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  • tcassette21 January 2000
    First, some background: This is an 8 minute short by Chris Elliot which appeared on a "Late Night with David Letterman" a few years ago. It is obviously a parody of a scene from the classic "Petrified Forest" film, down to the B&W photography, but it works without knowing the older film. Chris Elliot and Paul Dooley are the only actors.

    This is one of the funniest 8 minutes you can spend. Chris masterfully builds this variation of his annoying character (it helps if you think "Cabin Boy" had its moments), and Paul has some of the best reaction shots ever.

    For whatever reason, this is one of those routines that gets funnier every time I see it. The writing, acting, and production values are top notch. I just wish it was commercially available to a wide audience.