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  • Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan has had an odd time at the movies. So far 3 actors and as many directors have had a go at him, with varying degrees of success. Hunt for Red October might come up in conversations more often, but it's hard to get past the silliness of Sean Connery pretending to be Russian (and speaking worse Russian than Baldwin's American character).

    Clear and Present Danger is where your money belongs. One of Clancy's best Ryan efforts in print, this massive door-stop of a book was condensed by veteran scribes Steven Zallian and John Milius - how's that for a screen writing combo? - into a script that retains a lot of the original's moral complexity while making smart concessions to the blockbuster format. For a blockbuster is what you have before you, and one of the smartest ones out there, where art and commerce were combined in perfect harmony.

    As Ryan 2.0, Harrison Ford is perfect in the lead, and it's hard to believe at times, that Clancy didn't have him in mind when creating the character. With a narrative this fragmented, it is essential that the supporting roles be pitch perfect and across the board everyone does first-rate work, with special mention to Willem Dafoe as John Clarke and Donald Moffat at a devious commander in chief.

    Philip Noyce builds on his Ryan-debut Patriot Games and shows he is equally at ease with the quiet parts and the loud ones, particularly an RPG-powered car ambush centerpiece. The action beats are used sparingly but with brilliant precision.

    All in all, this is smart, tight, believable and expertly executed. It is that rare brainy "action" film that will involve you and have you hanging on the edge of your seat.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The last of Harrison Ford's outings as Jack Ryan (following PATRIOT GAMES), CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER is a classy outing that throws the star into the middle of a drugs war between Colombian cocaine barons and some highly corrupt American officials. Along the way, he must contend with an ineffectual President (THE THING's Donald Moffat), an ailing buddy (the ever excellent James Earl Jones) and a mercenary leader (the scene stealing Willem Dafoe).

    The movie is well shot and entertaining, never better than when detailing the cyber hijinks between Ford and corporate schmuck Henry Czerny or an excellent ambush set-piece halfway through. The first half is a little slow but things really pick up for the second, which depicts a complex situation south of the border with no less than three sides competing for dominance and Ford caught in the middle. We get a solid turn from Ford and a deliciously tough bad guy performance from Joaquim de Almeida, alongside well-shot action and a climax that doesn't hold back.
  • Harrison Ford returns as "Jack Ryan," star of the very well-done "Patriot Games," the film adaption off the best-selling Tom Clancy novels. Also returning are Anne Archer and James Earl Jones.

    THE BAD - This isn't as intense, especially in the first half hour, as Patriot Games and the ending was a little disappointing with a action-scene credibility problem. Once again - it's getting to be a tired Hollywood theme - top U.S. government officials, going all the way to the President, are corrupt people, liars not to be trusted.

    THE GOOD - It's nice to see Willem Dafoe finally play a good guy. The villains in here are deceptively interesting, actors such as Joaquim De Almeida, Harris Yulin and Henry Czerny and Miguel Sandoval - not big names but recognizable and good actors. The violence is not overdone in here and when the action does occur, the sound is terrific. The best action scene was shootout in the streets with snipers firing at cars below.

    The positives are far more than the negatives, making this a solid thriller.
  • President Bennett's friends are murdered by Columbian Cali cartel drug lord Escobedo. He seeks revenge by declaring them Clear and Present Danger. Presidential Adviser James Cutter and Bob Ritter sends John Clark (Willem Dafoe) and his team to direct bombs on the targets. It's a secret mission that neither Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) nor his mentor Jim Greer know about. Greer is sick with cancer. Ryan is appointed Deputy Director of Intelligence and sent down to Bogota. Meanwhile Escobedo has intelligence operative Félix Cortez who has inside info in the White House and plans of his own.

    It's an intriguing political espionage mixed with some well executed action scenes. The ambush in Bogota is terrific action. Joaquim de Almeida is a great villain. He has a great depth which is perfect for his double dealing. It's a well made Tom Clancy spy movie.
  • Third installment of the Agent Jack Ryan with lots of gun-rattling action, suspense and intrigue. Ryan is a high officer from CIA ,married(Anne Archer) and with sons(Thora Birch).After death a closed friend by Colombian drugs Cali cartel(Miguel Sandoval,Joaquin De Almeida) , the President(Donald Moffat) himself sanctions a covert operation against the drug barons by sending crack soldiers into the Colombia country under the command of mercenaries(Willem Dafoe,Benjamin Bratt, Raymond Cruz). Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan contracted into White House's staff(Harris Yulin, Henry Czerny,Dean Jones) investigates the events. Ryan thinks he's still after Colombian connections to the dead man's money.

    This blockbuster is an excellent adaptation of the novel by Tom Clancy , companion to ¨The hunt for Red October¨ with Ford taking over the role of Ryan from Alec Baldwin and second part ¨Patriot games¨ again with Harrison Ford , who's becoming the king of trilogies . Extraordinaries nail-biting action scenes, specially when Ryan and his partners are trapped by machine-gunners in a network of narrows streets and posteriorly parodied by Leslie Nielsen. Interesting screenplay plenty of twists and thrills by John Milius and Steve Zaillian. Spectacular musical score fitting to action and suspense by James Horner. Colorful and atmospheric cinematography by Donald McAlpine. The picture is well directed by Phillip Noyce, an action movies expert, but he directed ¨Blind fury, The Saint, The Bone Collectors and Patriot games¨ among others. Rating: Above average, the film will like to Harrison Ford fans and Jack Ryan novels followers.
  • The makers of this movie are to be congratulated for turning a Tom Clancy doorstop into a tense, tightly woven international thriller with a top notch cast and believeable plot. Where the previous two Jack Ryan movies depended on stunts and quite unbelieveable plot twists this film concentrates on a grubby little military/political incident (more the domain of intelligence men) and the men of honour and integrity (Ford and an under used Dafoe) trapped in the middle of it.

    I also like this movie for its subtle dig at the American establishment and how it assumes it can coerce the weak into doing its bidding.

    The Clark character in Clancy's fiction is an interesting one and deserves to be further developed. Casting Willem Dafoe in the part was actually a stroke of genius, and I could easily imagine his character in Platoon doing this kind of work if he had survived Vietnam. The fact that Dafoe is one of THE most underrated actors in Hollywood also means I like this.
  • I have to say that ALL of the Clancy novels that were made into films, with the exception of "The Sum of All Fears" were brought to life as great films. Harrison Ford reprises his role as Dr. Jack Ryan, who is forced in this film to step into the shoes of Admiral Greer, who is dying. While there is a lot of each characters personal lives carefully inserted into the film, it NEVER ceases to be clever and interesting. It's much better to watch than any senseless action picture with Bruce Willis or your wimpy little Ben Affleckish character. The film is perfectly balanced so that there is not a single boring scene in the picture. The wheels are constantly turning to make sure something dramatic is happening to really draw you further into the picture. I recommend this movie as well as it's two predecessors, "The Hunt for Red October", and "Patriot Games". Both of which are equally brilliant.
  • I have read some quite negative reviews of this film, with many being upset by the lack of coherence with the book despite taking it's characterisations etc...I agree that the film does not follow the book particularly well but it is a film, for film watchers, not a book or a film for book readers so stop criticising it on that level. This film is entertaining from start to finish with a surprisingly clever plot considering the genre and credit must go to Ford for starring and excelling in yet another blockbuster. People may say he's not the most versatile actor in the world and I'm not going to disagree, but he does what he does brilliantly and those who don't enjoy this movie really do need a good talking to. Along with Patriot Games, this is part of an impressive set of movies which are far more entertaining than the books (perhaps thats because I'm not an avid reader) and shall keep all you viewers out there happy, if only for a short while.
  • A CIA anaylst, Jack Ryan(Harrison Ford), is promoted to Deputy Director of Intelligence of the CIA after Admiral James Greer(James Earl Jones) suffers from illness. A close friend of the president(Donald Moffat) is murdered. The situation gets worse when the President is convinced to take actions against the drug cartels. Felix Cortez plays both sides. He tries to "inform" the CIA and he also works with the cartels. James Cutter(Harris Yulin) an advisor to the President, makes a deal with Cortez, and cuts off communications to troops in Columbia, through the Deputy Director of CIA Operations, Robert Ritter(Henry Czerny). Ryan goes to Colombia to save the troops with the help of John Clark(Willem Dafoe), but not before Ritter blames Ryan for Clark's men being captured by Cortez's mercenaries.

    Clear and Present Danger is a great action/political thriller that is one of my all time favorite movies. Ford gives a great performance, perhaps his best. Theres also a great supporting cast including Willem Dafoe, Henry Czerny, and James Earl Jones. Besides powerful drama, Clear and Present Danger supplies good action sequences. I haven't read the book, but I plan to after seeing this movie.

    Although the plot is a bit complex, this is a great movie and a must see. If you like Ford, action, or great drama, then Clear and Present Danger is a movie you should see. This film recieves my highest recommendation. 10/10
  • Harrison Ford. Willem Dafoe. Anne Archer. James Earl Jones. Benjamin Bratt. Henry Czerny, Harris Yulin as a 'heavy' (National Security Adviser : James Cutter ) and Dean Jones. They have a cast of old school heavies and new talent all together. I hadn't seen Dean Jones in a while and he was fantastic! There is a 'chilling weight', that scores the film visually from the onset. The director Phillip Noyce, uses broad scenery (from what I can tell) it brings out a feeling of grandness, vast and encompassing. It just sort of takes control of the mind and vision.

    The story of a Cartel from Columbia taking 'Liberties' on a family that wound up unbeknown to Escabedo (the Cartel scumbag) being friends of the President of The United States of America. Violent liberties that have become deadly serious. A Cali Cartel. A decision, that the President discusses with his defense secretary. A course of action that he (The President) can't suggest, is exactly what he is suggesting, behind closed doors. Being inside the White House in a Tom Clancy /Phillip Noyce film always seems very real for me, as I watch the government employees walk and talk and what ever else.

    This has to be one of the highest Clancy novel/ movies that I have seen, just above " Patriot Games ".

    Czerny is so good at being maligned. He is the one you don't want to be in a face-off with in a CIA office. He truly brings out a roundly compelling performance as Deputy Director of the C.I.A. ' Robert Ritter' .

    Deception, is all around. like a sort of wall-papering. Who can Jack trust when he must? This is a powerful story and a dramatic and strong ending that completes the story from start to middle and ending. I was very enthusiastic and impressed, by the directing performance, photography and music score. The film crew that worked on 'Patriot Games' (1992) was retained for this one too. I saw an inside interview about the production of 'Clear and present danger' and the Producer stated that Harrison Ford performed his driving stunt, during the ambush!! And in regard to that beautiful drug dealer home in the country, get was not 'CGI' special effects, they actually blew the house to bits!!!! Yes, it was real too. Now thats how to make a top-end action adventure/ thriller, in my book. Can you believe this, of all the Ten and twenty million dollar salaries that Ford makes in his work, he barely got paid one-million for this body of work.

    This is a keeper. Recommended again and again. (*****)
  • I don't know of anybody who doesn't like this movie, Clear and Present Danger. There was a funny cartoon I once read called Clear and Present Dangerfield which showed Rodney Dangerfield saying "I get no respect from these terrorists!" Very funny. The movie has some cheesy moments and some patriotic moments John Wayne would be proud of. The book and movie are different but the book, like most of Tom Clancy's books are so long that it's not possible to make it into an alike movie. So therefore the movie is focused on the parts with Jack Ryan and the other characters are hardly in it. Henry Czerny comes across as the top supporting actor in it and earned some roles from his solid underrated performance. Donald Moffat plays a two-faced president better than any actor who would have otherwise played him as a straight up mean dictator. Like in the book, the President has no name, he simply goes by the name the President of the United States of America. Philip Noyce does his job well at directing this picture. And of course this is one of Harrison Ford's last great roles since he did a Tom Hanks and has been desperate for an Oscar ever since. Overall, it's a great movie for anyone to enjoy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With the book being so long, obviously not all of the plot twists and events could be squeezed into this film, which is a little over 2 hours.

    With respect to this, the movie is very good, with a good mix of action scenes and strong politically minded scenes. One major shame was the ending and the omission of notable characters that played a part in the end of the book. This was the same with Patriot Games.

    My only disappointment was that Ryan's friend Dan Murray was killed in the same scene where Emil Jacobs, the FBI Director was killed. He was a good character, but wasn't given time to show. In the books Murray becomes FBI Director at the end of Clancy's series.

    Other than the scenes with Murray and Jack Ryan, the acting and drama was perfect. A worthy addition to the Jack Ryan Series, and much better than ‘The Sum of All Fears' with Ben Affleck was Ryan.

    Harrison Ford is without doubt the best Jack Ryan.

    Top notch!!!
  • No matter how entertaining a movie is, I always have difficulties with movies over two hours long. Despite that Clear and Present Danger is over 140 minutes or so, it's still a very good follow up to Patriot Games; Like Patriot Games. Clear and Present Danger isn't filled with jaw-dropping action, it's more of a thriller, and a damn good one at that. I will point out that Clear and Present Danger has more action than Patriot Games, but it's not quite as well done overall. It has exciting twists and turns, especially in the second half. Harrison Ford once again played an ideal hero, and I was with him the whole way. His escapes are a bit superman -esque in this one, though. The Helicopter sequence at the end, especially. It's my favorite action scene in the movie, I won't lie. I'm just pointing out Ford wiggles his way through a couple more harrowing escapes than he did in Patriot Games. Willem Dafoe provides excellent support with his unpredictable role. I always relish seeing him on screen. James Earl Jones's role is bleak, but he provided class in a big way as well. Anne Archer & Thora Birch have very little to do in this one as the wife and daughter. Henry Czerny plays an excellent slime-ball here. He played a similar role in Mission Impossible. He's good at it! The ending is utterly fantastic in this one. It's filled with deception.

    Final Thoughts: Hunt For Red October provided modicum amounts of entertainment, but was fairly dull. I loved Patriot Games, and I loved this one as well. Ben Affleck wasn't horrible as Jack Ryan, and did what he could, but he wasn't the guy in the long run. Let's hope Chris Pine can take a firm grasp of the Jack Ryan role. The Jack Ryan saga deserves to continue.

  • Although you should never get too caught up in comparing a movie to the book it is based on, this is hard to avoid with this film. Of all the Clancy books, this remains my favorite and I was highly disappointed with how it was handled, mostly because it made future sequels all but impossible to make without increasing the chasm between the two mediums. Great characters from this book and future stories are either changed completely or killed off. That is tough to ignore.

    As for the movie as a standalone vehicle, it was decent. Nothing really new to be found in it. Things just seem a little too predictable (even the original material that wasn't in the book) and cliche Hollywood.
  • When Admiral Greer is diagnosed with cancer, Jack Ryan finds himself as Acting Deputy Director of Intelligence at the same time as one of the President's personal friends is murdered by a Columbian drugs cartel. Despite the suggestion that his friend was involved in illegal money laundering the President gives the "unofficial" nod to National Security Adviser Cutter who falsifies a Presidential Order for Robert Ritter to employ a covert operation to strike at Escobedo's operations in Columbia. Meanwhile Ryan goes before the Senate to get funding for the fight on drugs – although the funding does not include troops or direct action, which doesn't concern Jack as he is out of the loop on the covert op. While Jack tries to trace the money on the laundering, Clark's men get bombing in the Columbia jungle. However as things start to get out of control, political backs get covered, plausible deniability kicks in and both Ryan and Slater find themselves exposed and in danger.

    Despite Ryan's outings in Patriot Games and Sum of All Fears being roundly average at best, I decided to try this film and I actually found it quite easy to enjoy. The first thing to state is that it is very safe and commercial thriller in that, for all its supposed commentary on corruption and drugs, it really doesn't say much and the good guys and bad guys are painted very clearly and the lines between them are clean. Those familiar with the much more interesting look at America and drugs presented in HBO's The Wire will not find the same level of intelligence or comment in this film. Of course this doesn't make this a bad film, but perhaps a weaker one. The plot uses these clear lines and turns in an enjoyable if basic mix of political drama and action thrills. I found myself quite gripped by some parts and the plot regularly throw up tough talking and action to keep things interesting.

    Although Ford is already looking a bit older, he fits in perfectly on the "intelligence" side of the film but when he is called into action on the streets of Columbia then he doesn't look the part at all. Much better at this is Dafoe, who spends the majority of this in his own little action movie. He is convincing and was a good call for the role, although it doesn't help that the material calls for Ford to occupy equal status with him in the action stakes. Providing the political tough talk with good turns are Czerny, Yulin and Moffat – each would have benefited from the script recognising the complexities of right and wrong but this wasn't the place for that. Almedia and Sandoval are both pretty average but they are handed half-cooked clichés to work with so it isn't really their fault.

    Overall this is a perfectly serviceable commercial thriller and I have no doubt that those who accepted the problems in Patriot Games and Sum of All Fears will find this easy to enjoy. Personally I would have liked a bit more intelligence instead of the black/white approach but it still worked for what it was and it was effective in catching me up.
  • The movie was not all bad, but compared to the other two Clancy movies I have seen (Patriot Games/The Hunt for Red October) this one was by far the least entertaining and least interesting of the bunch. It is also not very memorable as I have a hard time recollecting much about it aside from William Defoe's rather good performance and Harrison Ford as a not quite as intense Jack Ryan as he was in the "Patriot Games". Anne Archer is back as well, unfortunately she may as well not be in the movie at all as they have basically assigned her a cameo appearance in this one which is sad considering how much of a factor she was in the previous movie. Still, that is understandable as she may have not played all that an important of a role in the novel either. The action comes in small doses and there is a particularly good one featuring a bunch of cars being blocked in and a missile launcher, however the connection I felt with the characters in "Patriot Games" is lost so none of the action scenes really reel me in as they did in the previous two movies as the characters are not as interesting as say those in "The Hunt for Red October". Still thanks to William Defoe and some good action here and there it is not a total loss in the least.
  • The third outing for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - and the second with Harrison Ford in the lead - is a tightly constructed political thriller. Condensing Clancy's door stoppers is no easy task, but the makers here, headed by director Phillip Noyce, have manged to keep the pic brisk and intelligent for entertainment worth.

    Plot essentially boils down to America's war on drugs and the Colombian cartel at the helm of such operations. Naturally all is a bit suspect in the American corridors of power, leading to corruption and abuse of power that puts Jack Ryan firmly at the front to sift and destroy the bad eggs staining the American Star Spangled Banner.

    This very much plays out for those who like a bit of politico subterfuge, whist being ok with long passages of like minded chatter is also a requisite. That we have a fine cast playing out the screenplay (Donald E. Stewart, Steven Zaillian and John Milius) is a big plus that gives credibility to the shifty machinations.

    There's a nagging annoyance throughout that this still should be a better film, especially given the overstretched run time of 2 hours 20 minutes, and the computer sections are dubious and the finale is something of a damp squib. However, we are in the company of great pros, both in front of and behind the camera - and also on the page (Clancy's brain superlative). With that in mind it's reasons to seek this out and enjoy if this splinter of political thriller is your bag. 7/10
  • Tom Clancy's CIA analyst character Jack Ryan not only made an impact on the page, he also made an impact on the big screen as well. In the 1990 smash THE HUTN FOR RED October, as played by Alec Baldwin, he was in a race against time to find out whether a renegade Soviet submarine captain was out to defect to America, or out to launch. Then in 1992's PATRIOT GAMES, Ryan, then portrayed by Harrison Ford, went into action to protect his own family against the machinations of vengeful ultra-violent Irish Republican Army terrorists. And then in 1994, again with Ford more than capably assuming the role, Ryan found himself in a pickle much closer to his job: covert military action related to the ongoing Latin American drug war in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.

    Ford's Jack Ryan is put into action into finding the root causes of why one of the closest friends of the President (Donald Moffatt) was killed on his boat in the Caribbean Sea. As it turns out, the president's dead friend had stolen money from a Colombian drug kingpin (Miguel Sandoval), like six hundred forty million dollars…and change. For Ford, this may seem like a fairly routine matter, as is him having to go to Congress to get authorization to fund the Colombian government's war against drug cartels like Sandoval's. But unbeknownst to him, Moffatt, along with his national security adviser (Harris Yulin) and deputy CIA director (Henry Czerny) have hatched a covert operation called Operation Reciprocity to finish off the drug war on American terms, sending a paramilitary unit commanded by a man named Clark (Willem Dafoe) into the hot zone. More importantly, when his mentor Admiral Greer (James Earl Jones) falls victim to inoperable pancreatic cancer that ultimately kills him, the weight of the world falls on his shoulders. Dafoe's team does score hits against Sandoval's operation; but the end result is a series of horrific acts of retribution, including the killing of an FBI team sent to assist Ford, followed by the capture of Dafoe's men by an associate of Sandoval's (Joaquin De Almeida) out to take over Sandoval's operation.

    Once Ford makes himself aware of the kind of paramilitary finagling that had been going on behind his back, he becomes a fighter once more—not for just his family, but the truth. This means having not only to go back down to the Colombian war zone to rescue Dafoe and his men, but also having to confront a president who has bent, and maybe even broken the law, for political points, and made decisions that resulted in massive losses of lives.

    Philip Noyce, who had also directed PATRIOT GAMES, returns to the director's chair for this well made and, at close to two and a half hours, epic action/suspense thriller. Not surprisingly, Ford delivers the kind of performance that could easily be classified as a "thinking man's action hero" as Ryan, acting not on impulse or an urge for explosions of violence, but a vigilant search for the truth. Ultimately, he wonders, exactly what does constitute a "clear and present danger" in the real world? Is it what the president says it is, when it is in the form of drug cartels (who, by the early 2000s, proliferated far closer to the U.S., in rural sections of Mexico)? Or is the real clear and present danger found in a host of decisions merely meant to gain political points? Ford's performance remains the centerpiece of this film, but Sandoval and De Almeida make for a pair of crafty (but non-stereotypical) South American heavies (much of the film was shot in Mexico), and there are also underhanded performances by Yulin and, most especially Czerny, the latter of whom is absolutely oily and corrupt (he would play a similar role only two years later in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE). And when he is not recycling his scores for ALIENS and PATRIOT GAMES, James Horner's score is extremely effective too, veering from typically stirring patriotic Americana to ethnic South American motifs (with pan flutes).

    Far too many action films from the 1980s onward are all about spectacle, and almost no suspense or substance. But CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER has a lot of those two important things in spades, and still ranks as one of the best films of the action genre during the 1990s.
  • AaronCapenBanner5 December 2013
    Philip Noyce returned to direct this adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel that also sees Harrison Ford return as CIA analyst Jack Ryan, who has been appointed acting Deputy Director of Intelligence after his old boss and friend Admiral Greer(played by James Earl Jones) develops terminal cancer. Almost immediately, Jack has a crisis on his hands as a close friend of the President(played by Donald Moffat) is killed by a drug cartel, and unknown to Jack, a secret CIA operative(played by Willem Dafoe) was sent into Columbia to deal with the cartels, but has been set up, and now wants revenge. Jack must sort out this mess to not only save his career and reputation, but also several lives. Equally good third entry in the series is both exciting and intriguing, with solid performances. Sad to say, Ford's last appearance in the role(before it was "rebooted"...)
  • namashi_112 September 2011
    Based on the book of the same name by Tom Clancy, 'Clear and Present Danger' is a thrilling film, that is neatly written, tautly directed & superbly acted. In short, Amongst the Finest Films from 1994!

    As in the novel, Jack Ryan is appointed Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Acting Deputy Director and discovers that he is being kept in the dark by colleagues who are conducting a covert war against drug lords in Colombia.

    Jack Ryan is a great hero to root for. Tom Clancy has indeed given us an Iconic Good-Guy, who in many ways, is a time-less personality. 'Clear and Present Danger' begins superbly and ends with a bang. The Writing Material is so Sharp, that it catches your attention right away. Also, The tense moments as well as the action-sequences, are wonderfully shot & executed.

    Phillip Noyce's Direction is taut. Cinematography is top-notch. Editing is good. Art Design is perfect. Performance-Wise: Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, is in full form. The Screen Legend delivers a terrific performance from start to end. Willem Dafoe is first-rate. Anne Archer is impressive. James Earl Jones is dignified. Miguel Sandoval leaves a mark. Others lend able support.

    On the whole, A Winner! Check It Out!
  • Be it as it is, the films adapted from Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series are really a good time to be had by sitting back and enjoying a bit of action and espionage. There really is not that much more to it.

    In this sequel to Patriot Games, Jack Ryan is caught up between the personal vendettas of the President of the United States and some Columbian drug lords. I have to give this movie a bit of credit for creating such a really banal President that seems atrocious even now that we've gotten used to Dubya and all that, and its enjoyable elements include a really neat sniper character, Willem Dafoe, and helicopters. It wouldn't be a Tom Clancy story without helicopters.

    Harrison Ford puts off his usual "Good family guy forced into a fight he doesn't want to have in the first place," and this time his good-boy role is taken to a kind of different level wherein it actually becomes his own problem, but it's not like he really has to expand as an actor or anything to pull it off. Same with Willem Dafoe, really.

    Sit down and give it a whirl, it's great with friends and some good fattening snacks.

  • This is a typical case where being an avid fan of the author turns out to be a problem when seeing the movie.

    I have read - and reread - the books of Tom Clancy many times, and have always been intrigued by his use of details, without making them boring. I have read the book Clear and Present Danger many times, and will probably read it again at a later time, I have also seen the movie, and will probably not see it again.

    To put things right - it is a fabulous movie exciting and keeps you in suspense at all times, and, if I didn't know the books, I would rate it an 8 or 9. If you havn't read the Jack Ryan series, really - go see it and you won't be disappointed.

    Now unfortunately this is what comes from knowing the books.

    1. The characters in the movie are much too weak in comparison to the book

    2. The film ends in Impeachment of the President, in the books he throws the election in order to spare the country the scandal, also knowing that an impeachement will reveal that he has actually initiated an undeclared war with - and invaded - an ally, Columbia.

    3. Clark (and this is where I almost left the movie) is portrayed by Willem Dafoe, who does a credible job, given the material he has to work with. Willem Dafoe is completely wrong for the part. Clark is described in the books as 6'3", broad of shoulders, muscular and a former Navy Seal, a physical description that all will agree does NOT fit Willem Dafoe. Clark in the books is an active agent of the CIA operations directorate, he is not retired, and most of the time he is either in the States or Panama, overseeing the operation. He only sets foot in Columbia at the very end. In the movie he is portrayed as an ex mercenary with a grudge living in Bogota.

    One of the reasons I was awaiting this movie was that I couldn't wait to see how Clark would be portrayed, and never have I seen such a misrepresentation of character.

    My rating of this movie is a low 5, although I admit to being colored by my disappointment of the character representations
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had read the novel before, so I had high hopes on the film. I was so disappointed. The film not only botches the book quite badly, but has errors of its own :

    *** Possible spoilers ****

    • The whole point of assembling a special ops team of soldiers from Latino origin, was to make them difficult to identify as US forces. However, they happily yell in clear English on all combat scenes.

    • Willem Dafoe as Clark is a TERRIBLE miscast. The character is always depicted as a tall, broad shouldered person. (Liev Schreiber is also a bad choice for the same role on Sum of All Fears).

    • Almost all roles on the book are changed beyond recognition : CIA Dep. Dir. Robert Ritter is not the bad guy depicted on the movie; FBI Dir. Jacobs and Agent Murray are both killed on the movie (they are important characters on next novels); on the novel, James Cutter kills himself by walking in front of a bus.

    • The soldiers persecution on the jungle seems like a bunch of scared kids running from a gang; the novel depiction of tactics and ambush scenes are FAR superior.

    • And of course, the inevitable final up-close-and-personal fight between Ryan and Cortez : guess what, never happened on the book, since Ryan never gets off the Blackhawk rescue helicopter (not the puny Bell from the movie), because he is busy manning a machine gun. It seems that Hollywood thinks that a movie is incomplete without a "heroic" fist fight (the same issue that completely botched the ending of Patriot Games). Originally, Cortez is left alive on the backyard of one of the surviving drug lords : THAT is a punishment!!

    In all, the movie not only presents a simplistic plot of bad guy-good guy, but ignores completely a much more complex conspiracy and anti-drug operation. This film had all the ingredients to be just great, but you get just cartoonist bad guys, a couple of good action scenes and a laughable ending.
  • Disclaimer: If you are a viewer that mainly prefers art-house-type movies, then you might as well ignore this review. In addition, if you're not able to take Harrison Ford's classic best action political thriller by Tom Clancy's novel, ignore this review, as well. We'll both be better off.

    Clear and Present Danger (1994) Is the best of Harrison Ford's classic action political thriller since The Fugitive! I know this film is based on Tom Clancy's novel Clear and Present Danger and is directed by Phillip Noyce. It is a sequel to Patriot games (1992) in which Harrison Ford started as CIA analyst Jack Ryan. Alec Baldwin started as Jack Ryan in an action thriller brilliant flick The Hunt For Red October (1990) with Sean Connery and with the director John McTiernan. Those were all novels that films were based by writer Tom Clancy. My all time favorite films of all five Jack Ryan movies, that were released and are based on Tom Clancy's novels are: The Hunt For Red October (1990) and this one (Clear and Present Danger). Of course The Hunt For Red October isn't Harrison Ford's film, but he later started with Phillip Noyce twice, with the film Patriot Games (1992) and this film (Clear and Present Danger) that I absolutely love it. As a kid, again the same that I have saw the trailer for the film The Fugitive (1993), year later I saw the trailer for this film which it became a hit in 1994, that time I watched Patriot Games with Harrison Ford which I liked. But watching this one again, I must say it is my second favorite Harrison Ford film not counting Indiana Jones films. The first one is The Fugitive and the second one is this one (Clear and Present Danger).

    Plot: CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by the US government against a Colombian drug cartel.

    I love this film and it is the second favorite film of mine that I just love to death! Beside Harrison Ford gives you the best outstanding perfect brilliant performance, they are still a support cast from this film that you like to see and are famous. Beside Harrison, James Earl Jones, Anne Archer and Thora Birch all reprise there roles back from Patriot Games. I still don't know why actor Samuel L. Jackson did not reprise his role back to the sequel,but still this film works. When his mentor James Greer (James Earl Jones) becomes gravely ill, Ryan (Harrison Ford)is appointed acting CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. His first assignment: Investigate the murder of one of the president's friends, a prominent U.S. businessman with secret ties to Colombian drug cartels. Unbeknownst to Ryan, the CIA has already dispatched a deadly field operative (Willem Dafoe) to lead a paramilitary force against the Colombian drug lords. Caught in the crossfire, Ryan takes matters into his own hands, risking his career and life for the only cause he still believes in - the truth.

    This movie is about Colombian drug cartels, investigation of a murder of one of the president friends and his family, conspiracy and a rescue mission on the end of the film. This movie is intelligent, entertaining and brilliant, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It keeps guessing you what will happened next. Willem Dafoe finally plays the good guy in this film, which I love him. The action sequences are excellent, the explosions are wonderful and perfectly executed. No CGI or shaky cam in here. The body keeps rising and the acting is brilliant, everyone does an excellent job. In here we have Joaquim de Almeida who is playing another villain, we see him playing another drug lord 17 years later in Fast Five (2011). Here you also have a marines who are destroying a drug cartels and risking their own lives. You even have Tom Bower from Die Hard 2 (1990) in here, who plays a helicopter pilot on a rescue mission. Than is Henry Czerny as another villain in CIA who later started in Mission: Impossible (1996) film. The special effects are perfect, the film is fast paced and goes quickly around for the two hours.

    About the cast: Harrison Ford did a perfect job playing Jack Ryan CIA analysts who becomes director of CIA when his friend becomes ill, you even have a funeral scene in here and the music score from James Horner is awesome for this film and I love it. James Earl Jones did a perfect acting support. Willem Dafoe was incredible in his role and in my opinion he gave us a perfect acting performance. Henry Czerny did a solid job and Thora Birch in a minor role was perfect. Anne Archer was also great as Jack's wife. "I'm sorry, Mr. President, I don't dance." Jack Ryan's best quote for me.

    Overall: Clear and Present Danger is a classic a perfect 10. Far way better than the last two films that come out and way better than Patriot Games. For me Harrison Ford is the only Jack Ryan CIA analyst I love and no one talks about this film today. I love this film to death!

    Clear and Present Danger is a 1994 American spy thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce, based on Tom Clancy's book of the same name. It was preceded by the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October and the 1992 film Patriot Games, all three featuring Clancy's fictional character Jack Ryan.

    10/10 Grade: Bad Ass Seal Of Approval Studio: Paramount Pictures Starring: Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer, Joaquim de Almeida, James Earl Jones, Miguel Sandoval, Henry Czerny, Harris Yulin, Donald Moffat, Benjamin Bratt, Raymond Cruz, Thora Birch Director: Phillip Noyce Producers: Mace Neufeld, Robert Rehme Screenplay: Donald E. Stewart, Steven Zaillian, John Milius Based on Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 2 Hrs. 21 Mins. Budget: $62.000.000 Box Office: $215,887,717
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Clear And Present Danger is a spy action thriller that is based on the novel of Tom Clancy of the same title.It features Harrison Ford in the title role as Jack Ryan with James Earl Jones,who portrays as Vice-Admiral James Greer together with supporting cast that includes Willem Dafoe,Miguel Sandoval,Belita Moreno and Joaquim de was directed by Philip Noyce,who also was at helm in other Jack Ryan films such as The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games.

    The film's setting happens when Jack Ryan has been appointed as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) acting Deputy Director.He later discovers that he is being kept in the dark by some of his CIA colleagues in the agency about a covert war operation against the drug lords at Colombia.Later,it was also revealed that the President's wealthy friend is well-connected to the said Colombian drug cartel.When the national security adviser and the CIA deputy director were captured in Colombia,the President's men decided to abandon their force.In the end,it was up to Jack Ryan and another operative to rescue them on their won risking his career and life.

    This is the second time that Harrison Ford will portray Jack Ryan after Patriot Games and he brings earnestness and freshness to the role.Aside from that,it the story provides complex political intrigue,interesting plot and lots of tension that it is fun to sit through as it is exciting and entertaining from beginning to end.Despite some confusion that it may provide in the political ideologies and beliefs that the characters in it adhere to including the President,what stands out here though is the moral dilemma that Jack Ryan as it brings his humanistic side of saving lives in danger which could probably considered the overall theme of this action thriller.
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