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  • kermitpup26 December 2002
    This is a great movie and Luke Perry does a great job of playing Lane Frost. While it is not entirely factual, it does give a fairly accurate description of life in the rodeo. This is one of those movies I can watch over and over again. If you don't like bulls, dirt, and the cowboy way..... don't rent this movie. However it is a must see for any rodeo fan.
  • For those who don't know, 8 Seconds is the length of time one has to remain on the back of bucking bull in the bull riding event at a rodeo. I'm sure that those cowboys feel that those 8 seconds are like an eternity.

    This picture is about one of the very best at his profession, Lane Frost. The three principal players at the time this film was made, Luke Perry(Beverly Hills 90210), Stephen Baldwin(The Young Riders) and Cynthia Geary(Northern Exposure) were all at the height of exposure from popular television series' and brought a built in audience to the show.

    It helps by the way that Luke Perry bears an absolutely uncanny resemblance to the real Lane Frost. During the end credits there is some interview footage with the real Lane Frost so I'm sure there were a lot of oohs and aahs from the audience as the movie ended.

    I remember reading about Luke Perry and that his background before he became a teen heart throb was from a really tiny Ohio town. I'm sure that Perry understood the character of Lane Frost very well who hailed from a small town in Oklahoma.

    This film now joins other good movies about the rodeo scene, like The Lusty Men and Junior Bonner. Only difference is this one had an actual rodeo champion as a hero/protagonist.

    The portrayal of Lane Frost was as genuinely nice young man who rose to the top of his chosen profession through, skill, hard work, and dedication. He was doing as so few of us are privileged to do, actually make money doing what he loved. He gained a celebrity status in his field and was prey to the temptations that accompany fame. The Lane Frost, Perry gives us is a man who was very human. Doesn't detract in the least from his accomplishments.

    Cynthia Geary is fine as the wife who wins, loses, and wins Perry back ultimately. She's also rodeo people, the real Mrs. Frost was a barrel racing champion.

    And Stephen Baldwin as Tuff Hedeman who was Frost's best friend and eventual successor as bull riding champion registers well in his role.

    In 1994 the very year that 8 Seconds came out, professional bull riding spun out on its own as a sport with the formation of the Professional Bull Riders. It's champion in 1995 was none other than Tuff Hedeman. And in 1996 Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost with both inducted in the PBR Ring of Honor, the equivalent of their Hall of Fame.

    It's a good biographical picture and should have gotten much more attention than it did.
  • Luke Perry stars in this sentimental account of the interesting life of Oklahoma bull rider Lane Frost. Hard work and faith led to winning the 1987 PRCA Bull Riding World Championship before rodeo finally took his young life. Perry is very believable leading the cast that also features:Cynthia Geary, Stephen Baldwin and Red Mitchell. Some country dance tunes by Brooks & Dunn and Vince Gill. Worthwhile and recommended for the whole family.
  • After I watched this film on video, I did a Google search on Lane Frost and was pleasantly surprised by the excellent web sites in tribute to his life. Evidently the film follows Lane's life fairly accurately, and the diversions from the truth are acceptable when you consider films are in the business of making money and must appeal to a wider audience than those "who are in the know".

    It is fitting that his parents said "If people remember one thing about Lane we want it to be that he was a kind person and knew Jesus." I am not a religious-churchy person at all and I add this here show you that this film is about a decent, good person; don't worry though, the film does not preach, etc.

    The acting is very good, and the characters are quite believable. This is a nice film to watch with the family. I suppose if you cannot connect with the American West, or horses, or rodeos, you may want to leave this film alone, but otherwise it is a refreshing alternative to the usual Hollywood car chases, gun fights, sex and cheap jokes.

    My hat comes off to Lane Frost, a person to admire.
  • mattkratz27 December 2000
    This movie was actually quite good. The story of ill-fated bullrider Lane Frost met my expectations and featured just the right amount of romance, drama, rodeo scenes, action, tear-jerking scenes, and country singer cameos to suit most needs. I liked Luke Perry's performance, and Cynthia Geary's wasn't bad. If you see this, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

    *** out of ****
  • Just happened on to this movie. Could not turn it off. Love rodeos--live and on TV. Had sort of followed these "cowboys" for several years.Really enjoyed seeing a bit of their lives. Lane Frost was basically a good person and it was nice to see him depicted that way. None of us are perfect and I guess it was ok to depict that side also. Glad the movie did not dwell on the negative and Lane and Kellie were able to work things out before he died. I believe I remember when he died. My Dad was a "cowboy"--not rodeo--just a real cowboy for many years.

    Don't miss this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a great sports movie. And frankly, I think it's better than John Avildsen's other sports movie, Rocky (1976) .

    A story about a country boy turned world champion bullrider. It is about time, is all I can say. Lane Frost was a great cowboy, and he died doing what he loved. I have watched the real thing, and these boys deserve some real credit out there, doing what there doin.

    I just hope that some of the proceeds of this film went to the cowboys who need it. When Lane Frost died, a big part of PBR died along with him. I salute him for what he loved to do. At my school, we always watched this movie in our FFA class.

    It is definitely a favorite of mine, because, for one thing, it is much better than a lot of westerns you see these days. This movie is also a great love story between Lane and his wife, Kellie. If you love westerns, or romance movies, this one here is for y'all. I give it 9 of 10.
  • mollymischief1 April 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Of all the movies that my family has watched, this is the only movie that we don't intentionally rent. The first time Lane gets hurt is just too much for my husband to watch. Otherwise, 8 seconds would be on TV once a week if it were up to me. This is the only movie that I have seen in the theater where everyone remained seated through the credits. We were with another couple. I looked over to see my brother-in-law with tears streaming down his face as the end credits rolled and two songs played. In fact, most of the people sitting around us were crying. I was hesitant about watching Cynthia Geary after seeing her strong character on Northern Exposure (tv). I think her performance here is cheesy. Better casting would have sent my vote to a 10 out of 10 but this one gets 9 from me. Most of it's appeal comes from the soundtrack and how moved everyone feels after watching it. If a movie ever influenced me, it is this one. To this day I follow Tuff Hederman's career, though I wasn't interested in rodeo before seeing 8 Seconds.
  • Miss_America10 September 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw '8 Seconds' a little while ago and thought it to be pretty good. It does contain some language and they did change the story line slightly from Lane Frosts real life, but overall it was a interesting video with likable characters. I'm a big rodeo fan so I especially enjoyed the bull riding and barrel riding scenes (Kelly Frost is a barrel rider) and the behind-the-chute action that the normal rodeo goer isn't able to see. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't mention that the real Lane Frost was a strong Christian, that they made his character in the movie have conflicts with his father when in reality they had a wonderful relationship, and that they included a cheating scene which never happened (the real Lane and Kelly Frost did split up for awhile, but there never was any cheating done by either side)

    I recommend this movie, especially if you have a language filter on your player :P although do be forewarned that there are some 'references' as well.
  • This movie captures the life and times of legendary professional bull rider Lane Frost. However, there are a few things that are added to the facts and a few facts that are left out. The director felt that Lane's real-life story was "too good to be true" and needed a little pizzazz. All in all, this was a great movie (even though you'll probably be crying by the time it's all over, yes even you tough men out there!)
  • This movie is awesome. Luke Perry is so HOTTTTT:)

    He is an awesome bull rider and actor. This movie will get you on edge. I loved the part where Lane takes his shirt off. He has great abs. He has a nice butt too.

    I love his accent. Thismovie is for all the country, rodeo fans out there. You will love this movie.

    The way the movie is persented in this movie is a life recap of Lane Frost. This movie has famous bull riders. Lane frost, Tuff Hedeman and some others. You will love this movie if you are into all the country, rodeo, and bull riders. This movie is the best thing to happen to country movies. It has a great plot and theme. The actors and the director is absolutely Brilliant.
  • 8 Seconds is probably my favorite film. It's not the best film on Earth, mind you; but it's the one I like watching the most. Luke Perry does a great job of portraying Lane Frost. It's a definite must-see for people who like films about love and friendship. The love story between Lane and Kelly shows all their ups and downs, through all of Lane's successes and failures (which happen in conjunction with the ups and downs in their personal lives). Then there is the friendship between Lane and Tuff Hedeman (Stephen Baldwin), which shows through even when Tuff is being hard on him. The film manages to avoid a lot of sentimentality and cliche film making. Worth your while to check it out.
  • The viewers out there who don't want to watch this movie because it is about the rodeo or has a country theme are missing a heck of a lot more than cowboys and cowflop. This movie deals with much more than bullriding. It deals with relationships, dreams, love and life in general. This movie really made me think about a lot of things, to me that is what determines if a movie is worth watching. Not that I am against a good action or comedy flick. But when one of these movies comes along it is really a shame if it is missed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a biopic about Rodeo superstar Lane Frost. It tells his story of living in his fathers footsteps and becoming a legend in his sport. It tells of how he met the love of his life and the ups and downs of his career full of broken bones and broken homes. A must see for anyone who knew his story, or followed Rodeo competitions. It will be enjoyed by those who like a good honest story about a real person.

    The acting was really good here and although Luke Perry was a huge star on Beverly Hills 90210, to me this is by far his best acting role. Stephen Baldwin is th only guy I wish they had replaced, those Baldwin's (with the exception of Alec in some roles) are just bad actors. The movie was good production wise, and whoever is responsible for shooting and arranging the bull-riding sequences did a great job too.

    It has a lot of heart. Lane is a great guy and everyone loves him, but he wants his dad to be as proud of him as the rest of the world is, doesn't every boy that looks up to their dad deserve to be told how proud they are. The movie shows that it takes a lot sometimes to know what love is, and it truly shows that following your dreams can make and often break a person.

    This movie was a good little drama. It was slow at times and thats what hurt it for me, it has some very dated stuff which makes it cheesy. I wish they had made it a little more exciting, but it has tons of dialog and lovey dovey appeal. It is often labeled as an action and other than the bull-riding it is not action at all, and its often called a family movie, but although it has a pg-13 rating, I think it is not family friendly, not for younger kids anyway.

    If you like sad drama's give it a try, or if you like rodeo stuff. I still can't give it more than 3 stars cause it didn't do a whole lot for me.

    Yee Haw!
  • hailsistojeremysisto11 February 2005
    I first saw this movie when it came out. I think this is what created my love for bull riding. Well watching it that is. I have so much respect for those who go and do this every day for a living. I fell in love with 8 seconds the very first time I saw it. It is my favorite movie of all times. It will continue to be forever. I cry every time I see it. I don't know how a person can sit and not cry from watching it. The songs they chose for the movie are perfect. Reba's "If I had Only Known." That's a tear jerker in it's self. Also Billy Dean's song "Once and A While." I think? Great song too. And the pictures of Lane at the end. Oh my. I just couldn't stop crying. It was amazing. The fact that this is about a real person I think makes it so much more better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film was recommended to me years ago and I wish I had of watched it sooner. Before I really say anything, I'd like to mention that if you have something against 'cowboys' or 'country life' then don't watch it. Its about cowboys, bull riding, horses, country life, country jokes and yes some of it is crude. The acting is brilliant, the story line is strong and true to the real story of Lane, with casting that really complements the story. It is a 90's film so its dated, but this only makes it seem more honest and true. The country lifestyle is shown well and I guess this is part of the reason a lot of people don't like it - country jokes and country boys are often crude and seemingly disrespectful, and for someone who doesn't really understand it the 'redneck' stereotype can certainly sway opinion. This has to be one of my favorite films despite how sad it is. It really does pull on the heartstrings. It helps that Luke perry is great looking in this film. Cowboy Up!
  • This movie is a great tribute to Lane Frost.

    This brings out the best in any movie viewer and it makes us take a look at what's important.

    Get this movie today, but don't forget the box of tissues.

    The acting, music, and directing of this movie adds to the overall effect.

    Luke Perry is at his best in this movie.

    I especially like the montage at the end of the movie-it brings out feelings and realizations that anything can happen at any time.

    I bought this movie to watch over and over again.
  • Anyone who spent time with Lane or guffawed at Tuff's assessment of lesser riders, ("Ol' so-n-so wants to be a bull rider, problem is, he's skairt o' bulls!") will have a hard time finding the real boys in this film. Instead they will cringe at badly done accents and wonder where the boy's likability went. No loved one is spared, and the writers seemed to go out of their way to transform Lane's Justins from leather to clay. Why does the media tear down our heroes?

    Luke Perry's affected accent borders on parody and Cynthia Geary, (formerly "Shelly" on "Northern Exposure"), is downright unappealing as Lane's wife, Kellie. All too often TV actors lack a certain texture to make it on the big screen, and the casting here proves it. I suspect the powers that be were trying to cash in on the popularity of Perry's and Geary's television shows. The late Red Mitchell, a genuine Texan, and film actor, was excellent as the poetry spouting "Cody Lambert". Cowboy poetry is a real art form, but the real Cody Lambert wasn't known for his poetical abilities.

    Further evidence that Perry is no Lane Frost comes from the scene where he tosses his hat, brim down, on a chair. No self respecting cowboy would ever do that! (In fact, it was a rapid glance test for sniffing out coca-cola cowboys back in the days following "Urban Cowboy" when everyone and their brother was trying to pass as a "real cowboy". On that subject, a lot of rodeo cowboys are treated with disdain by those from working ranches. Rodeo is an extremely expensive "hobby" and most "real cowboys" can't afford to ride any circuit other than the pasture fence line.) The vast majority of rodeo cowboys, and wage riding cowboys, for that matter, end up so stoved up that they are old men by the age of 40, something the film gave a passing nod to.

    Lane really did wear a wild turkey feather in his hatband, but he wasn't hurt by Red Rock, who was actually a popular bull to draw. The trailer in the picture was an insult to the man, and they did split up for awhile, but it wasn't over cheating. Tuff really did manage to hang on for 8 more seconds in honor of Lane during his ride at the 1989 National Rodeo Finals. You can say well, heck, it is only a movie, cut it some slack, but I say this is about a real man who really touched a lot of people's hearts, and those that don't know any better now only get this fractured view of him. He deserved a lot better.

    Then there is the way family members are portrayed. If one believes this movie, the whole Frost family had closeness issues... and that is just with the parents. Lane's siblings are ignored all together. In real life, Elsie is generous and the picture of Christian charity, and bless her for it, but this film showed her and Clyde in a pretty bad light, and doesn't say much for his real life wife either.

    Still, there are some interesting moments, and an absolutely priceless credit sequence where we get to see the real Lane Frost in action. Your heart can leap into your mouth watching him get busted up by those bulls and you may cheer when he gets up and walks away with that infectious grin of his. If you want to be a bullrider, you may even give it a rethink after seeing that even a champion gets stomped every once in awhile.

    I always bust out sobbing while those precious minutes roll by, but it is from seeing Lane ride again, and being mentally transported back in time. Those were exciting and very stressful years, and I frankly resent the director's attempt to force us into reaching for the tissues by the choice in music over the credits. (Typical country tearjerkers.) Instead of walking away in contemplation, or in marvel of Lane's life, we are left on a very big downer, a box office killer and further proof someone was asleep on the job. Lane would not have wanted that for us.

    Overall, I give it low marks for the mauling of a genuine American Hero, but qualified high marks for that credit sequence!
  • Luke Perry died recently, so I decided to watch one of his movies. I had never heard of Lane Frost before watching John G. Avildsen's "8 Seconds". Without a doubt, Frost knew where his passion was. Definitely not something that I'd ever do - especially after reports that the people behind the rodeos use harsh methods to get the bulls worked up - but Frost was really into it, as were large numbers of people in the southwest US.

    Perry puts in a fine performance, but the rest of the cast isn't that well developed, and the movie contains the occasional cliche that we see in biopics (such as conflicts between characters). Still, it's an enjoyable movie, even if you don't know about the subject.
  • 8 Seconds (1994)

    *** (out of 4)

    This here was billed as telling the true story of Lane Frost (Luke Perry) who would become the youngest National Champion in bullriding. The story behind the riding was a lot darker as he was married young to a woman named Kellie (Cynthia Geary) and the two suffered many problems.

    8 SECONDS was a film that was meant to turn Perry into a major movie star but it was released to a lot of lukewarm reviews and it didn't do overly well at the box office. The film pretty much didn't live up to what it was trying to do and it certainly left a mark on Perry's career.

    I'm really not sure why the film didn't do better. Perhaps it was a bit too dark for a kids movie yet not quite adult enough to cater to older viewers. In my opinion the film was unjustly criticized and it's really too bad because this was a pretty good movie that at least told a good story and featured some nice performances.

    I think the film probably would have been better had it gone straight out as an adult movie and dealt with the darker issues in a more serious manor. Both Perry and Geary are so good in their roles that you can't help but enjoy them as they take us through the story. The two of them are especially good during the more dramatic moments and they certainly sell the story of the young couple dealing with things they don't quite understand.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just imagine you and your family are bull-riders. Your dad wants to push you to be the greatest rider in the Professional Bull Rider association. Are you willing to give it your all. Are you gonna cowboy or just lay there and bleed. In this story of one of the Greatest bull-riders of the whole USA you may learn just how difficult it was for him, LANE FROST!!! Please watch this inspiring story of one young man's future that will be changed forever. Lane frost has written his name into Bull-riders history. Join Lane Frost as he takes us all on the ride of our lives!!! Lane Frost is still one of the highest regarded Bull-riders in all of the United States of America.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In "8 Seconds" (1994), Lane Frost (Luke Perry) is a young man from Oklahoma who learns to ride, hoping to win the approval of his father. As Lane works his way up the rodeo circuit with his best friend Tuff Hedeman (Stephen Baldwin), he meets Kelly Kyle (Cynthia Geary), a pretty barrel-race rider with whom he falls in love. Lane and Kelly marry, and while Lane's dedication to rodeo and its fans earns him a devoted following, it also keeps him away from Kelly and threatens to sink their relationship. Lane's hard work pays off when he wins the 1987 world championship, but the danger of the sport catches up with him two years later, when he dies as a result of an accident during competition.

    This movie was made to commemorate the life of Lane Frost. Lane was the typical boy. At a young age he started to bull ride. He traveled around with his best friends and he made his way up the rodeo circuit. He followed his dreams. They made the movie to show that Lane lived his life to the fullest. He made mistakes just like the normal person. Also that Lane died doing what he loved. He did not let the fear of death stop him from doing what he loved to do. He had his minor injuries every now and then, but he did not let that stop him also. This just shows us that if a bull rider could do it we could do it also.

    Growing up always loving animals the movie intrigued me to want to watch it. With loving horses and cows I knew that "8 Seconds" would be a movie that I would love. After watching the movie I saw that it was about more than just the fact of rodeos. The movie taught me to always follow your dreams no matter the risk. I believe there is no better way to die if I am doing what I love!
  • I had taped and watched this movie several times and I always see something new in it. Lane Frost had three tries at Red Rock and finally rode him after the bull had thrown some 316 or so, bull riders. There was some confusion about the bull in Cheyenne Wyoming. As he got on the bull there, there was a lot of background noise as the announcer was talking and we did not hear the name of that bull that killed Lane Frost. I backed the tape up over and over but it did not come out. Later, I started researching the internet finally got the name of that bull. For anyone who is a curious as I am, the actual name of the Bull was "Taking Care of Business". Thanks.
  • cfelico16 February 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this was an excellent film. THis film was great and it made me shed a tear and put a lump in my throat, and I'm not ashamed at all. And it was fairly accurate to his life, although from what I've heard and read, Lane and Kelly never really cheated on each other it was just added for the film for more drama. And as a personal friend of Stephen Baldwin, I'm not just saying all of this because he's in it, although it makes it more fun and enjoyable to watch the film even more. I saw this film before and after I knew him, and now when I see him I always quote the movie to him and talk to him about it. I think it is a great movie truly inspirational, it really touches the heart! I would recommend this movie to anyone, you don't have to have any interest in bull riding or cowboys for that matter, to enjoy this film!
  • dakcarm7 August 2006
    This movie is heart breaking. It is even more so because I lived in Caddo, OK and Lane Frost came there. My brother was close to Lane because he has a son that was Lane's age. The movie was touching but not all true. From what I understand Lane's father was not the way he is portrayed in the movie. Lane was someone to be admired. We own the movie and watch it a lot. Tuff signed the cover for us. Everyone should see this movie at least once. Lane's life was worth telling. He was a good guy. Just a good Oklahoma boy. I hope many, many people view this movie and remember Lane Frost. It is too bad his life could not have gone on longer. Cowboy up ya'll
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