The famous Burke's Law Rolls Royce was actually three separate cars in three different models. In the original 1960's series, the Rolls Royce used for exteriors was a Silver Cloud I (solid Silver in colour)... six cylinder model from the late fifties, which was reported to have been owned by Dick Powel producer, director, CEO of Four Star Productions, and star of the original pilot. The Rolls Royce used for the interior shots was an earlier six cylinder model known as the Silver Dawn, which had to be cut in half separating the front drivers compartment from the rear passenger compartment for camera access. The Rolls Royce used in the revised 1990's series was a Cloud II which was an eight cylinder model painted in two tone Sable over Sand (Brown top, hood, and bonnet over Gold fenders and doors) with a tan interior. The original list price for the Clouds I & II was approximately $12,000.00 to $16,000.00 respectively. A pristine and concours edition of either of these models can easily exceed $125,000.00 in today's collector's market.