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  • jimmyplm7 September 2000
    I saw this movie a long time ago, so I remember very little about it...but I remember liking it a lot. It has a big shocker for an ending. You'll never see it coming. I think that any fan of thrillers and horror movies would get a kick out of this low-budget piece.
  • I always forget that this is a college movie and not a high school movie. Don't know why but just a brain block on my part. The movie itself flows at a pretty decent pace and I find myself hating those popular kids pretty easily. The watcher has to attempt to figure out what is going on. I actually enjoyed the ending and like the movies that don't have to show me all the gore in a murder/slasher story. The only bad part about this movie is getting a copy of it. I watched it years ago with my little brother in all places, Keokuk, Iowa. I really wanted something else to occur due to my selfishness but the movie played itself out real well, staying true to all the characters. They didn't grow up, they didn't get better, they were just messing around with the wrong person at the wrong time.
  • horns-118 December 2003
    I happened upon this flick actually looking for a different "Deadly Lessons", the one starring Diane Franklin (I think it's her?) that was made for TV. What we have here is definitely a low-budget production, yet it features better-than-average acting and characters that are surprisingly three-dimensional. This one kept me interested, however, the ending is totally predictable. I knew what was happening way early on; the clues'll smack you upside your head. I wanted them to go the other way with it in the end, had my fingers crossed, but alas, they stuck with the obvious. Not a "killer ending" as the other reviewer claims. One other gripe I have is the scene where one girl unknowingly snorts crushed glass and her friend tells her to lay down so she can get help. Then, cut to the next scene and this friend who is going for help starts calling out for a guy who just before was asking the two of them to come into the shower with him. The help-seeker then starts talking seductively while she removes her bikini top and walks into the shower. It's like she completely forgot about her bleeding friend in the other room. For Christ's sake, girl, your friend just snorted crushed glass! Aside from the expected low-budget faults, Deadly Lessons is quite watchable and quite good.