Old Cantina Lady: What do you want?

Pancho: Something to eat and a cerevza.

Cisco Kid: And I'll have a senorita.

Old Cantina Lady: I am the only senorita.

Cisco Kid: Make that two cervezas.

Cisco Kid: I don't fight for causes.

Pancho: Well, what do you fight for?

Cisco Kid: I can't believe this. I think they are really going to kill us.

Pancho: Are you afraid to die?

Cisco Kid: I'd rather live.

Pancho: Me too!

Cisco Kid: Well, come on!

Pancho: I can't.

Cisco Kid: What are you afraid of? Dying?

Pancho: No, I'm afraid of breaking my leg and then living!

Rosa: Look at you! You're a priest now!

Pancho: I did it for you, so no woman would want me no more!

Cisco Kid: Hombre, do you know what they call a Mexican with a good horse and money over there?

Pancho: What?

Cisco Kid: A bandit.

Cisco Kid: Pancho, the first thing we do is find some senoritas and some food.

Pancho: Senoritas?

Cisco Kid: For me. Food... for you.

Lt. Col. Delacroix: You fight very well for a Mexican.

Cisco Kid: You fight very poorly for a Frenchman.

Pancho: So what part of Mexico is your home, Cisco?

Cisco Kid: Ah, I'm not from Mexico. I was born and raised in Los Angeles.

Pancho: [shocked] So you're not a...

Cisco Kid: Nope, American.

[repeated line]

Cisco Kid: Ooooh, Pancho!

Pancho: Ooooh, Cisco!

Cisco Kid: Let's ride!