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  • When I saw this movie in the shelf of a video-shop-rent, and saw that Tim Matheson Was in it, I thought to myself "this one could be a good option, besides Matheson is a actor that always seems to choose good stories to make !" I made a mistake, fellows! Trial and Error is a lame and very stupid trial drama with no originality, no twists and turns and even Matheson seems ashamed to be in this misfire! Watch out!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is not insignificant to note this is the LAST film written by either Rick Way (teleplay) or Andrew Peter Marin (story). Perhaps after seeing the results of their latest effort they realized that perhaps it was time to do something else for a living. A wise choice indeed.

    "Animal House" star Tim Matheson stars as Peter Hudson, a D.A. who is being pegged to run as Lt. Governor (if only the Governor had been Dean Wormer!) when he discovers a man he put away for murder 5 years ago may be innocent. Even though it will somehow ruin his political career, Hudson is determined to clear the man and find the real murderer.

    Helen Shaver plays Hudson wife/conscience and also gets a scene where she's threatened by the real murderer. But the scene is pretty routine, as is the rest of this uninspired potboiler.