Mike the TV: It's Bucket O'Nothing! Surprise your friends, amaze your family, annoy perfect strangers!

[repeated line]

Bob: This is bad. This is VERY bad.

Dot: But I told Enzo not to go into the games alone.

Bob: Yes, but did you tell him to move if one was dropping on him?

Bob: [thinking] Wow... Dot looks amazing. What a babe.

Dot: I heard that.

Bob: What? Did I say it or just think it?

Dot: You thought it. We're telepathic, it's part of our game character.

Bob: Oh, sorry. I better be more careful of what I say, ah... think.

Dot: That'll be a first.

Bob: [during Seasons 1 and 2] I come from the Net - through systems, peoples, and cities - to this place: MAINFRAME. My format: Guardian. To mend and defend - to defend my newfound friends, their hopes and dreams, to defend them from - their enemies.

[musical bridge]

Bob: They say the User lives outside the Net and inputs games for pleasure. No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out. ReBoot!

Phong: The future is not determined by the throw of the dice; it is determined by the conscious decisions of you and me.

Mike the TV: Don't touch that dial, you're tuned to the Commercial Channel! All commercials all the time. An eternity of useless products to rot your skeevy little mind, forever!

Ray Tracer: You blokes look uptight. You should try logging off, it relieves tension.

Matrix: You got a deletion wish?

Megabyte: If it's cat and mouse, Bob, maybe we need some cheese!

Bob: Dot, stay frosty.

Bob: I've got to help the User? Heh, there's a first time for everything.

Megabyte: You don't have to fight me, Bob. Think about it... we could be a great team...

Bob: I'd rather be erased.

Megabyte: Your choice.

Enzo: She's too young to end-file, too young to quit without saving!

Enzo: Did you hear that? We've got to score as many points as possible... or we're all... wiped out.

Bob: Don't worry, coach, I will help you win.

Dot: We will help you win.

Binome #1: Yep, you got it, Enzo.

Binome #2: Winning is our format.

Binome #3: Consider it inputted.

Binome #4: No problem.

Bob: Um... there's just one thing...

Enzo: Yes?

Bob: What are points?

Enzo: AHHHHHH! We're all going to be nullified!

Megabyte: You can't... do this... it goes against everything you stand for.

Matrix: You took away my life... destroyed my home... caused nothing but pain and suffering to everyone I held dear!

Bob: Prepare to taste the wrath of my... butterknife?

Tactic: Are you a good user, or a bad user?

Rob Cursor: System... out of danger?

Powerlock: [Frisket snarling] Matrix! It's about time you got here. Call off your mangey mutt.

Matrix: Frisket, Heel!

Rob Cursor: Powerlock. What happened here?

Powerlock: I caught these two trying to crash the system.

Matrix: Hmm? Frisket, sniff!

Matrix: [Frisket starts sniffing the spectrols and then turns his head towards Powerlock and growls] Frisket always had a thing for viruses.

Powerlock: Stop. One more move and the system crashes.

Head Spectrol: No.

[the head spectrol tries in vain to keep Powerlock from crashing the system. A blast goes off cutting the line from door overhead]

Rob Cursor: Matrix watch out... Ooh!

Matrix: Virus it ends... Now!

[Powerlock wails in pain as Matrix shoots him to destroy him]

Rob Cursor: System out of danger?

Matrix: Yes.

Rob Cursor: Good. Where I go, I go alone.

Database: He's deleted Slim.

Mike the TV: That smashing come from behind victory was brought to you by soothing 32-bit lotion, because you itch.

Dot: He tasks me and I shall have him.

Spy Binome: The jam is moldy in the kitchen and the rolling rabbit gathers no moss.

Megabyte: What are you talking about?

Captain Capacitor: Shiver me templates!

[princess Bula is seven feet tall]

Bob: Is she really a princess?

Captain Capacitor: No, you want to tell her different?

Bob: I don't think so!

Dot: Don't ever leave me again.

Glitch-Bob: I promise.

Bob: You two be careful out there.

Dot: You too.

Bob: So much for me being Mr. Save-the-Day.

Dot: We Mainframers stick together.

Dot: [as Bob comes inside through a window] Ever heard of a door?

Bob: [as his chewed-up zipboard flies through the window] Ever heard of a Frisket?

Matrix: Bob!

[runs to bowl Bob over]

Glitch-Bob: Whoah! I think you're a little big for that.

Enzo Matrix: Here! I'm here! Come and get me!

Hexadecimal: So many moods... so little time...

Dot: [communicating with young Guardian Enzo, via his key tool Glitch] Awaiting your command, Guardian.

Enzo Matrix: Glitch... uh...


Enzo Matrix: ... firewall!

Mouse: Megabyte, sweetie, rule # 1: NOBODY double-crosses The Mouse.

Megabyte: Rule # 2: I double-cross whomever I please.

Mike the TV: Oh! Somebody give me a hug!

Megabyte: I'm glad you find this amusing.

Hexadecimal: Oh, I was just picturing what I will do to you once I am free from your little toy. You have no idea the power you try to control! Chaos will always triumph over order! It is the way of things.

Megabyte: Enough! Breach this firewall with your viral energies or suffer! Your choice.

Enzo Matrix: Okay, big boy... let's party.

Enzo Matrix: One all... this is the decider... come on, Enzo, keep it together... you can do this... you're a guardian, a machine... let's do it!

Enzo Matrix: You can't speak in these things.

Bob: I never knew Dot was so great looking.

Dot: I heard that, too.

Bob: Oh! Sorry.

Dot: Just keep your mind on the job.

Ray Tracer: In all my years as a web surfer I don't think I've ever seen anybody do something so stupid.

Hack: Now you've done it... Megabyte is gonna be mad!

Slash: Ah, what's new? I miss Bob.

Hack: What? You crazy?

Slash: Bob always stopped us before we could do anything really bad... Now, nobody does...

Virus: What? A guardian?

Matrix: There's no guardian here. I'm Matrix... a renegade.

Virus: Please, renegade... mercy.

Matrix: Mercy? To a virus? Never...

Enzo Matrix: No way... this isn't a game, I did this... and I didn't make myself any smarter... I made everyone else dumber!

Megabyte: Why yes... it is... young Enzo Matrix home from the games... my how you've grown...

[Matrix grabs his gun]

Megabyte: and such toys... does your sister know you're playing with them?

[Matrix aims his gun at Megabyte]

Megabyte: Where's that annoying chatter of yours? Megabreath this and Megabarf that! Why don't you put that gun away, boy, and try fighting like a real sprite?

[AndrAIa puts her hand on Enzo's hand]

Enzo Matrix: Your icon. What if it doesn't work?

AndrAIa: I am a game sprite. If trapped here I can survive. That's all I knew before I met you, Enzo.

Phong: I have prepared something for just such an emergency.

Bob: You're prepared for a giant monster made entirely of nulls stomping around Mainframe?

Phong: That is correct!

Bob: How do you plan for that?

Phong: Lucky guess? but first, we must get you into your uniforms.

Phong: F.A.B

Dot: Problem?

Bob: You could say that. These two booted into the game and tried to win it by setting off an explosion capable of destroying the planet!

Dot: Bad idea.

Bob: Yes. Especially when you're INSIDE THE PLANET! Why'd you do it?

Kirk Sprite: I had to, mister!

Bob: And all he did was keep saying, "make it so".

Picard Sprite: And "engage"! I said "engage" more times than "make it so" actually.

Cecil: Tea? Earl Grey? Hot? What in the net is that?

Phong: [in a hologram] You have what you need. Now, use his...

Bob: Use what, Phong?

Phong: Use his greed.

Bob: [Hologram disappears] Phong?


Bob: Phong!

AndrAIa: [just after she reboots] Pixelatious! I'm a biker babe.

Bob: You guys are never going to catch me before the wall drops.

HackSlash: Yeah and why is that?

Bob: Because you delayed.

HackSlash: Logic error.

[chasing after Bob]

HackSlash: We are going to make it. Yes, sir, we are going to make it. We'll make it. We will definitely make it.

Megabyte: [Megabyte watches Hack and Slash over the Vid Window just before they crash into the game cube wall] They're not going to make it. Blam! Clean up crew. Level 1.

Dot: Enzo! It's the guardian protocol. He can't help himself.

Mouse: That's all fine and dandy for Enzo but AndrAIa is a game sprite. Win or lose when the game goes...

Dot: AndrAIa goes with it!

Ray Tracer: [Enzo watching the Surfer change] It's a special gift I have.

Matrix: Gift my asecplate. What are you anyways?

Ray Tracer: I'm a search engine. Second generation.

Speccy: We're online!

Bob: How's the power source?

Megabyte: She's the same as ever.

Matrix: [AndrAIA has walked into a game room holding The User, who looks like Austin Powers] That's The User? What happened to his pants?

AndrAIa: You don't want to know. What do we do to win this one?

Matrix: [cocks his gun "Gun", which has turned into a golden pistol] Gun: targeting.

The User: [á la Austin Powers] Huh?... karma, don't fail me now!

Game Voice: [outside view of the game cube]

["bang" sound effect]

Game Voice: Game Over.

[a Vid-Window of Megabyte opens behind Hack and Slash]

Megabyte: Hack! Slash!

Slash: [to Hack] He means us.

HackSlash: [turning to face Vid-Window] Yes, boss!

Hack: Ah, you rang, your hugeness?

Slash: All ready and waiting, oh evil one! Oh!

[to Hack]

Slash: Did I say "evil"?

Hack: Oh, what a giveaway.

Slash: I said "evil" once but I think I got away with it.

Hack: *Three* times!

Slash: What?

Hack: You said it *three* times!

Slash: What, "evil"?

Hack: That's four!

Slash: Oh, I hate that.

Megabyte: Silence!

Matrix: I live in the games. I search through systems, peoples, and cities for this place. Mainframe. My home. My format? I have no format. I am a renegade, lost on the Net. ReBoot!

Matrix: I come from the Net. I've searched through systems, peoples, and cities for this sprite. Bob. My friend. My format? I have no format. I am a renegade, lost in the Web.

[repeated line]

Mike the TV: Free, for only 99, 99, 99!

Megabyte: You're all mine now.

[repeated line]

Game Warner: Warning: incoming game. Warning: incoming game.

Algernon: Crikey, Binky, I think we've bought it!

Binky: Again, sir?

Al: What?

Slash: What phase number was walking Nibbles?

Hack: There is no number for walking Nibbles.

Slash: So that means he just ran away.

Hack: Yep,that is right. He ran away alright.

Slash: He's gone.

Hack: He is, look at him go

[both scream]

Bob: My body armor took some big hits out there Phong, anything you got would help.

Phong: I have said it before, and I will say it again.

BobPhong: This is not the supercomputer.