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  • Well, you have understood that this long TV movie is the following of the one that you had two years earlier, starring Eric Roberts. You find again the young woman - Nancy - who is now a nun in a convent...As the summary line tells. You have also understood, or at least guessed, that it is not THE GODFATHER series, despite the fact that you have powerful actors such as Eli Wallach and Burt Young. But this TV feature is pretty well done anyway without any, or very few lengths. The overall atmosphere sounds the nineties very much, such as those TV movies that we saw, in France, on TF1 garbage channel in the Hollywood Night program, on Saturday evenings. The director of this TV movie is Ralph Thomea, but beware, that's not the same man from UK who directed in the fifties and sixties.

    Back to this TV show, nothing to do either to the masterpiece CORLEONE made in Italy in 2007. Nothing to do. But, I repeat, that remains an appreciable time waster.