Tuff Hedeman actually did ride an extra eight seconds in memory of Lane.

At the time of filming, a bronze memorial statue of Lane Frost riding a bull was dedicated at the Frontier Days Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Luke Perry attended the dedication, as did Frost's parents and widow.

'Perry, Luke' and 'Baldwin, Stephen' learned to ride bulls, and performed some of their own stunts.

Stephen Baldwin, who portrays Tuff Hedeman, quietly donated his earnings from the movie to the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. JCCF provides financial assistance to cowboys injured during rodeos.

Kellie Frost was not in attendance when Lane was killed. At the time, she was a consultant for the movie "My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys" and was on set during filming.

The poem that Cody Lambert (Red Mitchell) reads on the way to Cheyenne is actually a shortened collection of stanzas from a poem called "Legacy of a Rodeo Man" by Baxter Black.

Robin Wright turned down the role of Kellie Frost.

Aaron Watson's song "July in Cheyenne (Song for Lane's Momma)" was written for Lane's mom, Elsie Frost. He wrote it from the perspective of a parent grieving the loss of a child, as was grieving the loss of his baby daughter.