Raye - Sailor Mars: [Serena's friends are accusing Serena of scaring Luna away] Weren't you being mean to her?

Serena - Sailor Moon: Of course not! What are you talking about, Raye!

Raye - Sailor Mars: I bet you and your big mouth made her leave!

Serena - Sailor Moon: I'm more mature!

Raye - Sailor Mars: Get real!

Serena - Sailor Moon: [Serena and Darien are talking about Luna's peculiar behavior] And so ever since then she's been acting very strangely. Darien! What do you think?

Darien - Tuxedo Mask: Serena, maybe Luna would just like some time to be all on her own. You should probably stop hanging around her so much and respect her privacy.

Serena - Sailor Moon: What do you mean hanging around? Oh, I get what you're saying, thanks a lot.

Darien - Tuxedo Mask: Huh? What do you mean?

Serena - Sailor Moon: You think that I'm just hangin' around you too, don't ya? I'm just annoying!

Darien - Tuxedo Mask: No, Serena! I didn't mean that!

Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Kamen: Winters are harsh in the north where snow falls often. However, snow that bleaches the world white is like beautiful lovers who meet in the winter.