Barney Cousins: Jeff, look at your life. You have nothing. No job. No love. No peace of mind. You've been searching for three years, at what point do you finally say to yourself I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and miraculously know what happened?

Barney Cousins: You don't care if she's alive or dead anymore.

Jeff Harriman: Yes I do.

Jeff Harriman: No you don't. You're just scared that without the search you won't know who you are. Who is Jeff Harriman, if he's not the guy looking for Diane? Can you really walk away from finally knowing the answer?

Cop at Gas Station: Had you had a fight recently?

Jeff Harriman: Not a fight, a thing.

Cop at Gas Station: ...A thing?

Jeff Harriman: Yeah, a thing, don't you have a girlfriend?

Cop at Gas Station: Yeah. And what you think is a thing, you can bet your life she thinks is a fight.

Helene Cousins: Look, he put up a new one. I heard him on Talk Radio. Every month he puts up a new one.

Barney Cousins: Every 30 days, you could set your watch by it.

Helene Cousins: He must have loved her very much.

Barney Cousins: ...I do admire his perseverance.

Jeff Harriman: I just want to know what happened to Diane.

Barney Cousins: Then you'll want to listen to the story, and you'll want to listen carefully because sometimes the Devil is in the details.

Barney Cousins: To me, to kill is not the worst thing you can imagine. There is more.

Barney Cousins: What's this? Wuthering Heights? Denise, is it not sufficent that while you shall be at peace, I shall ride in the torments of hell?

Denise Cousins: ...It's romantic.

Barney Cousins: If they can put it in a book it's not romantic. Romance has to be secret.

Barney Cousins: Look, I know you think restoring this cabin is a crazy idea, but what if it's not? What if I'm learning about myself as I go, realizing that if I can do this, I can do anything. So I take a step,I think is this crazy, should I stop?... Then I think, not yet, there's always time to turn back, if I want to so, I take another step... and another... and another... until one day I realize I've crossed that line... and there's no turning back.

Jeff Harriman: I just want to know where Diane is.

Barney Cousins: Then you'll want to listen. Or the answer will slip right by you.

Rita Baker: She's gone, Jeff. She's gone. You may never know how or why, you just have to learn to accept that.

Jeff Harriman: If Diane were here right now, I'd ask you to marry me. But the truth is, if I could turn back the clock to that day at the gas station just once, I would. Just to find out.

Rita Baker: It's not good enough. If you ever want to move on with your life, if you ever want to be happy again, if you ever want to really live,then this is your chance! I love you! But I have to know you feel the same, or else I'm gone forever. Let her go, Jeff. Let her go.

Barney Cousins: I don't need a gun. Your obsession is my weapon.

Cop at Apartment: How many have you had to drink?

Lynn: One... after another.

Rita Baker: Jesus, it's loaded!

Jeff Harriman: Well that's usually the part psychos respond to, honey.

Rita Baker: You have reached the home of Jeff Harriman and Jeff Harriman's twisted ego. Rita Baker no longer lives here. She's left Jeff. She's moving out, and she will not be found here again. So don't Iook for me, forever!

Cop at Gas Station: I stongly urge you to move your face back to where it was.

Jeff Harriman: How long have you worked here?

Rita Baker: Since the Dawn of Man.

Jeff Harriman: The police - they laugh at me. I'm a joke to them.

Rita Baker: I'm beginning to see their point.

Jeff Harriman: Diane?

Woman in Ladies Room: Hey! This is the ladies' room!

Jeff Harriman: This letter's the first break I've had in three years, Rita. I can nail this fucker.

Rita Baker: Yeah, go to the police! You can't do this on your own?

Jeff Harriman: The police? They'll laugh at me. I'm a joke to them.

Rita Baker: I hate to say it, but I'm starting to see their point.

Jeff Harriman: Don't do this to me, not now.

Rita Baker: Jesus Christ, you are amazing! Did it ever occur to you that she doesn't wanna be found? Goodbye, Jeff.

Jeff Harriman: Go on, run like a coward. At least Diane was taken by force.

Rita Baker: I am *not* Diane!

[last lines]

Rita Baker: No coffee.

Jeff Harriman: [referring to an earlier incident] Thanks, we don't drink that anymore.

Barney Cousins: [after Jeff has beaten him to a bloody pulp] I'm sorry, were you done?