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  • With a misleading title (there is no Cyborg Cop, only a criminal "converted" to a Cyborg who escapes and goes on a rampage), a director who doesn't exactly have a clean track record, filmed in a foreign country trying to pass off as USA and a rather low rating on IMDb (although I always prefer to judge for myself), this had all the makings of being completely awful. I did however decide to check it out as the DVD was cheap and it was by NuImage who did an excellent straight to video movie titled Hard Justice the following year. And to my huge surprise, I actually found this to be an enjoyable little cheesefest.

    Sure it's campy, it's clichéd and doesn't exactly score high in terms of acting, plot or originality but it's well aware of all those, and with those all taken into account, makes the best of them and comes out smiling. David Bradley, who I've considered to be one of the better "actors" in the B-action genre provides a fun performance. He's well aware of the movie he's in, and makes the most of it. Morgan Hunter as the mobster turned cyborg provides a suitably over the top performance that's a lot of fun to watch.

    Certainly, it doesn't let down in terms of action. You'll get plenty of explosions and our hero flying through the air with a pistol in each hand numerous times. Opening with a huge warehouse shootout with a large bodycount and an especially huge explosive scene at a Gas station. Production values are generally above average, only let down by some obvious stunt doubles and blatant modelwork which fortunately doesn't appear on screen for very long. Overall, they're definitely no worse than Commando. It doesn't appear that producers have ever said "No" at any point to what director Sam Firstenberg has asked for, as you'll get several big scale action scenes with tons of stunts and explosions which is rather impressive for such a little known and obviously low budget movie. Embarrassingly, there isn't actually a huge amount which Universal Soldier for example does which this doesn't, which either says a lot of bad things about it or a lot of good things about this, depending on your point of view.

    One thing I did notice however was that while the movie is set in the USA, it is quite obviously not filmed there. Where it is I'm not sure, but if you know a thing or two about cars, you'll notice a LOT which aren't sold in the USA such as Fiat's and an exploding Ford Sierra at the gas station scene.

    Like a James Bond movie, Cyborg Cop 2 provides the familiar ingredients that fans of B-action movies like to see time and time again. Turn off your brain, grab a few beers and watch and by the end you'll probably have the overblown organ music stuck on your mind for a few days. Yes it's silly, it's clichéd but for what it is, it works.
  • This is a really fun action movie! Sure the plot is stupid, the acting is bad, and the special effects arn't special, but it's all done in such a superbly bad way! Jack is back! David Bradley is great at playing the cliche renegade cop out for revenge! In fact he is the best actor in the movie and the best at kicking a**! You just can't stop laughing at the texan who lapses into cockney, the hobbling cyborgs with one leg bigger that the other, the over the top heroics of Jack giving it to the cyborgs with both barrels! Also see the great locations they have for shoot-outs, all those places to fall from! Oh yeah and virtually nobody dies without it being in slow motion and totally over the top! It's tough to judge which is better Cyborg Cop or Cyborg Cop II, they are just both so chock a block with cliches and hilarious.

  • I am still undecided of whether I like or dislike the first Cyborg Cop, it was reasonably entertaining sure but I was somewhat neutral at the end of the day. This sequel is awful though, the only reason(s) I don't rate it any lower is that the ending here is a little less stupid than the first one and also that I have seen worse movies. On the other hand, it is choppily edited with rather poor effects and locations that didn't really give a sense of interest or engagement. The organ is ridiculously overblown and repetitive, overblown I wouldn't have minded so much as long as you could hear what was going on, but repetitive is inexcusable if you ask me. The script in the first Cyborg Cop did have some cheesy moments but also some fun, witty ones. The sequel has the cheese but none of the wit. The story is derivative and predictable like the first, but unlike the first it also made the mistake of being dull with unexciting action sequences, and the characters are stock with no tension or empathy whatsoever elicited towards the hero. Cyborg Cop II also has a misleading title and seemingly has no connection to the first, not even the annoying reporter from the first film. The acting fares little better, David Bradley is made to do arrogant and chauvinistic and he seems uncomfortable doing it and Morgan Hunter is hammy and not very menacing(John Rhys Davies, one of the best assets about the first, is missed here). All in all, the first Cyborg Cop was not bad, the sequel is, to me. And no, I don't need somebody, who clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word opinion let alone spell it, to tell me I have no sense of humour, thank you very much! 2/10 Bethany Cox
  • swedzin24 August 2015
    Ahhh, those lovely 90s… especially the beginning of the 90s… when we had those low budget, simple and somewhat likable movies… OK, when it comes to this one… it's low budget, simple… but not likable. This is one of those movies… during which you basically turn off your brain and enjoy it. Don't expect some good acting, script, adventure, or anything else. We have a solidly fun action scenes and that's all. David Bradley is back, with his usual appearance just like in the first film… dark clothes, white athletic shirt, unshaved, waist bag, husky, quiet (badass) voice and of course… martial arts skills, the only thing that actually appreciate for Bradley. He is Jack Ryan (a usual hero name), a DEA that captures a dangerous criminal Starkraven (pretty generic and usual name for a villain), and to increase the plot intensity, Ryan killed Starkraven's brother… so, the movie didn't even begin properly and we already have personal story… Shortly after arresting Starkraven, he is sent to a scientific facility where he's turned into a cyborg… a little naive I feel… always picking those evil villains to be a proud solution of scientists who made some miscalculations… To add that actor who played Starkraven (Morgan Hunter), is nothing special… he was picked for a part, definitely because of his bald, menacing looks. When he becomes a cyborg, his voice changes, and it's ridiculously enhanced. The cyborg make up is… funny… you can clearly see that their feet, hands and some other body parts are in rubber, all cyborg units look stuffed… like they suffered some taxidermy syndrome. So, Jack finds out that Starkraven is a cyborg, and he went on to stop him. And Jack pops cyborgs like a candy… just like we saw in the first film, so this means that Jack is using his experience with cyborgs pretty good. So… overall, a dumb, but enjoyable low budget film, to also mention that it contains a scene that is stolen from Terminator 2… he he he… Enjoy it, if you want.
  • Leofwine_draca9 January 2014
    By all rights, CYBORG COP 2 should be a piece of trash and by all rights, it is. A cheap and cheerful rip-off of better sci-fi films (in particular TERMINATOR 2, with which it shares many stylistic similarities), it's made without an ounce of originality and yet plenty of enthusiasm, to the degree that it actually turns out to be entertaining to watch. Yes, it's a piece of trash through and through, but it's entertaining trash – and I'll take entertaining trash over a boring blockbuster any day of the week.

    The plot is unconnected to the first film, and one again there are no cybernetic cops, although we do get low-rent action man David Bradley returning as the hero. This time around he's up against a villain clearly influenced by ROBOCOP's Clarence Boddiker, and there's an absolute ton of action thrown in along the way as he battles an army of unstoppable cyborgs. I don't know where Firstenberg got his budget, but the movie is chock full of cheesy fight scenes and endless explosions; barely a minute goes by without extras being gunned down in slow motion by the robotic army.

    Some aspects of the production are intensely irritating, like the endless and moronic musical score, played on an organ for the most part, which really saps life from many of the scenes. The editing is pretty dodgy too with a couple of shots transposed and most of the action filmed in a repetitive way. Bradley's acting is terrible as is that of the rest of the cast, although I did gain enjoyment from Morgan Hunter's ultra-hammy bad guy. But this is a movie for trash fans all the way.
  • Other than the same lead(and both sorta being revenge flicks), this isn't particularly connected to the first one(and no, the reporter doesn't return, nor is she referred to... at all). Yes, our motorcycling renegade DEA officer is back(and he's gotten less subtle about ripping off Terminator 2: Judgment Day). He takes down a terrorist(...I think), a man who takes no less than two separate hostages when they meet. Ah, but then the guy is taken away from death row because someone wants to make him into a cyborg(and no, there's still no "cop", the title remains a lie... their arsenal is cool enough though, with a flamethrower, a "blow-crap-up"(they refer to it as a laser... and it ain't) and a gatling gun), meaning combine his flesh with obvious rubber suits... I mean, metal, and they call him Spartacus, because they failed history class and the writer/director(who did the original, and some of the American Ninja movies) thinks that it's clever. He and the others turn on their masters, leading us to believe that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't smart to arm the crap out of criminals. Meh. Watching RoboCop 2 could have told them that(and no, the similarities couldn't be by chance). So, they want to take over the world... of course. If the religious tones to their dialog wasn't enough, we get beaten over the head with organ funeral music when they're on screen. This is as stupid as its predecessor, and not as much fun. It remains entertaining... in the opening, someone clotheslines someone, in the torso, whilst the latter is on a truck. No, seriously. Half the guns are automatics, yet everyone gets hit once. And we get some odd cuts, like no explosion(of which there are plenty in this) from a grenade launcher, yet one from a shotgun literally a second later. We get physical fights(one of them ought to be referred to as the "stop hitting yourself and your buddies" match) and shootouts again. The acting is hammy and poor. There's a new kid, I think, and he delivers about as bad a performance. Clichés aplenty, bad comic relief and, when they need to be, ineffectual wristcomputers(meant to control the bots). There is a nice amount of violence(less brutal, bloody or gory, for some reason), a few topless women and a little strong language in this. I recommend this to fans of B-movies. 1/10
  • David Bradley stars as Jack Ryan (No relation obviously to Harrison Ford or Alec Baldwin's character from Patriot Games and Hunt For Red October) who takes on the crook he killed, after the scientists automate him (Why?) Naturally this leads to lots of shooting and stilted action which makes no sense and for the most part comes off as a bore. David Bradley has to be the worst action star ever, every movie he makes seems worse than the other and Cyborg Cop II is a lame title since there is no cop that is cybernetic. Also if memory serves me, this has little relation with the first, which was indescribably better. This is as lame as Robocop rip offs get and really unless you suffer from insomnia (Like I do, which explains why I sat through American Ninja 5, American Samurai, this and more on Spike TV) this is hardly worth watching.

    1/5 Matt Bronson Review brought to you courtesy of Spike TV and their midnight airing.
  • David Bradley has his second go around as Jack Ryan, an FBI agent or something who takes on a cybernetic terrorist, who is turned made into a robot for some reason. Cyborg Soldier is one of those movies that sort of just happens as you watch it. I didn't hate it, because to hate it would indicate that I had an opinion of it. Basically, it's Robocop, Terminator, Universal Soldier and Nemesis rolled into one. I loved the first two movies I mentioned, I liked the third and found some merit in the last, so you would think a movie that could mix and match elements from each would be a winner. It's not. David Bradley is blah in the lead role although the best thing about the movie, he's not nearly as terrible of a presence of say Lorenzo Lamas or Don "The Dragon" Wilson, but he definitely has less charisma than your Van Dammes, Seagals,Lundgrens and Dudikoffs. The main problem though is that it's really flatly directed. None of the action crackles, it should as the choreography is pretty good, there looks to be somewhat of a budget given the numerous explosions and yet nothing rises above the uninspired. Cyborg Cop wasn't very good either, but that one had a sort of distinctive charm, this sequel lacks even that and the film is dreary and unexciting. Die hard fans of 90s B.movies may find something worthwhile here, but for me, I found it dreary and unexciting. A mindless thing to watch on TV when you can't fall asleep, I still recommend sleeping pills.

    *1/2 Out of 4 -(Poor)
  • I did not have the pleasure of watching the first Cyborg Cop, so I am confused about what was going on honestly. The main character was not a cyborg or technically a cop and when he saw the cyborgs they baffled him making me wonder what the heck happened in the first film? Was the thing just called Cyborg Cop for no reason or did the main guy here simply forget he fought cyborgs or what? I guess I should not delve too deeply into it, because what can one expect from a film where a cyborg gets hit point blank with a shotgun and barely moves a muscle and then seconds later gets lightly kicked by the hero and flies like he got hit by a train?

    So, the story starts out blazing! Seriously, the first portion of this film was rather rocking, there were no cyborgs and no cops just a strange bevy of dudes with guns on a truck shooting other guys while topless women and men worked on drugs. I've seen this before in films, they have to be topless to ensure quality or some crap, but you know this is a Hollywood invention to add some boobs to the film as if the drugs were that delicate the women would be wearing hairnets and there would be no pants either. The hero from the first film enters the scene and my first thought, "Why is he wearing a fanny pack?" It's a big one too! A guy gets killed, the main killer apprehended and the guy who was kill has a wife also sporting a big ass fanny pack. With a film like this, the next natural order of things is for the villain to be turned into a cyborg because that always works out and soon the cyborg and his buddies start terrorizing the countryside. I mean that literally, they like run amok at a gas station in the country.

    The film had something going during the first portion, but just lost it. The hero guy just does not look heroic to me. Not only does he have a fanny pack he looks like Robert Hays dressed as Eric Bishoff circa 1996. The bad guy as a cyborg talks incoherently then when his old nemesis is seen he talks the same as he used to. For some reason the hero and the woman who has these super weapons that blow the cyborgs up easily plant bombs at a nuclear power plant, why? I mean, one shot from the weapons they were using and the cyborgs were dust, but hey lets save them for later!

    So it started off good enough, good enough for a cheesy B movie, but then it just lost it. It does make me wonder what the first film was about and see if it had a cyborg cop or if it didn't. It is obvious the main guy is not a cyborg, so was he just fighting another cyborg that was bad and so never really was a cop or what. The villain here was a much better villain when he was not a cyborg, I mean, the hero pummeled the crap out of the guy and he still kept going, he lost his spark after being turned into a cyborg though he still had his dreams. He literally said first he was going to take control of a city then he would start taking over countries. Dare to dream I say!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of b-movies, I don't know that I can really say it earned my generous 8/10... While the movie was definitely something during which I spent a lot of time laughing, it was also one during which I spent numerous moments exclaiming comments like, "Oh now they're just being silly." I appreciate bad movies as much as the next person. Hey I'm a Full Moon Entertainment (Dollman, Puppetmaster, etc.) fan, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but roll with me on this one. 1) These are highly sophisticated pieces of cybernetic machinery with the most advanced weapons known to man. I'd think they'd have been given a better targeting system, consider they fired an total of 7,500 rounds of ammo they only killed one human directly. Amazingly enough, Starkraven (oh there's something I'll get to later) was a better shot as a human! 2) "Starkraven"? I suppose he was "Starkraven" mad! Please, if the Crow couldn't pull it off with Eric Draven (D. Raven), what made Sam think he could? 3) Why is it that with all the gunfire nobody ever thought to aim for flesh?? 4) I place this on the bad side, but I found it rather amusing. I could write a cliché dictionary from this movie. The top of the list was when Ryan was referred to as a "loose cannon" 5) Did anyone notice that at one scene towards the end Ryan managed to ignite a liquid CLEARLY marked as INFLAMMABLE? This alone made me laugh so hard I nearly shot milk out my nose... And I hadn't been drinking any milk.

    6) Now I know I'm about to tick someone off if I haven't already. I'm really picking on this one, but I would have probably enjoyed this movie a little better if the soundtrack had changed once in a while, other than changing tempo. But no, 2 hours of the same darned song...

    7) And while I'm thinking about it, in the gas station scene.. So you're trying to tell me these cyborgs are so powerful they can withstand a pointblank shotgun blast to the chest without so much as a backwards step, but a "loose cannon" cop driving by on his motorcycle can knock one over by kicking him in the belly? And one to grow on 8) I just think really bad child actors need to be fired out of principle and shipped off to Saturn before they're allowed to grow up and grow worse...

    Ultimately, the best two uses for this movie: a) when you're really feeling down (let's say you just made a movie and someone said it was bad, watch this movie and then you'll really understand what a bad movie is) b) when you have a date and you have no intention of watching it, but be prepared it will draw your attention back in (in that you will glance back up at the screen with a confused "Excuse me?" expression) Still I give it 8/10 just because I haven't laughed this hard at what I felt was a POORLY executed attempt at a serious movie. I didn't see any REAL attempts at being campy, and yet, 2 hours of one seriously campy movie...
  • If there's a way to enjoy this film it would have to be in a so bad it's good way. Early on there is a line from Morgan Hunter, who plays the lead villain in which he calls an average sized guy a fatty. Clearly the script called for someone fat but at some point the role was recast but the line was unchanged, just one example of many of what this film has to offer. The main drawback of enjoying the film in an ironic way is the best performance comes for Hunter who hams it up, but much like Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, after his transformation he loses his personality for most of the film except at the very end.
  • This is one of those films that gets better as you drink more beer. Great movie to watch with your pack of snarky friends. The Rifftrax version works too if your snarky friends haven't called in sick to avoid another useless staff meeting and you are home alone. It isn't great cinema but it has high fun potential.
  • Second attempt by the director Sam Firstenberg to pick in on the cyborg flicks but as the first entry failed due it's cheapness this goes a bit further into that era.

    David Bradley came back as Jack Ryan and still does what he can do best, fighting. This time there are a bunch of Cyborgs to destroy but again they all looked cheap and the voice effects used was a bit stupid. But the cyborg this time didn't walk like a wooden doll, he was played by Morgan Hunter and he did better than the first cyborg.

    Like in the original one it did have some gratuitous nudity again in a fabric were girls are working topless. But one girl really couldn't act, sadly she had a bit of main role, Liz played by Jill Pierce was as wooden as it could be.

    But this time I guess that the money was really nothing at all because they weren't ashamed to edit stupid mistakes in their flick. Just look at the soldiers sometimes or passengers in crashing cars. You could easily see that they were dummies. Even when Jack Ryan is doing stuff with windows or fire or whatsoever you can see a stuntman with different hair.

    So this is one for the buffs of SBIG flicks.

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 1/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 1/5
  • I just watched this movie 2 days ago and i was tempted to see the reviews.

    In a nutshell, this movie sucks. The voice of the cyborgs are beyond ridiculous and the special effects the product of what you'd learn in a semester at Heald College.

    The whole film was laced with unreal fights and the worst dialogue i have ever seen in a movie... and i've seen a lot. The writer/director obviously made a pathetic attempt to add some intellectual value to the movie by having a scientist explain the anatomy of the cyborg "Spraticus" in one seen, but all it did was make me laugh even more.

    The "key" scene in this movie was when the good cop, called out Sparticus for a fight. It was a pathetic attempt at a serious dramatic scene. Whats worse is that Sparticus responds with " YOU..LOSE..HUMAN" --- how cheesy is that? The last fight was ridiculous beyond belief when i saw the cyborg jump 30 feet in the air... 30 FEET! Then i knew the movie had just gone too far.

    Did the cast and crew of this movie actually think it was going to be a success? I hope they all found new jobs after this failure.

    You want cyborgs? Watch Jean Clause Van Dammes movie "Cyborg".