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  • In Madrid, the journalist Marcos Vallez (Antonio Banderas) is writing an article about a circus and he schedules an interview for the next day with the lead attraction Anna Meltzer (Francesca Neri) a.k.a. the Amazon Queen Guiditta, who simultaneously rides a horse and sharply shoots in balloons in her performance. After the interview, they feel attracted for each other and they spend the rest of the day and the night together. In the morning, Marcos travels to Barcelona to cover a concert and promises to meet Anna on the next day and follow her to hell. However, three men gang rape Anna during the night after her performance with extreme violence and the disturbed Anna takes her rifle and ammunition to chase the rapists, but with tragic consequences.

    "Dispara!" is a depressing and heartbreaking travel to hell of a sweet character magnificently performed by the extremely beautiful and talented Francesca Neri. This movie is great but the plot is not simply a revenge of a woman brutally attacked but a very sad, realistic, dark and quite unpleasant drama, reason why it is not among my favorite movies. The character of Anna Meltzer is very well developed in the beginning; therefore when the rape happens, the viewer is entirely connected feeling empathy for her nice character. The attitude of Marcos Vallez is despicable, mixing feelings with his profession, telling his suspicious about Anna to his editor without any evidence. I regret that the DVD released by Brazilian Distributor Spectra Nova is awfully dubbed in English without option to the original language (Spanish). My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Dispara" ("Shoot")
  • Outrage deals with a journalist from El País newspaper who is assigned to carry out engaging reports . As Mario Vellez's (Antonio Banderas) last asignment results to be a traveling circus . Bored and tired with the usual acts , he is intrigued by the beautiful Sharp-shooter called Anna (Francesca Neri , Rosalba Neri's daughter) and asks her for an interview , which leads to passion . She is an equestrian sharpshooter from a circus called Wonderland , he is a stubborn journalist and both of whom fall in love . But she finds that primitive savagery exists beneath the most peaceful surface and then occurs a an unhappy happening and things go awry .

    This is an interesting story about a traveling circus , a grisly event and subseguent vendetta . A frightening and violent film reaction to the violence of the 1980s and 1990s ; this is a tale about rape and revenge in Straw Dogs style . Based on a story : "Spara che ti passa" by expert Giorgio Scerbanenco and screenplay by Carlos Saura himself . The plot is plain and simple , a circus artist falls in love for a reporter and while he's in Barcelona to cover a concert, three young men assault her , being attacked and raped in her tráiler , then , rather than calling the police Anna decides to take his own retribution , as she seeks a merciless vengeance . It is paced from point of view Francesca Neri and Antonio Banderas . Although it relies heavily on the loving relationship between the reporter and the circus artist . Gorgeous Rosalba Neri gives an enjoyable acting ,she speaks Spanish language blending Italian/Spaniard words . Banderas is acceptable but he delivers an inferior performance than Neri . They are well accompanied by a fine support cast , such as : Eulàlia Ramon as Lali Ramón, Carlos Saura's wife , Walter Vidarte ,Coque Malla , Chema Mazo and Achero Mañas .

    The movie displays an atmospheric cinematography by prestigious Javier Aguirresarobe , though a perfect remastering being really necessary . And a sad and atonal musical score by the Oscar Winner and magnificent composer Alberto Iglesias . Along with adequate production design by the notorious Rafael Palmero . The motion picture was well directed by Carlos Saura , being the first genre movie from this magnificent filmmaker . He is a good Spanish movies director. He began working in cinema in 1959 when he filmed ¨Los Golfos ¨(1962) dealing with juvenile delinquency ,it won Golden Bear in Berlin Festival . Saura is a well recognized filmmaker both nationally and internationally, and in proof of it he won many prizes among which there are the following ones: Silver Bear in the Berlin Festival for ¨ La Caza or The Chase¨ (1966) his most successful film , and for Peppermint Frappé (1967), in 1967. Special Jury Awards in Cannes for La Prima Angélica (1974), in 1973, and for Cría Cuervos (1976), in 1975. Also, the film Mamá Cumple Cien Años (1979) got an Oscar nomination in 1979 as the best foreign film, and it also won the Special Jury Award at the San Sebastian Festival. In 1990, he won two Goya , The Spanish Oscar , as best adapted screenplay writer and best director. Saura made some biographic movies as ¨Llanto para un bandido¨, ¨Goya in Burdeos or Bordeaux ¨, ¨Buñuel and la mesa del Rey Salomon¨ , ¨El Dorado¨, and ¨Antonieta¨. Saura became an expert on Iberian musical adaptations as ¨Carmen , Amor Brujo , Bodas De Sangre or Blood wedding , Sevillanas ,Iberia , Salome, Fado, Flamenco , Tango ¨ and even recently Opera as ¨Io , Don Giovanni
  • jotix10026 May 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Marcos, a young reporter, goes to the circus to write about that world in his paper's Sunday supplement. He is not interested in anything, but as he is leaving, the next act is about to start. It involves a woman riding a horse and performing tricks; the presentation ends in shooting balloons from the horse while it is moving. Marcos feels attracted to the beautiful woman. Marcos is intrigued by the circus performer and returns to interview her, but she begins playing with him, inventing stories. As he is about to leave, Ana, comes to him and tells her who she really is. An affair between them ensues.

    Fate intervenes when three young mechanics come to repair circus equipment and the owner gives them complimentary tickets for the show. The trio make a racket as they watch Ana perform. After the show, these three force themselves upon Ana. She is badly hurt and decides to take matters into her own hands. Since she is a skilled shooter, these young punks don't have a chance when she comes for them. Ana, who is bleeding badly ends up in a country home where a couple and two small children live. Marcos is responsible for breaking the impasse between Ana and the police, but he arrived too late to help her.

    Carlos Saura, a noted director, made some valid contributions to the Spanish cinema. His earlier pictures had a political and satirical context that he abandoned later on after Franco's death in favor of films that emphasized the dance. This film will not add anything to his career, or that of Antonio Banderas, who as Marcos, gives a tepid performance. On the other hand, Francesca Neri, a gifted Italian actress is the best thing in the film. Her Ana has equal parts of mystery, charm, love and hate, as her determined character decides to deal with her tormentors.

    The film is titled "Outrage" in English.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This DVD, called "Outrage!", is the Spanish film "Dispara!", which means "Shoot!". I have the original Spanish language VHS, and no English language dubbing can do justice to the original Spanish version. Why even change the name? "Shoot!" has so much subtext. She's a sharpshooter to begin with. She goes after the men who raped her with her rifle... It makes sense to call it "Shoot!". Antonio Banderas - pre-movie star - is so good, here, as an earnest reporter. He is stuck in the predicament of falling in love with a circus performer who will move on. The real star is Francesca Neri, the Italian actress who seems to do her own riding and shooting. Everything about this movie looks authentic, including the brutal rape and murder scenes. If you are looking for a happy Hollywood ending, go elsewhere. These characters are doomed from the first "shot". -Sheshetta
  • The story follows Ana (played wonderfully by the beautiful Francesca Neri) as a sharp shooter performing in the circus. She falls in love with a journalist named Marcos (Antonio Banderas). After a brutal rape and several murders later, she finds herself on the run with Marcos chasing after her.

    The DVD story would have you believe that this is a typical Rape/ Revenge flick where the rape occurs early on and the rest of the film is the woman seeking vengeance. But the rape doesn't occur until 40 minutes in giving the viewers plenty of time to get to know Ana and like her character. She looks like Rachel Weisz and is quite impulsive and quirky. Her character is very likable and you will find her emotionally honest even when she is lying. This will make watching her downfall a little difficult to bear.

    You watch Ana fall in love with Marcos, make love with him, and then you see the excitement in her eyes when she runs to her door one fateful night expecting Marcos on the other side. The gang rape is brutal, but most of the violence (outside of the rape) is implied. The revenge part takes place very soon after. The rest of the film is Ana and Marcos trying to reach each other one last time, making several mistakes along the way, and a very climactic reunion at the end.

    Where the story veers into stupidity, is when Marcos sees the news story of the rapists murders, assumes Ana is the killer without even speaking to her, and then proceeds to rat on her instantly. That amore'. Soon after, Ana visits a doctor for her excessive bleeding (ahem, vaginal, due to the "bottle assault"), the doctor immediately calls the police on her the moment Ana leaves the room. Rape Advocacy, yeah! And get this…the doctor then goes on the radio giving the victims name and detailing her vaginal wounds! Ethics? We don't need no stinking Ethics!

    Ultimately, this film is incredibly depressing and bleak. The ending will not make you feel any better about what transpired before hand. The victim gets no justice and she is punished for being victimized. A cop even refers to her as "the bitch."

    Favorite Quote: "I said I'd follow you to Hell, well, here I am," spoken by Marcos to Ana after he finally catches up to her at the end.

    DVD Extras: Scene Selection and brief Film Facts. There is an Italian and English dubbed version. The dubbed version is terrible and takes away from the atmosphere. Plus, I know what Antonio Banderas sounds like and I can assure you that was not it.

    Bottom Line: Very dreary film with not much to recommend here except Francesca Neri's great performance.

    Rating: 6/10

    Molly Celaschi
  • This film is a fine drama about a woman who gets raped by three men then hunts then down one by one with a cold determination of a professional assassin. After years of being an equestrian circus performer, Francesca Neri meets Antonio Banderas, a journalist, and romance seems to be in the offing but fate is unkind to them and sets in motion the tragic events of the story. The pursuit and revenge plot is straightforward with no surprises but the drama really builds when Neri herself becomes the hunted when an all-points alert is issued by Spanish police. Neri's role of a woman who takes the law into her own hands is one-dimensional but she sells her character well and manages to generate sympathy because of what happened to her. Neri and Banderas do have a certain chemistry between them and they make the premise work in spite of the unpleasant subject matter.
  • OUTRAGE, or "Dispara!" in Spanish gives us a glimpse of the real Antonio Banderas. If subtitles get in your way, then you cannot judge this movie, directed by the legendary Carlos Saura. The female lead is the versatile Francesca Neri ("Live Flesh") who has made some of the most daring European films of the 90's, switching easily from Spanish to Italian in her prolific 15 year or so career. This trio of great talent delivers a revenge drama/love story worth watching only for the lead actors' performances. Here you see the real Antonio Banderas, who went back to Spain at the height of his Hollywood crossover, to do what he had always done: ACT, and take a break from the tough guy/action hero/Latin lover Hollywood has made of him. The real Banderas is a sensitive actor, who actually has played mostly frail, bi/homosexual and mentally-challenged characters. Though OUTRAGE is not his best performance by any means, it is a rare look into the real actor. His character in OUTRAGE is possessed by the beauty and talents of a mysterious circus performer (Ms. Neri). The two start an unusual relationship and after a fateful night's event, both main characters go down a destructive path of revenge. Check it out. I bought it from, not to plug them, but because it is available from them at a very good price.
  • Outrage is a good film with an excellent (as always) performance by Francesca Neri who is the main character in this movie. Warning: there is a rape scene that can be a bit hard to watch and graphic for some audiences. Overall it is a very interesting film which shows how the recklessness of 3 young men can affect the lives of others. It is a love story with a very young looking Antonio Banderas as a newspaper reporter who interviews and falls in love with a circus performer who after a brutal rape by a group of 3 young men, takes it upon herself to avenge the deed. It had an unexpected ending (at least for me )but I really enjoyed watching this film.
  • It's hard to catch the nuances (that I hope are there) in a subtitled film. Francesca Neri is the star of this film, even though Antonio Banderas is featured on the U. S. release. It has an exotic (to me) location, a circus in Madrid. Neri's character suffers a brutal rape (Not an easy scene to watch) and the rest of the film deals with her method of dealing with the wrong done her, and its unintended consequences.