Molly: Do you taste like chocolate?

Lizzie: I don't know, do you taste like vanilla?

Manny Singer: Corrina, can I talk to you for a minute? Look, whatever you may believe in is fine for you, okay? Your heaven is fine for you, but Molly's mother was an atheist and so am I, and I don't want you telling her that her mother is somewhere she isn't.

Corrina Washington: Yes, Mr. Singer. I'll just continue to tell Molly her mother is in the bathtub.

Molly: Grandpa, can you hear me?

Grandpa Harry: [nods]

Molly: Make Daddy marry Corrina, okay?

Grandpa Harry: [nods]

Molly: Is Tater Tot Mr. Potato Head's son?

Corrina Washington: [to Molly] I'm sorry I'm late, I'm sorry I'm late, I'll never be late again but you don't know what happened to me. A herd of elephants stopped in the middle of the road for a drink of water and I didn't know what to do! So I... are you stuck on me with Elmer's glue? Yes you are, I guess I'm just going to have to carry you.

Grandma Eva: Manny, listen to me. A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where do they build their home?

Percy: [laughing hysterically, holding a mug to his ear] That's the funniest thing you ever told me in your whole life!

Delivery Man 1: Why don't I just talk to Mrs. Singer?

Manny Singer: Oh, well... she's... she's... she's in the bathtub right now.

Molly: My daddy doesn't think she's in heaven.

Corrina Washington: Well, that's probably just because your daddy is so jealous of the angels. He's so jealous, he can't even stand to think about those angels who get to play with your mommy all day long. And he's hurting just like you're hurting, and you're going to hurt for a long time. Every day it'll get a little better, but you'll always miss your mommy, and that's okay.

Corrina Washington: This is my favorite record.

Manny Singer: Really? Mine, too.

Corrina Washington: You know, Billie Holliday does a better version.

Manny Singer: No-one's better than Louie.

Manny Singer: Have you ever had a block?

Corrina Washington: All my life.

Manny Singer: Molly, why did you take my cigarettes? Answer me.

Molly: Corrina's husband went out for a carton of cigarettes and died. They all die. The TV said it.

Molly: I won the spelling bee today.

Manny Singer: You did? Corrina, did you hear that?

Corrina Washington: I heard it, now let's go eat, I'm starved.

Manny Singer: What was the word?

Molly: ...Vacuum.

Corrina Washington: Why don't we vacuum ourselves out the door?

Manny Singer: How do you spell vacuum?

Molly: ...H-O-O-V-E-R.

Corrina Washington: [to Molly] Do you want the pecan waffles with lots of syrup and butter or would you rather have the slim starter with the cottage cheese, the hard boiled egg and the tomato?

Wilma, Car Hop: Darling, if it's a choice between those delicious waffles and that STUPID egg, for God's sake, pat your little nose.

Molly: She should've cleaned up before we got here.

Corrina Washington: That is a novel idea.

[to Molly]

Corrina Washington: You're the short, silent type aren't you? -I could tell.

Molly: [on phone] Hi, daddy.

Manny Singer: Molly?

Molly: You recognized my voice!

Manny Singer: What do you think you're doing?

Molly: Well, I-I can't sleep.

Manny Singer: [towards her bedroom door] Goodnight, Molly!

Manny Singer: One of the last things my wife said to me was, "Don't forget to pick up some almonds on the way home." She said she had a coupon for roasted... But I was in a hurry and I didn't wait until she found it.

Corrina Washington: I don't think she was angry, Manny. I think she understood. Now, do you wanna know the last thing I said to my husband?

Manny Singer: What?

Corrina Washington: Slow down.

Manny Singer: Huh?

Corrina Washington: Slow... down.

[Manny laughs]

Jonesy: She's been playing that little piano ditty all morning. Do you think you could get her to cut it out?

Manny Singer: Her mother was teaching her that.

Corrina Washington: I see you've got a list started here. Is this groceries?

Manny Singer: That's my wife's handwriting. I haven't been able to erase it yet.

Corrina Washington: Oh, well, I'll just add onto it.

Corrina Washington: You know what I've discovered about your daddy? He likes to eat cookies in bed. Could you tuck that sheet in... just there?

Molly: Corrina... this is where my mommy sleeps.

Corrina Washington: You're right. Your mommy used to sleep here.

Molly: When is she coming back?

Corrina Washington: Well, Molly... she's not coming back. When you die, the angels take you up to heaven to be with God.

Molly: Then I want to die, too.

Manny Singer: Where are my cigarettes?

Corrina Washington: I just put a fresh carton in there!

Manny Singer: Well, I don't see any.

Corrina Washington: Well, I can't even offer you one of mine since you've taken to smoking those, too.

Manny Singer: What's that supposed to mean?

Corrina Washington: It means that if you're going to smoke my cigarettes, I'd appreciate you telling me.

Manny Singer: Fine. If you're gonna smoke *my* cigarettes, I'd appreciate you telling me.

Corrina Washington: Fine.

Corrina Washington: What you've got to say to yourself is, "I am Molly Singer, and there's nobody in the world better than me." Go on, say it while you walk.

Molly: I am Molly Singer, and there's nobody in the world better than me.

Corrina Washington: Chin up, up! You're too young to have two!

Molly: But I'm just so? I'm just so?

Corrina Washington: So mad. You're just so mad. And it's okay to be mad, Molly.

Manny Singer: Molly, I'm mad, too! I'm mad at Mommy for leaving us. I'm mad because I want to talk to Mommy every day, and I can't. I'm mad because I want to bring Mommy back to you, and I can't do that, either.

Molly: I'm mad because she didn't even say goodbye.

Manny Singer: I'm mad about that, too.

Corrina Washington: I'm mad because she made you mad! I'm mad! She should've said goodbye!

Manny Singer: How dare you keep her out of school, Corrina! How dare you!

Corrina Washington: Manny, she was not ready to go back to school, yet.

Manny Singer: You're not her mother, Corrina! That's not your decision!

Manny Singer: What is this, high school?

Corrina Washington: What? Now look. This is nice, huh?

Jevina: Oh no. Now that's cute.

Corrina Washington: You can't fit in that.

Jevina: I can still fit in somethin' like that.

Corrina Washington: You cannot. Have you seen what's behind you recently? Let me turn to the maternity page.

Corrina Washington: [hits the car against a pole] I was just testing the brakes and it'll do your heart good to know they work.

[Cleaning together]

Molly: Isn't it fun to make things shiny?

Corrina Washington: Well I think the thrill for me is gone...

Molly: [on phone] Operator? We're having trouble on our line; can you dial that number again?