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  • This is one of those movies made in transitional Russian times and reflects a lot Russian attitude, history, values, lifestyle, difficulties people were going through as well just Russian mentality. The song which goes throughout the movie is just terrific. Behind every scene and hero there is a much deeper sense... that makes you think. Of course there have been some exaggeration in the movie, but on the other hand a very appropriate one. Values and what is right and wrong in life of Russian people of those times are very well shown. It is a love story, story of two people which turns out into triangle... the steady family walls do not seem so steady anymore... And the end both happy and sad at the same time... When he screams: "Natashka, ty u menya odna...." and then looks away... probably thinking: is it really so?... makes me cry. The actors did a wonderful job! This movie is definitely one of my favourites and not at all alike with others. But if you like both actors and the style of the movie I can also suggest you to see: "Vse budet horosho".