Ryan Gaerity: I've come here to create a new country for you called chaos, and a new government called anarchy.

Nancy: [Frightened as she sits in front of booby-trapped computer] Whatta we gonna do?

James 'Jimmy' Dove: [Needing to get access to knee hole of desk] Got to get between your legs, Nancy.

James 'Jimmy' Dove: Rule number one when you're disarming Betty: You don't step on 'em.

James 'Jimmy' Dove: [On the phone after the lethal explosion] God damn you, Gaerity! Look what you've done!

Ryan Gaerity: You've got me all wrong. I'm not a destroyer... I'm a creator.

James 'Jimmy' Dove: You're not a creator! You're a sick freak - it's what you are!

Max O'Bannon: Two mustards, please. I like mine spicy!

Kate Dove: [helping Lizzie turn on the stove] Which hand do you pledge allegiance with?

Anthony Franklin: I gotta tell them the truth. I gotta tell them how I tracked the terrorist, I disarmed the bomb, and I saved the day. And I'm a hero, and everybody loves a hero!

Max O'Bannon: [Looking at the food at a wake] Would you look at this spread now! Why is it that a man always gets thrown his best party when he dies?

Anthony Franklin: [to Jimmy] Don't you ever get tired of bein' a hero?

James 'Jimmy' Dove: [to Franklin] You ain't brave, asshole. You're dumb!

Anthony Franklin: Know what you're looking for, lieutenant?

James 'Jimmy' Dove: What are you? My shadow?