Soundtracks (14)

  • Burn
    Performed by The Cure
    Courtesy of Fiction Records Ltd. (worldwide), Elektra Entertainment (in U.S. and Canada), Warner Music (Australia and New Zealand) and Polydor Records (all other territories)
    Written by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Boris Williams, Perry Bamonte
    Produced by Robert Smith and Bryan 'Chuck' New
    ©1993 Fiction Songs Ltd. (ASCAP)
  • Golgotha Tenement Blues
    Performed and Produced by Machines of Loving Grace
    Courtesy of Mammoth Records
    Written by Scott Benzel, Mike Fisher, Stuart Kupers, Tom Melchionda
    ©1993 Sensory Deprivation Music/Threptos Music/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corporation/Pressmancherryblossom (BMI)
  • Big Empty
    Performed by Stone Temple Pilots
    Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation
    Written by Dean DeLeo (as D. Deleo) and Scott Weiland (as Weiland)
    Produced by Brendan O'Brien
    ©1993 EMI Virgin Music, Inc./Floated Music/W.B. Music Corp./Pressmancherrymusic (ASCAP)
  • Color Me Once
    Performed and Produced by Violent Femmes
    Courtesy of Slash Records
    Written by Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie
    ©1993 Gorno Music (ASCAP)/Humidor (BMI)
  • Dead Souls
    Performed by Nine Inch Nails
    Courtesy of Nothing/TVT/Interscope Records
    Written by Ian Curtis , Peter Hook , Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris
    Produced by Trent Reznor
    ©Fractured Music (all rights administered by Zomba Music Publishers, Ltd.) (PRS)
  • Darkness
    Performed and Produced by Rage Against the Machine
    Courtesy of Epic Associated
    Written and Arranged by Rage Against the Machine
    Lyrics written by Zack de la Rocha
    ©1993 Sony Songs Inc./Retribution Music/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corporation/Pressmancherryblossom (BMI)
  • Snakedriver
    Performed by The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Courtesy of Blanco y Negro/Warner Music U.K. Ltd. for the U.K./American Recordings for the U.S./Wea International, Inc. for the rest of the world
    Written and Produced by William Reid and Jim Reid
    ©1993 Honey Songs/BMG Songs, Inc./W.B. Music Corp./Pressmancherrymusic (ASCAP)
  • Time Baby II
    Performed by Medicine
    Courtesy of American Recordings
    Written by Jim Goodall (as James Goodall), Brad Laner, James Putnam,
    Ed Ruscha and Beth Thompson
    ©1993 EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. obo Itself and Milk Alive Music (BMI)
    Performed by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    Courtesy of Interscope Records
    Written by Marston Daley (as Buzz McCoy) and Frank Nardiello (as Groovie Mann)
    Produced by Marston Daley (as Buzz McCoy)
    ©1993 EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. obo Itself and Pill Krazed Music/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corporation/Pressmancherryblossom (BMI)
  • Milktoast
    Performed by Helmet
    Courtesy of Interscope Records
    Written by Page Hamilton (as Page Nye Hamilton)
    Produced by Butch Vig & Helmet
    ©1993 Warner-Tamerline Publishing Corporation/Ver Music/Headlift Music/Pressmancherryblossom (BMI)
  • Ghostrider
    Performed by Rollins Band
    Courtesy of The Imago Recording Company
    Written by Martin Rev and Alan Vega
    Produced by Theo Van Rock
    ©1977 Revega Music Co./Stanphyl Music (ASCAP)
  • Slip Slide Melting
    Performed by For Love Not Lisa
    Courtesy of EastWest Records America
    Written by For Love Not Lisa
    Produced by Matt Hyde and Doug Carrion
    ©1993 For Love Not Lisa Music/Vis a Vis Entertainment/W.B. Music Corp./Pressmancherrymusic (ASCAP)
  • The Badge
    Performed and Produced by Pantera
    Courtesy of EastWest Records America
    Written by Tom Roberts and Jerry Lang
    ©1986 Richie Dagger Music (BMI)
  • It Can't Rain All the Time
    Performed by Jane Siberry
    Courtesy of Reprise Records
    Written by Graeme Revell and Jane Siberry
    Produced by Graeme Revell
    ©1993 SPK Music/W.B. Music Corp./Pressmancherrymusic (ASCAP)/Wing-It Music (SOCAN)