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  • Ok, I am writing this review in response to the bad review written by Bill which I don't believe this series deserves. "Weird Science" is one of the BEST TV series ever made and is definitely my #1 favorite show of all-time and will always be! I like the Cast from the series a lot better than the cast in the movie and think Lee Tergeson makes a better Chett than Bill Paxton, Vanessa Angel is definitely a lot better as Lisa than Kelly LaBrock, and in addition prefer Michael Manasseri and John Mallory Asher as Wyatt and Gary. Plus, Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi is brilliant. Bruce adds A LOT of comedy to the show, and such is why "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show" is also a very good show.

    You have to take into account the BIG time span between the Weird Science movie and the tv series, before you start saying anything about the movie or the series. There is a whopping 8 - 9 years between them. Therefore, the movie will undoubtably always appeal to people over the age of 25 or 26, and the series will always undoubtably appeal to anyone under the age of 25. It also depends on which you see first as to which you will like. If you see the series first, you will most likely like that and not like the movie as much, and vise versa.

    I personally do not care for the movie at all and will always watch an episode or 2 of the Series whenever I want some "Weird Science". I own the movie as well, but may never watch it again as I just don't care for it. I absolutely LOVE the tv series, though, and really wish USA Network continued it for Season 6. It was one of their most popular shows, too, by the way.
  • This was an amazing series. It was very funny. The cast had excellent chemistry together. The movie was okay, but this show was much better. They got very creative with each episode. It's a shame USA cancelled it (no reason was ever given by the way). The reruns don't even run down here in America. Weird Science would make an excellent addition to the Sci-Fi Channel line up. I'm just glad I taped a few episodes.
  • Hey, this actually was a pretty funny show! It had all the makings of a stupid, Saved By the Bell-like crap-cheese television flop, but actually the show was genuinely funny and creative! What was best were the hit-and-run jokes almost like the Simpsons.
  • In some ways, I think this series is better than the movie. I like the cast a lot better in the series, and seeing as how you can watch the show every week, ya know...more than 2 hours worth of story! I liked this show a lot when it was on U.S.A. network years ago, but now, it's back on Fox Family Channel on Saturdays. Great idea, because the show is really funny. The production values are decent for a show of the type, the cast can act...and Vanessa Angel, she's somewhat pretty, but I think she's hilarious in this role. Great show, great add-on to the movie. 8/10
  • I remember watching this series on USA quite a few years ago. I was pretty young back then, but I vaguely remembered seeing it. I was just hoping that I would get the chance to see it again and thankfully I did as Fox Family picked up the re-runs of this show. I've started watching the series again and I LOVE IT! I hadn't watched the John Hughes film, which this series is based on, until a little bit before I saw the series for the second time. I have to say that I enjoy the television series even more than the film. While, both casts were great, there's just something about the television series that makes me enjoy it more. I just hope that Fox Family continues showing re-runs of the show for a long time.
  • Weird Science is one of the funniest TV series' I have ever seen. It is really funny, allowing the actors to play off each other very skillfully, especially the two boys who are good friends in real life. Asher's timing is great, and well Vanessa Angel... What can I say. Wow. Some of the best talent to ever come out of England. The series finished after 88 episodes in 1998, though it is only recently being played in England. The teenage humour in the show is bought about by Chet and Lisa, allowing for enjoyment by all.
  • Petey-1012 September 2000
    Gary Wallace (John Mallory Asher) and Wyatt Donnelly (Michael Manasseri) are teenagers who create a perfect woman with their computer, Lisa (Vanessa Angel).Wyatt's mean brother is played by Lee Tergesen and principal Scampi is played by Bruce Jarchow.Weird Science ran from 1994 to 1997.The actors did great job and everything worked just perfectly in this comedy sci-fi show.The show was as good or even better than the movie.Weird Science is great fun especially for teens.
  • "Weird Science" is an array of every situation that a teenage guy can get into, and is stuningly exaggerated. The use of CG hasn't tainted the point of the show, and the cast really is easy to connect with. Gary and Wyatt have portrayed their charaters as if there was no acting required, and have just put together one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • In a word, interesting, the fact that 2 15 year old were given an electric hot woman in the form of Vanessa Angel (that chick from kingpin) it spells hijinxs.But like i said its an interesting concepts and for the most part I like it. However will it be one of my favorite TV shows of the 90's, not by a long shot

    The good Now the premise is nice, Lisa for the most part is fun and likable and she does have the sex appeal,plus I prefer straight hair (sorry Kelly) and even Wyatt is a fun character, and i really feel bad he's been overshadowed as a main character by Gary which I will get to later. Still the skits are funny, the ideas of horny boys releateable, and Lisa as i said makes everything enjoyable , for some time

    The bad EVERYONE IS A DOUCHE!!!! Why do early 90's do that, what do we make the supporting cast so unlikable , that we want them sliced off by Jason Voorhees, the brother isn't likable, the school isn't likable , hell even their own parents are big douche bags, When Gary's dad says "You know our son cant learn" I felt really hurt, oh and speaking of Gary, why don't we make him a douche and unpopular, cause that's what i get when i see him on the show , I want to make him out like Shawn Hunter from Boy meets World, but he's too douche to be even compared to that, this one fatal flaw which prevents me from enjoying this show, .If anyone can look over that, then i suppose you would like this show, but for me its okay show for having an amazing premise , A 6.7 not bad , but could be better
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was a fan of the TV series Weird Science (based on the movie) back when it first aired on USA network in the Mid-90s. I recently re-watched it on Hulu.

    The premise was this. Two teenage boys use a 1990s PC (Don't laugh!) to try to create a perfect woman. Lightning strikes while they are trying to make this creation and somehow it creates / summons an actual (magical) Genie that resides in their computer much like Aladdin's lamp.

    The two boys each put their own ideals into her so she is both beautiful and witty and intelligent and kind. But she is no submissive servant for them. Instead she uses each wish they make (which is always only temporary) to subtly teach them an important life lesson. And as the series goes on the boys slowly grow as people.

    Though it was a teen friendly sitcom you actually saw the two boys evolve as people. Even Chett (the bully older brother of one of the boys) starts to become a decent person and even gains moments of selflessness and love as the show goes on.

    It was a surprising gem for a show that originally aired on USA Network at ten PM (Right before Duck Man) on Saturday Nights. As a kid I would watch Are you Afraid of the Dark on Nickelodeon's Saturday Night block of programming (Snick) and then switch over the USA Network when that was over for Weird Science.

    Weird Science was something that caught my attention as someone who loved Aladdin and Frankenstein (and it made many references to Frankenstein). I was / am also a huge fan of Danny Elfman. Danny Elfman wrote the title track for Weird Science back when he was the front man for the band Oingo Boingo.

    Each episode felt fun, felt good and left me with an "up" feeling. My only complaints ever were the "destruction" of Wyatt's hampster's ghost (That wasn't funny. That was horrible, and that very last episode).

    My only complaint is the final season had a few issues near the end. I feel the show should have ended with the Genie baby episode. That was a fine ending. We got to see how much Chett truly cared for Lisa, the extent he would go for her (including giving birth), how much he had grown as a character. And all the characters seemed to be in a satisfying place in their development. Gary and Wyatt were getting ready for collage and Chett had become responsible and warm toward Lisa and his brother. It felt right.

    That last episode where Gary married an alien, Chett was revealed as being Principal Scampi's son, Wyatt and Lisa were a couple (for some reason, despite her season long developing relationship with the maturing Chett...) it just felt off. In fact it felt wrong. Skampi died and it was meant to be funny because they made the scene Darth Vader-esque? Seriously? Gary marries an alien who wanted to conquer Earth but each touch brings an orgasm Wyatt and Lisa have a shoe horned temporary relationship, abruptly dropping the one Lisa had with Chett. It made no sense.

    I just felt that the final episode was wrong somehow. They should have ended it with Lisa's baby. It felt right and all the characters were in tact. It wasn't an annoying and poorly written WTF moment. The only other episode I didn't care for dealt with a deranged ghost hunter killing the soul of Wyatt's dead hampster. Destroying the spirit of a beloved pet = No.

    Skip those two episodes and you'll be fine. Enjoy the brain candy and the highly catchy theme song.

    Trivia: Gary and Wyatt's hair exactly matches the hair cuts of the characters Dr. Pretorius and Henry Frankenstein from Bride of Frankenstein. Also I'm pretty sure if this was made today there would be fans who ship Gary and Wyatt.
  • The fact that this dreadful series, a barren spin-off of John Hughes' classic 1985 teen comedy WEIRD SCIENCE, was ever given the green light is a testament to how in the 90s, people in the TV industry will do anything to make a buck.

    It surprises me that a once-great director of Hughes' calibre would even permit this to be made. The acting in this show is nightmarish; original, interesting characters from the movie are reduced to two-dimensional caricatures; the scripts are horribly plodding and clumsy; and the name WEIRD SCIENCE is put to shame. It is a complete misrepresentation of the 80s. Thank God they've stopped making it.

    Let's just hope they don't make a series out of PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES, another Hughes masterpiece.