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  • fmarkland3217 February 2007
    David Bradley stars as a detective who investigates a killing of a woman, the main suspect is a blonde bisexual (Who was also her lover) (Anna Thomson) who has a shady past and has made a fortune under mysterious circumstances. Also in the subplot division is Ashley Laurence who wants to be with David Bradley and who may or may not have a just as shady past, while David Bradley's character is a neglecting father to his daughter as well as an alcoholic. The beginning of my review kind of reads like a shopping list, and the main reason is because that's how trivial and clichéd this movie is. It's one of those cheap erotic thrillers, that you watch on TV and although it mildly engages you, you have no real thought about it after-wards. Acting wise it's only Ashley Laurence who brings any credibility (and seductiveness) to her part, too bad her role is so genuinely ridiculous. Also David Bradley seems completely awkward as when sans any form of martial arts, he appears lost with how to play such a character. Last but not least is Anna Thomson who really isn't convincing at all, as she comes off far too old for the part. (She was after all 39.) Indeed this is one of those movies that is rather poorly made in its plot angles, as they rarely weave coherently and basically make little sense as they happen. Still to the movie's benefit it stays watchable mainly due to a fast pace but other than that, this is only for die hard Ashley Laurence fans. I would normally include David Bradley fans but being that there is no martial arts action or indeed much action for that matter, this is not a sure thing. I personally thought Basic Instinct was far more erotic and compelling.

    * * out of 4-(Fair)
  • OK, it's time for one of those blatantly obvious reviews.

    Is the movie entertaining? Yes, you can sit through it and not fall asleep, but you aren't going to remember it.

    What this is, really, is a cheap erotic thriller.

    What it promises to be is a cheap erotic thriller.

    So, really, you know what you are getting when you sit down to watch it, it doesn't pretend to be anything that it isn't and it makes sure to hit all the cliches from the hot sex scene, nudity, bad male lead with worse acting, a femme fatale, and a plot twist that you see coming from the opening credits.

    And it hits all of those with gusto.

    So, let's be honest, if you are looking for Chinatown--you aren't going to be watching this to begin with.

    Really, the ONLY reason you're going to watch this is to see a cheap erotic thriller. If you aren't looking for that, you really won't be watching this film.

    You get what it promises to be. I don't understand the low ratings, no one sat down to watch this expecting anything more than it is.