The wedding scene was filmed on a bridge near Pasadena Ambassador College. Director Kenneth Johnson had used the same location for another wedding in The Incredible Hulk: Married (1978). This time, his wife Susan Lee Appling played the Priestess performing the ceremony.

Resolves the cliffhanger ending of Alien Nation (1989) which had been cancelled unexpectedly after its first season. The success of this film led to several more Alien Nation telefilms over the next few years.

A commercial for New Menu foodstuffs, in which a Newcomer woman serves her young son Max a helping of uncooked beef, liver and chicken, is playing on one of the televisions in the electronics shop. This was a real commercial designed to promote Alien Nation (1989) which aired on Fox prior to the series' premiere on September 18, 1989. This is evidenced by the fact that "© 1989 Fox Broadcasting Co." appears on the bottom of the screen as the commercial ends. The promo initially obscured the Newcomers' alien status by not showing the woman's face and having her son Max wear a rain jacket hood. Furthermore, the prominent appearance of a cat was meant to suggest that the woman was in fact going to serve the uncooked meat to her pet rather than her son. The promo was previously shown in Alien Nation: Eyewitness News (1990).

Susanna Thompson plays Lorraine Clark in the film, a character previously played by Barbara Tyson (then known as Barbara Bush) in Alien Nation: The Touch (1990) and Alien Nation: Green Eyes (1990). With respect to returning characters, Tyson is the only actor from the series who did not reprise their role in the film.

The film takes place in 1999.

The name of the Tenctonese slave ship is "Gruza". Gruza is a Russian word that means "cargo".