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  • loverchirag13 August 2018
    Don't watch friends all ten season because than there is nothing left in life to watch
  • There never has been a sitcom that truly pictures life among the singles (twenty-something) as good as this show does. It's not just comedy, it presents the episodes in such a way that one can truly identify with the situations they face so the audience has something to talk about in coffee shops too. The humor is universal. I feel like I'm part of the group every time I watch it because I feel the different emotions they go through. Plus, of course, it is so much fun because it's fast-paced. Every scene and every moment is relative to what is going to happen next so you don't feel like it is dragging you onto nothing. Just like how a sitcom should be. Funny!
  • 'Friends' is simply the best series ever aired. The acting is amazing; after watching a few episodes you stop referring to the actors by their real names altogether, even if they appear in another movie. The characters are addictive, none are completely positive or negative. It would be quite easy to get along with or to be very annoyed by any of them in real life. Yet, all of them together (or even divided in groups) create this amazing chemistry that most people desire and few lucky ones have. The humor is wonderful, no matter what type of humor you like, you will get to a point where you will find at least something absolutely hilarious. There is slapstick, some light humor, some dark humor, some raunchiness, some cheesiness - a little bit of everything. The story is captivating; viewers keep coming back to see what situation fate (being the writers) puts the characters in today. It is truly a television masterpiece.

    There are, however, many people who scoff at the mentioning of 'Friends'. My guess is they've never seen or paid attention to the show. It's easy to discard something because "everyone likes it" and be "unique", when in reality the uniqueness is actually bias. Just watch a few episodes with before making any judgements - chances are you'll fall in love with it too. I would have serious doubts about one's sense of humor if I heard that they hated 'Friends'.
  • I've been reading a lot of these comments. Some people don't like the show...claiming it to be unrealistic or that the plot lines get boring.

    I didn't discover Friends until a year or two ago (thanks to MY friends) but I ADORE the show in syndication and I hope to own the DVDs. Its damn funny and no one can deny it. Except for stiffs. And whats best about Friends is that its REAL.

    Ross and Rachel getting old? How could it? Do relationships get old in real life? No, they're ongoing, sometimes stagnating, sometimes changing. Thats REAL.

    This show is about 6 people who love each other like family...which I must say as an 18 year old... is very real. Once you hit your late teens - early twenties...things begin to change. You grow both closer to and further from your biological family, and as you reach more independence, you adopt another family of your own: YOUR FRIENDS.

    We may not all sit in coffee shops, but we all LOVE our friends like they were blood. That's what this show is about. Makes you all warm and fuzzy (and sore from laughing) inside. And as a show: FRIENDS will always be a part of MY family.
  • People are saying that friends is running out of ideas and that the humour is getting dull. Running out of ideas? possibly. Humour getting feeble? absolutely not. In fact it's getting better. OK, so perhaps they're beginning to "pair up" the six of them, but so what. Chandler's sarcasm is still as funny as ever. Monica's quirkiness still works. Phoebe's goofiness still brings about a smile. And Joey,Rachel and Ross are still as funny as they always were. So stop being a bunch of cynics and enjoy the show while it's still on.
  • Everyone says that Seinfield is the greatest show ever. I love Seinfield but it doesn't come close to Friends. Every episode of Friends will make you laugh non-stop. We have grown to love the characters and what happens to them. The fitting personalities of these characters are absolute genius. Rachel the spoiled yet sweet girl, Monica the mother figure, Phoebe the hippy chick, Joey the dopey yet cool Italian, Chandler the sarcastic loser and Ross the neurotic victim stay together to help each other with their problems in the big city. I've got every season on DVD. This sitcom, in my opinion, is the greatest sitcom of all time and it changed the TV world forever. It's a great show.
  • After seeing every episode of this much loved sitcom i much say that the writers and cast have succeeded in making something that is not only humorous, but also forces you to care about the characters and what happens to them in the future. All six of the friends bring characteristics to the show that make the viewer feel like they know them. Each one of the characters is funny in their own way and due to the shows fast pace there is never a boring episode.

    I will say however that towards the end Friends did start to lose what it had but, never the less was still very good. I started watching the show at series five but from then on i was hooked.

    I recommend this sitcom to anyone and everyone.
  • I cannot remember the amount of times I've sat down and thought "I want to watch a new series on Netflix and start a new film!" And after 5 minutes of watching something new I thought, why bother?!? And switch over to watching friends 😂 easy to watch, great comedy and full of content that's completely original. The more I watch it the more I learn about the characters I grew up with, and how I would respond to certain situations, with or without the overhead laughter in the background. I don't know a single person that hasn't seen this, so if your one of them reading my review, do yourself a favour and grab a glass of wine, or whatever, and prepare for back to back television greatness. Thank you "Friends"
  • rossrobinson12 November 2003
    Friends has got to be one of the best Us Sitcom comedys ever. I'll be sad for this programme to end next year in 2004 because the whole team did such a fantastic effort to put everthing into this series. It was such a great programme and i think it will always will be. After 10 seasons the programme comes to it's end. I give this 10 out of 10.
  • Friends is an excellent tv show. All of the actors are excellent!

    People are saying they don't understand it, which confuses me. It's great entertainment! Friends are talking and living their life, and you see what goes on. It's going to be hell when it is finally over! The writers are the best I have seen. How could it be a horrible show when actresses such as Jennifer Aniston have won Golden Globes because of her work in it. No one who has watched this show once can say they did not laugh their ass off at least once during the 30 minute period!
  • I love this show so much! F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a sitcom that you could easily binge-watch at any time of the day. I was able to finish the whole 10 seasons, which ran for 10 years, in under a month. That's just how great it is! I can't even give it a negative review about anything. You'll just really learn to love all the characters through time. No wonder people have clamored for a reunion with the cast, you just can't get enough of it.

    When you're feeling down and think you could use a good laugh, put this one on top of your to-watch list. It doesn't matter that the show ran from 1994-2004, the humor it had is timeless!

    In a perfect world where we could pick a series that could run forever, F.R.I.E.N.D.S would be that show. Notice how different TV networks are still doing re-runs at present time even after it has ended back in '04. You'll find that a new generation of viewers who are watching and loving it are surprised to discover that the cast are quite old already. Nothing could beat it.
  • I am such a fan of the Friends tv show. The characters are well developed independently and together they play off each other well. Some moments are cheesy while others are funny, while the rest is just very well acted and dialogued by the cast. At least give the first season episodes a go, if you still don't like it, don't watch it. But for those who enjoy a well developed multi character show..... Friends is sure to make you laugh and want to get to know each character more. Its a television show.... there are bound to be goofs or inconsistencies, no television show has ever ever in the history of tv been 200% perfect. I plan on buying the whole series on Blue-Ray soon to add to my dvds.
  • After I completed watching the whole series, I felt so bad like there is nothing else left to watch :') I really really feel that much sad!
  • Easily in my top five category of funniest and best shows in prime time history.

    Everyone on this show is so witty and delivers their lines superbly that it's hard not to like all of them equally. However, I do have my favorite characters/actors/actresses, as I'm sure everyone who has watched the show even once or twice, to those who are avid fans of it.

    We'll start from least favorite to best character/actor.

    Matt Le Blanc/Joey Tribbiani:

    Although some might say, because of his boyish good looks, his cute jokes that he delivers now and then (very well, mind you), and his ability to make you feel sweet and sorry for him at the same time, he is a great actor, and plays his part as Joey Tribbiani really well, he's probably my least favorite on the show. I love him, don't get me wrong, but I just appreciate everyone else's talents on the show much more.

    Jennifer Aniston/Rachel Green:

    Rachel Green is a fun-loving, cute little waitress, who seems to always have trouble finding Mr. Right, who is plainly right in front of her 24/7. Who is that, you ask? Well, obviously Ross Gellar. Her roommate Monica's brother. Rachel is undoubtedly most everyone's favorite character who watches this show, just not mine. Sometimes her personality can get a little annoying, and although I like her better than Joey, not very much more. But, that doesn't go without saying that I don't love her in movies. Because, well, I do.

    Courtney Cox/Monica Gellar:

    It's hard to put Monica Gellar so far down the list, but if I have to make room for the other three, than so be it. As much as I love her on this show, she's just not as good as she is in the 'Scream' trilogy. But, she certainly does a good job convincing you that she hates to be wrong, has to have everything her way, and is a real trooper with most all of her challenges on the show, that the writers give her.

    Lisa Kudrow/Pheobe Buffey:

    Now, I love Lisa Kudrow. She is definitely one of the funniest woman comedians, which is why I classify her as my favorite female on the show. She outdid herself in 'Romy And Michele's High School Reunion', but she's extraordinary on this show. She's so ingenious with her comedy which is no doubt why she's won several awards for her role on the program.

    David Schwimmer/Ross Gellar:

    It's so funny to me that I like him so much. He's not the best actor in my opinion, but he was really good in Kissing A Fool, and really just ok in The Pallbearer, but my second favorite on the show. He's so funny and he cracks me up with all of his facial expressions and the excellent way he delivers his lines. He is definitely my second favorite character and actor on the show.

    Matthew Perry/Chandler Bing:

    They should have a shrine dedicated to this man. He is so outstandingly funny in every single project that he works on! He is so hysterical and a true actor in everything that he does, it is amazing that someone can be so talented. I wish that he were given more roles than just the few comedies he's been in, including Friends. But, he is such a great character on the show, it's hard to picture the program without him. With that being said, I would also like to add that he is not only the best actor on the show, and one of my personal favorites, but I also believe that he would be such a great dramatic actor if given the chance. If you've seen him in 'She's Out Of Control' you'll know what I'm talking about.

    So, with that I give this show a definite 10/10. It's one of the best shows to come out within the last ten years, and definitely on my top five best shows of all time list.

    And that's my review.
  • There's just no other show that can even hold a candle to what Friends was and is for so many people, I watched the finale episode live and it felt surreal that I would never laugh,cry or yearn for these six characters ever again.
  • If you want a show that is filled with romance/drama and comedy, this is the show that is fit for you, because it IS filled with romance,drama and comedy that is why wherever I go I will NEVER forget that show,those characters and those series. I am unlikely to give good reviews but F.R.I.E.N.D.S really captured my heart!

    This show is the BEST show that I EVER watched because: 1.It makes me laugh. 2.Whenever I am lonely I watch the show so that I will be happy again. 3.The actors and actresses portray their characters very well. 4.The stories are unique. 5.The script IS Amazing!

    So now that I gave you the reasons why I love it... I now recommend you to watch It!
  • My friend recommended this to me.And I am thankful tha he did.At first because of my exams I didn't care much on watching but after the second season it got hold on me.Don't know if it's only me but I was crying after the final season.
  • elin-7034110 August 2018
    Even now, 23 years later there is no other tv-show that makes me cry and laugh so hard as friends does. A true masterpiece.
  • FRIENDS is the best sitcom ever made. It is one of the things which made my growing up years special. This is the first TV show I watched and absolutely loved. It taught us friendship, love and loyalty. It has the most adorable characters and one can never get tired of watching reruns. FRIENDS is just pure joy which leaves inside you a warm fuzzy feeling, lifting your spirits and instantly brightening your mood. It is the only show which can make you laugh, cry, fall in love even after all these years. It inspires. The dialogues make me laugh and cry even though I have already watched and heard them countless times. It is timeless. It still feels so difficult to watch the last episode because you do not want it to end. I love this show and I am so sure I will love it even 30years from now. The most beautiful, funny and inspiring show ever. I just wish there were more seasons, though they ended the show as beautifully as possible, I loved the show too much to see it ending. FRIENDS always. :)
  • Friends is without a doubt the best American TV show ever to air. It has sad and hilarious storylines and makes you feel the sadness and jot out of any situation. The actors do fantastic and you really feel like you know a part of them by the end of the show. This will be a show I will never forget as I make constant references to the episodes. I wish the show could come back on air because I miss them so much, but I'm glad it got all the fame it did because it deserved it.
  • I'll keep it simple and short. This is the one and only show/movie I gave ''10 out of 10'', and if there was 11 i would gave it 11. Why? Humor in shows and movies evolve, what's funny today, won't be funny tomorrow, and what was funny yesterday, won't be funny today, but the thing with ''Friends'' is that their humor is not predictable in any way as that is case with other shows, and they make you laugh every time you watch them, no matter if you've watched them 100 times or more. It's one of those shows that you can watch with friends, girlfriend or alone. It's also one of those shows that you can watch no matter if you're sad or happy, it'll always make you smile. Simply said, it's THE BEST SHOW EVER MADE!
  • It's really crazy but I still watch Friends 4 times a week. There is nothing that could cheer me up like this on a full day. The humor, the characters, the details (i see more and more every time - and I've watched every episode A LOT).

    I was born in 1992 and the last 4-5 seasons I bought when they just came out. I have them all on DVD. I have the Friends Book. Just missing a 'Frankie says hi' t-shirt to join the collection ;-) I just dissapear in the serie when I watch it. Love it. BIG CRAZY FAN says bye! X
  • So relatable jokes.. Never seen such show in my lifetime
  • Friends isbso awesome u can binge watch the whole season 5/6 times, and you will still be finding it as funny as you found itnthe first time
  • q-1177520 May 2020
    They are all so lovely, sincere, charming, optimistic and witty in the face of everything in life. These six people, solid and sincere friendship, warm and moving hugs again and again, talk to each other, comfort each other and encourage each other. This kind of friendship is really rare, and the drama is very good.
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