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  • It's Spring Break and the Tiny Toons are heading out to Florida. With Buster and Babs as the hosts of course.

    Meanwhile Elmira presumes that Buster is the actual Easter Bunny after doing research. So she hunts him down to add to her collection of pets. With the help of Tommy Lee Johns from Fugitive.

    Plucky was ready to make money off of his tanning salon chair, but found the woman of his dreams. And is seeking to find her before the end of Spring Break.

    Along with several Tiny Toon music videos on actual record titles and the usual cameos of famous celebrities. This is by fair the best Tiny Toons TV special known to all fans. It's very hard to find. And may get release on DVD along with the TV series some day.

    But those who like Tiny Toons will love this one. And the Beavis & Butthead and the Ren and Stimpy fans will get a kick on the parodies of those shows.
  • fungusbrains8 March 2002
    Tiny Toon Adventures is awesome. How could anyone not like this show - or any of it's offshoots, for that matter? The animation is/was top notch, leading the world of television animation into a new era. The characters were lovable, and the humor of the show was unerring. As a result, the fan base remains gigantic even to this day. To deny that the spring break special is to deny that Tiny Toon Adventures was a wonderful show, and to do that is to deny that there is any value to animation in general. This particular piece is virtually impossible to find anymore, but is worth buying/downloading/watching if at all possible. fifty stars!!!!
  • It is a real shame that 'Tiny Toons Spring Break' is not as easily available as the other later 'Tiny Toons Adventures' special 'Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery', the film 'Tiny Toons Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation' or the whole show. Because it complements all of them wonderfully, is as wonderful as them and doesn't disgrace the show, which is still a personal favourite even in young adult eyes with much broader tastes since, in any way.

    Spring Break in animation has seldom been funnier or wackier, and in a way that is unmistakable 'Tiny Toons Adventures'. While always aiming to be a subjective person and as someone who has been known to be very vocal when annoyed by people forcing their opinions on people when being contrarian, it is my strong feeling that fans of the show should be able to not any problem enjoying 'Tiny Toons Spring Break'. As a big fan of the show and its humour, as well as of Looney Tunes and similar shows like 'Animaniacs' and 'Pinky and the Brain', for me there was an enormous amount to enjoy.

    The animation in 'Tiny Toons Spring Break' is as beautiful and crisp as the show's, with bright colourful backgrounds, beautiful colours and well drawn characters. Have always considered music very important when reviewing films, television, cartoons, etc. and 'Tiny Toons Spring Break' scores highly in that respect. The incidental music is beautifully and cleverly composed, always dynamic and full of energy.

    Humour is insanely funny and very smart, with sharply timed gags (physical and verbal), that the special is never in short supply of, and even wittier dialogue. There is enough for children to understand and laugh at, no this is not humour that is going to go completely over their heads, but like the show enormous effort was shown providing content to appeal to a wide audience other than youngsters. 'Tiny Toons Spring Break' is highly successful in this, the humour actually is more understandable to young adults and older audiences. As ever the parodies and references are ingenious.

    Morever, the basic story is slight but has many subplots and characters that are cute, hilarious and wonderfully wacky. Yet it never felt over-stuffed. The characters are true to personality and are continually compelling, despite having always loved Plucky and he has always been one of the funniest characters the most successful subplot was Elmyra's. Elmyra can either be funny and cute or very obnoxious and it depends on how she's used, luckily she is very funny here and the material is strange but inspired.

    Voice acting is excellent, top honours here going to Cree Summer.

    Overall, terrific and should be better known and more widely available. 10/10