According to a recent interview with John C. McGinley (AV Club's Random Roles- April 2013), the film was original shot as a musical with full musical numbers. After editing, only two musical numbers remained. McGinley was unsure of why specifically the numbers were cut or by whom, but McGinley mused that he found the film in its present form an incoherent mess.

Al Lewis and Nipsey Russell were in the original Car 54, Where Are You? (1961) TV series, playing Officer Leo Schnauser and Officer Dave Anderson, respectively. Here they play the same characters years older, as if this film were a sequel to the original series, rather than the updated and (otherwise) recast remake that it is.

John C. McGinley worked on this film and Article 99 (1992) at the same time. He would work on this film Monday to Wednesday and the other film Thursday to Friday.

Filmed in 1990, but not released until four years later.

During Gunther Toody's dream sequence he is wearing the same uniform that was worn by his character in the original show.

Director Bill Fishman was unaware that the movie had been released until he was forwarded a check for post-release royalties by his agent. Fishman was also not informed of the extensive re-edits that the movie had been put through, and said that had he known how different the end product would be from what he filmed, he would have asked to be credited as Alan Smithee.