Quotes (7)

Thomas Ridgely: [giving Hallstrom hell outside of police station after Emma ran off under his protection] She's acting this way because of YOU! Now I'm going into that station, dragging her back to her apartment, and I'm going to handcuff her to the fucking bannister!

Emma Brody: The last time I looked I was a little girl. And I, I blink, and I look like my mother.

Emma Brody: I have no idea what beautiful is. Music is beautiful, but the things that I see, they just, they make my head hurt. And my heart.

Detective John Hallstrom: Did she have a boy friend that you know of?

Emma Brody: Yeah, she did.

Detective John Hallstrom: Was it just one guy, or did she have a lot of different guys?

Emma Brody: No, one guy.

Detective John Hallstrom: How do you know it was one guy?

Emma Brody: I could hear him.

Detective John Hallstrom: Okay. You gotta name on him? You know his name?

Emma Brody: [dead pan] "Oh baby"

Emma Brody: I can't see things that are right in front of me, and I can see things that couldn't be there.

Detective John Hallstrom: [to dead girl in tub] All right miss, I'm gonna make this quick. Who did this to you? Hmm? Not talking? All right, it's your funeral.

Mr. Tattersall: [grieving husband] What have you been doing down there? Why didn't you catch him? What have you been doing?