Jamal Jenkins: He's a ghost... and he writes to us. Ghostwriter.

Alejandro "Alex" Fernandez: Ghostwriter, what a trip.

Calvin Ferguson: [singing off key] Attila the parrot, you were my best friend. You'd nip my nose sweetly, right up through the end!

Hector Carrero: [reading a note with the word "disguise" in it] "Do you see me now through my dis-gweeze... dis-gwize? Dis-quize?" Man! This guy writes some weird letters!

[Gaby has just seen Ghostwriter]

Alejandro "Alex" Fernandez: Gaby, Gaby, Gaby...

Jamal JenkinsAlejandro "Alex" FernandezLenni Frazier: [Alex, Jamal, and Lenni push her into a chair] Sit down!

Gaby Fernandez: We're the only ones who see his words. You saw him in the video room so that means he wants you on the team.

Jamal Jenkins: We think he might be a ghost.

Alejandro "Alex" Fernandez: Be serious.

Lenni Frazier: He sees things, but he can't hear and he can't talk. If you want to talk to him, you have to write it out because he can read anything.

Lenni Frazier: [rapping] People always talkin' 'bout how the world needs to change, but not when it's their life. They got to rearrange. So knock wood for the kids in the hood who'll pick up the slack, leadin' the pack on the right track.

Jamal Jenkins: It's Ghostwriter, man. He's writing to you.

Stoopdude: Fools! They think they gonna beat the stupendous Stoopdude!

Ghostwriter: [in writing] Be careful after dark, my children.

Max's girlfriend: It's got zizz!