• 90
    Stanley Kauffmann The New Republic
    The result, except for the stock action climax, is sharp, fast, bitter. [19 September 1994, p. 38]
  • 90
    The New Yorker
    The filmmakers haven't simply tamed the rogue elephant of Clancy's narrative; they've turned it into something that moves as gracefully and as powerfully as a gazelle.
  • 80
    Elvis Mitchell The New York Times
    Another fast, gripping spy story with some good tricks up its sleeve.
  • 80
    Richard Schickel Time
    The movie has two other qualities you don't always find in films of this kind: a sense of humor and a sense of character. [15 August 1994, p. 61]
  • 78
    Austin Chronicle
    There is enough intrigue to keep it interesting, and if it ever feels too slow, try counting the number of people who get betrayed.
  • 75
    Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
    The plot alone is a thing of beauty.
  • 63
    James Berardinelli ReelViews
    Enjoyable, but it's a shallow enjoyment.
  • 60
    Kim Newman Empire
    Earlier Clancy films alternated between the dull and the ridiculous. First-rate writers like Steven Zaillian and the great John Milius have managed to make this considerably meatier.
  • 60
    Desson Thomson Washington Post
    There's nothing "wrong" with this movie but it feels like warmed-over business as usual.
  • 58
    Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly
    As a thriller, this 21 2-hour production takes a slow route between short bursts of excitement.