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  • Psychic charlatan Remy Grilliard (Edward Albert) gets nervous when his latest rich old lady victim decides to bring real psychic Alexander Harris (Dirk Benedict) to a weekend séance. Hoping to outsmart Harris, Remy digs up an obscure ancient ritual that, to his dismay, succeeds in resurrecting the spirit of Asmodeus. Naturally angry at being awoken, the demon pledges to kill everyone before dawn (or by the credits on this 72 minute feature) by using their vices against them. Not much going on here outside of your standard monster and T&A routine. Filmed in Zimbabwe, I guess I could recommend it for Benedict's eye-popping performance. Seriously, he looks like he got zapped with a cattle prod before each line delivery. Or maybe his surprised look comes from knowing he had hit this low in his career? Keeping the A-TEAM connection alive, the VHS has a trailer for WOMAN WITH A PAST (1992) starring Dwight Schultz at the beginning of it.
  • This movie is not worth seeing. I am generally an open minded person, and always willing to try movies that aren't always popular, however, this movie is terrible! The plot probably didn't take a lot of thought. Guys may possibly* like this movie because of the women without tops but even then there isn't anything remotely interesting about this film. Why did I even bother renting it ? Bottom line - DON'T SEE IT!
  • jweiz8327 September 2009
    The previous comment is correct. This movie is horrible. But if you see the box and take it home and expect Stephen King your in the wrong section.

    For those interested. This is a B ( quite possibly C) Flick. Opening with a witch burning in the 17th century were the "priests" tear the accused girls dress down to her waist and shed her of her Satanic literature

    and a charm from her neck. resulting in a banshee like scream and horrible special effects demons shooting from her mouth killing all surrounding her ( quite possibly the best scene in the movie), you cant really expect to much. Personally i didn't hate it. If your in the mood to watch something horrible and love bad horror flicks this is right up your alley.

    There are plenty of gratuitous tit shots and plenty of demons and LOTS of bad acting......Horrible. But. Entertaining. Don't pay a lot ( i paid $.50) but if you like this sort of thing ( i.e you like the Misfits and/or Mystery Science theater 3000), you'll love it. Especially when the demon grabs the boob. Classic
  • VideoMonkey8 January 2000
    I can see the guys doing the budget preparation for this flick. "Well lets see now, we spend 50% getting Dirk Benidict, cause Battle Star Galactic and the A-Team were cool. The we spend 40% making a Demon Costume, never mind that the Demon is supposed to be incorporeal in the script. And we spend the rest making the movie." This was pretty bad and VERY cliche.... Have a loved one present when watching (or bring a good book)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Guy (Edward Albert) accidentally releases a demon that was apparently the inspiration for South Park's Satan. People die, women get naked. Voice enhancers over used. Good MST value at 71 minutes. Better film: "Evil Toons."

    No f-bombs. Nudity (Jennifer Steyn, Catherine Loveday, Lee Kennedy, Katrina Maltby, Annette Harper)

    During the closing credits the word "witch" is misspelled as "with in cave"
  • Demon Keeper is exactly what you expect after taking one look at the box art: Cheesy and mindless entertainment. Roger Corman's producing this one so you know it's on the cheap. The monster make-up proves this. The guy in the demon suit looks bad and they insist on overly lighting his scenes. Had they hid the monster in some shadows it might not have looked half-bad. However, no amount of lighting could help the acting in this film. The only names you'll find here are Edward Albert (who recently passed away) and Dirk "Starbuck" Benedict. Benedict really shocked me with his awful performance. I think he knew the movie was going to bad and phoned it in. So you have to give credit to Albert; at least he tried. He seemed to be the only actor who cared. To no avail though because Demon Keeper is still a bad B-movie and nothing could have changed that. The bright side is that the film was just over an hour so the torture is short. Sadly, this is still better than the sort of crap their unleashing on the direct-to-DVD market today.
  • When I rented this movie I was about 14 years old and me and a few buddies had rented it with several other "B" horror movies one Halloween.

    My honest opinion of this movie. BAD. We were turned off within the first 20 minutes by the terrible plot, acting and, well, basically, everything else. Although it has been several years, I still remember wondering how any film could be worse.

    My advice, DO NOT see this movie. If you're looking for a bloody horror movie stick with the Return of the Living Dead series, or for a funnier spin, Braindead (aka Dead Alive). If you want something that will scare you, I personally recommend movies of the style of The Amityville Horror (both the original and the remake), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original or remake, but not sequels) or The Exorcist. For a good serial killer movie, the Halloween series or Nightmare on Elm Street series are good.
  • Oh man, what a bad movie, in every sense of the word. I usually like Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Galactica & A-team) in about anything, but not this time. To me, this movie has no redeeming values whatsoever. It's even borderline sadistic, featuring a great deal of perversion, nudity and blatant Satanic referances (hints the title). The acting in this movie is extremely bad, and the budget was most likely the lowest in cinematic history. My advise, stay away from this movie at all costs. It isn't worth watching at any point in the film, and will hopefully diseappear quickly from video shelfs. Perhaps someone can orchestrate some kind of bonfire just to rid the world of copies of this movie. Oh well, better viewing next time.