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  • Even I resisted this program for many years. It seemed too syrupy, goofy, lovey-dovey for my self-important moods and points of views. And I had this opinion for quite a long time. I never bothered to watch one single program until last month. I think I know why.

    I wasn't ready.

    Now I'm ready. And what I've witnessed during these lovely hours has helped me through the most difficult time in my life.

    I forgive those reviewers who cannot see past the neat and necessary one-hour resolution of each program.

    I forgive those who cannot see past the reality that as much as this program presents us with a view of God and Angels...that we all still don't know everything. What we must rely on is faith and hope to give us the strength to go on with out lives when tragedy or insurmountable difficulties strike us down.

    The angelic combination of actors, Roma Downey, John Dye and the legendary Della Reese give a completeness, perhaps whole roundness to these inspiring hours. Each of them brings a special and unique warmth to their roles. The addition of Valerie Bertinelli was very welcome and has brought a wonderful character of innocence and comic relief (for the sake of a better word) at the same time.

    I am very thankful for this series and for the actors, directors, producers, writers and crew who have dedicated their time to bringing this to us.

    If you've gotten this far in my review and you're still not convinced...I beg you give it a chance. And I pray your heart will open to the possibility of miracles in all of our lives.
  • Touched by an Angel saved my life particularly the episode which had song testify to love (psalm 151). I have bad lungs that gave me a brain injury ruined my nursing career (I was a registered cancer nurse). It gave me hope to undertake my masters of teaching (primary specialization). If I have one wish it would to meet Roma and Della who inspired me. Sadly John has gone, but I will join him and God later as we all will. I paid and ordered the complete series thanks to "testify to love" episode. Bless each and every one of you, especially Roma and Della, Always God bless you both, Regards, Lavinia Pike Sandford, Tasmania, Australia.
  • Touched by an Angel is a great show. Some of the episodes are not what I would want my little brother to see, because they are about sexual problems and situations that he doesn't need to hear about yet, but on the whole I love it, love it, love it.

    The three angels are totally terrific. Tess is hilarious, Monica is lovely, and Andrew is just the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most lovable Angel of Death you'd ever want to meet. They work together perfectly, and not only help everyone they meet but inspire almost everyone who sees the show to help others.

    In the words of a boy I know who just saw the famous 100th episode--and he'd never seen any Touched by an Angel before--"Emotionally charged. It's not like the shows I usually watch, because there were no car chases or people shooting people, but... that was good." That episode has gotten other compliments--most of the people I've seen it with cried at the end. Many people say Touched by an Angel is the show that makes you cry, but always in a good way.
  • Roma Downey, John Dye, and Della Reese star in the best show on television today. I especially like Roma Downey and John Dye. This was a message oriented series that deals with a different subject with each different episode they make. Seeing who will be guest starring is always a thrill like seeing Randy Travis, Bill Cosby, and others who have been gone from TV for awhile and those who are different TV shows.

    I have so many favorite episodes that I have like 'Til We Meet Again' but my favorite episode is the 100th episode with guest stars Wynona and Celine Dion. I wish I could have seen more of Celine Dion and Wynona in future episodes because they were fantastic.

    "Touched By An Angel" is a show that should never have gone off the air because it was a show that not only touches everyone watching it but the guest stars who have acted on it. It is as if this show has a special gift for touching and uplifting people that are surrounded by the show.

    My favorite character was the 'Angel Of Death' Andrew, played by John Dye, because he just doesn't take the dying away; he makes sure the dying understand why they are going to heaven. Everybody I know that watch this show doesn't have one negative word to say about it.

    "Touched By An Angel" was so touching that it made me want to do one of two things: become an angel like Monica, Tess, or Andrew, and be on the receiving end of their help.
  • This was, in my opinion, the best show that was ever on television. It was a touching, heart warming show that always left you feeling good after watching it. For me, this show completely changed my life. Before watching this show I never thought much about God and Christianity but after only seeing one episode of Touched by an Angel I was not only in love with the show but also started thinking about God which resulted in me believing in God and having a relationship with God. I loved Monica, Tess, and Andrew but I have to admit I didn't much care for Gloria who joined in the late seasons. My favorite character, however, was Andrew who was the angel of death. I liked him the best because he was so caring, compassionate, and gentle that it took the fear right out of death. I will admit the show can be kind of corny at times but it has a great message and will never cease to warm your heart.
  • Touched by an Angel still ranks as one of my very favorite shows. Sure, it was a little cheesy and syrupy at times, but you knew that going in, and you watched it for the message it delivered.

    But I can sum up the impact it had on me, and could have on you, in one sentence:

    "It's the only TV show that regularly made me cry."

    It was so good, it spawned another superb show called "Promised Land."

    If you've not seen it before, then make a point to catch it re-runs. You won't regret it.
  • ...I have to admit, every time I accidentally turn into this show (re: I never intentionally seek it out, but always run across it while channel surfing) I always leave it on. Now, mind you, I have very little faith in the existence of God or, God forbid (natch), angels, I can't help but feel a little, well..."touched" at the end of every episode. I've seen about a half dozen episode in all the years it's been on, and it is a worthwhile show. You would have to be completely fanatical about the NON-existence of God and angels to hate this show, since it doesn't offend, but just tries to offer good thoughts.
  • While the show has a certain degree of humor from episode to episode, the producers made the show meaningful to the problems of today's world, with each episode addressing a different and difficult topic in life's journey - ranging from gang problems to drugs to cancer to war to racism, with all giving proof in the end that God's intervention and love is always at hand for those who ask for it. Well-known American Jazz singer and actor Della Reese is well-suited in the role of Supervisory Angel Tess, while Irish-born actor Roma Downey stars in her role as Angelic case worker Monica, who is often given a helping hand from Andrew, The Angel of Death, played consistently well by American actor John Dye.
  • Like a lot of viewers, I was initially put off by the positioning of the show, and avoided it. Then, channel surfing one day I caught a fragment of one of the mid-series episodes, and was hooked. A friend had the whole series on DVD and I watched it beginning to end. The quality was not always consistent, they changed characters every now and then, but the bottom line is that the good episodes were fine and the great episodes were spectacular. Important to remember that TV, the medium, started with shows that highlighted the small everyday problems of small everyday people. Like Route 66. As the medium evolved, it forgot its roots, and the plots became formulaic to the point of insanity. This show basically gets rid of all the "noise" and tells a new simple and compelling story from week to week. Della Reese, and Roma Downey (who, before this show, played sexy roles in obscure B-movies), more or less become family as you watch. There is even an episode that covers a TV producer whose career is coming undone until he greenlights a religious series with no gimmicks, just faith and hope. Sound familiar? (Seinfeld did a self-congratulatory episode also, where the boys pitch a major studio about a show based on "nothing.") Even with these quibbles, I gave the series a top rating, not only for delivering entertainment of a kind that no one else dared to, but for consistency. The last two episodes, I WILL WALK WITH YOU parts 1 and 2 are the best but -- here is the catch -- you have to watch the whole series to really appreciate them.
  • This was a great show. I have known of several people that have changed some of their bad ways and have re-joined the Church. It shouldn't take a TV show to turn people around but if that is what it takes then it is good. Some of the shows story lines were less desirable, but the final message always came through loud and clear. God loves us all. It always made me feel good. Sorry it had to go off the air, but at least we can still enjoy the story and the great message it brought.
  • I'll be short and sweet. "Touched By An Angel" is a beautifully written, wonderfully acted, and fascinating to watch show. There are no "bad" episodes. The show received a very successful and very deserved nine year run.

    I have made errors in judging in the past about the quality of various shows, but of this I am certain. "Touched By An Angel" is my second favorite show of all time. (Second only to the beautiful, short-lived "Once and Again".)God has truly inspired everyone involved with this show. May God bless them all!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Touched by An Angel is a wonderful, uplifting show. It's ecumenical. It's universalistic, embracing other religions in addition to Christian. It does not claim angels or God for one select group on the earth. If you watch each episode of all the seasons, you will discover that according to the angels, God loves all of his creatures, human as well as wayward angel. It's good that the angels aren't portrayed as "fixing" everything that goes wrong. They do not over ride free will and are well aware of their free wills. It's good to have hope. It's good to think there is some intelligence, heart and even magic in our earthly realm. This show is suitable for all ages, definitely a family show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The title of my review reflects a pivotal scene in the series finale of Touched By An Angel. Monica has served nine years as an angel case worker. Being evaluated for promotion to supervisor, she's given her toughest assignment in a small town where before Easter most children had died in a school explosion. Talking with the pastor of the local church subsequently abandoned by everyone, she tearfully describes the holiday in the above quote. The pastor replies that "all of us are stuck here on Saturday, aren't we?"

    The paradox about the series is that despite literally presenting the existence of God and His helpers, the show was watched faithfully by nonbelievers. Each week the angels were dispatched in human form as a nurse, or a teacher, or a carpenter, or a friendly neighbor to assist in an illness, poverty, loneliness. Invariably the angel as human would fail to resolve the problem so they would finally reveal their true nature by glowing, and inform the suffering person that God loves them. At this point, numerous viewers broke into tears.

    It's been said that life is tough and then you die. Thus countless people desperately want to believe in a loving God that will reward them in Heaven. The show dispensed with theological downsides, namely questioning why a loving Being would allow hardship before reaching that Heaven. Each week one was so wrapped up in the realistic portrayals of suffering that one was enraptured by the happy conclusion.

    Cynics hated the sugary treatment and even some believers thought it too simplistic, especially the suicide episodes. A person pointing a gun to their head or standing over a cliff was asked by a glowing angel to put down the gun or step back from the cliff because God wanted them to live. Viewers protested that a friend or relative had killed themselves so where was their angel? The writers answered with a story where a man puts his gun down, so the joyous angel departs, except afterward hears a gunshot. Both the angel and the man's family are angry at God, but they learn the lesson that people possess free will and not even God can change their behavior.

    The finale was all the more blunt, precisely playing upon the emotions of long time viewers trying to handle the show ending its weekly uplift. In this two part episode held over two nights, we were given time to absorb the fact that due to her promotion, Monica was going to be separated from her beloved teacher Tess. Consequently, she'd face the same grief as the viewers. That was the ultimate secret of the show - tapping into and sharing one's deepest feelings. True, clever preachers do that, but viewers felt the writers and actors on the show sincerely believed in their message.

    Sadly, the finale mirrored life too well. Monica and Tess are indeed gone. Perhaps you have experienced brief encounters with people who appear "angelic" - such as a benevolent stranger offering a kind word or deed. But they disappear and you are left only with memories.

    To refresh those memories, I repeatedly watch the finale on DVD. As with all good art, it provides an escape from life's Fridays and Saturdays. If you are fortunate enough to actually experience Sundays, consider yourself truly blessed, that is, touched by an angel.
  • I suspect that people who enjoy this show enjoy it immensely - they find it 'moving' and 'highly emotional'. Its bad enough having to watch TV evangelists for 5 milliseconds while I flip channels , and now we have tv serials with religious themes. If you think TBN is the best thing to happen to TV or if you still believe that "god" made the universe then this show is for you. If not, please do yourself a favor and avoid. Too bad they didn't make it more interesting by having a satan character.
  • I used to watch this series with my family back in its early seasons and enjoyed it a lot. But as time went on we drifted away from it because it was basically recycling the same old plot devices over and over again. Angels come to town. There's a problem. Angels investigate. Everything is not as it seems at first. Angels offer advice but are mostly ignored. Problem becomes screwed up even more. Angels reveal themselves. Everything works out. End of episode.

    The formula changes from time to time but that's the basic plot of many episodes. For the first few seasons it worked because there were plenty of situations in which to apply it to, but now they're basically repeating the same stuff that we have already seen in the early seasons with only some minor changes. Only every now and then does an episode come along that feels somewhat original. I tuned in a few months ago and watched a couple of episodes. On the whole, nothing has changed.

    All up, likeable series, but can get pretty tiresome after a while if you're only watching it for entertainment value and not for spiritual comfort or something similar.
  • simonp5 November 2017
    One of the most imbecilic programmes ever to come out of the US. Women speaking in what the Americans think is English as spoken by angels, Also for those who bother to read the bible, all the Angels are male. There was never a female angel. Basically, the entire programme always assumes that there is only Christianity. It's one of hundreds of religions and one of the two most fictitious and plagiarised fictions of all time. It's clearly intended to be watched by bored housewives who believe anything they are told without question. In two words, PERNICIOUS DRIVEL. If I could have scored it a zero, believe me I would have done so.
  • And afterwards I spent three hours vomiting stomach acid into a bucket.

    So, in a few words, this show disgusts me.

    If I remember correctly, I watched the episode where one of the angels talks to a young girl who worships Satan and says "the lord loves you, even if you did steal Marylin Manson CD's". Yes, I think that is what she said. There is no more disgusting show on TV, besides Pokemon and Full House, of course. It is so sickeningly sweet it makes my teeth fall out!
  • Well isn't this just the goody two-shoes show of the decade? Lovely little angels floating down to earth to grant miracles and generally be perfect and wholesome and wonderful. It makes me want to puke. Angels do not exist. They are not real, they are contrived myths created with the sole purpose of making death seem a little nicer. "It doesn't matter if you die, for you will be greeted by a beautiful angel and our saviour, the Almighty Lord Himself." You know the routine. It's about the most sickening show on television, all these perfect people running around helping others blah blah blah boring. My only guess as to why anyone would ever want to create such a horrible little number as Touched By An Angel is indeed someone looking to score a few brownie points with the old Lord himself. Figured hey I'll make this incredibly disgusting show about goody goody angels doing wonderful deeds and hope God has cable. In any case, I only hope this eternal blight on the world of television is taken off the air before long so that we non-martyr's can be freed from it's sickly sweet wrath.
  • Pros: God and his message of divine love

    Cons: Dramatically sappy, obviously unsubtle when it comes to references like "Salvation's Child" for example, most stories focused on social issues or people in doubt after bad things happened to them, guest stars usually has beens or B-actors (with few exceptions who also appeared on better films/series/etc.), soothing snyth music and historically inaccurate on some episodes alongside New Age tone.
  • Not that I disbelieve that angels dwell amongst us and are sent to us in our times of difficulty. From the day I was born 36 years ago, my dear mother taught me that. God Bless her and I love her for it. And I know it to be true. BUT, a particular episode (as well as several others) having rape as it's primary focus is an absolute insult to the victim's rights groups toward whom I can have nothing but absolute sympathy and compassion. Furthermore, episode 508 was titled "Psalm 151". Which I personally consider to be un scriptural. There are 150 Psalms of David. Not 151.
  • I think TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL is best described as a like-it-or-hate-it show. Some would be turned away by the message-heavy show, while others would like it for its likeable characters and family-friendly stories. I've never watched it on a weekly basis, but I have seen a good deal of episodes, and I enjoy it. I'm not a very religious person, but I can view it as a pleasant show with a lot of heart, good acting, and good storytelling. Of course, one of the reasons I like it is because of Roma Downey, whose beauty (and that beautiful voice) can make even the most slow-paced episodes enjoyable. There's no car chases or shootouts here, so some episodes do tend to be a little slow, but for those who like it, ultimately rewarding. There's obviously a good amount of chemistry between the three stars, and as I said, the stories are very family-friendly, often dealing with issues everyone can relate to. This is a show parents could feel comfortable with letting their kids watch alone. If today's kids could accept a show with more talk than action. I'm still surprised this show is still on. Shows this simple and nice usually tend to disappear immediately. I bet if the show had debuted within the past two or three years, it would have been gone before the fifth episode probably. I suspect it's got another season or two left. It's had a good run, so I would hope the show ends while it's still a good show.
  • So this are what angels look like? Nice imagination.

    Now I am no hypocrite, but I find it amusing that like in all TV shows, everyone speaks perfect ENGLISH! Where are the Japanese angels? Oh, they're Shinto Buddhist. What about Russian? No, they're Eastern Orthodox. Not even a Jewish angel? No, because they're Hebrew.

    See a pattern here? Same story, different outcome. I've been to church sermons on the same level. Too syrupy, sappy, and never a tear cries in sorrow.

  • After watching another episode on Hallmark today I decided to check out the IMDb site for the series. I read several comments and realized that whether or not individuals 'liked' the show is not as relevant as the fact that individuals reacted to it, some very strongly one way or the other. I suspect the producers saw an opportunity in the 1990's to fulfill their own purpose by creating a forum for positive messages, provocative and thought-provoking story lines and by recognizing the place faith has for billions of people on earth. And I think they did just that. I only wish more people sought such a worthy purpose and fulfilled it. The world might be a better place.
  • First let me say, I am a Christian and do believe in God and angels and for a while I watched this show every time it was on, however it's getting old. Every episode is the same thing. Person with chronic illness, serious problems, and/or bad attitude goes through a bunch of problems and and then Monica (while crying) makes evrything better. It's getting unbelievable. They can't save everyone. Also Andrew (the angel of death) is always around, however it's rare that anyone actually dies. This show uses the same plot every time and I'm tired of it.
  • This show was fun at first. A unique take on the different-setting-and-characters-per-week drama or mystery. But the show takes itself too seriously now. It was fun to see how angels could have intervened in some situations, but I never took it seriously from a religious perspective. The cult status shows that people ARE looking at it seriously from a religious standpoint, which is sad. I liked the shows that dealt with the angels themselves, such as the first one with the angel of death (the first season thanksgiving episode), Jacob's Ladder (Monica in the insane asylum and Cindy Williams [Claire] a lost angel), the episode where they face the devil, the episode where Monica has to discover that she has no faith. But that was all pure fictional enjoyment; a fantasy about an angel world. If you need to see angels to believe in God, or don't believe you can help people without magic powers or a magic spotlight, then the show is doing more harm than good. Please CBS, give the show a rest already!
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