When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey, he had eleven dollars to his name. When the cast got their first paychecks, the first thing that LeBlanc bought was a hot dinner. Courteney Cox bought a car.

Joey was originally written as a jerk. When Matt LeBlanc questioned why the others would be friends with him, the character was changed.

When Courteney Cox dressed as fat Monica for the first time, Matthew Perry walked right past her without recognizing her.

Courteney Cox was originally asked to play Rachel. She asked to play Monica instead after reading the parts.

Lisa Kudrow and her best friend wrote "Smelly Cat" one night when they were drunk, and it eventually got written into the show.

The artwork in Central Perk changed every three episodes.

The actors and actresses, led by David Schwimmer, held an "intervention" for Jennifer Aniston because of her lateness to the set.

Matthew Perry's wit is so legendary that the script writers have included many of his own made-up jokes.

In high school, Matthew Perry's teacher said that with his jokes and foolishness, he would never get anywhere in life. When Matthew was featured on the cover of People Magazine for the first time, he sent a copy of the cover to the teacher.

Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) statue of a white dog was originally given to Jennifer Aniston as a good luck present from her best friend when she started acting. She offered to lend it to the show for the episode where Joey became rich and bought a lot of stuff. After that episode, the producers decided to keep it.

Matt LeBlanc admitted in the exit interview for the book "Friends...Til' the End" that he had a crush on Jennifer Aniston. He said, "Now I had a little crush on Jen in the very beginning, but I think the whole world did too, so what are you going to do?"

The orange couch in Central Perk was found in the Warner Brothers studio basement. Most likely pulled from their vast historic prop and set dressing store rooms, it may well have appeared previously "hidden in plain sight" in an unknown number of Warner Bros film and tv shows, and other productions that rented the couch from the extensive studio prop rental department.

Chandler and Monica were meant to be just a one night thing. But fans in the audience liked it so much that they cheered the bedsheet scene for twenty-seven seconds. It led the makers to make them a couple.

One fan of the series has calculated that over ten seasons, Joey amassed a total of 119,760 dollars in debt to Chandler.

Hank Azaria auditioned for the role of Joey. After being rejected, he begged to audition again. He auditioned and was rejected again, but he later appeared as David, Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow's) scientist boyfriend.

Lisa Kudrow was terrified of the duck that showed up in season three.

When Tom Selleck made his initial on-set appearances, he got standing ovations, which made his entrances unusable. They were re-shot without the audience.

In the opening credits to Friends: The One After Vegas (1999) the names of all of the actors, actresses, and crew were changed to include "Arquette" at the end of them, a gag on Courteney Cox Arquette, who had just recently married David Arquette.

James Michael Tyler (Gunther) had his hair dyed the day before his audition because his friend, who had studied to become a hairdresser, experimented on his hair. When Tyler showed up, the producers liked it so much, that they decided to keep it.

The golden frame around the peephole was originally a mirror which Ricky Parker, a crew member, accidentally smashed. Because it looked good, they decided to leave it there.

Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Christina Applegate, and Paul Rudd guest-starred on the show after doing a movie with one of the regular cast members. Willis and Applegate won Emmys for their guest roles.

Courteney Cox revealed that it was Matthew Perry who really helped her make Monica into the character who she became on the show.

Giovanni Ribisi played Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) brother, Frank, Jr., in later episodes. He also had a small role in an earlier season, as a boy who accidentally throws a condom into Phoebe's guitar case instead of a coin. There is much fan debate as to whether or not its the same character in both settings.

Matthew Perry has admitted he barely remembers filming three seasons (between 3rd to 6th season) of the show roughly midway through its run due to his prescription drug addiction.

It was Joey's use of the phrase "going commando" that eventually got it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and Matthew Perry (Chandler) were long-time friends before the show.

James Michael Tyler was cast as Gunther, because he was the only extra who could competently work the coffee machine on the Central Perk set.

In season eight, episode thirteen, Friends: The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath (2002), in the beginning, we see Joey (Matt LeBlanc) wearing a shirt with the name "Captain Billy Burke", the name of a firefighter who died on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center.

One of the reasons why audience laughed so much when Joey told Phoebe it wasn't the first time he opened a blouse was because it actually took Matt Leblanc twelve takes to get it open.

Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) pick-up line, "How YOU doin'?" was ranked #4 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 20 Top Catchphrases" (August 21-27, 2005 issue).

After filming Friends: The One with the Lesbian Wedding (1996) the producers hired 200 people part-time to take calls from all of the complaints they assumed they'd get because of the lesbian wedding. They received 11 calls in total.

The writers used a pie chart to track how many lines and jokes each character said, to make sure each actor and actress had the same amount.

The refrigerators in Monica's (Courteney Cox's) and Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) apartments actually worked. Monica's was filled with water and other drinks for the cast and crew. Joey's was usually virtually empty, unless the inside of the fridge was going to be seen in a specific scene.

Unlike his character, Matt LeBlanc can speak fluent Italian.

Gunther didn't have a name until Friends: The One Where Ross Finds Out (1995) just before Rachel and Ross kiss.

In the first season, due to budget reasons, there was no street outside of Central Perk, just a painted backdrop. The window was a little blurry, with many plants in front of the window, to hide it.

The original idea for the show was going to focus on four characters, with Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) in supporting roles. In the early stages, the creators toyed with the idea of Chandler being gay, but they changed their minds when they met Matthew Perry. They did, however, insert many jokes about Chandler having gay mannerisms (loving show tunes, etc.).

The show's original theme song was "Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M., but was changed later on to "I'll Be There For You" by The Rembrandts.

Jon Favreau was offered the role of Chandler Bing. He later returned as a guest star, as Pete Becker, Monica's millionaire boyfriend.

Lisa Kudrow had already been guest-starring on Mad About You (1992) as Ursula Buffay for two years before this show debuted. They decided to make Phoebe a twin to create a crossover between the two shows.

Matt LeBlanc showed up on the day of his audition with a large ugly cut on his nose after he fell and landed on the edge of a sharp toilet seat.

Thirty-second commercial spots to take place in the final episode sold in the UK for 1.2 million pounds (approximately 1.5 million dollars), the most expensive commercial slots of any television program in the UK, with the exception of sports.

Lisa Kudrow based her hippie character, Phoebe, on Jennifer Aniston, because of the actress's interest in "spiritual" subjects.

Helen Baxendale (Emily Waltham) became pregnant between seasons four and five. She couldn't continue travelling from England, so her character had to be written out much earlier than planned. In her last few appearances, she is wearing heavy clothes to hide her pregnancy.

After the show ended, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt hosted a dinner party at their house. They served bottles of wine that Producer Kevin Bright saved from 1994, when the first season aired.

Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc pitched a story idea in which it was discovered that Phoebe and Joey had been in a casual sexual relationship since the beginning of the series, and an episode would reveal it by restaging the show's most memorable scenes and revealing that Joey and Phoebe were in coitus immediately beforehand. The writers turned it down, arguing that it didn't match the tone of the show.

Jennifer Aniston dated Tate Donovan (Joshua) for three years. They got engaged, but unfortunately split in the same year he landed a part on the show, as her boyfriend.

Paul Rudd got the part after the casting director just wrote one word during his audition: "dreamy".

The storyline of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) having her brother's babies was thought up when Kudrow announced her real-life pregnancy. However, as she was not big enough to be having triplets and the show was shot in "TV time", the costumers had to pad her to make her look bigger for the show.

The original plan for Friends: The One with Rachel's Other Sister (2002), was to bring Reese Witherspoon back as Jill Green. Witherspoon was unavailable, so Christina Applegate was cast as Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston's) other sister, Amy Green. Applegate went on to win an Emmy for the role.

Phoebe and Mike ended up together because everyone wanted to keep Paul Rudd on the show.

When the show debuted, networks were starting to eliminate theme songs during the opening credits. "I'll Be There for You" went to #1 on the "Billboard Hot 100" and played incessantly on radio and television video channels, putting the brakes on that trend.

When the show ended, each main cast member was given a piece of the sidewalk from outside Central Perk as a keepsake.

The highest rated episodes are season five, episode fourteen, Friends: The One Where Everybody Finds Out (1999), and season ten, episode eighteen, Friends: The Last One (2004).

Even though the "Friends" universe did not experience the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack that happened at the World Trade Center, the show expressed support for New York City in several ways. On the Doodle Board in Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) apartment, there were several messages expressing support for the city and the FDNY, and several cast members wore FDNY t-shirts.

The episode where Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) thinks her dead mother has been reincarnated as a cat was written by Marta Kauffman at the time when her own mother recently passed away (the episode was dedicated to her). In an interview with one of the other writers, they admitted that this concept would have been shot down at the table read, but nobody felt comfortable saying "no" under the circumstances.

Matt LeBlanc admitted to dyeing his hair throughout the show.

One of the more difficult scenes to film was when Rachel hears Ben's first words. Ross, desperate to hear Ben speak, is constantly asking him, "Can you say 'Dada'?" The baby was supposed to stay quiet, but kept responding.

There is a special feature on the DVD box set that lets the viewer play Bamboozled, confusing rules and all.

When Jennifer Aniston was cast, she was already on the CBS series Muddling Through (1994). If her other show was picked up for a second season, this show's episodes with Aniston would need very expensive re-shoots. NBC Vice President Warren Littlefield wanted to work with Aniston so much, that he offered to pay for the re-shoots. Muddling Through (1994) was cancelled, leaving Aniston free to star on this show.

James Michael Tyler was actually working in Bourgeois Pig, a coffee shop in Hollywood, when he got the part of Gunther. He kept his coffee gig for the first four seasons of Friends (1994).

Other titles considered for the show were "Friends Like Us", "Six of One", "Across the Hall", and "Insomnia Cafe".

When Rachel is trying to find a new officiant for Chandler and Monica's wedding, she finds a Greek Orthodox priest coming out of the Anastassakis and Papasifakis wedding. Anastassakis is Jennifer Aniston's family name.

The love story between Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) was badly received from the moment Creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane pitched it, from many of the other writers, as well as the cast itself. Whenever someone told Kauffman and Crane how wrong they found that story, they would reply: "That's exactly why we're doing it. Sometimes friends fall in love, even though it's wrong."

On the set, Matt LeBlanc was known as "LeBlanc" by all the cast and crew, and Matthew Perry was known as "Matthew" or "Matty". This was started by the crew to avoid confusion. Additionally, David Schwimmer was referred to as "Schwim" among the crew. This was to avoid confusing him with David Arquette, who guest starred in the episode "The One with the Jam" and married Courtney Cox.

When Courteney Cox was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992), she told Jay this story about filming Friends (1994). On-set one day, Cox kept reciting a line by Anthony Michael Hall which goes, "Chicks cannot hold their smoke, that's what it is." Matthew Perry thought it was from Weird Science (1985), but Cox was adamant it was from The Breakfast Club (1985). After asking around among sound men, production staff, et cetera, they couldn't come up with a definitive answer and they began betting on it, starting at twenty dollars then raising the stakes. Perry joked that if he won, Cox would have to sleep with him, and if she won he would have to sleep with her. When they heard that Judd Nelson (Hall's castmate in The Breakfast Club) was filming Suddenly Susan (1996) on a nearby stage, they went over and asked him and found out the quote was indeed from The Breakfast Club. Leno asked Cox what the bet was, to which Cox sneezed and then rang a bell. Perry walked out from backstage with a tissue in his hand. Cox told Leno that Perry was going to be her man slave for five more months.

As with most sitcoms, episode titles are not shown. As a joking reference to this, the official names of Friends episodes take the form "The One Where..." (or some variation). The only exceptions are season five, episode three, Friends: The One Hundredth (1998), and the series finale, Friends: The Last One (2004), though the titles are distinctly similar. The pilot episode, Friends: The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (1994), often incorrectly regarded as an exception, has three official alternate titles: "The One Where It All Began," "The First One" and "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate".

Columbus State University has a paleontologist named David R. Schwimmer.

Ranked #7 on Empire magazine's 50 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time (2008).

Courteney Cox is the only regular cast member to not receive an Emmy nomination for her work on the show.

In the first couple of episodes, Chandler's (Matthew Perry's) and Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) apartment number was #4, and Monica's (Courteney Cox's) and Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston's) apartment number was #5. However, in the later episodes, they are 19 and 20, respectively, because the producers noted that 4 and 5 corresponded to apartments on lower floors, while the two apartments were supposed to be higher up the building.

Lisa Kudrow wore a wig for a large portion of season six after cutting her hair for another role.

Matt LeBlanc's character, Joey Tribbiani, Jr., plays Dr. Drake Ramoray in a fictional version of Days of Our Lives (1965). In real-life, Jennifer Aniston's father, John Aniston, played Victor Kiriakis on the real Days of Our Lives (1965).

A popular rumor stated that Ellen DeGeneres turned down the role of Phoebe Buffay. DeGeneres denied it in a 2015 Howard Stern interview. Her show, Ellen (1994), was already on the air when this show premiered.

The main characters from the show are named after All My Children (1970) characters. Ross (David Schwimmer) for Ross Chandler, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) for Joey Martin, Chandler (Matthew Perry) for the Chandler family, Monica (Courteney Cox) for Monique/Daisy Cortland, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) for Janet Green, and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) for Phoebe Tyler Wallingford.

Gunther (James Michael Tyler) was not originally a speaking role.

Appearing on Good Morning America (1975), Matthew Perry revealed that his favorite joke by Chandler is when he told Joey, "Okay, you have to stop the Q-tip when there's resistance!" from Friends: The One with Ross's New Girlfriend (1995).

The characters' full names are: Rachel Karen Green (Jennifer Aniston ), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow ) (in Friends: The One Where They All Turn Thirty (2001), she says she never knew her middle name because she had never seen her birth certificate and her twin sister, Ursula, sold it to a Swedish runaway), Joseph Francis Tribbiani, Jr. (Matt LeBlanc ), Chandler Muriel Bing (Matthew Perry ), Ross Eustace Geller (David Schwimmer ) (this was only mentioned in a magazine article by one of the creators back in the 90's), and Monica E. Geller (Courteney Cox) (her middle name is never specified).

Courteney Cox was a neat freak just like Monica, and would clean others' dressing rooms.

Despite his womanizer character on the show, Matt LeBlanc was shy around girls.

In 2019, Matt Leblanc revealed in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014), that he took the ball from the foosball table as a souvenir. He further revealed that also took the Magnadoodle from the back of apartment door, and gave it to the electrician Paul, who always drew whatever was on there.

Joey uses the Tuscan insult "Va fa Napoli" the Tuscan equivalent of "Go to Hell", which literally translates as "Go to Naples!"

Courteney Cox experienced a miscarriage just a few days before filming Friends: The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 2 (2002).

Matthew Perry dated Chandler's favorite Baywatch (1989) actress Yasmine Bleeth in 1996, but they broke up after a year and a half.

Executive Producer Marta Kauffman attended Marple Newtown High School in Broomall, Pennsylvania. When she was asked to come back and give a speech at graduation, she berated the school system because her teachers told her she wasn't a good writer. She wasn't asked back.

Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) PIN is 5639, which spells out "JOEY" so he could remember it.

James Michael Tyler bleached his hairs every week for ten years for the role of Gunther. His natural hair color is brown.

In season four, episode two, Friends: The One with the Cat (1997), where Chandler's (Matthew Perry's) and Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) stuff gets stolen, the magnetic drawing board on their door says, "Thanks for all your stuff."

Lisa Kudrow was considered the smartest by the other actors and actresses, despite the "ditzy" character she played.

Entertainer Ellen DeGeneres asked Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003) about the idea of doing a "Friends" movie, to which she answered: "Yeah, it would be really fun, but I don't think it's happening. I don't think it's really been a plan." She also asked Courteney Cox about the same thing during another interview, to which she joked: "Has that Sex and the City (2008) movie come out yet? We'll see how that does!"

Matthew Perry lost forty-seven pounds during the end of season six going into season seven due to dealing with pancreatitis.

When Courteney Cox debuted on Instagram on January 29th, 2019, she used the picture of Fat Monica for her profile picture.

All of the Friends have catchphrases: Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston's) is saying the word "no"; Monica's (Courteney Cox's) is shouting, "I know!" when she's excited; Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow's) is saying, "Oh, no" when something bad happens; Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) is, "How YOU doin?"; Chandler's (Matthew Perry's) is emphasizing the word "be" when asking a rhetorical question or emphasizing another word; and Ross' (David Schwimmer's) is saying, "Hi" in a really depressing way when something bad happens.

Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow's) mother, who committed suicide, is the only parent to never be shown. However, Phoebe's birth mother (Teri Garr) is seen three times, and her biological father is shown only once.

Maggie Wheeler's portrayal of Janice is a parody of Fran Drescher, who starred in The Nanny (1993).

The actors and actresses were rumored to have signed an agreement to not sleep together.

One of the most profitable television shows in history, as of 2017, it was earning Warner Brothers over one billion dollars a year from syndication and streaming royalties.

Matthew Perry is actually missing the tip of his middle finger on his right hand. This was going to be written into the season five episode: "The One with All the Thanksgivings" With Monica accidentally cutting it off in a flashback (similar to how it plays out in the actual episode) but the studio deemed it "too graphic". So, it was altered to where she'd accidentally cut off the tip of his toe instead.

Friends Creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane are also co-writers of the show's theme song, "I'll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts.

Friends Casting Director Ellie Kanner told Huffington Post that when Vince Vaughn auditioned to play Joey, though he was "handsome and tall" and a "good actor," he just didn't fit the part as well as Matt LeBlanc did.

Joey's famous catchphrase "How YOU doing?" was not used until the fourth season and is now the most repeated line from the show.

Lisa Kudrow hated playing the guitar and she said that she hasn't touched a guitar since the show ended.

Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) seven sisters are Veronica, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Gina, Dina, Tina, and Cookie.

Ross (David Schwimmer ), Chandler (Matthew Perry ) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc ) all watch Die Hard (1988) and talk about it several times. The star of Die Hard (1988), Bruce Willis, appears later as Paul, Ross's student girlfriend's father, due to Willis stating in an interview that he and Perry had so much fun on The Whole Nine Yards (2000), not due to a bet as was widely, but erroneously, reported.

The term "Friend Zone" was popularized from season one, episode seven, "The One With The Blackout", when Joey said Ross was the "Mayor of the Friend Zone" because he liked Rachel for so long.

David Schwimmer was the first of the six to be cast. Jennifer Aniston was the last.

Even before they became a couple on the show, Courteney Cox said that if Monica had to "do" a Friend, she would choose Chandler.

The creators of the Portuguese show "Gato Fedorento" say that the inspiration for the name of the show was the song "Smelly Cat".

James Michael Tyler, Elliott Gould, and Christina Pickles are the only non-Friends who were in all ten seasons. Maggie Wheeler had a voice-over role in season six, episode seventeen, "The One With the Unagi", where Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Courteney Cox) make Valentine's gifts for each other, but she had no camera time for the entire season.

Ross was twenty-nine for three years. In one season, he even had two birthdays.

Before the pilot aired, the cast was taken to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to enjoy their "last shot at anonymity." They later returned to the location to film for Ross and Rachel's wedding.

Anita Barone played Ross's (David Schwimmer's) ex-wife Carol in her first on-screen appearance. By the character's second appearance, Jane Sibbett had replaced her and would remain in the role for the rest of the series.

In the last season, Phoebe introduced herself to Chandler and Monica as Princess Consuela Banannahammock, saying that her friends can call her Valerie. Valerie is in fact Lisa Kudrow's middle name.

All six main actors and actresses appear in every episode. James Michael Tyler, as Gunther, is the only other cast member to appear in over one hundred episodes, appearing in one hundred fifty-one of them.

During the audio commentary for season ten, episode seventeen, "The Last One Part 1", and season ten, episode eighteen "The Last One Part 2", co-Creator David Crane revealed that in between season ten, episode fifteen, "The One Where Estelle Dies", and season ten, episode sixteen, "The One with Rachel's Going Away Party", there was going to be a story arc involving Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) briefly going to Paris, and Ross falling in love with her again. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough time because they were given eighteen episodes rather than twenty-four.

James Michael Tyler took home some of Gunther's wardrobe, and a piece of Central Perk. When the series ended, the cast and crew got pieces of the sidewalk outside of Central Perk, he requested to keep the last tie Gunther wore in the scene where he professes his love for Rachel.

During the course of the series, all six of the friends change their jobs at least once. However, Chandler is the only one who never involuntarily left his job. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey were all fired at some point during the series, and Ross was required to take a temporary (later permanent) sabbatical from the museum following his divorce from Emily.

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) is a vegetarian, just like her character.

Joey is the only character who went on to have his own spin-off sitcom, Joey (2004). The show followed him as he relocated from New York City to Hollywood, in which he moved into an apartment, which he shared with his twenty-year-old nephew Michael. The show lasted only two seasons.

The actor who plays Joshua Burgin's (Tate Donovan ) father is Matthew Perry's real-life father, John Bennett Perry.

Matthew Perry dated Julia Roberts after her appearance in Friends (1994).

In the opening sequence, the names of the six main cast members are shown in alphabetical order. As a coincidental result, the ladies' names appear before the men's, and the names also appear from the shortest person to the tallest.

The exact location of Central Perk is never revealed. A few episodes have characters referring to it as being "downstairs", but exterior shots of the apartments show the first floor of their building being occupied by a restaurant with red trim, while the Central Perk has a green trim. Another episode has Joey (Matt LeBlanc) mentioning it's ninety-seven steps away from his apartment. Given that the exterior shot is an apartment building on the corner of Grove Street and Barrow Street, and given the amount of foot traffic and automotive traffic outside Central Perk, the most likely location would be on Hudson Street within a block of Grove Street.

At some point throughout the ten seasons, all six Friends lived in Monica's (Courteney Cox's) and Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston's) apartment except Ross (David Schwimmer), who previously lived there one summer with his grandmother. It is also true that everyone apart from Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), once lived in Chandler's (Matthew Perry's) and Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) apartment, though she did stay there briefly.

At one point, Monica (Courteney Cox) worked as a line cook at the Moondance Diner, the same diner at which Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) worked, in Spider-Man (2002) as a waitress.

Like Monica and Chandler, Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette found it hard to conceive in real-life. However, during the last season, Cox was, in fact, pregnant and is seen wearing baggy clothes to hide her bump.

The role of Phoebe was originally offered to Janeane Garofalo, but she turned it down. Phoebe was originally written to be a "goth" girl. Garofalo and Lisa Kudrow appeared in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997).

The cast had a huddle before filming each episode to wish each other luck.

After Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) left her fiancé, Barry (Mitchell Whitfield), at the altar in the pilot, her best friend Mindy (Jennifer Grey) then became engaged to Barry. Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Grey played Jeanie Bueller. Grey played her in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), and Aniston played her on Ferris Bueller (1990).

Matthew Perry's favorite episode is Friends: The One with the Blackout (1994).

When Ross and Rachel were viewing their videotape of them making Emma, "Blue's Clues" was actually played on the screen.

Matt LeBlanc had a fever and flu the first day. He was at one hundred two degrees Fahrenheit (38.8 degrees Celsius) during the pilot episode, and had to repeatedly use a variety of remedies to attempt to cure it.

A fan named Du Xin legally changed his name to Gunther, married a woman named Rachel, has a son named Joey, owns a pet named "Smelly Cat", and runs Central Perk Café.

Five of the main six stars has hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live (1975), apart from Matt LeBlanc.

Chandler's character was written awkward around women, because Matthew Perry told the producers that he himself was.

Season three, episode two, "The One Where No One's Ready" takes place entirely in Monica's apartment, because the show didn't have a big enough budget for guest stars or additional sets. It is considered as one of the funniest episodes of the series.

The cast kept crying while shooting the final episode, so they have to do their make-up over and over again.

When Phoebe was pregnant with the triplets, Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real-life with her son, though she had to wear additional pregnancy pads to emulate being pregnant with triplets.

Some of the celebrity guest stars who have been on the show are Charlie Sheen, Tom Selleck, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Grey, Helen Hunt, Jeff Goldblum, Giovanni Ribisi, Debra Jo Rupp, Jane Lynch, Hugh Laurie, Ellen Pompeo, Melissa George, Jason George, Hank Azaria, David Arquette, Billy Crystal, Gary Oldman, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Applegate, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Robin Williams, Dakota Fanning, Danny DeVito, Brad Pitt, Kathleen Turner, Cole Sprouse, Anna Faris, Ben Stiller, Paul Rudd, Jon Favreau, Winona Ryder, George Clooney, and Christine Taylor, among many others.

The show did not win an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series until its eighth season.

Matthew Perry auditioned for the role of Chandler on a Friday, and started work the next Monday.

Joey's (Matt LeBlanc) address is 90 Bedford St. Apt. 19, New York, NY 10014, which is the address of a real restaurant in New York City called "The Little Owl". It is the restaurant beneath the Friends apartment building located on Grove Street and Bedford Street. (You can see the friends' full address on Rachel's invitation to Ross and Emily's wedding)

When there was a discussion about Joey and Phoebe ending up together, the writers decided to leave a little mystery about Joey. That way, the audience could decide if Joey ended up alone like Mr. Heckles, or found someone. They thought that the show would remain in viewers' minds for a longer time that way.

The six friends are billed in alphabetical order by their last name during the opening credits. By a bizarre coincidence, it is also the order of their height from shortest to tallest. Jennifer Aniston is 5'-4½", Courteney Cox is 5'-5", Lisa Kudrow is 5'-8", Matt LeBlanc is 5'-9½", Matthew Perry is 6', and David Schwimmer is 6'-1".

Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) framed picture of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy is a still from the short Leave 'em Laughing (1928).

When this show first played on Portuguese television, it was dubbed. In Portugal, dubbing is usually applied only to children's cartoons, series, or films. As such, the public was not satisfied by this, and complained. After just three or four episodes, the channel began airing the original audio with Portuguese subtitles.

In the pilot episode, Friends: The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (1994), Barry's (Mitchell Whitfield's) surname is Finkel. In later episodes, his name has been changed to Barry Farber.

When Jennifer Aniston debuted on Instagram, Courteney Cox posted a picture with her with the caption, "Welcome to the Social Media world. It sucks! You're gonna love it!" It is a nod to the pilot episode.

Ben Geller (Cole Sprouse) and Emma Geller-Green (Noelle and Cami Sheldon) never had a scene together.

In Joey's and Chandler's apartment, there is a Haudenosaunee ("Iroquois Confederacy") False Face displayed beneath the blue wall sconce. These masks were carved from living trees, included medicine bundles, and were used in healing ceremonies. They are extremely sacred in Haudenosaunee culture. Because the one displayed here had horse hair, it means it was made after 1646. Haudenosaunee False Faces were collected by museums and universities until the Haudenosaunee demanded their repatriation in the 1970s. It is extremely unusual to see Haudenosaunee False Faces in films or on non-documentary television shows, and it is never explained why Joey and Chandler would have one.

Matthew Perry is related to three of his cast-mates. He is a distant cousin to Jennifer Aniston through the English couple Roger Conant and Sarah Horton. He's related to Courteney Cox through their common descent of the English Baldwin family, and is related to Matt LeBlanc through their common descent to fourteenth century King James of Scotland and his wife Joan Beaufort.

Jennifer Aniston later stated that she hated the now-iconic "Rachel" haircut.

While their idea to incorporate it into the show was rejected, Creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman have both said in DVD extras and interviews that they liked to imagine that Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) were hooking up off-screen throughout the course of the show. Reportedly, Leblanc and Kudrow had pitched that idea but the writers rejected it.

Most of the Friends have kissed each other, though one kiss is fictional (Monica and Joey in season seven, episode sixteen, Friends: The One with the Truth About London (2001)), and two of the kisses appear off-screen (Rachel and Monica kiss to retain their apartment, and Chandler kissed Ross at Joey's birthday party before making out with Joey's sister). Monica and Ross's on-screen kiss is a quick peck. They also kissed off camera, in a memory, in season ten, episode eleven, Friends: The One Where the Stripper Cries (2004). In season one, episode ten, Friends: The One with the Monkey (1994), at the New Year's Eve party, Joey kissed Chandler. Joey kisses Phoebe thinking it's Ursula. Phoebe kisses Rachel to find out "what the big deal is". Phoebe kisses Ross in a flashback episode. Phoebe and Monica kiss in The One With Ross's Wedding.

Out of the six friends, Chandler (Matthew Perry) is the only one to not have any siblings. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) has two sisters, Monica (Courteney Cox) and Ross (David Schwimmer) are brother and sister, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) has a twin sister and a half-brother, and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) has seven sisters.

Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston starred in a Microsoft Windows 95 video guide.

When Jennifer Aniston debuted on Instagram on October 15th, 2019, her first post was a recent (first in a decade) group photo of Friends cast members, which reached over 13 million likes in 72 hrs. She also made a comment saying "Ross and Rachel were on a break."

According to Paget Brewster (Kathy, the girl dating Joey with whom Chandler falls in love and dates), Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow advocated for when her character was to be written out, make it clear that it was Chandler who messed up the relationship by being overly jealous, not by suspecting Kathy of cheating on him in the first place.

Occasionally, NBC would air "Super-sized" episodes of their most popular sitcoms, including this show. These episodes would run forty minutes including commercials (or just around thirty minutes without). In syndication, a majority of the "Super-sized" episodes were cut down to fit a thirty-minute time slot, except for the rare case where there was both too much plot info essential to the episode or series, and there were enough deleted scenes to make a two-episode story arc.

Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) agent Estelle (June Gable), plays a nurse in the first season, when Carol (Jane Sibbett) is in the hospital.

As of 2019 the series was generating more than a billion dollars a year from syndication and streaming royalties, with the six leads earning roughly $20 million a year, roughly the same as their salaries during the final seasons (albeit less when accounting for inflation).

Monica's (Courteney Cox's) address is 90 Bedford St. Apt. 20, New York, NY 10014, but was originally Apartment 5 until writers realized 5 would not represent an apartment on an upper level. ***The street address for the apartment building is never mentioned in the show.***

It was believed that Mike Hagerty played Mr. Treeger and Ugly Naked Guy, but Ugly Naked Guy was actually Jon Haugen.

The number "27" is used a lot throughout the series. Rachel tells a date that Monica labels her cups, and uses the example cup 27. In one episode, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe wear three firemen's hats that have "27" on them. Monica mentions "27" is a dangerous eye age. The girls believe they're at a rest stop off Route 27 while enlisting on a ski trip. Chandler gives Ross twenty-seven dollars when he feels guilty that he's seeing Monica. Joey tells everyone that he weighed twenty-seven pounds when he was born. When Chandler needs to replace Monica's broiling pan, she tells him to order it from page 27 of their catalogue. Chandler had to pay a pizza delivery girl exactly twenty-seven dollars for three pizzas.

Paul Swain was behind the Magna Doodle drawings on the door in Joey's and Chandler's apartment.

First choice for Rachel was Téa Leoni.

Ross and Rachel weren't meant to be the two central characters of the series. They were Joey and Monica, but the makers changed it, due to the chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

Joey is the only main character to never have married. (In one fantasy sequence, he is married to Monica, portraying their lives if she found him in London, instead of Chandler.) Joey does become engaged to Alex Garrett in the spin-off Joey (2004) but due to the cancellation of that series, it is only left to assume that they married soon afterwards. In real life, Matthew Perry is the only principal cast member who never married, though in November 2020 he did get engaged, but got seperated in 2021.

Maggie Wheeler auditioned for the role of Monica Geller before been selected for Janice. Both of them turned out to be Chandler's long time girlfriends.

Co-Creator David Crane revealed he initially wrote the role of Monica with Janeane Garofalo in mind. It was only when Courteney Cox nailed the audition that they changed the character a bit. "When we originally wrote the role, we had Janeane Garofalo's voice in our head", he told Vanity Fair. "Darker and edgier and snarkier, and Courteney brought a whole bunch of other colors to it. We decided that, week after week, that would be a lovelier place to go."

Emma Geller-Green was played by twins, Noelle and Cali Sheldon.

In season two, episode four, Friends: The One with Phoebe's Husband (1995), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) queries what is in a Cobb salad. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2004, Aniston said she ordered Cobb salad for lunch almost every day of shooting during the ten years that the show lasted.

Season three is the only season without a two part episode. However, season three, episode sixteen, Friends: The One with the Morning After (1997), is a continuation of season three, episode fifteen, Friends: The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break (1997).

Jennifer Aniston agreed to return for the series' final season, only if production on the show would be finished by January 2004, so she could focus on her film career.

Chandler's (Matthew Perry's) parents, Charles (Kathleen Turner) and Nora Bing (Morgan Fairchild), were named after the favorite The Thin Man (1934) film franchise character "Nora Charles".

In Chandler's and Joey's apartment there is a poster with boxing kangaroos which says "Kangaroo Boxer" in Russian.

A reunion film was planned and there was an eighty percent chance of it to being made. It was dropped due to David Schwimmer, the only cast member who declined it.

Since Ross is Monica's older brother and Chandler was Ross's college roommate, it is clear that Chandler is older than Monica, when in reality, Courteney Cox is five years older than Matthew Perry, and two years older than David Schwimmer.

Cynthia Mann (Jasmine) serves coffee in the pilot, and then later is a colleague of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) at the massage parlor. When Ross (David Schwimmer) is trying to keep Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) from finding out about Chloe (Angela Featherstone), he talks to Jasmine, and she says that Gunther (James Michael Tyler) is her roommate. This would explain how they know each other.

In 1994, the cast bonded by playing poker together. Season one, episode eighteen, "The One With All the Poker", is based on it.

Ross and Rachel are the only main characters to have biological children, with Ross having his son Ben via his ex-wife Carol and Rachel giving birth to Emma in Friends: The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 2 (2002). Monica and Chandler adopt twins in the series finale while Phoebe and Joey do not have children of their own, though Phoebe does act as a surrogate for Frank Jr. and Alice. In the Joey: Pilot (2004) of Joey (2004), it is implied that Phoebe and Mike had at least one child after the events of Friends: The Last One (2004) (or more likely, Phoebe was pregnant at the time Joey left New York and moved to Los Angeles).

According to Jennifer Aniston, none of the cast members were fans of the theme song.

When his short-lived spin-off show Joey (2004) began production, Matt LeBlanc noted that he experienced a strong sense of nostalgia, because several of the sets used were on the same sound-stages that had been used for filming this show.

Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow's) boyfriend David (Hank Azaria) is a scientist who moved to Minsk. Lisa Kudrow's relatives originate from this part of Belarus. According to her Wikipedia page, she discovered that her ancestors emmigrated from a village in Minsk.

In all of the episode titles (including shared ones), Rachel's name appears in 27 episode titles, the most of any of the main characters. Ross's name appears 24 times, the second highest, followed by Joey (16 times), Chandler (11 times), Phoebe (10 times), and Monica (8 times).

The theme song "I'll Be There For You" was written by two producers of this show and offered to several bands before they decided to go with The Rembrandts. When a radio DJ at WYHY in Nashville looped it into a full length song, the response was so great that The Rembrants recorded the single version. They added one more verse, a vocal bridge, and repeated the chorus four more times (once as instrumental). The song ranked high on the charts in more than ten countries, including four number one positions.

Courteney Cox had a special place called "Courtney's Candy Cabinet" on the set.

When the show premiered, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston were twenty-five, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer were twenty-seven, Courteney Cox was thirty, and Lisa Kudrow was thirty-one.

Speaking to Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live, Maggie Wheeler revealed that she got the inspiration for her 'Janice laugh' from Flipper and Woody the Woodpecker.

Lisa Kudrow was almost cast as Roz in Frasier (1993) before being re-cast as Phoebe. She has stated that this is the best thing ever happened to her.

Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer played video games between takes.

The writers and producers stated they include a comedic line in every dramatic or emotional scene to ease and break tension.

Monica has eleven categories for towels. They include "everyday use", "fancy", "guest", and "fancy-guest", but the rest are not named due to Chandler and Joey running out of time.

In Friends: The One with Phoebe's Wedding (2004) the song that is playing while Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow ) is walking down the aisle is an instrumental of "Here, There, Everywhere" by The Beatles.

Joey and Chandler both sing David Bowie's "Space Oddity," but in different episodes.

Jon Cryer was originally offered the role of Chandler Bing. Cryer was later cast in the sitcom Two and a Half Men (2003) alongside Charlie Sheen, who guest starred on this show in season two.

At some point during the series, each one of the Friends was unemployed, if Ross's forced sabbatical is included.

Ross is Monica's older brother, but in real-life, David Schwimmer is two years younger than Courteney Cox.

The makers wrote the character of Ross while keeping David Schwimmer in mind. Yet he declined the role for the first three times, eventually accepting it.

Tom Selleck was initially advised against guest starring on the show by his agent, since reasoning at the time was it would hurt his burgeoning movie career post-Magnum P.I. by returning to a TV show for an extended run of episodes. Selleck decided to anyway and it arguably became his most popular role in the 90's, introducing him to a whole generation of viewers.

Besides Sarah Ferguson making a surprise appearance in the London episode, Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Airlines, also made a quick appearance as a tourist hat salesman. Hugh Laurie appeared as a tetchy passenger on Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston's) plane to London.

It has been revealed that the chick and duck died of old age.

Three cast members from The Simpsons (1989) made guest appearances on the show: Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer. Lisa Kudrow would later be a guest star on an episode of The Simpsons (1989).

The table the group sits at is always vacant for them. If you look closely, you will see there is a reserved sign on the table to explain this.

The writers wrote a three-part episode where they were all flying somewhere and the plane crashed, and they were all stranded on an island. However, they never went through with the idea, and never filmed it.

David Schwimmer's favorite episode is Friends: The One with the Prom Video (1996).

In season one, episode fourteen, "The One with the Candy Hearts," where Joey (Matt LeBlanc) accidentally sets Chandler (Matthew Perry) up with Janice (Maggie Wheeler), Chandler yells at Joey to pee. In season four, episode one, "The One With the Jellyfish," Joey yells at Chandler to pee. Both times the yell is, "Do it! Do it now!"

NBC initially thought that the cast was too young, and asked writers to include an older character to give advice.

The painting behind the couch in Central Perk changes every six episodes.

There is outtake footage of the duck and the rooster having a little fight.

David Schwimmer directed ten episodes, they are: Friends: The One on the Last Night (1999), Friends: The One with Rachel's Assistant (2000), Friends: The One with Ross's Library Book (2000), Friends: The One with All the Candy (2000), Friends: The One with the Truth About London (2001), Friends: The One with the Red Sweater (2001), Friends: The One with the Stripper (2001), Friends: The One Where Joey Dates Rachel (2002), Friends: The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner (2002), and Friends: The One with the Birth Mother (2004).

The idea of the six lead actors and actresses negotiating as a single unit has been credited by the rest of the main cast, especially Matt LeBlanc, as the brainchild of David Schwimmer. Ironically, Schwimmer later annoyed the other regulars because on two occasions, the rest of the cast all agreed to sign long-term deals to continue the show, but he hesitated and both times was (by a fair margin) the last cast regular to agree to continue; however, the decision to make season ten "The Last One" was a prompt and unanimous one from all six that was made late in season nine.

There's a sign in Joey's and Chandler's room that reads "Nice Guys Don't Finish Last."

In Friends: The One with the Late Thanksgiving (2003), where Joey's head gets stuck in the door, was written after Matt LeBlanc actually got his head stuck in the door. The writers had to change the script to fit the stuck head.

Phoebe's address is 5 Morton St. Apt. 14, New York, NY 10014.

Phoebe can't speak Italian when she meets Paolo (Cosimo Fusco), but can speak Italian when she meets Joey's Nonnie (grandmother) it is likely that she either lied about not speaking Italian or she took lessons.

All six of the Friends sang in public on the show. Phoebe was a singer, Monica and Chandler sang karaoke at the bar where Mike played piano, Joey sang in a musical about Sigmund Freud (in which he played Freud), Rachel sang Copacabana (At the Copa) at her ex-fiancé's wedding, and Ross played his keyboard at Central Perk. Lisa Kudrow has said she doesn't like singing.

The duck's name is Dick and the chick's name is Chuck.

The final episode aired on May 6, 2004.

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston became real-life best friends. Though they have gone through many difficulties, they never cease to support and encourage each other.

Phoebe's alias is "Regina Phalange." Phalanges are the small bones that make up the fingers and toes.

Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow are both varsity tennis players. Sometimes, after shooting, they would play it together.

In Friends: The One with Russ (1996), David Schwimmer plays Russ, yet the character is credited as being played by "Snaro," apparently as a tribute to a friend.

In season seven, episode eight, Friends: The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs (2000), we find out that Ross (David Schwimmer) hates ice cream because he claims it as "too cold." But one season earlier, we see Ross and Elizabeth (Alexandra Holden) enjoying ice cream on a date. In another episode, he shares a soft serve with Marcel. It's also revealed that Chandler (Matthew Perry) once owned a dog.

Elizabeth Berkley auditioned for the role of Rachel.

The series was remastered in 16:9 high definition and 5.1 Surround Sound in 2011. Unlike most 4:3 conversions to widescreen, which involve cropping the top and bottom of the frame, this show was generally filmed with wider frames than were broadcast, so the widescreen version opens up the sides of the frame, rather than cropping.

Fraternal twins Giovanni Ribisi and Marissa Ribisi have appeared on this show. Giovanni played Phoebe's half brother, and Marissa played one of Rachel's old friends in season three, episode six, Friends: The One with the Flashback (1996).

Phoebe would never be able to be a surrogate without having a child of her own first. All reputable surrogacy agencies in the US require their surrogates to have had at least one full-term, live birth before becoming a surrogate.

Phoebe is the only member of the group that did not end up dating and/or marrying one of the other friends. However, she does kiss Ross, Chandler, Joey, and Rachel, and in multiple episodes alludes to having a crush on Joey.

Before NBC decided to add this show to its line-up, they considered another pilot produced by Matthew Broderick's production company. It centered around a motley group of friends who spent a lot of time hanging out at a coffee shop. The name of the coffee house and the proposed series was "Maxwell House."

Rachel is introduced to Chandler in the coffee house in the first episode. However as the show would pan out, the two characters had in fact met several years earlier and had conversed with each other on at least four occasions (even making out with each other at a party).

The episode Friends: The One with the Flashback (1996) was partly the idea of the cast to see how audience responded to certain couplings, the main one of these being Rachel and Chandler. The audience didn't like seeing these two together, so they never were. It also shows the only make out scene of Ross and Phoebe, and Joey and Monica getting attracted to each other.

Monica and Chandler's wedding anniversary is May 15.

Ross (David Schwimmer), Monica (Courteney Cox), and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) are all from Long Island.

Matthew Perry appears for only one minute and forty seconds in Friends: The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin (2001), which is the least for any cast member in any episode.

The show was shot in front of live audience, however cliff-hangers were not shot in front of a live audience and were filmed after the audience left.

The name Chandler is actually named for an archaic trade. A chandler was a candlemaker. Chandler was almost never a first name before Friends aired.

Rachel is the only main character who never lived alone or had an apartment of her own during the series. She has also lived full-time with the other Friends except for Chandler. Conversely, the others have all lived alone at some stage: Monica lived alone until Rachel moved in during the first episode, Phoebe and Ross lived alone for the majority of the show, and Joey and Chandler briefly lived alone during the second season after Joey gets a part in Days of Our Lives (1965) and moves into his own apartment. It is believed that Rachel and Emma move back in with Ross after they get back together in the final episode, leaving Joey on his own again until he moved to Los Angeles in the spin-off Joey (2004).

In the series finale, the end credits play over stock footage of New York City's skyline and streets, all of which was used at various points in episodes throughout the series. This was the only episode in which this occurred. All of the other episodes without an epilogue scene used the opening credits footage of the cast around the fountain.

Kathleen Turner, who had the recurring role of Chandler's gay, drag queen father, Charles Bing a.k.a Helena Handbasket, complained in recent interviews that the Friends cast wasn't very friendly to her. "I'll be quite honest, which is my wont: I didn't feel very welcomed by the cast", Turner tells Vulture. "I remember I was wearing this difficult sequined gown, and my high heels were absolutely killing me. I found it odd that none of the actors thought to offer me a seat. Finally, it was one of the older crew members that said, 'Get Miss Turner a chair.' The Friends actors were such a clique, but I don't think my experience with them was unique. I think it was simply that they were such a tight little group that nobody from the outside mattered."

In the spin-off Joey (2004), it is revealed that Joey took his stuffed penguin pal Huggsy with him when moved to Los Angeles.

The actor who came closest to play Chandler Bing (except for Matthew Perry) was Craig Bierko. The creators later found out that he was coached by Matthew Perry.

In season one, episode four, "The One with George Stephanopoulos," Chandler and Joey buy hockey tickets for Ross's birthday and he says, "funny, my birthday was six months ago." He notes it is October 20 from the date on the tickets. In season nine, episode two, "The One Where Emma Cries," Ross breaks his thumb after trying to punch Joey and they go to the hospital. While there, Joey fills out his medical forms and guesstimates Ross's birthday as "May-tember," to which Ross shouts back, "October 18th." However, in season four, he tells Gunther his birthday is in December.

This show was filmed on the same soundstage that was used for the filming of Full House (1987) during the last two seasons of its eight year run. The pilot episode of this show was shot on stage 33 (the same stage as Living Single (1993)) at the Warner Ranch, and the first season was shot on Warner Brothers Stage 5 (the home of Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)).

Richard Crosby (Gary Oldman) and Joey Tribianni, Jr. (Matt LeBlanc) don't get along at first because Richard, as a classically trained actor, spits when he talks in order to enunciate. There are outtakes of this being a real problem between the other actors and actresses on this show's set.

Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica (Courteney Cox) are Jewish. Lisa Kudrow, who plays Phoebe, and David Schwimmer, who plays Ross, are both Jewish.

The poster in Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) room during season seven says "Grand Prix af Frankrig," and is a Danish poster celebrating a double victory by Mercedes-Benz cars (driven by Juan Manuel Fangio and Karl Kling) in the French Grand Prix (later Formula 1) in 1954.

The DVD of the final episode was released a week after it aired.

Courteney Cox revealed she really doesn't remember much about playing the tightly wound chef Monica Geller. "I don't remember even being on the show, I have such a bad memory," she laughed, adding, "I remember obviously loving everybody there and having fun and I remember certain times of my life. I was there, but I don't remember episodes." she has started binge watching the show, which she purchased on Amazon Prime.

U2's "With or Without You" plays as Ross's requested song to try making up to Rachel about a list he made with Chandler and Joey to help him decide between her and Julie. It also plays when he is kissing the woman with whom he cheats on her when they are on a break.

In season seven, episode seventeen, Friends: The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress (2001), where Monica buys her wedding gown, she is seen wearing one dress in the boutique. When she goes to get the dress on sale she shows Phoebe and Rachel a picture of a different dress to find. Then she fights over a completely different dress, and when the dress is shown later in her apartment, it is the original dress from the boutique.

The Rembrandts' band members, Phil Solem and Danny Wilde were struggling musicians, but once they were hired by the producers to write and perform the theme song, since the show was a massive success, it helped increase album and singles sales of the theme song. Solem and Wilde, stated in an interview, they were able to send their children to college.

Except for Friends: The One with the East German Laundry Detergent (1994), Friends: The One with Chandler's Work Laugh (1999), and Friends: The One with Unagi (2000), Janice's (Maggie Wheeler) first words on-screen are always: "OH! MY! GOD!"

While having the most popular hair in the television industry, Jennifer Aniston kept a tiny pair of scissors in the glove compartment of the car so she could cut her split ends whenever.

There was a story-line where Chandler goes to a male strip club because he really liked the sandwiches. However, Matthew Perry asked the writers to scrap it.

Marla Sokoloff played Joey's youngest sister, Dina, in season eight. Earlier, in season three, episode eleven, "The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister," when we first see all of Joey's sisters, Dina was played by a different actress.

The Ross and Rachel "will they or won't they?" plot was arguably the show's longest running storyline, running from the first episode to its conclusion in the series finale.

In the episode where Rachel smokes to impress her boss, she accidentally slips that her doctor-father always warned her of the dangers of smoking. However, earlier in the series, Mr. Green is revealed as a smoker when Ross gets him his cigarettes from Monica's apartment when they're trying to keep Mr. and Mrs. Green separate at Rachel's two birthday parties.

This was the first of two times Teri Garr played the mother of Lisa Kudrow's character. She later portrayed her mother in Kabluey (2007).

The fountain featured in the opening credits is the same fountain in front of the school in Hocus Pocus (1993).

Leah Remini auditioned for the role of Monica. She guest starred as Lydia in season one.

In Friends: The One with the Thumb (1994), in the background behind Chandler, a Toronto Blue Jays baseball hat is visible. Matthew Perry holds both Canadian and American citizenship (his mother was a journalist in Canada and eventual Press Secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau) and was raised in Canada's capital city of Ottawa. He is also a Toronto Blue Jays fan.

When asked in 2009 by heatworld.com what Gunther would be doing "now," James Michael Tyler joked, "He'd probably have a very traditional marriage, with lots of white-haired babies running around with hair brighter than the sun."

The name that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt used to check in hotel is "Mr. & Mrs. Ross Vegas."

In October 2016, Matt LeBlanc appeared alongside Lady Gaga on CBS's The Late Late Show with James Corden: Matt LeBlanc/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Lady Gaga (2016), and she asked Matt who he would have preferred to sleep with on the show, Courteney Cox's Monica or Jennifer Aniston's Rachel. Matt gave it some thought and said his answer was neither of them: he felt he would have wanted to sleep with Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow.

Even though Monica is the only girl not to give birth, Phoebe is the only one not to have any children.

The time of Rachel's pregnancy in the show (and all of season eight, for that matter) is mixed up. Monica and Chandler got married on May 15, which means Rachel and Ross conceived their baby sometime in April. A few episodes later, it is Halloween, and there is a party, which would make Rachel around six months pregnant, but another episode or two later, Rachel tells her father that she is pregnant and lied, saying they were getting married on February 2. That same episode, Monica says that for their two month anniversary, she hired a stripper for Chandler's bachelor party (which he didn't get before the wedding) which would put them in late July.

In season three, episode nine, Friends: The One with the Football (1996), Phoebe is wearing a That Girl (1966) t-shirt in reference to the series starring Marlo Thomas. Phoebe's t-shirt features a caricature of Marlo, who also plays Rachel's mom.

In season five, episode eight, "The One with All the Thanksgivings," during the flashback of Joey with the turkey on his head, he says "Well, then help me get it off. Plus, it smells really bad in here." Phoebe replied, "Of course it smells bad, you have your head up a dead animal." Later on, in season ten, episode ten, "The One Where Chandler Gets Caught," the same flashback happens, but instead of "Of course it smells bad, you have your head up a dead animal," Phoebe said, "Of course it smells bad, you have your head inside a turkey's ass."

Matthew Perry is actually very similar to Chandler's character, due to which many of his friends who auditioned for the role took his help.

Warner Brothers attempted to turn Cameron Crowe's Seattle-based film Singles (1992) into a television series, but Crowe turned it down. Some time later, Crowe saw the news in The Hollywood Reporter that Singles (1992) would become a television show, from David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the people who ended up doing this show. Crowe called his lawyer and tried to stop this, but NBC went ahead with the idea anyway, incorporating many of the elements of that proposed series into this show. Crowe told Rolling Stone Magazine in 2017 that his mother still says, "You really screwed up on Friends! All you had to do was say yes! You would be living in a castle right now!" and Crowe said, "I don't need to live in a castle! I'm happy I made the choices I made. But in my mind at least, you can partially draw a line from the genesis of Friends to our little Seattle film."

While Jack (Elliott Gould) and Judy Geller (Christina Pickles) (Monica (Courteney Cox) and Ross's (David Schwimmer's) parents) show up at the hospital when Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) have Emma (Judy came before the birth and Jack came afterwards), none of Rachel's family members, her mom Sandra (Marlo Thomas), her dad Leonard (Ron Leibman), nor her two younger sisters Amy (Christina Applegate) and Jill (Reese Witherspoon) show up.

Eric McCormack auditioned for the role of Ross, and had he gotten it, there would have been no Will & Grace (1998), which would have made NBC's reign of ratings last only from 1982 to 2004.

We're the Millers (2013), starring Jennifer Aniston, the rest of the cast played a prank on her by playing this show's theme song instead of the proposed one, following which, Aniston remained surprised and emotional. This scene is added in the bloopers.

Being mistaken for being gay has been a recurring theme for all of the Friends. Monica's maid thinks she's gay when she is trying to identify her stolen jeans. Ross tells off a student for trying to charm better grades out of him and it looks like a break-up. Rachel tries to relive her wilder days with Melissa. Joey has a huge gay fanbase. Phoebe is driven to pretend to be one of Ben's Mommies when she's trying to get free Sting tickets, and it is the bane of Chandler's life.

Chandler is the only character who doesn't have a separate birthday episode. The only time his birthday is shown in the episode Friends: The One Where They All Turn Thirty (2001).

During an interview in March 2021, Lisa Kudrow talked about a sexist remark she endured from a guest star during the filming of the show. She said, "I rehearsed without makeup most of the week, and then on show night I'm in hair and makeup and I was told, 'Oh wow, NOW you're' f*ckable.'" Kudrow didn't reveal who the guest star was but did confirm that it wasn't Charlie Sheen, who appeared in the episode titled The One With The Chicken Pox.

In Friends: The One with the Lesbian Wedding (1996), the group predicts that Chandler will be the last of them to marry. Ironically, it is Chandler that ends up getting married first as he and Monica are the first to have a committed marriage that doesn't end in divorce and the others (except Joey) all have unsuccessful marriages until Phoebe marries Mike Hannigan in Friends: The One with Phoebe's Wedding (2004). In an another irony, Joey serves as the officiant for both of the weddings that have long-term marriages even though he never gets married himself on the show.

Tom Welling auditioned for the role of Tag Jones. It eventually went to Eddie Cahill.

Lisa Kudrow considers herself more of a Rachel in real life. It took her awhile to get comfortable in Phoebe's skin.

Some people identify this show in blogs and articles as "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." That is because in the opening to the show there are dots in between all of the letters of the title. Those aren't periods though, they are just decorative dots. The title of show, as written out officially in NBC Press junkets, is Friends; not F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Lisa Kudrow is the only one of the six main cast members to have been nominated for a Primetime Emmy so many times until she won on The 50th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (1998).

The stage on which Phoebe performs at Central Perk is not there when she is not playing. It is replaced by regular seats.

It's a myth that Phoebe has kissed every one of the Friends but Monica. Monica kisses Phoebe goodbye in season four, episode twenty-three "The One With Ross's Wedding Part 1."

Phoebe is the only friend out of the group to be left-handed, even though she plays the guitar with her right-hand. In reality, Lisa Kudrow is also left-handed. This can be seen on multiple occasions, including in Friends: The One with the Blackout (1994), Friends: The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad (2000), Friends: The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs (2000), and Friends: The One Where Emma Cries (2002) (where Phoebe writes on the "It's a boy" banner using her left hand).

Bob Balaban and Teri Garr, who played Phoebe's parents, appeared in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and Ghost World (2001).

Joey and Chandler were originally going to visit a McDonald's in London, but it got replaced with Joey going into the map.

Rachel wears a total of 703 outfits throughout the series.

This does not occur in all season openers, but when the Friends cast open their colored umbrellas at the same time...Jennifer Aniston's umbrella does not pop open all the way.

Lisa Kudrow when first read the script, she thought Chandler's character was gay.

Ross is often the last person in the gang to find out about important things within the show. For example, he's the last to find out about Chandler and Monica dating (after Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe), Chandler and Monica's engagement (after the whole group simultaneously), Rachel and Joey dating (after Chandler and Monica, and then Phoebe), and Rachel's pregnancy (after Phoebe, Monica, Joey, and Chandler).

Lisa Kudrow, who according to an Entertainment Weekly profile was "the group leader," stated, "The six of us are far stronger than just one person."

Phoebe and Rachel are the only ones who have lived with Ross in his apartment at some point.

In a television interview circa 1995 David Schwimmer was asked who was his least favorite friend from the show, and who would he most like to see leave. After much hemming and hawing, Schwimmer replied that Marcel, Ross's pet monkey, who was a regular on the show during the first season, was his least favorite Friend, and that he was glad to see him leave. Many critics agreed, saying that taking out the Any Which Way You Can/BJ and the Bear gimmick of having a pet monkey seriously improved the quality of the shows from then on.

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc guest starred on Just the Ten of Us (1987), Perry in the second season and LeBlanc in the third. They dated Wendy Lubbock (Brooke Theiss). Additionally, Perry and Theiss starred together in a short-lived sitcom of their own, Home Free (1993).

Rachel's favorite flowers are lilies.

The reason Monica is a chef is because she made Chandler macaroni and cheese one Thanksgiving. To get Monica to stop bugging him and asking if he liked it, Chandler said it was really good and she should be a chef.

In February 2019, it was announced that the Central Perk will become an official LEGO set. A user called "Mric76" submitted a recreation of that location on LEGO Ideas, which was later approved by the LEGO team.

Cole Sprouse, who would go on to great fame starring in The Suite LIfe of Zack and Cody, as well as on Riverdale playing Jughead; also played Ross'a son Ben Gellar on friends. The character appeared in the first season as a baby; then in the second and third seasons he morphed to a 5 year old, (which is common in sitcoms), who was played by Sprouse. Sprouse and the character appeared on a few episodes, and then he sort of vanished. Responding to a tweet asking how he felt about his character "basically being killed off" of the show, Cole said he wasn't too shocked about it. "Critics would agree that Ross was never really the most present father," he said. "And so it doesn't surprise me too much." So it looks like Cole agrees with the theory that Ross's lack of parenting skills was the reason he stopped seeing Ben.

Monica and Chandler have the longest romantic relationship on the show, spanning six years from the end of season four to the end of series. Their closest competitors were Ross/Rachel and Phoebe/Mike who were both together for a year before breaking up, then eventually getting back together for good.

Except Jennifer Aniston, all the other main characters have appeared in guest roles in Lisa Kudrow's show Web Therapy (2011). Aniston had also agreed to do so, but that show ended in with its fourth season and her cameo never came to be.

The same time she appeared as Emily Waltham, Helen Baxendale was playing the lead role in British comedy drama Cold Feet (1997), which was deemed by many to be the "British Friends." Both shows feature three male and three female characters, and both have lead characters named Rachel.

This show is among the five legendary media that released the same year with Forrest Gump (1994), Pulp Fiction (1994), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), and The Lion King (1994).

Allegedly, Friends: The One with Rachel's Other Sister (2002) was supposed to focus on Jill (Reese Witherspoon), just like an earlier episode did, but Jennifer Aniston didn't get along with Reese during the first go-round, so they decided to create another sister, Amy, played by Christina Applegate. Rachel's Other Sister was such a success, Christina Applegate won a Best Supporting Actress Emmy Award for it, that they brought her back for another episode.

A poll taken by 60 Minutes (1968) and Vanity Fair Magazine named this show the third greatest sitcom of all time.

In 2009, budding actor and fan Steve Muskura watched every episode of this show back to back and stayed awake for eighty-four hours, smashing the then existing world record of seventy-two hours of watching television non-stop.

In season five, episode fourteen, whenever one of the Friends is discussing the knowledge of Monica and Chandler's relationship, the word "know" and its variants is spoken thirty-seven times.

In the pilot, Monica forgot the name of the guy with whom she slept, worried the audience would not like her character, they handed out a survey to the studio audience and asked if they wanted the plot to be changed, which they denied.

Matthew Perry admits he once beat up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You'll remember Matthew Perry as a bit of a wimp, if his Friends character was anything to go by. But in real life (as a kid at least), turns out the actor was pretty scrappy - and his opponents were famous, too. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the playwright and comedian admitted to "beating up" the Canadian Prime Minister back at school. He grew up in Canada and described himself as half-Canadian - which explains the seemingly random link. Perry said: ""I think he was excelling in a sport, so it was pure jealousy, and we beat him up," "That would never happen to Donald Trump, you'd be in the stockade right now, you'd be in Russia somewhere," Kimmel said. Perry, a few years older than Trudeau, said he wasn't bragging about it, that he was "a stupid kid." What's more, the actor's mother, Suzanne Perry, was a former press secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Perry joked that the incident sparked Trudeau's eventual leadership of their home country. "I think it was rather instrumental in him going to such big heights and becoming the Prime Minister," Perry said. Kimmel then asked if the two ever kept contact. Could his response BE any more like Chandler: "I feel shame, I don't want to think about it."

In Friends: The One with the Dozen Lasagnas (1995) the gang whistles the theme from The Odd Couple. Matthew Perry starred in The Odd Couple (2015).

The magic erase board inside Joey's and Chandler's apartment always says something different.

All of the friends have lived in Monica's apartment at some point. Phoebe lived with Monica first, then Rachel moved in on the first episode. Chandler and Joey both lived in the apartment after winning a bet against Monica and Rachel. Chandler moved in with Monica when they fell in love and got married. Then when Phoebe and Rachel's apartment had to be renovated after a fire, Rachel moved in with Monica and Chandler. Soon afterward, Rachel moved in with Joey, and Phoebe moved in with Monica and Chandler. In the series finale, it was revealed by Monica that Ross once lived in the apartment with his and Monica's grandmother while he was trying to make it as a dancer.

Chandler lists Elle Macpherson as one of his mental images when he accidentally "shares too much" with Ross. Elle McPherson later played Joey's roommate Janine on the show.

George Clooney, Elliott Gould, Sam Anderson, Conchata Ferrell, Jason Alexander, Noah Wyle, Jonathan Silverman, and Corinne Bohrer appeared on episodes of this show, as well as ER (1994).

Rachel had a nose job during her time in college.

All the episodes' names start with "The One With" or "The One Where." This is because when people usually recall an episode, they do not remember its name, but instead remember the incident that happened in it.

In season eight, episode seventeen, "The One With the Tea Leaves", when Ross comes in asking if anyone has seen his "salmon colored shirt", he is wearing a t-shirt with the American Sign Language sign for "friend".

Lisa Kudrow beat out Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch for the role of Phoebe.

Rachel and Joey are the only main characters to not have an on-screen wedding. Rachel's drunk wedding in Vegas with Ross isn't shown, it only shows them leaving the chapel and her remarriage to Ross occurs after the series finale. Joey never gets married though he does get engaged to Alex Garrett in the spin-off Joey (2004).

Marlo Thomas has said in inteviews that the Rachel Green character is very much a "That Girl" type character; modern, liberated, trying to make it on her own; et cetera. That's why Thomas agreed to play Rachel's mother.

At the beginning of the show, Gunther asks Rachel about her birthday and she says it's May 5. However, when she drives Monica's Porsche with Ross and gets stopped for speeding, the officer asks for her horoscope sign and she answers "Aquarius". Jennifer Aniston's real birthday is February 11, which makes her an Aquarius.

Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica had crushes on Joey at one point.

After receiving criticism for the lack of diversity for its supporting characters, the writers and producers created the part of Charlie Wheeler and cast Aisha Tyler for the role. The producers and writers saw the chemistry between Ross and Charlie, a love triangle storyline was introduced, and Joey was chosen to be the other male interest.

There was originally going to be an older father figure, Pat the Cop, who was on hand to give the group advice on their life choices. He never made it as far as the pilot episode.

Christina Pickles and Courteney Cox appeared in Masters of the Universe (1987).

Despite being set in New York City, almost the entire series was filmed in Los Angeles on the Warner Brothers lot, with only establishing shots of buildings shot in New York City. The only scenes filmed outside of Los Angeles were the exterior scenes shot in London for the two-parter "The One with Ross' Wedding" from season four.

A recurring joke within the series is that whenever Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) is driving her grandmother's taxi cab, those seated in the back must brace to avoid smashing into the window divider whenever Phoebe stops.

After the horrifying events of 9/11, viewers could see tributes to the disaster in some episodes.

Ross, Monica, and Rachel went to Lincoln High School.

The opening sequence of the cast dancing and frolicking in the fountain randomly alters between episodes, sometimes mid-season. All of the fountain scenes were filmed sometime during production of the pilot episode, which can be distinguished by the casts' hairstyles. For example, Lisa Kudrow's hair remains frizzy in the opening sequence even though she eventually has straight hair as the series progresses.

Rachel and Chandler quit their jobs on Christmas episodes in different seasons. Rachel in season three and Chandler in season nine.

The interstitial music and city scene after Rachel is shown sitting at the bay window, to her preparing coffee for Joey and Chandler in the pilot episode, originally featured a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge with the World Trade Center towers prominently in the background. After the September 11 attacks, the interstitial scene was changed to a shot of the exterior of the building where Monica. Joey, and Chandler live. However, the original scene can be seen on DVD releases published prior to the attacks.

The first TV promo for NBC had them all standing around in lengerie and underwear looking sexy. (This was a spoof on a Melrose Place ad that was on tv at the time). Courtney Cox then said "Wait a minute, this is ridiculous! We are all standing around in our underwear! We are never going to look like this on this show! Wait? We aren't are we?"

Many actresses auditioned for Rachel, including Elizabeth Berkley, Jane Krakowski, Tiffani Thiessen, Denise Richards, Melissa Rivers, Nicollette Sheridan, Parker Posey and Jami Gertz.

Ross Geller was voted online as the most disliked character in the sitcom.

The couch was almost always free for the six because it was reserved. There was always a reserved sign on the coffee table. Except for when Ross and Chandler were bullied, and Chandler's hat was taken. Fans questioned why it was always available to the gang. It was later added in an episode where they said it was permanently reserved for them.

Phoebe drank 227 cups of coffee in all 10 seasons, which happened to be the most drank out of the six friends. Rachel drank the least, drinking 138 cups.

Matthew Perry was guest-starring as a recurring character on Growing Pains; about the same time Courtney Cox was starring as Michael J Fox's girlfriend on Family Ties; and about the same time Matt Leblanc was starring as Christina Applegate's boyfriend Vinnie on Married with Children, and was being spunoff into his own series called Hey Vinnie; and this was also about the same time Jennifer Anniston co-starred with Mayim Bialyk on a new FOX sitcom called Molloy; and this was also about the same time Lisa Kudrow started playing Jamie and Paul's snotty waitress as a recurring character on Mad About You. All of these parts ended very shortly; and the cast members then all shot a pilot for NBC which was Gen-X riff on Sienfield called These Friends of Mine for it's new Must See TV lineup on Thursday nights. Eventually the title of the show was shortened to Friends, and the rest in history.

Along with Frasier (1993), this series shares a universe with Caroline in the City (1995). In a crossover, Chandler (Matthew Perry) appears in the episode Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Folks (1995) while that show's main character Caroline Duffy (Lea Thompson) appears in Friends: The One with the Baby on the Bus (1995) on this one.

The role of Emily was offered to Patsy Kensit, but she politely turned it down.

Lar Park-Lincoln turned down the role of Phoebe.

In seasons seven and nine, Ross and Joey got into love triangles between them and another woman. Both love interests were African-American women: Kristin (Gabrielle Union) and Charlie (Aisha Tyler).

When Chandler was working in Tulsa, a member of the board tells him that it is legal to smoke in offices with less than fifteen people. This is no longer true. Oklahoma smoking laws apply the same as the rest of the U.S.

This show was distributed by Warner Brothers, which owns DC Comics, the comic book company that publishes Batman comics. Batman (1989) actor Michael Keaton was in a relationship with Courteney Cox (Monica) from 1989 to 1995, and was parodied by Matthew Perry (Chandler) on Saturday Night Live (1975). Danny DeVito, who portrayed the Penguin in Batman Returns (1992), guest starred as Roy, the stripper, at Phoebe's bachelor party in season ten. In season seven, Ross rents a tux that was worn by Val Kilmer (he believes Kilmer wore the tux in Batman Forever (1995) when really he wore it to the premiere of At First Sight (1999)). Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox appeared in a film with Jim Carrey, who played The Riddler in Batman Forever (1995). George Clooney, who played Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman & Robin (1997), guest starred as a doctor in season one. Gary Oldman, before playing Comissionor Gordon in The Dark Knight Trilogy, guest starred on the two-part episode of Chandler and Monica's wedding as an actor doing a war movie with Joey in season seven. In season three, the Friends make a list of celebrities they would sleep with. Chandler puts Kim Basinger (Vickie Vale in Batman (1989)) and Halle Berry (Catwoman in Catwoman (2004)), Ross put Catwoman and Poison Ivy actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Thurman, and Rachel put Robin/Dick Grayson actor Chris O'Donnell.

There's a white dog statue identical to Joey's white dog statue featured on Family Matters (1989) season six, episode thirteen, "An Unlikely Match", where Carl buys the dog at a police auction. Both shows were filmed at Warner Brothers.

Joey is the only character who has kissed all the friends on-screen.

Joey is the only friend who is not shown drunk at some point during the series.

Paul Rudd, who played Kudrow's love interest, complained about feeling like "a prop" on the show. Like he was there just to be a decoration on Kudrow's arm, and his character didn't have much development; and he was always sort of in orbit of the other 6 leads who were always the center of the show.

A critic Noel Holston of Newsday, who had dismissed the pilot as a "so-so Seinfeld wannabe" in 1994, repudiated his earlier review after rewatching the episode and felt like writing an apology to the writers.

At least three people who starred in Dazed and Confused (1993) guest starred on this show. Adam Goldberg played Eddie in season two, Nicky Katt played one of the bullies that kicked Ross and Chandler out of the coffee shop in season two, episode twenty-one, "The One With the Bullies", and Marissa Ribisi is one of Rachel's friends in season three, episode six, "The One with the Flashback". Also, Goldberg appeared on Joey (2004) as Jimmy.

Kate Miller is a spaced out, commonly used name on the show. Dina Meyer guest starred as Joey's (Matt LeBlanc's) co-star and girlfriend. Much later on the show, in season nine, episode twenty-three, "The One in Barbados Part 1", Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is with Joey when he picks up a card with the name "Kate Miller", and Rachel pretends to be her. Jennifer Aniston played Rose/Sarah Miller as a fake mom in We're the Millers (2013).

Almost all the other Friends have broken something belonging to Ross. Chandler gets Ross' laptop infected with a virus in Barbados. Rachel broke a fake fossil. Phoebe wrecked Ross' sheet from Pottery Barn. Joey broke Ross' lamp while spinning a basketball. Phoebe also broke Ross' nose.

In season two, episode nine, "The One with Phoebe's Dad", Phoebe's grandmother shows her a picture of her real dad, who she would have recognized in the episode with Phoebe's grandmother's funeral when Frank Buffay showed up. Also, in season two, episode nine, Phoebe's grandmother calls Frank Buffay a "irresponsible deadbeat who knocked up my daughter and bailed". We later find out that Phoebe's mom who died, isn't her birth mom, so her grandmother couldn't be upset that Frank knocked up her daughter.

Rachel says that Doctor Bobby Bobby has her believing that one of her legs is longer than the other. This is a well-known healer's scam, where holding the legs at an angle and then moving them together creates the illusion that they are changing in length relative to each other.

Ross' doctor and his divorce lawyer claimed they had been in both of their fields for twenty-three years and had never dealt with someone who he got so much business from.

Jennifer Aniston revealed in an interview that after the girls' reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Jennifer Aniston/Chef Adam Perry Lang/Bob Mould (2014), they created a group chat with themselves on text afterwards.

Rachel and Joey are the only Friends to work at Central Perk, not counting Phoebe's music.

Thirty-second commercial spots to take place in the final episode sold in the UK for 1.2 million pounds (approximately 1.5 million dollars), the most expensive commercial slots of any television program in the UK, with the exception of sports.

Estelle's (June Gable's) paper-eating client, and the man who caught Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) breaking the rules with a massage client, were played by the same actor, who appeared in Days of Our Lives (1965).

In season three, episode thirteen, "The One Where Monica and Richard are Just Friends", Joey and Rachel discuss the book "Little Women". The 1994 film version starred Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, and Claire Danes. Sarandon and Ryder were on Ross' "celebrities he would sleep with" list, and both guest-starred in the seventh season. In season ten, Rachel told Ross that she would cast Claire Danes to play her in a movie about an incident that happened in her life.

In season one, episode fifteen, "The One With the Stoned Guy", the stoned guy is the same character who Phoebe later sets up on a date with Rachel in season nine. He was played by Jon Lovitz.

Just Go with It (2011), also starring Jennifer Aniston, when Danny says the line "There's one problem, she's not you", is a reference to this show, when Ross says about Julie, "There's one problem, she's not Rachel".

In Friends: The One with the Stoned Guy (1995), there is a scene at Chandler's job with a conversation between he and a co-worker at his cubicle. If you look closely, you can see a Toronto Bluejays baseball hat. Matthew Perry is originally from Toronto.

When Phoebe is at the library singing about parents lying to their kids about dead grandparents moving to Peru, Peru is visible behind her on the Globe.

During the first season, the lower half of the Central Perk windows were tinted. From the second season on, the windows became see-through.

Most of the friends have been in love triangles with each other. In season one: Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) - Monica (Courteney Cox) and the guy in a coma. Season two: Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) -Julie (Lauren Tom) - Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel - Jean-Claude Van Damme - Monica. Season four: Joey (Matt LeBlanc) - Kathy - Chandler (Matthew Perry). Season seven: Joey - Kristin - Ross. Seasons eight and ten: Joey - Rachel - Ross. Season nine: Joey - Charlie - Ross.

In Friends: The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 1 (2001), Ross (David Schwimmer ) states while walking down the aisle that it's the first time he has, knowing it can't end in divorce for him. However, he walked Carol (Jane Sibbett ) down the aisle in Friends: The One with the Lesbian Wedding (1996).

In season eight, episode five, "The One with Rachel's Date", Phoebe meets a sous chef and he tells her that it means "under" in French. But, in season ten, episode thirteen, "The One Where Joey Speaks French", she is fluent in French, and teaches Joey the language. So, she would know what "sous" meant, and was probably just being gracious and respectful.

Mount Tibidabo near Barcelona, Spain is real. Its name derives from the Latin for "I will give to you", as local folklore has it that this is the mountain from which Satan showed Jesus the kingdoms of the world, as one of the three temptations.

David Schwimmer was the first one to get cast in show and Jennifer Aniston was last. In the opening sequence, Jennifer's name comes first and David's comes last.

In the episode where Rachel is trying to impress Danny, she tells him she's going to a regatta gala. He asks if she sails, to which she replies no, but she supports it. Later in the series, Rachel teaches Joey how to sail, and says she's been doing it her whole life, so much so that her father bought her her own boat.

Chandler's haircut during his first visit to Ross' parents resembles the style made popular by 1980s band, Flock of Seagulls.

Matt LeBlanc (Joey) & James Michael Tyler (Gunther) worked together again on episode 2.6, Episodes: Episode Six (2012), of Episodes (2011), both playing themselves.

The French text on the apartment's prominent poster means "To Chaumont Hillocks (a Parisian toy store named after the 19th arrondissement park), Toys and Objects for New Year Gifts" and then the address: "Villette boulevard, at the corner of Faubourg St. Martin".

Throughout the series, Rachel is the only leading female to have retained some sort of relationship with all three leading men at some point. She and Ross dated at different times throughout the series, and had a baby together, she and Joey date very briefly in season ten after making out in Barbados, and it is revealed in a flashback that she made out with Chandler while at a college party with Monica when they went to visit Ross at school.

Both Jon Favreau and Paul Rudd are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jon portrays Tony's Butler Happy Hogan and Paul portrays Ant-Man.

Lisa Kudrow's favorite episode is Friends: The One Hundredth (1998).

Tom Selleck and Kathleen Turner, who both had recurring roles on the show, both complained about feeling "left out" by the other cast members, who were a fierce clique. Paul Rudd didn't feel left out socially by the Friends; but he did feel his character was also orbitting around the other six leads; and they were always the center of the story and he was more of a "prop."

Jennifer Aniston's birthday is February 11 (02/11), while David Schwimmer's birthday is November 2 (11/02).

In the pilot episode, after Monica finds out that Paul lied to her in order to sleep with her, she asks if she has a "beacon that only dogs and men with severe emotional problems can hear". She ends up marrying Chandler, who has severe emotional problems.

In season ten, episode eighteen, Friends: The Last One (2004), Ross mentions that they nearly made it ten years without ever talking about him trying to make it as a dancer, but in season five, episode twenty-four, Friends: The One in Vegas: Part 2 (1999), when talking about slot machine lurkers, Ross almost lets it slip that he took dance lessons, but covered it up with "dance-karate" lessons.

Every main character on the show has smoked before, regardless of whether it was tobacco or marijuana. Rachel smoked in Friends: The One Where Rachel Smokes (1999), as she tries to fit in with her colleagues at Ralph Lauren, because the others do. Monica smoked a cigar in Friends: The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy (1996), as she continued to get over Richard (Tom Selleck), who regularly smoked. Phoebe smoked in Friends: The One That Could Have Been (2000), even though it was an alternate personality of herself. Joey smoked in Friends: The One with the Thumb (1994), as Chandler assisted him on how to do it for a play in which he's starring. Chandler has a history of smoking, and was occasionally seen doing it. Ross was revealed to have smoked marijuana in Friends: The One Where Ross Got High (1999). The actors and actresses portraying the main characters have been regular smokers at some point of their lives, except for David Schwimmer.

At one point on Roseanne (1988) the family is watching The Facts of Life (1979) and Dan says "You know, this is really like the 80s version of Friends!"

Tom Selleck's character's name is Richard, which the same name as Courteney Cox's father and older brother in real-life.

It is the favorite television series of various celebrities including Emma Watson and Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt.

When Chris Isaak appeared in season two, episode twelve, "The One After The Super Bowl Part 1", he starts to sing his song "Wicked Game" at the end of the episode, while singing "Smelly Cat" with Phoebe. In season two, episode fifteen, "The One Where Ross and Rachel ... You Know", the same song is playing when Rachel and Ross are in the planetarium.

Chandler's and Joey's bracelets that they started wearing in season two, episode fourteen, Friends: The One with the Prom Video (1996), were never shown since then.

James Michael Tyler, Matthew Perry, and Courteney Cox appeared on Scrubs (2001)

Throughout the series, in the opening credits, no one is wearing any color. All of their clothes are black and white.

"Smelly Cat" was first introduced in season two, episode six, "The One With the Baby on the Bus".

"The One with the Halloween party" was the first episode they filmed after 9/11. According to Lisa kudrow, who says it's her favorite episode ever "The whole week, while driving in L.A, people would pull up and give me a very sad look and a quiet 'Thank you' for making them laugh

Nancy McKeon read for Monica. She gave a terrific performance", Lori Openden, head of casting for NBC at the time, said. "Warren (Warren Littlefield, the then NBC President) let Marta (Marta Kauffman ) and David (David Crane ) make the call. They went off for a walk and came back and said Courteney Cox.

According to Kauffman the instantly recognisable orange sofa was originally meant to be beige, but everyone was happy to make the change.

Jane Krakowski auditioned for the role of Rachel, and joked in an interview with Giuliana Rancic on the 2015 Emmys red carpet that her "business manager is very sad" she didn't get a call back. She revealed: "Well, I, like almost every actor in the world, auditioned for Friends. I wish I had gotten that one. I actually auditioned for Rachel, and I didn't go very far."

Aside from the main cast, the only characters to appear in every season are Gunther (James Michael Tyler), Jack Geller (Elliott Gould), Judy Geller (Christina Pickles), and Janice (Maggie Wheeler).

Ross' monkey Marcel was the first one in the cast to get a role in a Hollywood film, Outbreak (1995).

In season one, Phoebe's guitar was tuned to an open E major chord. She played A and B chords by forming a bar straight across the 5th and 7th frets with her first finger and the other fingers on top. In all other seasons she played in standard tuning with basic A, D, and E major chords. Every song she then played was only these three chords.

One day on-set Courteney Cox was doing an imitation of Anthony Michael Hall, saying one of his famous lines: "Chicks cannot hold their smoke, that's what it is." Matthew Perry said the line was from Weird Science (1985), but Cox was sure it was from The Breakfast Club (1985). Most of the crew got involved in the debate until they realized that Judd Nelson was at a nearby soundstage, so they ran over and found out that it was indeed The Breakfast Club (1985). Perry's punishment for losing the bet was to be Cox's "man slave" whenever she wanted.

Alec Baldwin, who played Lisa Kudrow's boyfriend Parker for two episodes in season eight, worked with her in The Boss Baby (2017).

Both Ross and Rachel have the same initials 'R. G.'

Courteney Cox was asked to play Rachel, but she wanted to play Monica, as she thought she could do better with the character.

Lisa Kudrow states that she based Phoebe's character on Jennifer Aniston due to her spiritual beliefs.

Ross and Rachel's relationship starts with Rachel trying to catch Ross at the airport. Ironically, the series ends with Ross trying to catch Rachel at the airport before they get back together for good.

In season seven, episode two, Friends: The One with Rachel's Book (2000), Ross claimed that he came up with the idea for "Jurassic Park". In season nine, episode fifteen, Friends: The One with the Mugging (2003), Jeff Goldblum made a guest appearance. He played Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018).

The names of the Friends during the intro appear in alphabetical order. This remains true even after Courteney Cox married.

Originally, Phoebe and Chandler were supposed to be only semi-regular characters.

After season eight, episode twelve, "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel", Ben Geller never appeared in the sitcom again and was only mentioned once, and he never met his half-sister Emma. It's theorized that Carol was awarded full custody of Ben and stopped Ross from seeing him due to Ross' manic behavior that got worse over the series.

Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer appeared on Episodes (2011) season four, episode five, "Episode 405".

As an episode would take 5 hours to shoot in the studio, the makers hired a comedian during the shoot of pilot to entertain the studio audience.

In the Friends: The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (1994), the barista in Central Perk who asks Rachel if she can get her anything when Rachel comes in in the wedding dress is Jasmine, the woman who works with Pheobe at the massage parlor in later episodes. Jasmine is Gunther's roommate, who told Gunther about Ross sleeping with Chloe in Friends: The One with the Morning After (1997) making Gunther to tell Rachel about Ross and Chloe. She is also the massage therapist that Frank Jr mistakes for a Hooker in Friends: The One with Frank Jr. (1996).

Ross is allergic to lobster, peanuts, and kiwi as revealed by Monica in Friends: The One with the Baby on the Bus (1995).

Friends was nominated for Emmys 62 times. It only won 6 Emmys though. Among those six, though, were Jennifer Aniston for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2002 and Lisa Kudrow for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 1998. The show picked up its only Best Comedy Series win in 2002 as well, and, aside from Courteney Cox, every other member of the core cast (Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer) was nominated at some point. Bruce Willis and Christina Applegate also got Emmies for their guest spots on the show.

Some of the onscreen sibling rivalry on Friends was quite real. Just like Rachel Green (Jennifer Anniston) and Amy Green (Christina Applegate) shared men onscreen, (Rachel's junior high beau Timmy; and also Rachel's x-fiance Barry); so did Christina Applegate and Jennifer Anniston both date Brad Pitt in real life. And just as younger sister Jill Green (Reese Witherspoon) went after Rachel's x boyfriend Ross on the show; which caused friction between the two; so did Reese Witherspoon send out thirst tweets about Anniston's x-husband Brad, which caused real-life static between Reese and Jen.

There's a sign in Joey's and Chandler's apartment that says "Five Card Charlie Pays 5 to 1".

When Monica is planning her and Chandler's wedding, she said that for music she got the band "The Swing Kings". In season seven, episode twenty-four, "The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding Part 2", the name of the band on the drum is "Jungle Swing".

Glee (2009) spoofed this show in season five, episode thirteen, "New Directions", by having their teen stars dress up like the Friends and romping through the iconic fountain in Central Park, just like this show's opening, with the show being called "Chums".

In season nine, episode fifteen, "The One With the Mugging", Ross explains that as a kid he used to frequent St. Marks Comics in New York City, which would be in downtown Manhattan on St. Marks Street, nowhere near any commuter hubs from the suburbs. Ross and Monica are from Long Island, and it wouldn't be realistic that a young school-aged kid would be regularly shopping in downtown Manhattan. It would be at least an hour journey.

Ross' favorite beer is Red Stripe. He is seen drinking it in many episodes.

An Indian adaptation named "Hello Friends" was made in 1999, but it unsuccesfully ran for only one season consisting of twenty-six episodes.

Ursula Buffay, Phoebe's twin sister, appears in the following episodes: Friends: The One with Two Parts: Part 1 (1995) & Friends: The One with Two Parts: Part 2 (1995) Friends: The One with the Jam (1996) Friends: The One with the Jellyfish (1997) Friends: The One with Joey's Bag (1999) Friends: The One Where Chandler Can't Cry (2000) Friends: The One Where They All Turn Thirty (2001) Friends: The One with the Halloween Party (2001)

In almost every episode, the phrase "Oh My God!" is spoken at least once.

While most people agree the Spanish telenovela and the English soap opera are two different genres, for translation purposes, they are considered the same. Therefore, in the Spanish version of this show, Days of Our Lives (1965) is regarded as a telenovela.

Gunther didn't have a line until season two, episode nine, "The One with Phoebe's Dad", in which he only had one word to say: "Yeah".

According to the DVD extras, show Creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane like to believe that Joey and Phoebe were hooking up off-screen throughout the entire course of the show.

The book Eddie (Adam Goldberg) is reading, before he tells Chandler (Matthew Perry) about the girlfriend who tore his heart out and smeared it all over his life, seems to be a Prop Gag. It's blurred in freeze-frame, but the title can just be made out as "The Book of the Film".

Despite being the ladies man out of the 3 males in the group, Joey is the only one who has not had sex with any of the 3 female members of the group. He almost did with Rachel but they eventually broke up.

When Christina Applegate guest starred as Rachel's other sister, it would have been a reunion of sorts with Matt LeBlanc, who had made a couple of appearances on Married... with Children (1987).

Chandler has had the fewest relationships out of all the Friends; ten in total, of which four were serious. These were Janice, Joanna (Rachel's boss at Bloomingdale's), Kathy, and Monica, his wife.

Out of a total of 235 episodes, the word "friends" is said 302 times over 162 episodes.

All six Friends have a fixation with a childhood toy. Rachel had her Weebles, Chandler has his bath-time battleship, Joey has Hugsy his Bedtime Penguin Pal, Phoebe has her tricked-out bike, Ross has his baby doll, and Monica has the play house.

Every friend has lived in Chandler's and Joey's place. Monica lived there after she lost a bet. Rachel lived there; after the bet, when her and Phoebe's apartment burned, and after she had a fight with Ross. Phoebe lived there briefly after her and Rachel's apartment burned. Ross lived there after he moved out of his apartment and he broke up with the girl whose cousin he would be moving in with. Chandler lived there regularly until he moved in with Monica in season six and Joey lived there for the entire series (apart from a brief period living alone after getting a part in Days of Our Lives during season two and when he and Chandler win the apartment bet against Rachel and Monica in Friends: The One with the Embryos (1998) in season four).

Chandler and Joey have two Furbies, but never switch them on.

The writers and producers stated that they include a comedic line in every dramatic or emotional scene to erase and break tension.

MsMojo called Ross Geller the "worst Friends character" due to the character having terrible traits, and WhatCulture voted the character as the eighth most awful character in an awesome television show, and that he didn't deserve all of his friends and relationships, mostly due to the fact that Ross started an "I Hate Rachel" club in school, which he sabotaged all relationships and got together with her, which he got possessive, causing them to break up, which he slept with another woman, and that he constantly condescended Joey, he was constantly judgmental towards Phoebe, and he lorded his status with his parents over Monica.

Every time Joey's (Matt LeBlanc) agent Estelle (June Gable) is seen, she is smoking a cigarette.

In season three, episode fifteen, "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break", Phoebe asks Monica if she has a globe to identify the country her non-English speaking boyfriend is from. Monica tells her she does, and brings out a very small globe that doubles as a pencil sharpener. In season eight, episode fourteen, "The One With the Secret Closet", Chandler discovers a messy closet in the apartment, and a regular sized globe is seen in the background.

Anna Farris plays Chandler and Monica's adopted children's birth mother in the last season. She is also seen shortly giving birth in the finale of season 8, while Rachel is waiting to give birth to Emma.

Chandler (Matthew Perry) drinks eleven espressos before accidentally hitting Janice (Maggie Wheeler) in the eye.

Joey claims his grandmother was the sixth person to spit on dictator Benito Mussolini's dead hanging body. Even though he was hung in Milan, and all of Joey's family are from Naples.

Emma's first word is "gleba", which is the "fleshy, spore-bearing inner mass of a certain fungi". At first Ross does not think this counts as her first word, as he does not think it is a real one, but Rachel finds it in the dictionary. He becomes excited by this, proclaiming "she's gonna be a scientist!".

Christina Applegate and Jennifer Anniston play sisters on Friends; and both dated Brad Pitt in real life. Reese Witherspoon, the third sister on the show, has also publicly flirted with Pitt and admits she's crushing on him.

Chandler and Ross are the only characters throughout the series who hadn't kissed each of the other main characters; as they did not kiss each other.

Ross has one more win than Monica in the Geller Bowl. Ross won in 77', 78', 80', and 83'. Monica in 79', 81', and 82'.

It's funny that Winona Ryder played Rachel's former sorrority sister on Friends, since Winona famously hates the Greek system and has blasted them for being elitist and for being part of the evil bullying culture that she was trying to skewer in Heathers.

There are eleven ducks on this show: The crystal duck Ross (David Schwimmer) bought for Carol (Jane Sibbett), the pet duck that was brought in season three, seven rubber ducks swimming in the fountain by Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) during the credits, and Duck, Jr., that was brought in the series finale. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) also played Dr. Drake Ramoray in Days of Our Lives (1965), a drake being a male duck.

Kristin Davis, Evan Handler, Willie Garson, and Eddie Cahill appeared on this show and Sex and the City (1998).

The series debuted six months after the release of Reality Bites (1994), which centered around a group of friends who were of Twentysomethings/Generation X. During the lead-in to this show's debut, many critics and previews referred to the show as "Reality Bites: The TV Series".

Chandler and Rachel are the last two characters to get last names, in Friends: The One with Mrs. Bing (1995). Ironically, earlier in the season (Friends: The One with the East German Laundry Detergent (1994)), Chandler describes himself as "the bing-bing-bing" when he breaks up with Janice.

Except 'The One with Two Parts' and 'The One After the Superbowl', all the other seven two-parts episodes are season finales.

Rachel has four birthdays in all the seasons which is the most than any cast member. This episodes are: Friends: The One Where Rachel Finds Out (1995) in season 1, Friends: The One with the Two Parties (1996) in season 2, Friends: The One Where They All Turn Thirty (2001) in season 7 and Friends: The One with Phoebe's Rats (2003) in season 9. She also gets a surprise party one month before her actual birthday in Friends: The One Where Rachel Smokes (1999) in season 5.

In 1997, the episode Friends: The One with the Prom Video (1996) was ranked on number 100 on the "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" list by TV Guide.

Before the 1994 Friends; the famous one; there was also a 1979 TV series called Friends also. Friends was an American children-oriented comedy-drama series that aired on ABC from March 25 to April 22, 1979. The series, which was produced by Aaron Spelling, starred Charlie Aiken, Jill Whelan, Janet MacLachlan, Jarrod Johnson, Karen Morrow and Roger Robinson. Love Boat's Jill Whelan was probably the only recognizable cast member on the show.

This might have been the only time one actor was playing two recurring roles on two shows, same channel, one night. Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe and Ursula on Friends and Mad About you. Interestingly, the Mad About you waitress, which was actually created and performed by Kudrow first, did not have a name and any identity until Friends started and the Pheobe character was created. Then they retconned in Ursula as the Mad About You character's name.

Ross is Jewish, just like David Schwimmer.

As in the early 90s, people didn't use to spend time sitting in cafes drinking coffee, the network suggested to switch from Central Perk to a diner as in Seinfeld.

Maggie Wheeler (Janice) was in Seinfeld (1989) season three, episode sixteen, "The Fix-Up", where Elaine and Jerry help to set her up with George. Jason Alexander appeared on this show in season seven, episode thirteen, "The One Where Rosita Dies" in which he played Earl, a suicidal man that Phoebe called to ask to buy toner in her telemarketing job.

Every Friend has either had a baby or assisted in a delivery. Ross has two children, Monica and Chandler have twins, Phoebe gave birth to her brother's triplets, Rachel has a daughter and stepson through Ross, and Joey helped deliver Lydia's baby in season one, episode twenty-three, "The One With the Birth".

Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, and Joey have dressed up as science fiction heroes. Supergirl, Catwoman, Princess Leia, and Superman, respectively. Ross lost a fight with G.I. Joe, and Chandler disarmed Krung.

In season two, episode twenty, "The One Where Old Yeller Dies", Carol (Jane Sibbett) told Ross (David Schwimmer) that Ben's first word sounds like Yemen. Later in the series, Chandler (Matthew Perry) buys a ticket to Yemen to escape from Janice (Maggie Wheeler) at the airport. Chandler's girlfriend Aurora (Sofia Milos) visited Yemen as part of her Military Tour of Duty.

Rachel's parents on the show were never seen together. The closest they came to each other was in season two, episode twenty-two, Friends: The One with the Two Parties (1996). Additionally, Rachel's sisters are also never seen together on-screen.

Of all of the complaints about this show, the character and plot thread that has derived the most criticism is Kathleen Turner's portrayal of Chandler's father, who they referred to as Mr Bing, and which is perceived as transphobic.

In the last season when Monica and Chandler are trying to adopt a baby, you can notice slight weight gain in her face because Courteney Cox was pregnant.

Lisa Kudrow is six years older than Jennifer Aniston.

Two members of the main cast have acted in a scene opposite themselves, playing multiple characters: Lisa Kudrow simultaneously played Phoebe and Ursula Buffay several times throughout the series, and David Schwimmer played Ross and Russ in season two, episode ten, "The One with Russ".

Courteney Cox is two years older than David Schwimmer, but in the show, he is supposed to be older than her.

Since season 4, all the season finales are of two parts.

The series was ranked no. 5 on Empire magazine's The 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

In one episode, Ross tells everyone he used to play the keyboard, and he ran back to his place and got his keyboard to show them his music. But in the episode where Ross and Mike are forced to hang out with each other when Rachel and Phoebe go out for drinks, Mike tells Ross that he plays piano, and he asks Ross if he has a keyboard laying around, and Ross awkwardly says no, almost as if it were stupid to even ask him the question.

A fan named Du Xin legally changed his name to Gunther, married a woman named Rachel, has a son named Joey, owns a pet named Smelly Cat and runs a cafe named Central Perk.

Most Friends fans don't know that Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of Hollywood celebrities. Her father John Aniston was a veteran of Search for Tommorow and Days of Our Lives; as well as other tv shows and features in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s; and Nancy Dow, Jennifer's mother; was a well known character actress as well.

Spanish voices of the main stars of the series are dubbed by Concha Valero (Monica), Alberto Mieza (Ross), José Posada (Chandler), Alicia Laorden (Rachel), Daniel García (Joey), and Alba Sola (Phoebe).

In every episode that Monica's apartment is featured, her pottery bowl in the kitchen is filled with a different type of produce.

In season four, episode seven, "The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line", on the Magna Doodle, Mr. Treeger's name is spelled as "Mr.Treager", but in the credits, it is given as "Mr. Treeger", which means that a character misspelled his name.

This show did receive negative criticism while it was on the air for not being inclusive enough (not just later-as some have claimed). In 1995, during the first season, Oprah Winfrey said "I would like to see there be a black Friend."

Phoebe and Chandler shout "Ah! My Eyes!", but in different episodes.

Ross liked to form the team of Friends to move his stuff, but was never successful. In one episode, he organized the movement of his newly bought couch together with Chandler and Rachel by "Pivot!" Until they could not pivot anymore, and the couch was stuck on the stairway. Another episode the friends did a flashback of how they spent their 30th birthday and Ross bought a car. All of the Friends helped try to move the car from the street parking by Ross yelling "Lift! And slide!" But it didnt work.

The actor who plays the strange tomato-obsessed chef Monica (Courteney Cox) interviews for also plays an Award Show MC in the spin-off series Joey (2004).

The Friends have a fridge magnet for a while that reads "Hand Grenades".

The episode Friends: The One with the Flashback (1996) can be considered as the earliest episode while watching chronologically.

Five of the Thanksgiving Day episodes are eighth in the respective seasons (4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th); while four are ninth (1st, 3rd, 6th and 8th).

A Soviet propaganda poster on a wall in apartment #19 shows two people over a book and says in Russian: "To build, one must know. To know, one must learn." An antique-looking advertisement poster on a wall of #20 says in French: "Toys and Boxing Day presents".

Monica has lived full-time with every member of the group, except for Joey. She lived with both Ross (as her brother, logically) and Phoebe prior to the events of the show. Phoebe then lived with Monica again after the destruction of her apartment due to fire in Friends: The One Where Ross Dates a Student (2000) before eventually returning to her own apartment, making her the only friend to live with Monica more than once; Monica then lived with Rachel from Friends: The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (1994) until Friends: The One on the Last Night (1999), after which Chandler moved in with Monica, where he stayed until the end of the series, when the couple move out to their new house in Westchester.

Phoebe's signature song "Smelly Cat" has been featured in several episodes, including as a TV jingle about kitty litter and a music video with a ghost singer dubbing over Phoebe's voice a la Milli Vanilli. Phoebe has also done duets of the song with Chrissie Hynde and Chris Isaak.

Nicknames on the show: Rach, Mon, Pheebs, Mr. Big (Monica's nickname for Chandler) Ross-The Divorce Force, Rossie, Ken Adams, Regina Phalange.

In the real Days of Our Lives (1965) there is no character named Dr. Drake Ramoray.

While Ross is the only Friend who has been on sabbatical from his job, the others have either gotten fired from their jobs or quit: Rachel quit her job at Central Perk in season three, and was fired from her job at Ralph Lauren in season ten, Monica was fired in season two, Phoebe was fired in season four, Joey was fired in season two, and Chandler quit his job in seasons one and nine.

In "The One with the Birth", while Carol is having contractions, Ross argues about his sons potential name with his ex and her girlfriend - calling it the "Jesse, Cody, Dylan fiasco". Cole Sprouse, who plays Cody on the Suite Life series, along with his twin brother Dylan (who plays Zack) would go on to play his son, Ben.

The name "Rachel" followed Helen Baxendale in her three major television roles. Rachel Bradley, her character in Cold Feet (1997). In this show, her character was involved in a love triangle with Ross and Rachel. In Cuckoo (2012), her character has a daughter called Rachel.

The chairs around the dining table in Monica's apartment keep changing.

In S7 E24, the name on Chandler's office door at work says "Mike Smith".

Only 2 of Ross' weddings are shown on-screen - his wedding to Emily in Friends: The One with Ross's Wedding: Part 2 (1998) and his wedding to Rachel in Friends: The One in Vegas: Part 2 (1999) (although the wedding in Vegas happens in a chapel and Ross and Rachel are seen stumbling out due to being drunk). His remarriage to Rachel occurs after the series finale.

Rachel gets engaged four times. She's engaged to Barry in The Pilot, gets engaged to Joey just after the birth of her daughter (although this turns out to have been a mistake), becomes engaged to Ross after the series finale and was also technically engaged to Ross prior to their drunken marriage in Vegas.

Young children are often portrayed by twins in order to avoid violating child labor laws. Interestingly enough, this tactic was not employed for Ben, despite the fact that actor Cole Sprouse has a twin brother, Dylan, who is also an actor.

The theme song "I'll Be There for You" hadn't been recorded yet when the cast shot the opening credits sequence. The producers don't remember what song they used for playback, only that it was a "funk" song.

In Ellen: Two Mammograms and a Wedding (1996), Ellen takes a swipe at this sitcom, emphasizing that hers was first. Originally, Ellen (1994) was called "These Friends of Mine" but was allegedly forced to change it, to avoid confusion. Copy-cat Friends premiered a full 6 months after the original creative sitcom, Ellen (1994). Somehow Anniston insisted they be friends (her and DeGeneres), but Ellen has never appreciated her own sitcom's concept usurpation and, although polite, has always maintained her distance here.

In the 2021 Reunion Special Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer admitted that they had crushes on each other but nothing ever came of it because when one was single the other was in a relationship.

In S3 E3 The One With The Jam, Monica reads Joey's profile from the sperm bank that says he has 7 sisters. In S3 E11 The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister, Joey's birthday is celebrated with a party that his 7 sisters attend, all of which appear to be drinking age adults. In S8 E10 The One With Monica's Boots Joey's younger sister Dina who is pregnant asks Rachel, who is also pregnant, for advice on how to tell Joey since she's in college & unwed. This would've made Dina at least middle school age if not high school age in S3 E11 but per the credits the character Dina is listed played by an actress who was in her late 20's early 30's at the time.

In S3 E3 The One With The Jam, Monica reads Joey's profile from the sperm bank that says he has 7 sisters. In S3 E11 The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister, Joey's birthday is celebrated with a party that his 7 sisters attend, all of which appear to be drinking age adults. In S8 E10 The One With Monica's Boots Joey's younger sister Dina who is pregnant asks Rachel, who is also pregnant, for advice on how to tell Joey since she's in college & unwed. Dina would make sister number 8 which would've made her at least middle school age of not high school age in S3 E11.

Through much of first season the episodes were thematic, until the producers shifted their attention to the up-and-down romance of Ross and Rachel. This change coincides with Rachel dealing with Ross's romance with Julie after she learned of his feelings for her.

There are sixteen cats on this show: two Smelly Cats, the cat that's a reincarnation of Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow's) mother, Phoebe's cat skull she found while mugging people, Chandler's (Matthew Perry's) secretary's three cats Mittens, Fitzhugh, and Jinkies, Ugly Naked Guy's (Jon Haugen's) cat that got squashed, Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston's) cat that died when it ate her tarantula, the cat Sebastian was named after, Rachel's ex-boyfriend's cat, which didn't like her, Fluffy Meowington, the Geller family cat, Mrs. Whiskers on a Minion of the Antichrist, Paolo's cat, and Monica dressed as Catwoman, and the cat that Ross and Julie almost got together before Rachel reveals she has feelings for Ross. Not only that, Jennifer Aniston is also allergic to cats. There's also the cats Mr. Heckles could have, and the kittens that licked on Rachel's tattoo.

Monica is one year younger than Chandler, although in real-life, Courteney Cox is five years older than Matthew Perry.

In Friends: The One with the Joke (2000) Phoebe wore the same gold pendant Monica wore in Friends: The One After Vegas (1999), a round gold pendant with a rune motif.

At some point, all the friends have lived in both apartments. Monica's apartment: Monica (lived there for almost the shows entire run). Rachel (was Monica's roommate before Chandler moved in, she then shared an apartment with Phoebe). Phoebe (was Monica's roommate prior to the events of the series and later moved in when her own apartment was damaged in a fire). Chandler (moved in after he and Joey won a bet and the apartment. He later moved in with Monica, who he later married) Joey (see Chandler) Ross (lived there with his grandmother prior to the events of the series). Joey's apartment: Joey (Chandler's original roommate) Chandler (Joey's original roommate) Monica (Moved in after losing her apartment in a bet with Joey and Chandler). Rachel (See Monica. Also lived there on two other occasions) Phoebe (only very briefly, after her and Rachel's apartment was badly damaged in a fire she agreed to move in with Joey after thinking that fire was her fault. It soon transpires that it was actually Rachel's fault and so Phoebe gets to move into Monica's nicer apartment while Rachel has to "slum it at Joey's", Ross (moved in with Joey and Chandler following the end of his brief marriage to Emily).

Rachel is reading "The Art of Happiness" by The Dalai Lama in one episode.

Throughout the series, we met Ross' and Monica's parents, Chandler's parents, Joey's parents, Rachel's parents, and Phoebe's birth parents. We also met two of Joey's grandmothers, Monica's and Ross' grandmother, and Phoebe's grandmother.

Rachel has proposed marriage twice in the series. She first proposed to Joshua following the announcement of Ross's engagement to Emily and secondly when she admits to Ross that it was her idea for them to get married in Las Vegas.

The show ranked no. 21 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

This show and Grace and Frankie, both co-created by Marta Kauffman, have a pregnancy written into the plot because an actress got pregnant in real-life (Lisa Kudrow) and a real-life pregnancy not written into the show (Courteney Cox).

Daryl Sabara who plays the role of Owen in season 10 episode Friends: The One Where Ross Is Fine (2003), would marry singer Meghan Trainor, who would sing the new version of the series's theme song "I'll Be There For You" for it's 25th anniversary.

RM formally know as kim nam-joon, taught himself English from watching all of friends.

Twenty-four episodes contain Ross' name in the title, which is second highest.

Ross (David Schwimmer ) and Monica (Courteney Cox) are both of Jewish ethnicity, and he is Jewish in reality, but she isn't. In reality, Lisa Kudrow is Jewish, but Phoebe isn't.

Nine episodes contain Monica's name in the title, which is the lowest.

Twice in the series, Ross suggests a baby girl name that ends up being the name of a future romantic partner. When Ross and Rachel have an argument about their future, Ross says that he was considering the name Emily for their daughter. He would later date Emily Waltham (Helen Baxendale). Earlier, when Ross is suggesting names for Ben with Carol (Jane Sibbett) and Susan (Jessica Hecht), he throws out the name Julia- a version of Julie, whom he would later date that season (Lauren Tom).

According to the producers, a questionnaire regarding Monica's promiscuity was passed out at the taping of the pilot episode at the request of NBC. Apparently, NBC considered Monica a slut for sleeping with Paul the Wine Guy on their first date.

The inside of Joey's and Chandler's apartment isn't seen until season one, episode three, Friends: The One with the Thumb (1994).

The episode titles were decided to be started with "The One Where/With", after the makers realized that the title would not appear at the start of the episode, and hence would not spoil the plot.

In 2014, the series was ranked by Mundo Estranho the Best TV Series of All Time.

The show guest starred several people from Everybody Loves Raymond (1996). Maggie Wheeler played Janice on this show, and Linda on Everybody Loves Raymond (1996). Fred Stoller played Stew, a chef that works with Monica, on this show, and Raymond's cousin Gerad on Everybody Loves Raymond (1996). Phil Leeds played the old man who was married to the woman that Phoebe believed had entered her spirituality on this show, and Uncle Mel on Everybody Loves Raymond (1996).

On April 3rd, 2018, MsMojo uploaded a video about Ross Geller called "Top 10 Times Ross Was the Worst", which explored the character's flaws as he was the worst out of the 6 main characters in the sitcom and 10 times in the show which he was at his worst such as destroying Chandler's relationship with Ross and Monica's parents. Co-founding the "I Hate Rachel" Club. Cheating on Rachel and telling Rachel not to date Mark out of jealously.

In the same season Morgan Fairchild played Chandler's mother on this show, she was also playing Marla, Nancy's (Sandra Bernhard's) girlfriend on Roseanne (1988).

In several episodes Chandler is often seen drinking a Yoo Hoo.

Phoebe and Ross are the only two friends to marry more than once, but also to marry outside the Friends group: Phoebe married Duncan (prior to the events of the show), someone from Vegas, and Mike while Ross married Carol, Emily, and Rachel.

Joey Tribbiani plays Dr. Drake Ramoray on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, on the show. Ironically, in real life, Jennifer Aniston's father, John Aniston, was a regular on Days of Our Lives as well.

The series was originally shown in 12:9 ("academy") aspect ratio. When the series was restored and re-mastered in 16:9 widescreen, for both broadcast, streaming, dvd and blu-ray, some viewers of a certain age were concerned that, like some other series, the 12:9 would be cropped in "fake letterbox". However, Warner Bros for years previously had shot their features in various cinema aspect ratios, and cropped them to 12:9 tv and vhs. In a sensible piece of corporate forward planning, Warner Bros Television, knowing the future widescreen tv aspect ratio, had been filming the series in 16:9 the entire time - note the opening and end credits text fits safely in where the 12:6 crop originally was. Unfortunately, the vertical side spaces either side of the 12:9 crops, now in widescreen, reveal stand-ins and other "errors", as the re-mastering scanned the entire visible exposed frame.

The first words of the show are spoken by Monica, the last words by Chandler.

Ross Geller was voted online on many internet websites as the most hated character of the sitcom.

Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe have all, in their own ways, had problems with U.F.O.s. Joey has to ride one out of an otherwise mundane play, Chandler has flashbacks when he sees Rachel's big hat, and Phoebe thinks her beeping smoke alarm might be one.

They never do explain why Rachel doesn't invite her best friend since high school, Monica, to her wedding with Barry in the first episode.

There are twenty-seven monkeys in this series: Ross' pet monkey, Dr. Monkey from the Joke, Curious George, the monkey from Leonard Hayes' commercial, the monkey Monica starts chattering like, the raspberry monkey Joey thinks comes with his cheesecake, the Hungry Monkey from Bamboozled and twenty monkeys Phoebe freed from a research lab with her ex-boyfriend. It's not clear whether the Hungry Monkey and the Golden Monkey from Bamboozled are the same monkey or not. The giant stuffed gorilla is an ape, not a monkey.

The branding on Phoebe's jock boyfriend's shoes is digitally blurred out for the opening credits montage.

Monica (Courteney Cox) is the only Friend to have had a brother while growing up.

Dina Meyer (Kate Miller) worked on the show between DragonHeart (1996) and Starship Troopers (1997).

The climax of the Bollywood film Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005), is a rip-off of the climax of this show.

The Rembrandts joins a long list of rock groups performing the theme songs for shows. They're singing "Ill be there for you" for Friends. The Cowsills sang the theme song for Love American Style. Cheap Trick sang the theme song for "That 70s Show". The Peppermint Trolley Company sang the theme song for The Brady Bunch. Carla Rae Jepsen sang the theme song for Fuller House. Roberta Flack sang the theme song for Valerie and the Hogan Family. The Who sang the theme song for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Bobby McFerrin sang the theme song for season 2 of the Cosby Show. Bill Hailey and the Comets sang the theme song for Happy Days. Frank Sinatra sang the theme song for Married...With Children. And the list goes on and on. In fact every new season at least one hot rock band performs the theme song for one of the new shows that is rolled out by the networks (or the cable stations; and the online streaming services like Netflix, etc).

In the Favorite Sister Episode Amy (Christina Applegate) says to Ross and Rachel: "You know what would be great? If you guys die, I would get the baby. I mean at first I wouldn't know what to do with her... Then I would rise to the ocassion ...and get a makeover and get married". This is essentially the plot of the 1987 comedy Baby Boom starring Diane Keaton.

Although there were no gays in the regular cast, Ross' x Carol, who was a lesbian, was a recurring character; as was Chandler's dad who was a gay drag queen.

The fridge magnet of a face with sunglasses says "Chunky B. Wear" in the closing shots.

Janice's (Maggie Wheeler ) nickname for Chandler (Matthew Perry ) is "Bing a-Ling".

There was a love square in one episode: Ross, Ross' cousin, Chandler, and Phoebe. All of it unrequited.

Gunther (James Michael Tyler) gets called "Gunter" at one point.

It is revealed by Joey that Rachel's favorite movie is Weekend at Bernie's (1989). In season one, Rachel hits on Carol's (Jane Sibbett) doctor, Dr. Franzblau, who was played by Jonathan Silverman.

Filmed at Warner Brothers Studios on the same soundstage as Full House (1987).

All three of the guys have proposed to a woman. Joey proposed to Phoebe and Rachel in season eight. Chandler to Monica in season six, and Ross proposed to his second wife Emily.

Eleven episodes contain Chandler's name in the title, which is the third lowest.

The series was ranked no. 24 on the Writers Guild of America's 101 Best Written TV Series of All Time

The series was ranked no. 28 on TV Guide's 60 Best TV Series of All Time.

Lisa Kudrow and Aisha Tyler made guest appearances on Bojack Horseman. Lisa portrayed Bojack's girlfriend Wanda Pierce and Aisha portrayed Sextina Aquafina.

Gunther's last name is never given. They even make a joke of this in one episode.

Joey only has 1 pair of underwear, but he doesn't wear them unless he wears a rented tuxedo.

Though "Remoray" is an exotic sounding name, it is reminiscent of the "Remora", which is a kind of fish.

Sixteen episodes contain Joey's name in the title, which is the third highest.

In May 2009, a poll conducted by The Factor (1996), host Bill O'Reilly revealed that this sitcom was voted the third worst television show in broadcast history. Other nominees included: (1) My Mother the Car (1965) / (2) The Jerry Springer Show (1991) / (4) The Gong Show (1976), and (5) Cop Rock (1990).

In Just Go with It (2011), the scene where Danny and Katherine pretend to be husband and wife to Devlin and Ian is similar to this show, in which Ross and Rachel also pretend to be husband and wife in front of Ross' relatives and make up stories.

Ten episodes contain Phoebe's name in the title, which is second lowest.

In 1 show, when Joey is talking to Rachel at Central Perk, Rachel is seen holding a Fit Pregnancy magazine which actress Alex Kingston appears on the cover. Alex Kingston is best known for playing Elizabeth Corday in ER (1994). Other ER cast members George Clooney and Noah Wyle appeared in (#1.17) playing similar roles to their roles in ER. This makes sense because both Friends and ER are NBC productions; both appearing on Must See TVs Thursday Night Line-Up. These are what the industry calls "Legacy Cameos,"

At one point, Chandler has lived with all the friends except Rachel and Phoebe.

With the exception of Lisa and David, none of the characters have the name of any of the main cast member. David is the name of one of Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) boyfriends, while Lisa is the name of Monica and Ross's (David Schiwmmer) aunt.

Of the three males, Joey is the only one who didn't end up dating Janice. She and Chandler dated on-and-off until he got together with Monica at the end of season four and Ross briefly dates Janice in Friends: The One with Chandler's Work Laugh (1999).

They do the good sister vs. bad sister thing with both Rachel, (good=Rachel, bad=Amy), and Phoebe, (good=Phoebe, bad=Ursula).

There are fifty-four dogs on this show: the Threshold Guardian dog Phoebe ran over, Ross' dog "Cheechi", who was dead, not playing, down on the farm, the Happiest Dog in the World that Joey broke, Margha's dog, a Pitbull Chandler moved Mike's (Paul Rudd's) sofa past, the Bloodhound Monica had a nose like, Phoebe's neighbor's dog "Satan", from which she used to run away, the dog in the street Monica's going to be shot like for going shopping with Julie, Ginger's annoying dog "Pepper" Joey wishes he'd burned instead of her artificial leg, the talking dog from Joey's dog food commercial, Ugly Naked Guy's dog that wears a sweater, a blue dog on some Central Perk pop art, two dogs Chandler sees going at it when visiting a house that's for sale, Mischa's dog, to whom he says goodbye in seven languages from half a world away, the four dogs in Ohio on whom Joey put Chandler's sweater vests, the puppy Phoebe's given in Montauk, LaPooh the Green family dog that got hit by an ice cream truck, the yapping dog from the toy race, "Cujo", the purebred Phoebe thinks Mike's (Paul Rudd's) girlfriend Precious might be, Cash's dog "Wally", Chandler's incontinent dog "Molly", the dog who mauled the actor who was going to audition for Mac and CHEESE, the five dogs, into whom Chandler runs, while trying to say "Hey" to Kathy, Old Yeller, the three puppies that turn out to be the triplets when Chandler and Monica have to babysit, Jill Goodacre's dog "Dexter" that panics during the blackout, Frank, Jr.'s old dog "Tumor", the St. Bernard from Rachel's vivid birthing metaphor, the seeing-eye dog that Cliff decides not to eat, the dog that was too big for the dollhouse, because it was built on toxic waste, the rabid dog that was nearly feasting on Ross' danglers, the lost puppy Monica used to follow Rachel around like, the dog Mike has to knock off Monica's head playing ping-pong in Barbados, the dog that keeps running off with Rachel's presents, the ornamental Big White dog, the three puppies Joey uses to cover up the director's swearing, Chandler's barking slippers, Clunkers the dog, of whom Chandler's terrified, a dog Joey pretends to see, to get out of answering Janice's (Maggie Wheeler) questions, and Mike's (Paul Rudd's) family dog, Chappy, who he uses as his third groomsman (while Ross ends up carrying Chappy down the aisle because of the snow) in his and Phoebe's wedding. There's also an unspecified number of puppies that Chandler wants to run over because it would be easier than dumping Janice.

Paul the Wine Guy (John Allen Nelson) tells Monica (Courteney Cox) that his ex cheated on him with a dentist. Later, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was involved in a love triangle with Mindy (Jennifer Grey) and Barry the Orthodontist (Mitchell Whitfield).

Chandler is reading Fred Haefele's Memoir "Rebuilding the Indian" in one episode.

Just Go with It (2011) also starring Jennifer Aniston, the scene when Katherine comes to know that Danny and Palmer are getting married, but she loves him is similar to this show, where Rachel becomes upset after knowing that Ross and Emily are getting married, and she still loves him.

Friends: The One with Russ (1996) and Friends: The One After I Do (2001) have the shortest episode titles with 14 letters each (although the later has one extra space). However, 'The One in Vegas' and 'The Last One' have further shorter titles, but these are followed by "Part 1" and "Part 2".

There are eight pigeons on this show: the giant pigeon that pooped on Phoebe's heart, the pigeon Phoebe sees a man kicking in the street, the gross pigeon Monica talks about to kill the mood between Mike (Paul Rudd) and Phoebe, the scary pigeon that knocks away the lottery tickets, the pigeon Phoebe's psychic said would kill her, the other scary pigeon that swoops at Rachel when she's on the phone, the scary pigeon on the balcony that prevents Chandler from climbing down the fire escape in the episode where Chandler comes home from Oklahoma, but doesn't tell Joey, and a big pigeon Joey says he saw to fend off Rachel's raging hormones.

Friends is also the name of a 1971 teen-romance film directed and produced by Lewis Gilbert and written by Gilbert, Vernon Harris, and Jack Russell. The soundtrack, with music composed by Elton John and Paul Buckmaster, and lyrics written by Bernie Taupin, was released as the Friends album, and John's recording of the title selection charted when released as a single in the United States. In this teen romance, a neglected 15-year-old English boy named Paul Harrison (Sean Bury), living in Paris with his wealthy businessman father, befriends an orphaned 14-year-old French girl named Michelle Latour (Anicée Alvina). There was also a 1979 TV show called Friends, starring The Love Boat's Jill Whelan. Ironically all three of these shows were youth oriented shows; the movie was aimed at teenagers; the 1970s show was aimed at children; and the famous 1990s show was aimed at young adults.

While they never share screen time, Joey's mom, Gloria, played by Brenda Vaccaro and Rachel's dad, Dr. Green, played by Ron Leibman played opposite on another in "Zorro: The Gay Blade (1981)" Brenda played Florinda, one of Zorro's past love interests and Ron played her husband, Esteban, the Alcalde.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in Feb. 2021, Fisher Stevens, who guest starred as Phoebe's psychiatrist boyfriend Roger, said he was pretty rude to the cast during taping because when he showed up he had all his lines memorized, but then he learned they had rewritten the entire episode. He wasn't used to doing television where last-minute rewrites are normal, so that really threw him off and upset him. On top of that, he felt the new script was much worse than the one he agreed to do. He admitted he "was a dick" to everyone in the article and apologized to the cast.

Patsy Kensit was reportedly being lined up to play Emily Waltham, but the producers had a change of heart and instead cast Helen Baxendale in the role.

There are seventeen bunnies on this show: the bunny that got away from Joey's top hat, the Sock Bunny, the big pink bunny that maxes out Chandler's embarrassment, six Bunny Hop dancers at the Geller's Anniversary party, the dead Easter bunny, may he rest in peace, a bunny from the toy race, the two bunnies when Ross and Monica bunny up for the football game, the rabbit Whitney was going to cook for Ross, the Velveteen Rabbit, Emma's first birthday cake, and the bunny that Chandler's related to whose cuteness he inherited.

In many episodes there are references to the show Three's Company (1976). Audra Lindley, who plays Phoebe's grandmother, played Helen Roper in the previous show.

Five out of the six cast members got to host Saturday Night Live. Jennifer Aniston got to host twice; Matt Leblanc was the only one who never got to host.

The Famous Fountain where they splash and sat on a couch facing it in the beginning of every episode was dug up in 2019. The "Friends Fountain" was built in 1937 on the "Columbia Ranch." The Columbia Ranch is set to be SOLD to a real estate development agency (set for 2023.) The location where "Bewitched", "I Dream of Jeannie" and various movies such as "American Beauty" were shot is set for redevelopment. Presently, the fountain sits in a less visible part of Warner Bros main lot.

Courteney Cox is five years older than Matthew Perry, unlike in the show where 'Chandler' is a year older than 'Monica'.

Friends takes place in the same universe as the NBC show Mad About You, because Ursula Buffay, who is a regular on Friends, also appears in Mad About You as the same character. Mad About You takes place in the same universe as the Dick Van Dyke Show, because Alan Brady, who is a regular on Dick Van Dyke, also appears as the same character on Mad About you (season 3, episode 16). Therefore, by the transitive property, Friends takes place in the same universe as the Dick Van Dyke Show, linking two of television's most famous comedies.

In season 1, the street outside Central Perk, was a relatively basic painted backdrop and/or arrangement of exterior brick "flats", understandable as the show may have been pulled off air if the ratings weren't the desired figures. By the final season, it had evolved into a gradually expanded realistic vast large street scene set, that even though it was a soundstage interior set, would have easily been part of the backlot exterior street scenes at Warner Bros Burbank. In fact, for some tv shows and films it would have filled many smaller soundstages entirely.

Season 2, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 7 all end taking place at a wedding. Season 2 is Barry Farber DDS and Mindy Hunter. Season 4 is Ross Geller and Emily Waltham. Season 5 is Ross Geller and Rachel Green. Season 7 is Monica Geller and Chandler Bing.

Courteney Cox appeared on the Today show in March 2022 and told Willie Geist that she had completely forgotten filming quite a few Friends episodes. When she and her co-stars were shown certain clips during the reunion special in 2021, some of them felt new to Cox, as she didn't remember ever being there to shoot them. According to Cox, she's just always had a bad memory. There are a lot of things that she's forgotten, and some episodes of Friends just happen to fall in that category. She said, "I see it on TV sometimes and I stop and go, 'Oh my God, I don't remember this at all. I don't remember any trauma in my childhood, but I have, like, three memories. I don't know. I don't know why.

Guest stars included 12 Oscar winners (Reese Witherspoon, Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Fisher Stevens, Jim Rash, Charlton Heston, Helen Hunt, Robin Williams, and Brad Pitt) and 10 Oscar nominees (Elliott Gould, Kathleen Turner, Alec Baldwin, Bob Balaban, Winona Ryder, Jeff Goldblum, Greg Kinnear, Danny DeVito, Michael McKean, and Brenda Vaccaro).

Guest star Dina Meyer (Kate Miller) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) both shared the same agent.

Michael McKean (The One With The List) and Fisher Stevens (The One With The Boobies) both appear in the movie Short Circuit 2 together.

Twins and triplets have played a role on this show. Phoebe is a twin and gave birth to triplets and Monica and Chandler ended up having twins via surrogate in the show's finale. Also, Cole Sprouse who played Ross' son Ben on the show has a twin brother, Dylan.

Except Phoebe and Monica, all the six characters have kissed each other at one point during the series.

David Schwimmer, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Bower, and Mike Hagerty appeared on The Wonder Years (1988) and this show.

Friends' "The Other Sister" episode was probably lifted from the All in the Family episode "Mike and Gloria's Will". This episode has Mike and Gloria announcing that upon the circumstance of their death they will be leaving their baby Joey to two other friends, not Edith and Archie. And this starts a big fight the family. Part of the discussion on both shows revolves around "who will adopt Joey"; Joey Stivic on All in the Family and Joey Tribbiani on Friends.

Monica (Courteney Cox) and Aurora (Sofia Milos) had a boyfriend called Ethan.

There are sixteen chickens on this show: Little Yasmine, the chicken that pooped on Julie in China, the traumatizing plastic chicken hopper Paul's parents got him instead of a Big Wheel, nine chickens on a piece of Central Perk pop art, Rooster the other member of the Band Numbnuts, the chicken suit that won't go with Monica's new boots, the chicken suit Chandler might have to wear to get a new job, and Chick, Jr.

At one point, Phoebe has lived with all the friends except Joey and Chandler. Although in season six after a fire in her apartment, she briefly moves in their apartment, but ends up in Monica's and then Ross's.

Monica is reading Laura Day's "Practical Intuition in Love" in one episode.

Rachel has kissed all of the 'friends' during the run of the series: Ross - many times, because of their on-off relationship throughout the series; Monica- 4.19 Friends: The One with All the Haste (1998) (off-screen); Phoebe- 7.20 Friends: The One with Rachel's Big Kiss (2001); Chandler- 5.02 Friends: The One with All the Kissing (1998); Joey- 5.11 Friends: The One with All the Resolutions (1999), 9.24 Friends: The One in Barbados (2003), 10.01 Friends: The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss (2003), 10.02 Friends: The One Where Ross Is Fine (2003), & 10.03 Friends: The One with Ross's Tan (2003).

When Rachel buys Mrs. Whiskerson, a Minion of the Antichrist, she is wearing a shirt with a Japanese Kanji on it.

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) has a falling out with Rachel's boyfriend Paolo (Cosimo Fusco). Later, Phoebe goes out with Eric (Sean Penn), who happens to read Paulo Coelho.

Firemen have appeared on the show quite a few times, especially in Phoebe's life. They appeared in the first season when the women burn mementos of their boyfriends, Phoebe dates a fireman in season 3, Phoebe's apartment burns down in season 6 and Phoebe tosses her fire alarm down the garbage chute where a fireman comes upstairs to give it back to her and tells her how to fix it in season 7.

Phoebe is the only character to have kissed everybody on screen. She kissed Joey multiple times. Her and Ross kissed in Friends: The One With The Flashback (1996). Her and Monica kissed goodbye in Friends: The One With Ross's Wedding (1998) kissed Chandler in Friends: The One Where Everybody Finds Out (1999). She kissed Rachel in Friends: The One With Rachel's Big Kiss (2001).

Before the show was cast, the main love interest was intended to be Monica (Courteney Cox) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc). But neither seemed to have much romantic chemistry; so they were paired up with different cast members; (Chandler and Rachel).

In the last few months of shooting this show, Courteney Cox became pregnant, but, seeing as Monica wasn't supposed to be able to have a baby, they covered up her pregnancy by making her wear baggy clothes while shooting the show so no one could tell.

All three female leads were given unconventional ways of pregnancy on purpose, to spread social messages that surrogacy, single motherhood, infertility and adoption are nothing of which to be ashamed. Rather, it's as beautiful as normal child birth.

Ursula Buffay, Phoebe's twin sister, was a waitress on Mad About You (1992). Fran (Leila Kenzle) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) visit the coffee shop and mistake Phoebe for Ursula in one episode of this show.

Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow's) wedding is not attended by any of her relatives, such as her twin sister Ursula, her father (Bob Balaban), her biological mother (Teri Garr), her brother (Giovanni Ribisi), nor the nieces and nephew to whom she gave birth.

Carol and Susan's wedding was the first lesbian wedding to ever be shown on TV. It was banned in some states such as Texas and Ohio, and also in some countries.

Ross and Rachel's relationship starts with Rachel trying to get Ross at an airport, and the series ends with Ross trying to get Rachel at an airport.

In Friends: The One with the Morning After (1997), after filming the definitive scene of Ross and Rachel breaking-up, Jennifer Aniston and David Schvimmer were much emotional that they actually cried.

In Friends: The One Where Rachel Tells... (2001), when Rachel was about to tell Ross about the getting pregnant, the audience created a very high noise hooting and cheering, that Aniston had to come forward to request them to stop, so that they would complete the shot.

In the last episode, when the Friends are going to the coffee house for the last time, you can visibly see that one of Monica and Chandler's twins is fake.

In the final episode, the song playing when Ross and Rachel have their final on-screen kiss is the same song that played when they had their first kiss.

The pilot of Joey (2004) hints that Ross and Rachel eventually remarried, as Joey states that all of his friends have married. Jennifer Aniston said that Ross and Rachel likely had another child after their reunion in the final episode.

Despite Monica's secret closet being a mystery until "TOW the Secret Closet" when Chandler opens it, at the end of the episode "TOW the Boobies" the closet is wide open with clothes hanging in it.

Along the series, all main six characters have an off-voice monologue scene; Chandler, at the ATM vestibule and when he's having coffee with his date/colleague with "the big head"; Phoebe, when she watches Monica and Ross' cousin come out of the shower; Monica, when she struggles to take the shoes from the living room; Ross, when he's on his date with Elizabeth Hornswoggle; Joey, when he's driving Phoebe's taxi from Vegas; and Rachel, when she stays alone at the apartment and decides to walk around naked.

Unlike the show, where Joey never gets into a serious relationship, Matt Leblanc got married and had a daughter by the end of the show.

Monica had crushes on both Chandler and Joey, when she first met them.

Ross and Rachel slept together exactly three hundred times during the series. Ross reveals in season five, episode sixteen, "The One With the Cop", that he and Rachel slept together two hundred ninety-eight times, they then slept together twice more, when Ross gets Rachel pregnant, near the end of season seven, and in season ten, episode seventeen, "The Last One Part 1". However, it is unclear if Ross and Rachel slept together in Vegas.

Despite several rumors and speculation, there was never a plan for Ross and Rachel NOT to end up together. However, it was briefly considered that their reunion would only be implied, but the writers felt that this wouldn't be satisfying.

The producers had originally considered having Joey and Phoebe end up together at the end of the series. However, they abandoned this in favor of having Joey end up single as they wanted to show that people could still have happy endings without being in a relationship.

It is revealed in one episode that Ross was accidentally conceived. Both of his children (Ben and Emma), were also accidentally conceived.

Of the three girls, Monica is the only one not to give birth.

Only Emma is conceived after Ross and Rachel's divorce. Ben is conceived during Ross and Carol's marriage.

At one point, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) has lived in all the apartments. In Monica's for the first six seasons; in Chandler and Joey's in season four after losing the bet and in seasons six to ten after Chandler moves in with Monica; in Phoebe's in season six; and in Ross's in seasons eight and nine after getting pregnant.

Each of the main characters move at least once throughout the series. Monica lived in the guys' apartment after she and Rachel lost a bet, and moved out of the main apartment in the final episode. Rachel moved with Monica across the hall, briefly lived in Phoebe's apartment, lived with Joey after Monica and Chandler moved in together, and with Ross after living with Joey. Phoebe lived, albeit briefly, with Gary the cop in his apartment, until he shot a bird. Phoebe also lived with Monica, prior to Rachel coming into their lives, and with Monica and Chandler. Chandler lived in the girls' apartment twice, once after he and Joey won a bet, and again after he and Monica moved in together, and moved out with Monica in the final episode. Joey lived across the hall after winning a bet, and into his own apartment after getting a starring role on Days of Our Lives. Ross moved from his first apartment and briefly lived in Emily's cousin's apartment before they got married, and into Chandler and Joey's after getting kicked out, and after that moved into ugly naked guy's apartment. Though every character moved, Joey and Phoebe live in the same place at the beginning and end of the series, though Joey is revealed to have moved to Los Angeles in Joey (2004).

Ross had overall eight serious relationships in the series as well as his life. Chronologically: Carol, Julie, Rachel, Bonnie, Emily, Elizabeth, Mona and Charlie. All of these appeared in at least three episodes.

The first word spoken is 'there' (Monica s01e01). The last word spoken is 'where' (Chandler s10e10)

Much of the onscreen soap opera theatrics that were presented on the show were true; particularly all the people hooking up on the show and fighting over partners. Just as Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry played a would-be couple who were sparring; Julia's character had a crush on Matthew's in High School; he dumped her; she was seeking revenge; in the midst of all this Julia and Matthew did infact date for a couple years. Also Brad Pitt played a guy in High School who had a crush on Rachel/Jennifer; she was cruel to him; and then he got revenge by starting a I Hate Rachel Club. In real life ofcourse the two were married for 5 years. Christina Applegate, who played Rachel's sister, also dated Brad before ditching him in real life. And Reese Witherspoon, who played another sister; has been flirting with Brad online for awhile. (Just as her character flirts with Ross!). Juliette Lewis who played Rachel's friend on the show also dated Brad Pitt. Also just as Jennifer Anniston dated Tate Donovan onscreen, she dated him off screen also. And Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, who both made appearances on this show ended up getting married years later. In addition to this Anniston also (allegedly) dated her co-star Matthew Perry; as well as Paul Rudd who played Mike, Pheobe's boyfriend on the show. And ofcourse castmates David Arquette and Courtney Cox got married. Also Matt Leblanc admits he had a crush on co-star Jennifer Anniston. Cole Sprouse who played David Schwimmer's (Ross') son Ben also had a terrible crush on Anniston. Leblanc was also rumored to have had a fling with Anniston. Anniston also dated Noah Wiley and Jonathon Silverman who both made cameos on the show. Also just like their onscreen counterparts "shared men" at some points, Cox and Anniston both dated Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz (at different times). Perry dated two famous daughters who appeared on the show. He dated Tricia Fisher, daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens. And he dated Jennifer Grant, Cary Grant's daughter, who played the recurring role of Perry's secretary in season 1.

Body count of characters who appeared on-screen: 7. Althea (the grandmother of Ross and Monica, known as "Nana") in Friends: The One Where Nana Dies Twice (1994), Heckles (the downstairs neighbor) in Friends: The One Where Heckles Dies (1995), Frances (Phoebe's adoptive grandmother) in Friends: The One with Joey's Bag (1999), Joanna (Rachel's boss) in Friends: The One Where They're Going to Party! (1997), Estelle (Joey's agent) in Friends: The One Where Estelle Dies (2004), and the chick and the duck, confirmed in Friends: The Last One (2004). Phoebe mentions her psychic dies in Friends: The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance (1999), Rachel's dog LaPooh dies in Friends: The One with the Kips (1998), and Ross's Dutch neighbor dies in Friends: The One with the Stain (2001), but these characters were only ever mentioned in dialogue.

In season 1 episode 23 Ross mentioned names for the baby that he and Carol disagreed on and two of them are Cody and Dylan, in later seasons Ross and Carol's son Ben is played by Cole Sprouse. His real life twin is Dylan Sprouse. They played the twins on the sitcom "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"

During the episode where Joey and Chandler get robbed the robber writes on their message board "Thanks for the stuff".

Unlike the show, where Chandler gets married and adopts twin babies, Matthew Perry never got married and had kids in real life as of 2019

Unlike the show, where Monica turns out to be infertile and adopts twin babies, in real life Courteney Cox has a biological daughter.

Monica and Chandler's twins are born 3 minutes and 46 seconds apart.

Unlike the show, where Rachel gives birth to a daughter, in real life Jennifer Aniston has no kids.

Siblings Monica and Ross Geller each have both a son and a daughter by the end of the series. Monica and Chandler adopt a pair of twins (even though they thought the mother Erica was pregnant with only one). Ross has a son with his ex-wife Carol, and a daughter with Rachel.

All of the gang lived in Monica's apartment at one point or another. Ross briefly lived there with his and Monica's grandmother before the events of the show (this is revealed in the very last scene). Rachel was Monica's roommate from the first episode until she moves out in season 6. Phoebe was Monica's roommate before the events of the show. She also lived there for a short time after her own apartment is damaged in a fire. Joey and Chandler live there for a while after they win the apartment for a bet in season 4, forcing Monica and Rachel to move into Joeys apartment. They get it back later in the season. Chandler of course moves in with Monica in season 6 and the pair later marry.

In the sixth episode of season two, Ross and Monica talk about memories from their childhood with Ross saying he hopes Ben will have a little sister. This eventually becomes a reality as Rachel becomes pregnant by Ross and gives birth to Ben's half sister, Emma, in the season eight finale.

Between Rachel and her two sisters, Amy and Jill, Amy is the only one Ross doesn't go on a date with or kiss.

One of the main reasons for Ross and Rachel breaking up, was due to Ross' jealousy with Rachel's friendship with her colleague, Mark. It later transpires that Mark did indeed have a thing for Rachel and the pair even went on a date, shortly after the break up. This would suggest that even though his behaviour wasn't acceptable, Ross' insecurities may have been justified.

Mr. Bowmont is the name of the second highest bidder of the boat in the silent auction which Joey won, not the name of the boat. But when the boat arrives outside the coffee house, Joey calls it the Mr. Bowmont. (This is a joke. Rachel tried to convince the second highest bidder to take the boat because he can name it after himself, and Joey is so caught up in the moment, he decides to buy the boat after all. Being Joey, he does not think to call it "the Mr. Tribbiani" instead.)

Chandler is the only one of the six main characters that hasn't been fired over the course of the series: Phoebe is fired from her job at the massage parlor in season four, Monica is fired from the restaurant and Joey is fired from Days of our Lives in season 2, Ross is fired from the museum in season five, and Rachel is fired from Ralph Lauren in season ten.

Season 2, Season 4 and Season 7 all end taking place at a wedding. Season 2 is Barry Farber DDS and Mindy Hunter. Season 4 is Ross Geller and Emily Waltham. Season 7 is Monica Geller and Chandler Bing.

Ross and Rachel go through all the phases of a perfectly married couple, but being drunk. They marry after their breakup, and have a child after their divorce, both drunk and mistakenly.

Throughout the shows entire run. Only Joey and Phoebe are never seen drunk. Although in one episode, Phoebe says "I'm drunk right now", she doesn't act any differently as normal or slur her speech. Joey is, however, seen getting dizzy.

When Phoebe meets Frank, her biological father. He tells her that he was a terrible father and that he even made up a lullaby to sing to her to get her to sleep but it just made her cry even more. When he recites the song to her, It has the same tune as 'Smelly Cat'.