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  • pnay75-111 January 2003
    While it is not a great movie, it is a very pleasant one: its best trump is vivacious Téa Leoni, utterly charming as the counterfeit contessa. D.W. Moffett is quite convincing as her relaxed suitor, and David Beecroft and Susan Walters aptly unpleasant. I had seen 'THE COUNTERFEIT CONTESSA ' several years ago, with much pleasure; it was again shown on French TV a few days ago, and I found it up to my memories. Most viewers ought to enjoy it, if they like charming.. and relaxing modern fairy tales.
  • pianorockstar26 September 2002
    I saw this movie when it came out in 1994 and I was very glad to have seen it recently on the WE network. I absolutely love this film. The chemistry between Tea Leoni and D.W. Moffett was extraordinary, not to mention the rest of the cast which is very rare to see that kind of chemistry work. D.W. Moffett's character Dawson was a goodhearted, down to earth, funny and savvy rich guy who never adopted his family's pretentiousness. Not only was Moffett good-looking in this role but he gave life to the character. He was the total dream guy and he played it to perfection. Although as my guy friends would call this a "Chick Flick" I think men would also find this movie a great time to watch. Not only will it spark the romantic in you but it will make you laugh. It's a shame they don't play this movie more often and even more a shame that it's not on sale to buy.
  • I stumbled across this movie while it was aired as late-night cable fare several months ago. Tea Leoni is purely irresistible as a regular girl posing as royalty. Predictably, she comes to love the person that she really is, which should be fairly easy since I had already fallen in love with her by the second commercial break.

    I only wish this movie was in a video store somewhere. It would be nice to stumble across Tea more often in the wee hours of the night.
  • Hi, I saw The Counterfit Contessa a couple of years ago and wondered how I can get the movie.... I love Tea Leoni!!! Along with all the characters. I can't find it anywhere. I saw it on FOX 51. If anyone could give me an idea of how to find this movie I would greatly appreciate it!!! I have wanted to see it again for so long. I thought this movie was a cute and romantic movie. I can't find it in the stores. I've tried taping it that one and only time I saw it, but I wasn't able to. I have tried everywhere. Please help me. I would love to find this movie!!! Whatever you can do, Thank you!!! PLEASE!!! Just write me.
  • I've loved this since I first saw it overseas, subtitled in Spanish!! Very funny without having to think to hard, but if you connect the dots and pay attention, there is a payoff...either off the cuff comments having some deeper meaning to the theme, or criss crossing comments that you have to catch the irony of, and you'll miss if you don't pay attention.

    I've watched this many times through, and still love finding new comedic nuances they throw in...though some are very broad and you don't have to "look" at all--they practically slap you upside the head!!

    Tea Leoni is her funny,sometimes smart, sometimes awkward,and always very winsome self. Holland Taylor (who plays the mother on two and a half men) is brilliantly typecast as the snobby mother of the snobby son on whom Ginny has the crush AND of the down-to-earth son played by D.W. Moffet, who is charming beyond words as the one who catches on to Ginny's charade. He really makes the zingers zing...The chemistry he has with Tea is undeniable. Between the two of them, you really get pulled in to the fun that never gets sappy.

    Sure wish I could buy it!!
  • gingernix30 October 1999
    Counterfeit Contessa is a great movie because it makes you feel great about yourself. One of the few videos I will borrow again from the video store--an enjoyable movie for everyone. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like The Counterfeit Contessa only for the last 25 minutes when the real Contessa made her entry. The rest of the movie is an unrealistic and boring effort. Granted that the title character wanted something so badly she was willing to live a lie to get it...or is that really the only way to get to her man? What are the motives of the other characters who aided her in her quest? Contessa Sofia di Sarzanello and Anthony Nordino gave life to this nice movie. Without them the movie is a crescendo of unrealistic acting culminating in the unconvincing cry scene by Gina Nordino at the end. In spite of this major weakness the movie is worth watching if only for the part played by the real Contessa.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cute movie, and great fun for a rainy afternoon! This story line has been seen in several other movies (While You Were Sleeping comes instantly to mind) (with variations, of course) but it holds-up rather well. Tea Leoni is a very beautiful young woman, and even more so when posing as a wealthy Italian Contessa. She has an earnestness about her and her desire to live a life based on 'romance movies' that is endearing -- it's too bad that her ultimate love interest is a bit wooden. He's supposed to be the male rebel of the aristocratic family, but I kept seeing Bill Pullman from "Sleeping" instead as he was much better! At any rate, when it was over, the one thing I truly wanted to see more than anything was for Leoni's character and the real Contessa (who had been detained by Leoni's brother in order for the entire final scene(s) to be pulled off) to face each other!! There was potential for that, and I wish it had been in the movie!!
  • Well what can i say! I am in love with these happy at the end romances and Contessa isnt a bad one! Tea Leoni plays the counterfit - ok a little wooden acting but if we forgive Keanu for it, then lets give Mrs X-Files dude a break Girls - If you want a film that will make you happy and swoony then go for this! Boys - Unless you are gay or of a feminine nature, i doubt you will like this but hey everything is worth at least a watch - apart from Godzilla
  • junebaby30 May 2002
    Very cute "Lifetime" type movie about Gina (Tea Leoni), a girl who by accident ends up impersonating the life of an Italian Contessa in order to get closer to the man of her dreams, Sinclair (David Beecroft), a man who visits her shop from time to time. I have seen this movie twice and think Tea Leoni gets cuter everytime. You can't help but keep watching just to see how Gina gets out of the situation she has put herself in. If nothing else is on except this movie, I highly suggest giving it a chance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this film! I first saw it back in 2001 or something and absolutely fell in love with it and D.W. Moffett who plays Gina's should-be suitor Dawson Everett! Dawson is the perfect guy! My gosh, D.W. Moffett what a talent and what a babe! He plays the part so convincingly and delivers the lines, which are mostly sarcastic so well! I watch whatever he does now! Tea' Leoni is also fabulous in it! She's so adorable and even though *SPOILER* she gives Dawson a hard time she really does deserve him! I love it when she bad mouths him in Italian at the dinner table in front of everyone even though they couldn't understand her! Anyway, the entire cast is great!

    I wish it would come back on TV but the stations don't have the rights to it anymore and it is hard to find at the video stores. I have the movie on video because I taped it back then but I don't have the beginning and have never seen it from the day!
  • MissWatusi25 May 2002
    This was not a good movie. Tea Leoni never closed her mouth in the just kind of hangs opened...slack jawed. Her reaction shots makes her look like she is giving the evil eye. I could not suspend my belief for this movie...I didn't buy one minute of the premise. Why was she the only one with a thick accent? Don't answer. I already know the answer. Don't bother with this one. Hope this helps.