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  • Whoppie Goldberg excels in this thoroughly entertaining film. Ably supported by Ray Liotta, this duo clicks nicely in a surprisingly believable romantic comedy/drama.

    Jessie Nelson's script reflects on a somewhat forgotten, yet thoroughly accurate, 50's neighborhood setting which existed in many parts of the country -- an environment generally overlooked by film subjects.

    There's a nice lilt to the story, a surprising warmth projected to character portrayals, and an ingratiating blend of humor and drama. All in all, a very pleasant, relaxing family film, nicely directed by Nelson, and with an intelligent and sensitive performance by Goldberg.
  • Corrina, Corrina

    Manny Singer (Ray Liotta) is a struggling songwriter for a company that makes television commercials, who also has a loving wife and a daughter, Molly (Tina Majorino). When his wife dies, Manny's whole life falls apart, his daughter stops speaking, and he develops a creative block on his jingle-writing skills that threatens to get him fired. To solve one of these problems, he starts looking for a nanny for Molly, reluctantly settling on Corrina Washington (Whoopi Goldberg), a woman who has recently moved into town to stay with her sister, and who also happens to be black. Though far from the most efficient housekeeper in the town, Corrina clicks instantly with Molly, who eventually starts to speak again. Manny also takes a shine to Corrina, and a friendship soon forms between the two widows, but they can't seem to agree on what is best for Molly.

    As easy as it may be to classify 'Corrina, Corrina' as a fifties-set drama, I'm inclined to resist this temptation, for two main reasons. Firstly, aside from the underlying comments about race, the fifties setting is used only as a backdrop, with the focus on a very heartfelt dramedy, which leads me to my second point. 'Corrina, Corrina' is certainly moving, and there are times when you may feel the need to reach for a box of tissues. But it's also quite hilarious as well, and writer/director Jessie Nelson finds a fine balance between the dramatic and comedic beats to make a remarkable motion picture. Liotta, Goldberg and Majorino give wonderful performances, and these really do feel like real characters. A real winner.

    ~ 8/10 ~
  • A captivating drama / comedy that casts Ray Liotta as 'Manny Singer', a man who recently lost his wife and has his daughter Molly (Tina Majorino) to take care of, who was too sad and heartbroken to talk to anyone after her mother's death. As Manny tries to find a suitable 'nurse maid' for Molly so he can go back to work, Corrina Washington (in the form of Whoopi Goldberg) comes into the picture and eventually gets hired by Manny to take care of the little girl. The funny thing is, what the Singers weren't expecting was for Corrina to bring magic back into their lives. An endearing little treasure, 'Corrina, Corrina' is a motion picture filled with heart and laughter, that's sure to send your spirits soaring. Wendy Crewson is great in her supporting role as the not-so-nice and aggressive 'Jenny Davis'. Goldberg is absolutely terrific in the title role. A highly-recommended motion picture. Rating: Three 1/2 out of Five Stars (Very Good).
  • I loved this movie. The acting was excellent, especially the three main stars, Whoopie, Ray and Tina, but the subject matter was handled well too. I think this movie shows that love has no color or financial restraints - it's about compassion, understanding, honesty, and companionship. I, too, have watched it again and again and still love it as much as the first time. And yes, Ray Liotta can act in just about any type of picture. I first saw Ray on soaps way back when and he has developed into one of my favorite actors. If he's in a picture, I want to see what he does with the role. Much like Don Cheadle. Massive talents that go largely unnoticed. And Ray's parents in the movie were excellent as well. It's just such a charming picture with strong, understated performances. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • This movie was great and Tina Majorino did a beyond excellent job as Molly, the little girl who lost her mother and is coping with it by becoming mute and withdrawn. Whoopi Goldberg did wonderful as the nanny and girlfriend of the little girl's father. The little girl and nanny form a bond that noone would've thought, especially in the 1950's. I loved it!! Be ready to pull out the box of Kleenex for this one!! I know I did!!
  • My wife Rebecca is a fan of Ray Liotta so when this movie appeared on cable TV it had to be viewed. And what a surprise! The rapport between Ray and Whoopi Goldberg was very noticable. I don't know if it is so but there seemed to be a considerable amount of ad lib-ing. Some of the things that happened on screen could not have been scripted or the director's instructions. And the rapport between Whoopi and Molly (Tina Majorino later to be seen in "Waterworld") was just as impressive. But the theme of two minority groups (Jewish and Negro) coming together in the way they did was done in absolutely good taste and a delight to any liberal thinking viewers. It could have become a weepie but, for sure, I'm glad it didn't. I can't wait to see it again.
  • This is a very endearing and heartwarming movie, I readily feel that it captures the delicate issue of mixed race relations during the 1950's with the right amount of poignancy and humor. Whoopi Goldberg is a delight and the whole cast works very well together. The film's setting had an added impact to me as it was filmed in my old neighborhood in Long Beach, California where i grew up and even though i grew up in the seventies i could easily identify with the events and characters. I fully recommend this as a film for the whole family.
  • jazznme17 February 2003
    Thoughtful family movie. Makes you aware of how and why we like people.... for who they are, the total person, rather than exterior physicality. How and why we care for someone is the result of trust and liking that person. And having that person in your life, completes who you want to be.
  • This is a wonderful film with wonderful Christian values. Whoopie Goldberg plays a good woman who is sent to help a family deal with the horrible reality of death. She not only brings love back into the household, but also magic.

    This is a great movie for all ages. My kids loved it. They wanted to watch it again and again.

  • This movie is beautiful from start to finish.

    Whoopi Goldberg is perfectly casted as Corrina, a black (well, duh) nanny who is employed by a white Jew (very well played by Ray Liotta), to take care of his daughter Molly (again excellently played by Tina Majorino).

    The plot. Manny Singer's (Ray) wife has just died leaving him and his 7 year old daughter (Tina) behind. Molly is a little lost after this and she doesn't speak a word to her father or anyone else. After employing a plethora of disastrous nannys Manny finally comes to Corrina, who is perfect. One problem: She's black, he's white, and this is 1959 segregated America.

    After a little while Molly begins to talk again and is generally uplifted by Corrina, who seems to have this miraculous way of bringing people back to their feet, including Manny. Corrina and Manny fall in love against all odds, and what you get is a beautiful interracial romance that at that time is classed as wrong, even abnormal. No one approves apart from Molly and her Grandfather (Don Ameche).

    One down side to this film, and I will add that it is the only down side, is the ending - you don't really know what happens. If I hadn't done a little research then I wouldn't have known that director Jessie Nelson had based this film on her true life story. She's black and her now husband of 40 odd years was white. This story is her story. They got married and lived happily ever after - but we have to guess. So the ending could have used a little bit more work. But that's it!! The movie is just wonderful. It's uplifting, heartbreaking, humorous and romantic.

    My score: 10/10
  • I think, what I have seen lacking in the comments about this film, are the sociological aspects that are addressed. In my opinion, the film is not just a sweet story, it speaks of the issues that our society has about both race and about social class in our society - both in the 50's as well as today. It IS a movie about love across social boundaries, it can also speak to the seeming obsession of society about the differences of, not only race, but also religion. What is wonderful about this movie is that it shows that this obsession goes both ways. And it has come to a point where, understandably,members of the most persecuted groups in out society, end up in situations, like in Corrina, Corrina, where they themselves are pressured by their own family and community to sever the relationship that they want to be in. This movie shows the pressure that both "sides" go through when deciding to enter an inter-racial or even an inter-faith relationship, and it shows that sometimes the pressure put on the member of a certain group in society goes through, more because their community feels, although often for good reasons, that the person of the "dominant" community, whatever it may be in whatever society, is not to be trusted. This movie shows that sometimes love and trust are true, regardless of the real and regardless of the sometimes imagined boundaries that society can place between people.
  • tereufuk17 January 2010
    I love the start of the movie: Feet and shoes of people in the funeral. We do not know how the mother died. They do not tell and we do not really need. I like movies that does not give excess information. It is also beautifully tangent with race issues without poking our eyes about it. Children's part in the movie was extra beautiful! There is a wonderful scene that starts with the gospel song "This little light of mine" where black and white kids are on the tree and asking each other "Do you taste like chocolate?" and the other asks "Do you taste like vanilla?" and then they lick each other to see. This is not just a cute movie but also simply substantial.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Engaging, sweet natured comedy-drama from writer/producer/director Jessie Nelson. Story tells of a widower whose recent loss sees him hiring a maid/nanny to help keep house and mind his young daughter. The catch is Corrina is African-American, and when the two become close, society frowns. This is the fifties folks.

    Nelson balances his film well, and shows an obvious love of children as he indulges in several cute scenes. Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Liotta turn in serviceable performances, but it is Tina Majorino who steals the show as the lovable ragamuffin who doesn't understand why Mommy isn't coming back. Don Ameche and Joan Cusack appear briefly. Rick Cox's enjoyable score is based upon themes composed by Thomas Newman.

    Editor Lee Percy has allowed "Corrina, Corrina" to overstay its welcome just a little bit, but otherwise this is a touching, simple heart-warmer from Jessie Nelson that comes recommended to family audiences.

    Monday, April 21, 1997 - Video
  • and I'm a guy!.......

    I found this movie to be so touching about humanity and reaching out where one might otherwise perceive as strained and socially adhered roles. Ray Liotta can be a sensitive and strong man while finding that the barriers for middle aged white men need not be either macho or constrained to ideology.

    Liotta allows one to open their heart to all the possiblilties it is to be both a modern man, as well as a compassionate man, searching for the answers. Goldberg is the "much more than" maid, housekeeper and nanny who softens one's heart - and especially the heart of Liotta to see himself as he is. We see that men and women can accept and expand upon their roles.

    This theme has been done a few times before, but this version hits the guts and heart like no other. The sensitivity inherent in the scriptwriters MUST be commended for "untying" the lines of deception that society puts upon us all.

    YES_ this may sound like a bit much for me to express about a Family Type movie, but maybe I feel this was becuase of just that. It is a perfect family movie that families across America can love, endear and embrace.
  • I'm white, so late's get that out of the way since it don't matter no how...Whoopi is the best in this fine comedy/drama of a man who's just lost his wife due to circumstances we don't get to see. His little girl, however, loses the will to speak, feeling her Mother's loss so greatly. He needs a maid/nanny and luckily manages to (after much funny trials) to find and retain Ms. Washington (Goldberg) whom the daugher (played brilliantly by the marvelous Tina Majorino) (think Shirley Temple with an attitutude) falls in love with. Goldberg has her usual attractive 'spark' and then some...I fell in love with her, too, in this family fare. It is warm and inviting and allows us all to feel the very best about ourselves in a time that was definitely against almost all of that. Thank God for movies that find the best in Life to reflect in a genuine manner. Also, the magical quality this movie holds makes this movie a diamond among the charcoal they often peddle today as gems.
  • This is one of the few movies (in my opinion) that 'gets' what she can do...

    Most of her work is comedic, and her comedy chops are definitely evident, but the connection she makes with this family shows the love of a child and a man (who just happen to be white) during a time when it was (even potentially hazardous if not) unorthodox to have an interracial relationship.

    I have to admit that I've only seen this movie on cable, and when they show it on (I think TBS) they cut out the "N" word at a time that makes the scene make no sense. But I stop dead in my tracks to watch...

    The daughter is confronted as a "N" lover. She reailzes that the word means a black person, but she does not realize that the word is a racial slur. As far as she is concerned, she is with the people who love her, and she loves them, in the pure way that it seems only children can love, in return.

    These omissions are an example to me of how some networks, and more broadly a Black actress(I've heard her say that she doesn't like the term "African American"-"we're ALL Americans" I seem to remember...) is missplaced even in this decade.

    The Oscar win is not a fluke. Hollywood has yet to face or offer an opportunity that truly shows off her full potential.

    I feel that her peer is Robin Williams in terms of a comedian that Hollywood still has yet to see their potential.
  • It took me eight years to finally see this film all the way through when I saw the DVD at Target. I had seen most of it on TNT/TBS over the years and liked what I saw. Being a big fan of Whoop I felt obligated to buy the DVD... I was not in the least bit sorry. It's one of my favorite movies of all time, I watch it all the time. Whoop once again uses her charm, this time as a housekeeper/caretaker to a little sweetheart named Molly Singer (played to heart-stealing perfection by 9-year-old Tina Majorino), a motherless child with a loveable daddy (Ray Liotta) living in 50s suburbia. The aesthetic "kids always steal the show" is very much evident here. Majorino is the sweetest and most talented child actor today (she puts Hayley Joel Osment to total shame). Her laugh, smile and tears are so infectious you'd wish she were your own. Ray Liotta and Whoop are both memorable as Molly's two favorite people and the classy 50s soundtrack is a must-have. The story is evenly balanced to keep it from getting too maudlin and sickeningly-sweet. So if there's anyone who loves a great family movie who hasn't seen this winner, I highly recommend CORRINA, CORRINA.
  • bousemckalyn11 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie was really great. The thing i don't like about it was the ending. The movie should have went on. That's probably why there is not a lot of likes. The movie was so great though. It surprised me!! But some parts of the movie made me mad. But other than that its an amazing movie!! But there is a lot of things that should've been added to the ending. Instead of just ending it randomly. The whole move was great up to the ending cause i thought there was going to be more surprising things. I love the actors and i think they did a great job through out the movie. I like how someone made this story up cause that had to take a good writer and producer to do something so amazing like that. Thank you Jessie Nelson for writing a great story like this and making it into a film!!!
  • Molly Singer (Tina Majorino) lost the will to speak after the death of her mother. Her father Manny (Ray Liotta) is helpless. He hires sassy nanny Corrina Washington (Whoopi Goldberg). She's educated and aspires to write for magazines. The interview doesn't go well but Molly seems to interact with her. Molly slowly opens up to Corrina. Manny is an atheist and so was his wife. Corrina comforts Molly by telling her that her mom is in heaven. His co-workers set him with Jenny Davis (Wendy Crewson) with her own two boys. Molly is being bullied at school and she doesn't want to go to school. It's the last 50s. Manny and Corrina develop a relationship and many people aren't happy about it.

    I do have a problem with Liotta and Goldberg pairing. Goldberg has never been the romantic type and I don't see her with any sexual chemistry. That makes the relationship problematic for a mainstream movie. There seems to be a few other general problems in this movie. Writer/director Jessie Nelson sets up a lot of stuff but they all seem to be left unresolved. She sets up the religious angle and nothing really happens. There is the racial angle but it never heats up to a point of danger. That doesn't accentuate the drama. It's almost as if the movie is more scared of the material than the audience. Tina Majorino is adorable. She keeps the heart in this story. This could have been a much better movie.
  • This movie is just so likeable and sweet. It really touches on the healing power of love. It shows how romance can blossom in unexpected places when friendship, patience and human decency are valued above cultural expectations and raw sex appeal. Whoopi has never been noted as a beautiful woman by most, but in this movie she plays the part of Corrina, a smart, thoughtful, talented woman with a great sense of family. This movie is what I would call "safe for the whole family," free from a lot of today's liberal agenda. A very sweet, tender, funny and romantic film. GREAT endearing performances!
  • Ray Liotta a typical ad man from the Eisenhower 50s has just lost his wife and his daughter Tina Majorino her mother. He's needing a housekeeper and babysitter very badly. He starts interviewing a variety of candidates not all of them women. But Whoopi Goldberg playing the title role sort of ingratiates herself with both father and daughter.

    Soon enough there's an attraction between the two of them, but this is not 2019 it is the 50s and before the Civil Rights Act. They get a lot of fisheyed stares and a racial crack or two. And that is both of them as Goldberg's own family says to stick to her own kind.

    Whoopi's scenes with Tina are really special they're what drive the film. It also makes it a family film in every sense of the word.

    Two movie oldtimers, K.T. Stevens and Don Ameche make their farewell appearances. Ameche has only a few scenes and you can see how the ravages of cancer are killing him slowly. A lot like Edward G. Robinson and Soylent Green.

    There's also a nice performance by Erica Yohn as Liotta's mom and what a Yiddishe Mama she is. Ameche is his father.

    This is a wonderful film and with interracial couples far more accepted now it's a look back on some brave people.
  • It's a shame they don't make great Comedy/ Drama movies like this anymore, which is so sad! My hat goes off to the Writer and the Director for creating such an awesome heart-warming movie filled with a great cast of actors whose amazing chemistry added the magical touch to make this an unforgettable experience of a film!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i found this film by chance on telly, was instantly captivated by 'molly' the little girl,a fantastic actress for her age, the premise drew me in, and i wanted to know what would happen. I don't usually cry in films, but i blubbered a few times in this, when the molly first speaks, i had tears running down my cheeks i couldn't stop,the story maybe predictable, but i didn't care. Usual mix race relationship problems were encountered and conquered , The children are really the stars, with their antics, ans humour. I n fact im glad i taped it for my wife to watch so i can watch it again.i would recommend this to anybody who needs cheering up, has a great soundtrack, is based in the 50's so nice cars, and fashions.full marks all round . ten out of ten, only because there is no 11.
  • i was very surprised at the low rating for this film, however when you read the reviews there is very little negative comments. A little 4 year old girl/father lose their mother/wife in the sixties in America. the little girl is so traumatised by the loss of her mother that she becomes mute. the father is not sensitive enough to her emotional distress to be able to help her. Enter Whoopi Goldberg as a nanny who through emotional literacy and counselling skills/ or good mum skills whatever you want to call it is able to heal the girl. the other theme dealt with is the obvious issue of racism and cross cultural love: a beautiful little film, good acting well dealt with


  • honkus12 April 2004
    Don't overlook this one. The formula in this film has been done better before, but probably not among the romantic comedies churned out by Hollywood in the 80s and 90s.

    Corrina, Corrina is a mainstream Hollywood romantic comedy that unfortunately falls into some of the banal conventions of this often overworked genre. It is an overly simplistic, often implausible fantasy but is more than redeemed by its unorthodox (for Hollywood) direction, lighting, and acting.

    Also, the soundtrack (made up of jazz greats like Bill Evans) is one of the best I've heard in a mainstream flick.

    Oh yea, and Tina Majorino is spectacular.
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