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  • Wmill220692 January 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not as good as Sailor Moon R, but I still like it a lot! This review contains spoilers, so you may not want to read the rest of this review until you have watched the movie. An evil queen wants to freeze the Earth, and it's up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts to save the day! Very good plot, especially scince Luna is in love with an astronomer that saved her from getting run over by a car. Near the end of the movie, I was thinking that the evil queen was nuts, and a few minutes later, Sailor Moon actually told her she was nuts! Yikes! Maybe I'm a psychic like Raye. Yeah right! It would be cool though! I like this movie a lot! It is SO COOL when Luna is turned human for a few minutes, but then she turns into a cat again after she shows Kakedo her feelings for him. WATCH!
  • Jedi226 May 2000
    I could not believe my eyes when I saw this movie. I mean I loved Sailor Moon R, but Sailor Moon S was fanastic. Why do you ask? Simple: 1. A great plot involving Luna falling in love with a Human. 2. You get to see the Outer Senshi, no Satrun. gggrrr! 3. Awesome Special Effects, and superb animation 4. great music.

    Nomally I would give the entire plot away, but I'll spare you the details on this one. Why? I want you to see it for yourselves for a change.
  • This is a good, solid dose of typical Sailor Moon fun, with the appearances by the Outer Senshi, the smooth animation, and the sweet plotline revolving around Luna's love for an astronomer making this especially good. Kudos to the very slick music and the directing as well. Senshi die-hards need not hesitate, and for others, this is a very good way to sample some of the brilliant Sailor Moon series. My only regret is that the manga version is streets ahead of this.
  • Fubuki14 June 1999
    The second Sailormoon movie takes place a Christmas time, and revolves around Luna.

    This movie is overall good. Why?

    You get to see the Outer Senshi(minus-Saturn). They don't have that good of a part in the movie, but do have their kick-butt moments.

    Princess Snow Kaguya is cool, and the plot revoloving around her is interesting.

    The animation in this movie was superb.

    Basically, my interest was kept the entire time. The manga version of the movie is much better, but this is still my favorite Sailormoon movie.
  • I guess I liked this movie if only because I was finally introduced to one of the most popular anime of all time and one that revolutionized anime as a whole. This was a great start for me and even though it wasn't great, it was certainly good. I think my biggest problem is that there's this one scene where it shows a bunch of people being frozen and after being thawed they just walk around as if nothing happened! Later, people are saying they don't believe in supernatural stuff. What?! As I'm not a fan, it was cool to be introduced to these new elements so forgive me if I can some stuff from the show wrong.

    I really do love the subplot with Luna. Luna's a cat who falls in love with a human but eventually she realizes he's better off with another woman. I admit that it does get clichéd with them talking about the power of friendship and stuff, but it's still fun. I probably find the most enjoyable parts to be when it shows the characters just partaking in a slice of life story. It's great that even a supernatural show tries hard to be real. It will take me awhile to get used to everyone's names. I think Luna has the best voice ever! I'm having mixed emotions about not giving this a 9, but it's certainly a nice introduction to a beloved anime. ***
  • this was anti-clamatic, for me, compared with the other two sailor moon movies. the appearance by the outer senshi were a welcome treat, but the movie could have been so much better. the ending left me with a warm feeling, but after i had seen it (i own all three) a few times, i found myself fast forwarding to the fight scenes; i found them the most entertaining parts of the movie. the plot took a backseat to all the action. the reason i love sailor moon is the great balance between action and plot. this movie was missing that.
  • But i cant watch it. Why? Im really mad about this because i need to watch sailor moon so bad and i cant. I m from Romania
  • violettathebest18 October 2019
    This movie was fabulous! Its like the manga short story and also have new parts! Was because!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, this movie certainly doesn't compare to Akira with animation, but it's still amazing, with it's glittering rainbows and cheerful characters, this movie is safe for kids but still mesmerizing for adults. The plot follows the story of Luna, a feline who loves a human guy. Despite Luna's efforts to entice him, he is engaged to a scientist from the nearby space station. Luna decides to ask her friends, and her owner Serena, for help and advice.

    This movie was as sad as it was beautiful, the story was very tragic. If you can get a copy of this movie, it's better to watch it with English subtitles - English dubbing it didn't do it any favors. It's a great movie to watch during the winter, and its flawless animation and wonderful soundtrack make it even better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved this movie, both in English and Japanese. I have some positive and negative feed back thought.

    Positive Feed Back: the story was heart warming, despite that it is a movie about ice and snow. I really felt Luna's pain and I wanted her to find love, but not with who she was crushing on. I also adored Usagi (Serena)'s speech at the huge fight scene. Sailor Moon always has great empowering speeches about life and love. Sometimes, when I want to cry happy tears or write a great scenes for one of my novels, I watch just that segment.

    Negative Feed Back: Luna's choice in relationship was disturbing to me. Even though I wanted Luna to fall in love and I felt for her, I still didn't like her crush. I felt it was wrong considering that she is a cat and not a human, and her crush was a human. She even kisses him. Very, very wrong.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Sailor Moon: Hearts In Ice" at its core is a love story that focuses on Luna more as a character with feeling and not exposition as in the TV show. In the movie Luna is almost run over by a car but is saved at the last moment by an astronomer named Kakeru who believes in the Japanese story "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter". Luna starts to develop feelings for Kakeru but cannot express herself because number 1: shes a cat and number 2: shes a cat that can talk and that would tend to freak out most normal people even if they believe in myths. Meanwhile a nameless icy female being(later called Snow Kagua by Kakeru) returns to Earth after thousands of years of journeying through space to freeze the Earth over and make it a part of her "collection".

    This is probably the best Sailor Moon movie that has the feel of a full length feature film and not just an extended episode since Luna is the main focus of the story and we get to see a more personal side of her character that we never saw in the anime. The action is very good and doesn't use a lot of stock footage and more original versions of the Sailor Senshi's attacks. The Outer Senshi appear in the movie and its always great to see them even if their contribution to the plot is minimal. There's even some good humor like Tuxdeo Mask's hilarious entrance but most of the movie is serious drama focusing on intimate relationships and it heightens the impact of the film especially at the end is probably one of the most touching moments out of "Sailor Moon".
  • I've seen all three of the Sailor Moon movies, and this is by far the best one.

    For one, it actually has a story you can care about. Yes, the usual "save the world" element is still there, but it takes a backseat to Luna's tragic love story.

    Also, the animation is proof of how great a job the Japanese can do when given a proper budget. Everything's fluid, crisp, and colorful.

    However, I think the best thing about this film is probably the fantastic score. Luna's theme is one of my favorite pieces of music.

    By all rights, this movie should be inane and very forgettable. It's a theatrical film based on an animated TV series, and it only runs for an hour. But somehow they managed to make something touching and highly entertaining. Just be sure not to watch the English dub! It ruins the feel of the whole thing.
  • tedg21 October 2001
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers herein.

    I yearn for cinematic adventure, so often duck down unfamiliar, sometimes dangerous alleys. I found `Akira' and `Mononoke' to be exhilaratingly challenging. Oddly cinematic. So, with scant knowledge I picked up this anime.

    The story is simple enough: Faux Shinto warriors in the forms of 14 year old girl scouts live dual lives as silly useless (pre-) teenagers and as superheros who fight evil with the aid of magical gems and wands. It features strong pop music and minimalist animation. At first viewing, didn't impress me at all.

    Then I checked it out in the literature.

    Seems this is quite a phenomenon in a few target communities. Preteen girls, as one would suspect. But a much stronger following among males, those who presumably lust after preteen girls. And the characters do what they need to to accommodate this crowd: The girls in their scout/senshi forms have impossibly short skirts which often are the only element animated, never revealing a flash of panty. Most of the plots have a boy-girl (or here girl-girl) `love' element, the villains are older (here topless) women. The gems are vaginal in a Georgia O'Keefe fashion and the wands phallic.

    Turns out that there is a HUGE web presence of Sailor and similar amine porn, focusing on the Japanese obsessions of menarche, school uniform panties, and the myth of innocent lust.

    Films define life to a large extent, especially where sex is concerned. Here we have the effect when it has the strongest impact. The series was around long enough to evolve to propagate the meme in the most effective manner. This is real movie power. This is really worth seeing.
  • This movie was boring. It lacked a story. It was just about irrelevant nonsense.

    Sailor moon 1994 is a reason why I don't watch anime. Anime does not have the ability to interest me. Anime to me majority of the time is about extra facial expressions and obnixous gestures.

    Sailor Moon as a show is good. This movie was a waste of time and money.
  • GreyFox3722 February 2001
    i recently got this one for christmas from my mom. thank god i told her to get it subtitled. lol. after seeing this one, it became my favorite out of the three. super s was previously my fav, but s was more touching to me. i especially loved the ending (luna) that's the only hint i'm giving out. the story was very dramatic and the sailor senshi are better than ever! if you love action and a little romance, go for it!
  • This is a wonderful story. It is the best of the three BSSM movies. It's better though, if you watch it in Japanese. The dub is soooooooooo annoying (esp the cut type)! In English the voices all sound so whiney. Plus, they're almost always SCREAMING! It's really good and really touching and if you're emotional -like me- it will probably make you cry in a few parts the first couple times you watch it. If you get the DVD, it has some special features. Like removable subtitles and a English/Japanese language selection. It also has a still shots gallery. Oh! And the song at the end,Moonlight Destiny is so beautiful. Luna is the leading character in this movie and that's really flipping the script.
  • tanaeya28 September 2001
    The second Sailor Moon movie, Sailor Moon S(or Super) was good, but not as good as Sailor Moon SuperS: The movie. This movie is unique in the sense that the plot is not revolved over a Sailor soldier, but over the cat, Luna.

    Pros: *A relatively good plot *The outer soldiers (minus Saturn, who was not in the movie) *The battle scenes *The opening *Some funny scenes

    Cons: *Sailor Saturn was not in the movie! *It should have been more focused on the outer soldiers
  • The trouble with most movies derived from a TV show are they don't always stand on their own, most of the time it just feels like their branching off from their source. This film I really love because it did what I felt "Sailor Moon R the movie" didn't really do which was stand as it's own movie.

    Based off of a mini arc from the comic series, what really makes this film and story unique is the fact that it's not about Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon and the rest are practically second string characters. Even it's plot and the action going on really by it's nature is just a sugar coated topping. It was really focused on one unlikely character Luna. The Luna character was always just a mentor or narrative device in the series, in this story we actually get to see her become a real character.

    I even like the other characters two that aren't regular characters of the series. Kakura and Himako both of them are not cliché generic characters which is a fundamental problem most TV shows have, but they do feel like just that people. Himako despite not seeing her much in the movie we can see is beautiful (she could almost be Setsuna/Sailor Pluto's sister), has a sweet persona, is a person of science that believe in the facts and does have aspirations mainly of being with Kakura forever. Kakura is an astronomer whom believes and is fascinated with things that science hasn't touched upon he also has aspirations as well. I do like some of the interaction between the two you do get a sense of history along with certain things he says about her but their relationship is not on stable ground which I'll get to latter. Artimis is good despite also being in the film for very little time but you do feel for him as we see he has feeling for Luna that are beyond friendship.

    You really feels a strong sense of pathos for Luna because her feelings for the man Kakara are very human. Even though he talks to her about certain things that she shares the same interest unfortunately she is unable to talk back to him even though she want to, nor really have a physical presence to him as a regular human would because after all she is a cat. Like with the angels from "Wings of Desire" they can observe mortals, but can never touch or be seen.

    There is a parallel going on with all four of them. Kakara and Himako it's both a physical and personal distance, both of them have been apart for a long while so it's understandable why Kakara would be a little embittered but just simply in what ideologies they believe in. For Luna it's obvious she want a way to be with Kakara physically. Artimis it's to simply come out with how he feels about Luna and be more than friends.

    There's is a bit of a universal sensibility from one standpoint those who have a relationship with someone from a certain business that requires a lot of time or travel, or someone in the military that has to go on a tour of duty, on another standpoint it's the common dilemma of having feelings for another person but not finding the guts to express them. The common theme in all this is all about distance, how truly hard it is to be close when miles or even mere steps away. This is something I can relate to because there was a girl I had feelings for but didn't have the guts to tell her.

    This makes the romance all the more enduring, you not just want the right people to get together but you want them to somehow close the distance and the only way to do that is to reach out to each other, by it's nature it's really easy it only looks hard the only thing blocking them is them. And the ending really gave me a good feeling at the end which is something I don't get enough.

    No one is alone forever once you close the distance.

    Rating: 3 and a half stars