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  • This cartoon was one of the best created by Nickelodeon. Not only did it disgust kiddies everywhere, but it was incredibly creative. It made us wonder...what would it be like to be a monster in school?

    The plots revolved around three roommates/students that just happened to be monsters. You had Ickis, a monster struggling to be half the legend his father was, Krumm, a smelly and hairy little guy that carried around his own eyeballs, and my personal favorite, Oblina. She was the nerd and over-achiever of the group.

    The monsters studying at the observatory had to remain hidden to humans unless completing their homework by scaring them. They then reported their actions to the Gromble (the teacher of the school, and the first cross-dressing cartoon character I have ever seen) and were graded on how they assessed the situation. Unfortunately, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm were always suffering some sort of mishap.

    This show was so great, and I love catching it on t.v. every know and then. This show contains a wave of nostalgia for me, and I still love it to this day.
  • The studio Klasky Csupo was responsible for numerous shows, like Rugrats, and The Wild Thornberrys, over the years. However, with such a popular back-catalogue at their disposal, it is quite obvious to over-look certain shows that didn't have its tremendous share of popularity- does anyone else here remember shows from them, such as Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, or Duckman?

    Aaahh!!! Real Monsters was another show made from Nickelodeon's legion of Nick Toons, which gave this channel the edge for Saturday morning cartoons, until Cartoon Network nicked this new show format. First transmission of this was in 1994, when we were introduced to 3 high-school monster misfits known as Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm, as they try to make the grade by scaring fellow humans, with some disastrous consequences.

    However, with such an entertaining concept to entertain the kids, this show ended in 1998 despite its variety of guest stars since the second episode in its first series, like Tim Curry (who, ironically, went on to voice the father figure in the Wild Thornberrys.) Also, the show's resonance remains coherent with some weak referencing in the Pixar's ever-popular film Monsters Inc- well the concept of monsters having to scare humans sounds familiar, if you ask me! Its departure can only be explained with the arrival of Nickelodeon's latest shows at the time: The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, As Told by Ginger, Fairly OddParents, and the cult-followed Spongebob Squarepants (there was also a revamp of the Rugrats, who will eventually have a more "grown-up" spin-off later on.)

    Further bemusement into Nickelodeon's decision to axe the show includes the fun making each episode, especially during the opening credits; this was where its flamboyant, high-heeled wearing, headmaster figure, the Gromble, says something different from every episode, one of his lines, like "you make me sick". Also, after the ending credits, memorable dialogue was muttered ounce again from that episode. This wasn't new, as the Rugrats have been doing this gimmick throughout their transmission, so re-inventing something from a more popular show shows the struggle. Also, from their more popular counter-parts, this show had a dark feeling to it, with the overall design of the show (and some of the episodes relied on famous people to be traumatised from these novices at work!)

    Personally, I remember quite a lot of this show, especially when it first transmitted on US television around Halloween (29 October 1994 to be precise). So, from the beginning, I know from the start that this was going to be a show with a creepy undertone. Also, one thing I found enjoyable was this concept of monsters of going to school to learn how to scare was quite inventive; it made the Tiny Toon Adventure's concept of going to university to become a cartoon star makes that premise childish. Alas, I need to mention Gravedale High at this point, as this was another monster high school format, only that took the "throw in a human in with them for some laughs" approach. Another key thing I remember is that projector that projects an image from their eyes- I did mention was darker than other kid's shows, at the time; didn't I? The voice acting was memorable, with Charles Adler (whose voice can be heard for the Bigheads in another Nick Toon, Rocko's Modern Life) and Christine Cavanaugh (the original voice for the Rugrats' Chuckie)- well, with them on board, it got appeal if you enjoyed the other shows at the time on Nickelodeon.

    So, what can I say, this was an enjoyable series from start to finish of every episode, but the dark over-tone wouldn't have made this everyone's cup of tea. Overall, this was one of those shows from Klasky Csupo that deserves another look, if given the chance of a re-run.
  • As a kid, I used to love this show. I haven't seen it for at least 2 years, maybe 3 so it's hard to really remember everything about it. I remember the three monsters, Ickis, Oblina and Krumm were very funny. I also remember The Gromble, who if I recall correctly wore red shoes. It was a very humorous well-written show with very well developed characters who were voiced and animated brilliantly. I miss this show very much and know that even now, not a little kid anymore I will still enjoy this show.
  • "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" was one of my favorite Nicktoons, along with the older episodes of "Rugrats" and "Doug". I was seven years old when it premiered and remember watching it on Nickelodeon weekday mornings at like 6:30. Then after wards I remember talking to my friends on the bus about the episodes.

    "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" came around right after classic "Rugrats" came to an end. It followed three monsters as they trained at the monster academy. There was Ickis who was cute reminded me of a rabbit, Oblina (my favorite) who looked like an upside down candy cane, and Krumm who always held his eyeballs.

    My favorite episode was the one when Ickis was scared of the cute movie. That one was so funny!

    Overall this was a great show and I'm glad I can still see it on Nicktoons along with all of the other classic Nicktoons. I give this show 10/10 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although this show does have one con, not being scary. The pros are everything else. Meaning, I loved this show as a child, and still love it. The style and the design of the monsters are just so unique. Gabor Csupo did a good job creating and writing the show. No one could make a show better than Aaahh!!! Real Monsters! It is possible, but no one could make it in the same style as the staff of this show could do, unless they hired them. But it wouldn't be the same characters we know and love.

    My favorite episode is the first episode of season one, "Switching Hour." where Ickis accidentally gets switched with a human child. What was very great and predictable about this show was that it was aired the day before Halloween. It could have probably gotten kids to feel ashamed that their costumes weren't as good as the characters of "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!".

    One thing that annoys me about this show is The Gromble and how the monsters seem to not have freedom in this show. They basically live in the school, like a boarding school. It seems every day of their lives they have to go to school learning about one simple thing everyday, how to scare a young child and perhaps adults. But one thing that is good is how Gregg Berger did on the voicing of this character. The Gromble's appearance and Gregg Berger's job on the character matches almost perfectly! I recommend this show for everyone, especially children and teens before this show comes off air completely, which would anger everyone.
  • This was a good show. It was really clever, and off-beat, which is good. I think I've figured out why they dump good shows like this, and leave brain-dead shows on the air. Merchandising. Have you noticed that stuff like Rugrats and Rocket Power are cash-cows. That's why they keep these and dump shows like this. Because they can't be stretched into gigantic merchandising giants like Rugrats and Rocket Power. They are not about merchandising. They put out a few things to keep fans happy, and then keep making quality shows. I have nothing against Rugrats but really they lack that thin line between kiddie entertainment and adult satire. Rocket Power never had it. I'm not dissing Rugrats or anything, but still, it lacks that adultiness nowadays. Anyway, Rugrats and Rocket Power can be put on anything. Now really, if you think I'm bluffing, take a look at all this stuff out there. I mean the world could move on without "extreme" Rocket Power stampers. Be "extreme". Wear Rocket Power underwear. Have Reggie and Otto stand in the same poses as every other thing, and I mean EVERY, on your butt. Then buy it again, because it's a different color. Then buy Rocket Power keychains, even though you have no keys. This is just out of control nowadays. Anyway, Aaah! Real Monsters was a good show about quality, not about just writing the show to make kids go out and buy stuff. Just like Invader Zim, Rocko's Modern Life, and Ren and Stimpy. They have nothing in merchandising, but they are great, funny shows with adult humor, satire, and general humor. I rest my case. Spongebob's a good show too, but it's starting to slip, and more stuff is coming out. Watch The Fairly Oddparents get dumped and forgotten completely because of quality over franchise. That show's original. So it will probably slip into the same fate as this show.
  • Aaahh!! Real Monsters is another one of my favorite Nickelodeon cartoons! This show takes us through the struggles of life of three monster friends named Ickis, Krumm and Oblina who are studying how to scare humans in school. Often their plans don't work out as well as they plan it to be. I thought Charles Adler did a good job at doing the voice of Ickis because I think Charles Adler does a good job at doing voices of the hilarious characters! I also thought Christine Cavanaugh did a good job at Oblina! Some of the monsters were sort of drawn in interesting ways like Oblina for example she is shaped like a umbrella stick and Ickis has ears like a rabbit and Krumm well I don't really know what I should say what he looks like because I have no clue. Another Nickelodeon cartoon classic that got canceled along with some of the other good ones!
  • This was actually one the better shows to come out before Nickelodeon began it's decent into idiocy. It's about three monsters: Ickis, a monster that is often mistaken for a rabbit; Oblina, the only female monster in the trio who is shaped like a candy cane and often reaches down her throat to pull stuff out of her stomach; and Krumm, a monster who uses his unbearable stench to scare humans. They go to some sort of monster school where they learn to scare humans. They are often the subject of ridicule by their cruel head monster, The Gromble, who has four legs and wears high-heel shoes.

    So what the hell happened to this show? I mean why did the dumb-asses at Nickelodeon take it off the air? Is it because this show is more adult-oriented or did they feel this show may have been too scary for 7-year old kids? I think it was the first reason. I think they took it off the air because they felt the show was more directed towards older kids, which for some reason, I think, in their opinion is bad. So that's why I think they keep making these idiotic shows because they're targeting younger ages which is why they piss me and a whole lot of other people off so much now. Besides, no one under the age of ten actually watched this show anyway. So they should have left it on the air for the older kids to watch. Nickelodeon has really lost it. These stupid shows they're producing now are getting worse and worse with every new cartoon they decide to air.

    Please come back Monsters!!! 10/10
  • Unlike Rugrats, Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, or any other cartoon you'd find from the famous Klasy Scupe co.

    Real Monsters is possibly one of their most unique series they ever came up with.

    The show is all about monsters. You might find them to be figments of your imagination, things that go bump in the night, you're common fear. But in this cartoon, you'll change the way you think of monsters.

    Besides going under the bed or closet,a monster's life is similar to ours in a way. They live in dumps, swamps, sewers, or any where that stinks. They eat garbage or anything that humans don't eat. And scaring humans is common in their nature.

    The series focuses on 3 monster students, Ickis(A red rabbit like monster), Krum(a dimwitted smelly/hairy monster with mobile eyes), and Oblina(a candy cane shape monster and the brains of the trio). These 3 monsters attend the Monster Accedmy. A school where young monster learn how to scare humans and how to avoid being seen being seen in public. Because they don't want the whole world to know they exist.

    Being a scary monster isn't as easy as it looks. If you screw up on a scare or get revealed to the public then you get punished. Throughout the series our trio gets into trouble, situations and encounter some weirdness.

    The animation is very well down. The episodes are very original and the characters are memorable. It's a must see to those who like animation or weird looking cartoons.

    I hope one day this series will be available on DVD.
  • jacobm-1329826 January 2019
    This is definitely one of the most unique 90's cartoon ever made. Although this show does have a good bit of gross humor in it but the show is still very funny. The show has really good characters and is for the most part a very enjoyable show to watch. Why couldn't they make "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome" as good as this show?
  • casperlowe4 January 2019
    This for me was the jewel in the Crown of 90's cartoons. It was funny, gross and utter genius in my book and still holds up very well by today's standards.
  • I used to watch this show when I was growing up. I remember it very well. If you ask me, it was a good show. I especially remember the opening sequence and theme song very well. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
  • Nickelodeon. What a Great Network. Those were the thoughts I had back in the time of 1992-1996 because they made some of the GREATEST cartoons EVER! Ren & Stimpy, Cow and Chicken and...Ahh! Real Monsters. Now, This came on the air when I was 8 (I'm 16 Now) And I absolutely LOVED the Show. It was so funny and it was very compelling. Even if you didn't find it funny, It was Just So Fun to watch. The wacky misadventures had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the outcome of the episode, seeing what would happen. I would Tremble when Ickis was about to get caught in the Principals (I forgot his name, but I remember he had red shoes and grayish Moustache and he was an aqua blue) office, When Krum Lost his eye (kRUM WAS MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE, that holding-your-eyes-with-your-hands Idea was pure GENIUS!) It was just so good. I can see many people agree with me. I didn't know ANYONE that hated the show. It goes off TV in about 1996, but I catch it on a few other channels now and then. 1997, I dont see it at ALL!!! I hadn't seen an episode in months (I was about 13 then) and I was going insane. Luckily, My Friend taped some episodes in 1995 and I went straight over to watch them. Then He lost them in about a week. I mean, he hadn't watched them for about 2 years, then he dug them out, and lost them in a week! I was Angry! Nickelodeon SUCKS now. Rocket Power, Wild Hornberries, As Told by Ginger, THEY ALL SUCK LIKE A VACUUM. Come on! Bring back Ahhh! Real Monsters and get the ideas you had before. Whoever cancelled this show, if you are reading this, Shoot Yourself! ARGHHHH!!!!!! My Rating: 94275945/10
  • I have seen horrible Nicktoons made by Klasky Csupo, such as Rugrats, As Told by Ginger, the Wild Thornberrys, and Rocket Power. And don't get me even STARTED on the horrible Rugrats spin-offs!! But Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is the best one out of all of Nickelodeon's Klasky Csupo shows. Why? Because the monsters in this show ARE supposed to look ugly, disgusting, and scary, unlike the other Klasky Csupo Nicktoons.

    I know this came out before Courage the Cowardly Dog, but this feels like Courage the Cowardly Dog on drugs, but in a good way. The story is well-done, the acting is spot on, the animation, for the most part, is creative, and the characters seem very 3-dimensional.

    However, that doesn't mean this show is perfect. Since this is a Nicktoon created by Klasky Csupo, there is gonna be some minor flaws with this show. But the BIGGEST problem with this show is that some, but not all, of the human character designs just look downright terrible in this series. But other than that, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters does an amazing job with its surreal dark comedy, and had more to it than just being weird and gross, just like Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, and is one of the only three Klasky Csupo shows that are really good, alongside Duckman and the first three seasons of the Simpsons.

    This is the only Klasky Csupo Nicktoon I would highly recommend if you hate Klasky Csupo's Nicktoons, but have a love for monsters.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Aaah real monsters. is a very good show. but like Ren and Stimpy and Rockos modern life. it was not for kids. its a very dark and twisted show. the grungle threatens to eat other monsters and squashes and kills a bug. and then eats it. the monsters look very disturbing when they try to scare people. and it deals with lots of teen situations. like using deodorant and getting pimples. and has some mean spirited humor in it. with that being said Aaah real monsters is not for a kids and is a good show for teens and adults.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hey Guys I'm RegularShow1 and Today I'm going to review a show I used to watch as kid on Nickelodeon called "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" which in My opinion is underrated. The show was about three Monsters named Ickis, Olbina and Krumm who go to a monster school to scare humans lead by The Gromble. The Show ran on Nickelodeon From October 29,1994 to December 6,1997 with 4 seasons and 52 episodes. I'm really surprise not a lot of people talk about when they talk about Classic Nickelodeon. This is a really cool show how monsters live and scare humans. This show is such an underrated "Nicktoon". I highly recommend this show to anyone who like monsters. Anyway I'm giving "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" a 10 out 10 stars because it a Classic. Anyway I'm RegularShow1 and see you later. BYE. Updated as of Sep. 22, 2017
  • If you are a fan of 90s Nickelodeon cartoons, then AAAHH Real Monsters is the show for you. It was a show that lasted from 1994 to 1997. It is a show about a show about three monsters Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm, who attend a monster academy at the city dump. There they learn tactics about how to scare humans. It is a very unique show, unlike anything I have ever seen before. I was really young when the show ended, so when re- runs of the show was shown, I was always watching them. Though re-runs of the show was rare, I got the story of the show, but I wanted to see the entire series. NickToons Network at one point in time aired the show 2 times every other day, but that did not last too long and they didn't show all the episodes. I was really beginning to like the show but I didn't see most of the episodes. Then a couple months ago, I was,on and I found out that AAAHH Real Monsters had a complete series on DVD. I literally jumped for joy when I found that out. So I ordered the completed series online and when it came into the mail a few weeks later, I automatically started watching all the episodes in order. After I watched the entire series, the last episode really left me with a cliffhanger, well at least to me I thought it was. The show should of been longer, I really wish that Nickelodeon would of kept it longer. i recommend this show to anybody who loves unique cartoons. I would love to see a return of AAAHH Real Monsters!!!!!!, Nickelodeon should consider bringing it back.

    The first time that i ''bumped'' into this cartoon, i was in the age of 8 or 9 and after watching some episodes, i realized that this was not an ordinary cartoon!

    Aaahh!Real Monsters is an all-age cartoon show that was created in the early 90's by Chris Battle and it was a successful, but not so popular that nickelodeon expected to be.The cartoon stopped after 4 seasons and nick never released a single episode ever since.The only thing released was an arcade game by sega in super mario style.


    The plot is that there are real monsters that live underground the dump and they scare humans to survive, eat garbage and go to monster academies so they can learn how to scare.The cartoon shows only one of this academies where there are young monsters learning how to scare.All characters that they appear in the cartoon are the young monsters, which are the students of the academy, the Gromble, who is the only teacher of the academy and the humans!The actual protagonists are Ickis,Oblina and Krumm which are the 3 monsters that get in trouble(usually because of Ickis)and that always leads them to awesome adventures which is usually against the monster rules and the Gromble.



    Ickis was firstly the main protagonist from the 3 monsters, but then they changed it.Icis is a short purple-red monster with floppy ears like a bunny.He hates his life and espessialy when it comes to his appearance that disturbs his scares, because lots of the humans they mistake him for a bunny.


    Oblina is the only girl of the 3 friends and the most hard worker of the academy.She is the tallest monster of the 3 and she looks like a stick.She has huge lips snakey eyes and she is colored black and white.She reads a lot and very rarely she has time to play with the other girls.


    Krumm is a short kinda fat and he has to carry his eyes with his hands forever.Krumm is a monster that scares humans with his smell.He may look like he is not smart, but sometimes he solves all the problems in a situation, he's got to be there when Oblina and Ickis are arguing for a problem and fix the situation all by himself!

    The Gromble:

    The Gromble is the teacher of the academy.He is a blue monster with four legs, a long nose with a horn on it's edge and he likes to wear his red shoes with the heels.He is really hotheaded, he likes to yell and set almost impossible assignments of scares.

    The Snorch:

    Snorch is a big monster that wears a t-shirt and has his friend: Zimbo, a flying monster that translates every word Snorch says(Because Snorch cannot speak the monster's language, but he can understand it.Snorch is set by the Gromble to punish the disobaying students by a torture that is called 'Snorching'!


    This cartoon is one of the best i have ever shows the humans's world from the eyes of the monsters and reminds us what we have done wrong and what we are doing wrong.


    I give this cartoon an honorable 9 out of 10!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At this time 1994 one major thing happened to Nickelodeon The Rugrats ended or had been canceled, it wasn't until after two and a half years later it was brought back because of Popularity. The first nicktoon created Doug ended. Doug would then be ruined by being bought back on Disney. So in between this time Another New Nicktoon was put on the Air Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. The last three shows i couldn't really remember during the original boar casting time but this show i do remember. It started airing in 1994 and ended in 1998. It ran on re-runs on Nickelodeon from 99-2000ish. But anyways i remember an episode clearly when they try to do something to an old monster at school and Ickis, Krumm(I think), and Oblina(I also think) had to walk him home and he told them how he scared George Washington and Albert ENistein(and thats why his hair was the way it was). I remember they lived in a Dumpster in or near NYC. They would come out of a washing machine when they would come out of there underground world. They had a teacher that they called Gromble. Icis was red, Oblina was like a black and white stick and Krum had to hold on to his eyes in order to see. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Unfortnatly got a fan base just not as big as the Rugrats or Doug to save it. It did however board cast for 5 years. After going off the air on Nick like with Doug and Rocko it ended in reruns on Nick around 1999-2000-2001ish. In 2002 was when i got Nicktoons TV and i am guessing that is when it started board casting. It was so fun to watch the old cartoons on that channel. Now it doesn't air on that channel anymore Sadly Aaahh!! Real Monsters has yet to be released on DVD. It is however a possibility. Once again this how proves my theory correct New Nick sucks and the older Nicktoons should be brought back on Air *****************************Update********************************* I heard right after this comment that the first season of the show is on iTunes to buy and most likely burn to DVD afterwords. Well this is a problem for people who don't have iTunes or a DVD Burner so hopefully it will be released on DVD Soon.
  • I have watched this show ever since it aired back in 94 and I still love it as much as I did 9 years ago. It has what many cartoons lack nowadays originality and great writing. The characters themselves were also very interesting. I always liked Ickis the most since I'm a lot like him. Plus, I think he's cute. (Must be the bunny ears.) I really think Nick should bring this show back. It's much more entertaining than the junk they're coming out with now.
  • This was one of the best of NICK toons ever made. It was very humorous and had some very clever stories. The monsters did not strike me as scary, more like silly and funny, especially Icckis and Krumm. This was a definite highpoint in Nickelodeon's original programming.
  • I seriously cannot describe how much hatred I have for this show. I hate everything about it! I used to watch it 10 years ago when I was a kid, what was I thinking? I honestly think that the vileness of this show affected me in some way. Kid's shouldn't watch this crap, period. This is why there are so many problems in the world today, for shows like this that kids grow up on.

    First, I should mention the music. It's horrid. A lot of cartoons have annoying theme music but this is near the top of the list of irritating music. Next, to talk about the plot. Ooh, monsters having to scare humans for a living, how fun... YAWN. I guess if I had to credit them ANYTHING, it's a LITTLE original, but still, it's just lame. Why the hell do they scare humans anyways? They would still live if they didn't scare them. It's just garbage and corny, stupid humor. Oh yeah, that's another thing, the humor, it's not funny at all. Not once have I ever laughed at this show, even as a kid. I always thought it was lame and I just watched it because nothing else was on. Monsters talking about eating insects, and being putrid, not funny at all in the least bit! Now on to the worst: The animation. It really cannot get any worse. Look at the humans in this God-awful show, they're hideous and their mouths are half the size of their head! It's low quality animation that is even worse than also bad shows "Rugrats" and "Thornberries", both made by the same guy as this, no wonder those shows suck too.

    Lastly, the characters: What is up with the Gromble anyways? A cross-dressing thing? Please. Don't fill kid's mind's with that crap. What a stupid character, man I hate this show.

    Next, onto Ickis. He is not as fugly as the other characters, but his voice is enough to induce a neurosis or something. He always turns it super high-pitched which sounds like nails on a chalkboard, didn't the voice people realize how obnoxious that voice is?!

    Oblina, I wanna break her in half, she pisses me off. Just an all around, ugly, stupid, retarded character for a show.

    The rest of the monsters are equal in ugliness, but now onto the ultimate reason I despise this show so much... Krumm! Oh my God, I hate him. He is the epitome of gross and ugly. I can't believe they show this crap to kids! He is a hairy, naked, smelly, blue-lipped, brown turd with a giant nasty mouth, and is always eating stuff. The last thing I want to watch is some hideous piece of crap eating cool things like video cameras(in one episode), appliances and stuff. I don't know why but that pisses me off too, they always eat everything, not interesting or cool to watch that, just annoying and ugly. But yeah, Krumm is the ultimate worst idea ever created by anything!

    I can't believe people actually gave good reviews for this show, I seriously thought everybody hated it like me. I hated the show as a kid, and I hate it now. Whenever I would watch this show I would always feel dirty and gross afterward. I still have to get that nasty animation out of my brain. I wish it never existed. This show is the worst.
  • i was prompted to write this after reading a review from another user saying how this show was not suited for children. well when it was on, i was of the proper age (7/8) and i loved it. it was one of my favorite shows, because although the humor was childish it was one of those things that didn't treat kids like 'kids' one of the things the high and mighty 7 year old deplores. it was a step above the babies on rugrats, and i wouldn't write it off as disgusting, its a cartoon. its not like we were sat down to watch pulp fiction every afternoon. i believe everyone is entitled to opinion, but i wanted to defend one of my favorite shows, as a child who should be 'shielded' from it.
  • Ahh! Real Monsters was part of many early cartoons of nickelodeon, it's new story, creative animation and lovable characters, made nickelodeon "the first network for kids". Following the hardships of being a monster we met- Ickis, Krumm and Oblina the three struggling monsters at the monster academy. With the direction of their teacher, Gromble they learned how to scare children, women and grown men. Each character brought a different emotion into the story, and although the story is rather simple, the creators do it in the most clever ways. This smart,innovative and funny show is sure to be a classic to it's generation.
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