Bystander: That song's all right.

Kyle Davidson: Kinda makes ya wanna pat your foot, doesn't it?

Bystander: You shoulda patted the brake one time.

Kyle Davidson: That's my song!

Bystander: You got two hits in one day!

Miranda Presley: Look out Nashville, cause I'm here now and I ain't never leavin'!

James Wright: How many Beatles are there?

Kyle Davidson: Three... and Ringo.

Linda Lue Linden: You Know Kyle Davidson, there's something you never knew about me.

Kyle Davidson: What's that?

Linda Lue Linden: [she kisses him] You could have had me for a song

Miranda Presley: Look out Music City, cause here I am and I ain't never leavin'!

Linda Lue Linden: Hey Kyle Davidson!

Kyle Davidson: Hey Linda Lue, is that your pretty face I'm seein'?

Linda Lue Linden: Well it ain't nobody's butt.

Kyle Davidson: I'm going to go write some more of those good songs.

Miranda Presley: Yeah, write a good one for me.

Kyle Davidson: I write them *about* you.

Miranda Presley: You're always asking everyone else what they think.

Linda Lue Linden: That's right. And you know what? I'm not going to do it anymore. If I don't feel like bein' nice to somebody, I'm just goin' to be mean... or at least impolite.

Kyle Davidson: You want me to tell you how I feel about you?

Miranda Presley: Yeah.

Kyle Davidson: Okay, okay. Uh, sometimes you hear a song on the radio and it's just the song you want to hear right then, and then it's over and you're just glad you heard it.

Miranda Presley: And I'm like that song?

Kyle Davidson: No, you're nothing like that song. You're like if that was the only song in the world that I could hear for the rest of my life. You're that song.

James Wright: This didn't have to get ugly

Miranda Presley: And what about... me?

James Wright: You want to come all the way to Memphis just to sit around and watch me record? I thought you'd want to stay here. settle into our, house...

Miranda Presley: And do what?

James Wright: do what? don't know. What does one do anywhere? There's a number of things you could do... write songs... birdwatch.

Miranda Presley: [sitting in the truck] Okay, come on. Lets go.

James Wright: We can't just leave, we've gotta at least let them know we've changed our mind... the preachers on his way and it's raining...

Miranda Presley: No, no, no, no. Look, uh, we'll just... We'll have a fight, and i'll pretend to slap you... or shoot you in the leg or something...

James Wright: ...Got a better idea.

Miranda Presley: ...What?

James Wright: Let's... get married.

Miranda Presley: You don't just get married as a joke.

James Wright: It's not a joke. It's a journey.

Miranda Presley: Hey. You know, I don't appreciate you including me in your lie back there. Especially without asking me.

James Wright: Well, that's a fine point to make. Thank you.

Miranda Presley: Okay.

James Wright: There might be a song in that.

Miranda Presley: Huh?

James Wright: I was gonna ask you out for a beer, but i've since changed my mind.

Miranda Presley: What is that? Some kinda line?

James Wright: Yes.

Miranda Presley: Does it work?

James Wright: Sometimes. Rarely.

Miranda Presley: I'll bet.

James Wright: I might change my mind again...

Miranda Presley: Maybe you should change your line.