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  • This is a great movie that simply doesn't get alot of credit. An amatuer band known as the Lone Rangers (Fraser, Buscemi, Sandler) sneak into a recording studio to have their demo tape played on the air. When refused, things get out of hand and they hold the place hostage.

    This movie has an original plot line with good humour and good acting. Keep in mind that this movie comes very early on in the careers of all three title characters. Personally I find the calibre of acting that Fraser and Sandler have in this movie better than some that came afterwards.

    When you start watching this movie, you'll want to finish it. Perfect example, my room mate who came in the room looking for something ended up staying for the whole movie.

    Give this baby a chance. If you don't like it, you've lost the price of a rental.
  • billybrown4129 December 2002
    Let's face it, if you go into a movie called "Airheads" expecting an intellegent, well-written, highbrow piece of cinematic art, then you deserve exactly what you get, so to everyone out there who gets off on trashing this movie, go rent "O Brother Where Art Thou?" and stop bit#$ng.

    Now, if you want a good mindless way to blow a Friday evening, then look no further. You've come to the right place. Yeah, this movie is stupid beyond belief. It's also friggin' hilarious. Any movie that has Steve Buscemi as a long-haired, foul-mouthed bass player, and Ernie Hudson in general, I'm going to love. For me, Buscemi was the highlight and I loved everyone of his pseudo tough-guy lines like "Hey pal, you wanna try gettin' physical with me?"-Hilarious. Speaking of Buscemi, this one has a GREAT cast with Brenden Fraser as the leading man (Chaz), Adam Sandler as the pool cleaning drummer (Pip) and also features Joe Mantgena, Michael McKean, Chris Farley, David Arquette, and a whole slew of others, even Michael Richards.

    The soundtrack rocks and the laughs come so often (very dumb laughs) that it's impossible to keep count.

  • I'd like to start off by saying that most people who submit comments or reviews should not take this movie so seriously. It's not Schindler's List or Chicago. I'm pretty sure when the film makers made this they wasn't trying to win an Oscar or anything. They was just trying to make a funny movie and they succeeded. This is a hilarious movie. It's one of those movies that if I'm flipping though the channels and I catch this on, I have to watch it. I heard when it came out that it bombed. I don't see how (What do critics know?). If you're one of those people who take their comedies too seriously, go read Dickens. But if you want to see a funny movie, rent this. Everyone in this is good. The plot is good. The acting is good. It's just a good movie.
  • Adam Sandler, Brendon Frazer and Steve Buscemi star in this hilarious comedy that proves that movies that take risks pay off. The film is about 3 not so smart striving rock stars who after they get blown off on a radio show with an obnoxious boss and stuck up radio leader. Well from then they end up holding up the place and there leads to an hilarious movie. This movie is a very funny one Adam Sandler did very well in not to say the other 2 main character did not as even the cameos and co stars did a good job in this film. Overall the movie is extremely funny and I think is the funniest Adam Sandler movie that he does not star outrightly in. I rate this movie a fair 73% for keeping me laughing the whole way
  • I have seen this many times and never grow tired of watching it. It seems the more I watch it, the funnier it gets. It is freaking hilarious!

    I especially think that Steve Buscemi and Brendan Fraser are the funniest in this flick. I love the girl that played Chazz's girlfriend as well, the way she would beat the crap out of Chazz was too much!

    I don't think that anybody that ever was in a Rock-Roll band could watch this movie without cracking up. I guess maybe you had to be there?

    If you haven't seen this film I recommend that you rent it, or better yet buy a copy to add to your collection. This is a classic Rock-n-Roll comedy that you must see.
  • stephie-1231 January 2004
    This film is one of the funniest ever. Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi are three incredibly dense would-be rock stars who break into a radio station with a water pistol to get their tape played and try to obtain a record deal. the stunt causes a lot of media attention, and cheering crowds gather outside the station. This is not an intellectual film, but it is very funny with all three of the main cast playing very different characters. Brendan Fraser is honourable, Adam Sandler is so dumb he attracts women who feel a bit sorry for him and Steve Buscemi is his older brother who brandishes the gun. If you want an hour and a half of pure light entertainment, watch this!
  • blacklaetherglove21 February 2006
    This is one of the great ones, you know? Every single thing is great about this movie. The actors are great, the costumes are great, the sets are believable, the plot owns, the script has a nice flow. This goes great with "Empire Records." I liked that, and I love this. Brendon Fraser is the ultra-mega-hot lead guitarist/singer of this awesome band, the Lone Rangers. He has a crappy apartment, I don't think he has a job, and his girlfriend is mad at him for trying to make his band work instead of growing up. She iss a Heather Locklear-style 90s bitch, and so works so well as that. The jokes keep going thru-out, and are actually funny, even after repeated viewings. I love the fake plastic water pisols ak47s filled with hot sauce. That was great! I highly recommend this movie is you want to watch a good movie, not something you will have to work up to sitting thru.
  • For years everyone told me that Brendan Fraser movies were bad and this movie proves they all lied.Weirdly,people always say that Adam Sandler movies are always great yet this is the only one that really is,and Sandler has a tiny part.This movie is just awesome.It's funny and has a great story with lots of cameos,Lemmy,Kramer,Stuttering John,Chris Farley and tons more.The one thing that doesn't really make sense is that it's a decade late and no one ever noticed.They are a very 1984 band in a 1994 movie.Hair metal was long dead by 1994,MTV was playing Rancid,not Winger.If you're into those terrible Sandler movies where he crams in all his friends and nothing funny ever happens,you might not like this movie but you will see why he keeps making work for Steve Buscemi.This is one of the best movies ever.
  • Airheads is a hilarious comedy movie, with a fantastic cast, including the brilliant Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser, David Arquette, Steve Buscemi and Chris Farley who are all really great here. If you like comedy movies or if just a fan of the lead actors here, than Airheads is the movie for you. I give Airheads a 10/10.
  • A hilarious tale about three bumbling guys desperately trying to get their demo tape heard so that they can be rocketed into rock stardom. So it comes down to it, that they can hold Rebel radio hostage and take it over just to have their tape played. One thing after the next happens to prevent them from obtaining their goals. Whether having Michael Richards assault them with a gun, making ridiculous requests like nude photos of Bea Arthur or finding out that Rebel Radio is going to be a easy listening station in a matter of days.

    The film is chock full of laughter and cameos, and I think on a sensual side (on myself being a metal head) this film showcases where many "hard rock/heavy metal" radio stations were biting the dust to make way for other music. This film hits close to home, has a kick ass soundtrack (with the Lone Rangers themselves) and has many SNL members to make the film really enjoyable, a comedy classic of the 90's.

    Worthless trivia: This is one of the film films that you can find two of the original Ghostbusters together, as Harold (Egon) Ramis plays a phony as record exec, and Ernie (Winston) Hudson plays a cop that has to deal with the metal heads insane requests and Chris Farley being a fool.
  • Airheads (1994)

    Review: Airheads is a good movie. This is a comedy but the movie's strength is through the music and knowledge of the music as well.

    The casting is fine. Brendan Fraser is pretty good as Chazz. Steve Buscemi is awesome as Rex. Adam Sandler on the other hand felt awkward here. While Fraser and Buscemi seemed to enjoy there roles, Sandler felt off key. He was not bad, just unbalanced if you will.

    However the plot is fine. Three frustrated musicians hold a radio station hostage to finally play their demo. The demo gets fried and all hell breaks loose. Their is some nice humor here and some fine acting. We get other nice appearances by Mike McKean and Judd Nelson as well.

    What works is the gathering of all the metal-heads outside the station in unified glory to the freedom of true radio. Run by people like them. I also liked the band stickers inside the band's van. All sorts of true underground metal bands to be noticed on the wall of that van! The knowledge of metal is well put. I LOVED it when Chazz insulted the Seattle grunge scene! (As he called it, Seattle bull s**t) Wonderful. This movie knows that all rock music is not the same thing!

    The movie is filled with great music and some nice comedy to boot. An appearance by White Zombie was also excellent too. Be sure to check out a cameo by none other than Lemmy! If you are metal, you know who i'm talking about!

    The Last Word: Killer music! All metal-heads unite! This is the movie that takes metal more seriously. Fun times. Airheads rocks!
  • this movie is great! i nearly forgot how funny brendan fraser is. i actually watched it last night for the second time in, let's say, 6 years? and that six years i spent hoping to see it again. 10/10 HILARIOUS!!!!!! you have got to see this film! don't listen to the people who say it sux cause it doesn't!
  • squeeks20 May 1999
    You have to see this movie, no matter who you are. It is really good with al ot of famous people: Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler, Judd Nelson, Michael McKean, Ernie Hudson, and Chris Farley. Watch it, no, i mean it. I am serious. don't shake your head, just do it. I'm telling you, you don't know what you're missing!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Airheads entertainingly tells an amiable story which captures the attention and interest throughout its running time. Wholly improbable, this doesn't matter - one enjoys the company of most of the characters, and one is (as intended) annoyed by the duplicitous station manager and the idiotic gung-go SWAT chief.

    It isn't actually that funny, mind you, but it's still entertaining.

    And it's notable for early appearances by a fair number of people in the early stages of their careers before they became major successes. Each of them plays somewhat contrary to the types they have subsequently become known for, and each shows signs of the stars they are to become. Steve Buscemi must get the nod for favourite performance, though.
  • g-bodyl26 December 2007
    I just got this movie and I really like this film. I was not expecting this to be much, but as usual, I am wrong. This film is about three guys who are in a band and nobody listens to their music. They decide to break in a radio station and take over the place and people as hostages. The acting is excellent and the chemistry is great. Sandler and Buscemi are hilarious. They are the best part of the film. The script and the basic plot line worked well together. I liked the music for the film. I am not a big fan of this kind of music, but somehow Sandler and the gang just made the music work. I recommend this movie for everybody. I rate this film a 9/10.
  • Hi IMDb, The amazon guy said Pip was the bass player, that is Adam Sandler's character and Steve Buscemi, Rex, was the drummer. It is of course the other way around. It pays to stay awake during the movie. Okay, I liked this movie and had it been "R" rated maybe we would have seen Suzzi's (Nina Siemaszko) ta-tas, that would have been shweet! Amy Locane is too skinny. Also, I will watch anything with Steve Buscemi in it. Nice to see Harold Ramis pop up there also. I am 53 but I like the music. The DVD has two videos from the movie, Motorhead and White Zombie. The featurette is idiotic and a waste of time. Lots of up and comers in here and of course the late, "great" Chris Farley. Thanks IMDb and keep up the good work.
  • I think this film, to an outsider, is probably total pants. The storyline is pretty solid, but they leap straight into holding the station hostage. I think this is like Spinal Tap, in that you really have to have been in a band to think it's good Before you leap down my throat, I did not just say that all people who have been in bands will think it's good, nor did I say there will be no people who haven't been in a band who will like it. But for comedy to work, you have to relate to the characters on some level, look at the comedy greats, only fools and horses, you empathise with his agonising position.

    Few people, and not even myself really, will be in a position to understand these characters. Which explains its poor rating.
  • This is a movie with Brendan Frasier, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler playing three heavy metal guys. I would elaborate, but I think I just summed up the whole thing right there. It is by no means a bad movie; just dorky (kind of like me). Trust me, you'll get exactly what you expect. Take that any way you like.
  • While not perfect this movie is definitely worth a watch (or two - I've seen it several times :). The cast chosen is excellent in their respective roles.

    Brendan Fraser as "Chazz 'Chester' Darvey" is very good.

    Steve Buscemi as "Rex" is brilliant (Steve Buscemi as -anything- is brilliant! :).

    Adam Sandler as "Pip" is ok, but I think it's because his part had no funny lines. His part is as the "doufus" of the group.

    Chris Farley as Officer Wilson is hilarious.

    Michael McKean as "Milo" is a w**ker-cum-laude.

    Judd Nelson as "Jimmie Wing" is over-cast for this movie. He is weak in this part.

    Ernie Hudson as Sergeant O'Malley is very authoritative - very convincing.

    Marshall Bell as "Carl Mace" is perfect as a psychopathic LAPD swat team leader.

    Reg E. Cathey as "Marcus" is very funny even though he has a small part.

    David Arquette as "Carter" fits right in.

    Michael Richards as Doug Beech is brilliant. His physical acting is really set to play in this movie - and he's definitely up to the task.

    This is a guy movie - no chicks allowed! hahaha - just kidding. but my guess is that only guys will like this - it's like the three stooges ...who ROCK! 8/10

    it's a guy thing baby..... 8]

    • Zafoid
  • I thought this movie was hilarious. I generally hate Adam Sandler type comedies, but I thought Airheads was truly funny. There was some dumb humor (a lot actually), but also some very clever lines that are true to reality. The cracks it takes at the record industry are well deserved. I know everybody deep down has wanted to do something as stupid as they do in the movie. If you like Rock n Roll and don't like what it's become then this movie has your message. Also, the cast is star studded, and filled with cameos. Despite the crazy storyline, the acting is actually very good. Not the movie to watch when you want to think deeply, but if you're in a silly mood, this is it.
  • masonsaul29 October 2020
    Airheads is a really good comedy that overcomes it overall lack of really funny moments and a few overly slapstick characters with its extremely entertaining nature. Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi are all great. Ernie Hudson and Joe Mantegna are both really good. Michael Lehmann's direction is also great, it's extremely well filmed and well paced. The soundtrack is good.
  • Honestly, I do not know how I have not seen this film before. I love Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler (I can take or leave Steve Buscemi, but he is funny too), so there is really no excuse! I was scrolling through IMDb and found it in Mr. Fraser's filmography and thought it would be worth a view, considering the line-up.

    I thought this film would be another one of those films where we see a band in hardship and they do anything to get signed. We got that, well kinda. In place of the formulaic setup that tends to include seeing the band play, their hardships and then their big break, we get something very different. What was intended to be a 'simple' break-in to a radio station to have their song played turns into a hostage situation...with plastic tommy guns filled with spicy sauce. Excellent.

    The comedy was silly, the hair was long and the characters had the intelligence of shoes. But it was a film that made me laugh and was different from the typical 'stupid' college student film. I found it very enjoyable. If you like the old Adam Sandler and seeing Brendan Fraser in his prime, then you will love this film. Give it a watch!
  • Three band members hoping for a big break head to a radio station to play their demo tape and wind up holding everyone hostage with plastic guns when the head DJ is unable to play them.

    To say this film is a good one from a critical standpoint is a lie, as it is pretty bad in a multitude of ways. But as far as 1990s comedies go, or films connected to "Saturday Night Live" (this one very loosely), this ranks up there in entertainment value.

    If nothing else, the cast sells this -- David Arquette and Michael Richards before their prime. Adam Sandler at his peak. Brendan Fraser in a transition from Pauly Shore to "real" films... and Steve Buscemi? This is just loaded with talent.

    The music will not appeal to everyone. Even as a fan of metal, I have to say a lot of the music is not as top-notch as it probably should be.
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