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  • I was a fan of M.A.N.T.I.S. for it's short run on Fox. Was it a great show? Was it life altering? Was it a deep and thorough examination of the human condition? No! I liked it more for what it was not rather than what it was. I got to see it because of its time slot just before the X-Files. Like the X-Files this was a show out of the ordinary. It wasn't about a bunch of gritty cops on the verge of divorce, nor was it about a bunch or evil back stabbing/wonderful gifted doctors/lawyers (take your pick). I don't even care about the sub text of the once brawny man overcoming his disability through the use of his mind. I just wanted something fun to watch on a Friday night waiting for the X-Files and this show filled the gap. I hope it comes out as a complete DVD Box like Firefly. Shows like this could help get a new section going at the store for failed TV shows with huge fan bases.
  • Now I have for the longest time had trouble understanding some people who have watched shows like this and come a way with a bad taste in their mouth. I just don't understand them. Carl Lumberly played the part excellently, and the storyline had an almost perfect premise, with almost unlimited possibilities for advancement. Like the Batman and The Shadow, MANTIS would have been a show you could count on for awesome gadgets, super heroics and knockout action, all with complicated and interesting story lines to boot. But, sadly, the show was cancelled, and some people say it was a good thing. I say, "You're crazy!" this show could have been great. Just like so many others, it was shut down before it had a chance. GO MANTIS GO
  • This is somewhat compared to Batman. Only thing Miles Hawkins(Carl Lumbly) is crippled, and the only way he can walk, when he puts on the exoskeleton. And when puts it on he has great powers. He is called the superhero named M.A.N.T.I.S. An enjoyable show that tried to be up there Lois and Clark,The New Adventures of Superman, and The Incredible Hulk, but it died trying. Although Carl Lumbly held it together has long has he could. But he just could not save the show from bad writing, and bad acting. But I'll give it credit for not being campy like some of the superhero shows where. Most of the episodes in the beginning did pretty well, My personal favorite episode was Gloves Off, but the worst was Solder of Fortune. It could have lasted more seasons if it could have had better written episode. But it was enjoyable most of the time.
  • i saw this show when i was 7 years old. even back then it was a cool show. there weren't-and still aren't-many black superheroes out there, save for Spawn, Blade, & Bishop; and this show introduced a cool concept. basically, a paralyzed scientist creates a bio-suit that allows him to walk and he uses it to fight crime.

    after it was canceled, re-runs aired on the sci-fi channel for a while. the only way to see it now is on video.

    worth looking into if you're looking for a new black superhero.
  • After watching the first ep of Black Lightning on the CW I checked out it IMDB page and it lead me to this show that I never heard of. I tracked it down and watched it and who for a show so old it blow Black Lightning out of the water, this is the hero we need on the CW. This show was so much stronger, the actors were better and even for a cheesy superhero show from the 90's made some of the newer shows look like crap. If you like Black Lightning you will love this, and if you don't you still might as the show is put together so much better.
  • "A paralyzed African-American scientist builds a powerful exo-skeleton in order to walk again, and uses his new abilities to fight crime." OK, for starters; this intro rocks!

    I loved that dreamy concept. Can you see the brilliant metaphor here? That paralyzed man is just you and me in front of many ugly crimes in our worlds. And now, this show just gives him, and us, the opportunity to get up, leave the chair, and be the hero who saves the city from its evils.

    It managed to be peculiar. From the main character as paralyzed, to being an African-American, all wasn't familiar. For a disabled superhero, I can't remember but (Dare Devil). And for a black superhero, in the American TV, I can't remember any!

    Further, unlike other shows, and naturally after the generation's hit; (The X-Files), this show was stylish and dark. It differs than many of the action shows where usual is all the style you can get. And it had such a dark sense that lead actor (Carl Lumbly)'s sullen performance got matched with perfectly.

    (Lumbly), as Dr. (Miles Hawkins), owned the screen. He was charismatic and unforgettable. I thought he saw the character as someone who has great pain and bitterness, yet conceals that whenever he's the staid Dr. (Hawkins), but when he gets to be the hero, that inner suppressed rage comes out. So sorry that he couldn't be a lead of an action show again, just a supporting role in (Alias) years later.

    I won't forget the moment in which the title character answers the question of "Who are you?" for the first time. He said in the most macho, cool and serious ways ever: "You can call me.. The Mantis." WAW. It's real inspiring, because when I wrote my own superhero comic series, back in 2012; I put in the very first episode a similar line, but it went like this: "You can call me.. Bakir 1.".

    At one of the 1990s years, I don't remember which, I used to watch it everyday at 8: PM, on the second channel of our national TV. Then one day, it vanished from the screen, and I didn't get to watch it again. Well, sure it got canceled pretty early. I don't know the reason yet (they didn't like its title?!). But I do feel rage when, at the same year, another show begin to never stop.. entitled (Friends). You can guess who were the persons that I wished for the mantis to destroy for years and years later!

    Anyhow, you have to love (M.A.N.T.I.S.), and be sad for it too. It is one of 1994 most ambitious, entertaining, and unfortunate TV shows.
  • affeisha11 November 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have seen the M.A.N.T.I.S and I loved it to bits and pieces. I think Carl Lumbly and Galyn Gorg are great actors along with Christopher and Gartin. Honestly speaking, I was disappointed when and how it ended, however, I will love to purchase a copy to add to my favourites TV show collection. Does anyone know where and how I can get a copy.

    I read some comments and I thought it was unfair by the writers. They complained about the acting, the plots, the director, the actors etc.I think they should give the show some credit, because it was not one of the overrated TV shows where you have to hide and change channel when your parents passed by. Or felt ashamed when your parents sat in the lounge looking at you upset, because they thought you were viewing adult material.

    I'm sure if Miles (Carl Lumbly) and Leora (Galyn Gorg) were very intimate and she took off her clothing for him in the show it wasn't going to be a problem for many.Actually the show was going to be a hit series. Anyway, I thank the producer and the actors, especially Galyn Gorg and Carl Lumbly for doing a wonderful job. As for the others who did not like the show SORRY, but I loved it.
  • With such an interesting premise, this show had a lot of potential. The first half of the season where things were grounded in reality was great, but once Fox got involved and tried to turn the show into The X-Files, things went downhill fast.
  • Yes, it was a poor series. So poor, in fact, that I could tell you the entire plot of the episode within about two minutes of its start. Sam Raimi produced this nightmare I believe and boy was I surprised. I really thought it would turn out OK. It went on right before the X-files, a spot which became legendary for its cancelled shows. The acting was poor, not due to the talent of the actors I believe, it is just hard for people to buy into this stuff into the first place.

    I can't remember much about the plots of the shows since its been almost ten years, however there was this one where this buff guy turned out to be a robot. The writing was so lame. In comic books a decent writer can make a super hero come to life and comic fans (like me) buy into it, here I just gasped at how uninteresting it was. I only watched because I wanted to watch a show about superheros.

    On a positive note I was flipping around the channels when I saw the unaired final episode of Mantis on the Sci-Fi channel. And god bless Raimi's heart, the main character mercifuly dies at the hand at of an invisible Tyrannasaurus Rex, his main squeeze by his side. Quite lame, Quite appropriate.
  • pgotgame13 December 2009
    Sam Hamm and Sam Raimi are super heroes of Hollywood, propagating ideals of tolerance and hope through the super hero genre in prime time TV. This show isn't extra sexy like Gossip Girl, or extra morbid like CSI, or drowning in its larger than life production values like Smallville (which may or may not be sponsored by Highlighter markers, ease off on the lighting gels guys!) It's an understated super hero drama that definitely paved the way for a more realistic approach to heroes, like we see now in Iron Man and The Dark Knight. The ep, "Gloves Off," is a real turning point for the Mantis and one worth checking out on Hulu, if you've never seen one. I'd love to see this show revisited, now that we see that shows like Buffy, Smallville, and Fringe can be incredibly popular. Plus, CG has come a long way since then. Thanks guys and thanks for making it available on Hulu. Much love, from a viewer who was left changed for the better.