Dianne Wiest said she really struggled with Helen Sinclair's signature line. She finally decided to lower her voice when she said "Don't speak!" The lower she said it, the funnier it became.

According to John Baxter's biography of Woody Allen, Jennifer Tilly was the only member of the cast allowed to ad-lib or add to her lines, an acting impulse which Allen otherwise routinely crushed. She also claims that Allen actually advised her not to allow any other actors to slip into ad-libs but to interrupt them or talk over them instead.

This was the first film directed by Woody Allen not to feature Louise Lasser, Diane Keaton or Mia Farrow.

Jennifer Tilly revealed on an interview given in 2017 that, when she found out that the Weinstein Company was pushing only Dianne Wiest for the Supporting Actress category at the Oscars, she orchestrated her own campaign in talk shows and buying ads to build buzz around her, which resulted in an Oscar nomination for her as well, something that the Weinsteins hated her for, she said.

When Rocco, Nick Valenti, and Cheech pay their respects, the scene starts with an establishing shot of headstones. A large headstone prominently shows the name "Sorice." Jim Sorice, the Master Scenic Artist, has been the scenic artist in many Woody Allen movies. Cosmo Sorice is the Stand-by Scenic Artist.

Benay Venuta's final film.

The film cast includes two Oscar winners: Dianne Wiest and Jim Broadbent; and four Oscar nominees: Jennifer Tilly, Chazz Palminteri, Rob Reiner, Jack Warden.

The film takes place from September to October 1928.

Features the only Oscar nominated performances of Jennifer Tilly and Chazz Palminteri.

In two scenes where the bad guys are down at the river getting rid of some pesky people, the background music is "(Up A) Lazy River" by Hoagy Carmichael.

To this date (2020), this movie and Hannah and her sisters (1986) are the Woody Allen films with more Oscar nominations (7). Bullets over Broadway won the Best Supporting Actress award for Dianne Wiest and have the following nominations: Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Chazz Palminteri) Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Jennifer Tilly) Best Director (Woody Allen) Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen (Woody Allen & Douglas McGrath) Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Santo Loquasto & Susan Bode) Best Costume Design (Jeffrey Kurland)

Included among the American Film Institute's 2000 list of the 500 movies nominated for the Top 100 Funniest American Movies.

Rob Reiner portrays "Sheldon", a name featured in Reiner's When Harry Met Sally... (1989).

Cheech's last line, "Don't speak!", was ad-libbed.

David's first line of the film is "I'm an artist!" His last line of the film, with the exception of his proposal to Ellen, is "I'm not an artist."

The final talk between David and Cheech, when the mobster recommends to end the play with a forced happy ending in which a pregnancy is announced is an inside joke in reference to Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) and the fact that Woody Allen was forced to write a happy ending for the story.