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  • Dumb and Dumber is a stupid movie, but what some people don't understand is that is what it is supposed to be! It's about two completely pathetic, dumb, and hopeless guys who do nothing but make complete fools of themselves. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels give the greatest comedic performances and form the best duo that has ever graced a screen. Every scene, every sentence they speak, and every body movement is pure genius. The way that each of them deliver their lines makes this movie an all time classic that will never get old. I never understood how someone could not like this movie. The only explanation I could have is they think they are too "intelligent" for a "dumb movie" like this. What they don't even understand that it's not the jokes or gags that make this movie so great, it is all in the performances. To those of you who do not like this movie please give it another try and watch Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels play the roles that they were meant to play.
  • This movie goes from joke to joke constantly and never misses a beat. I could not stop laughing the first time I saw it, and the tenth time I saw it, and the hundredth time I saw it. This movie never gets old. There is not one single dull moment. The movie takes off and never lets up, not even enough to let you breathe. There is something absolutely mesmerizing and hilarious about Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels' performances as the lovable idiots Lloyd Christmas( Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels).

    The movie starts out in Providence, Rhode Island with two guys who are down on their luck. They've just lost their jobs, are late on the gas bill(again), and make the best of a bad situation by returning a briefcase they've recovered to its rightful owner, an attractive woman named Mary (Lauren Holly). And Lloyd(Carrey), has fallen madly in love with Mary after driving her to the airport. It just so happens that Mary lives all the way across the country, in Aspen, Colorado (or is it California?) Sure its crazy and stupid, but they've got nothing to lose, so they take off in their 84' sheepdog. And let's face it, if we were them, we'd go too.

    Dumb and Dumber was not pretentious, the actors never made you feel like they were in on the joke. No, they played it with a straight face the whole way through, and that's really the best way to do comedy. Even when they aren't speaking, their body language alone is enough to elicit huge laughs. The reactions and facial expressions are perfect.

    The film wasn't warmly received by a lot of critics, but only because they couldn't lower their snouts long enough to realize that this was not another movie about dumb guys, but really a film about earnest guys. And they are pathetically funny just being themselves. They play stupid games in the car to pass the time, and sing aloud to keep from getting bored, and have crazy dreams of one day opening up a worm store.

    The movie plays out with a high spirit and feel good attitude that can't be matched. And the soundtrack is perfect; it really sets the tone and never feels out of place.

    Really, truly, without a doubt, the best comedy ever made. I will treasure this movie forever, and even when I watch it the 101st time, I know it'll make me laugh... and laugh... and laugh till it hurts.

    The film is well paced and has a spontaneous nature that lacks in most comedies. Behind all the stupidness, there is a real glow of brilliance. The fact is, more than all the goofiness and crazy antics, "Dumb and Dumber" is a film full of smarts, and that's what we end up admiring the most.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Best film ever... why;

    Lloyd; That's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey? Lady at bus stop; Austria. Lloyd; Austria! Well, then. G'day mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie!

    Harry; Yeah I called her up, she gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something, I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.

    Harry; According to the map we've only gone 4 inches.

    Mary; So you'll pick me up tonight at 7:45? Harry; Well I got a few things to take care of. So how about we make it quarter to 8? Mary; Stop it Harry: Okay. 7:45

    Need I say more... this film has it all comedy comedy comedy... that is all you need. I have heard people say that this film is just stupid, well they are right it is about 2 stupid guys doing a stupid thing in a stupid way and you just love them to bits for it... Okay it was not Forest Gump in the way Tom Hanks played the slow guy come good with what I would say was one of the best performances by any actor of all time but it was very funny. I almost swallowed my tongue, spat out my drink twice almost peed myself and watched it so many times I know the script even now 10 years on I still laugh it my friends eternal Harry and Lloyd...
  • When this first came out in 1994, wild horses couldn't drag me to the theater to see it. Why? Preconceived notions. Thank goodness for Cable TV, or I never would have seen this film. I like it, it makes me laugh.

    This is not a masterpiece. This is not an academy award winning film, not a film of strategic plots, this is as sophomoric as it gets -- and that's fine with me. Sometimes, ya gotta escape. This'll do it.

    The title says it all. Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are perfect for their roles, every time I watch this film uncut, I am laughing. I was always thinking, "How dumb can you get?" And in the next frame it gets dumber.

    This is one of those films you just have fun with. Either you like this kind of humor or you don't. But the world is in such turmoil, this is a welcomed, stupid, silly, break that hits just the right spot. I find it "stupid-funny" beyond belief.
  • It's hard to find a Farrley's Brother which isn't funny, and this is even harder to classify as, 'not funny'...because it is the funniest!

    Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels team up as the not just odd, but strange, weird and mentally disabled couple.

    After losing both of their jobs on the same day, Lloyd (Carrey), who retrieved a bag which a woman he drove to the airport leaves in the terminal, encourages his friend Harry to come with him to Aspen where the girl flew to. They think that the gas company is after them since they didn't pay their bill, but is actually the kidnappers of Mary (Holly)'s husband, who were supposed to pick up the money where she left it in the airport terminal.

    From their start in Rhode Island, until they arrive in Aspen, the kidnappers follow Harry (Daniels)and Lloyd, along the road. The script is the most well-written comedy I think ever, because every thing that they do in the movie, leads to something new and funny that ends up happening to them later on.

    Their are more than a few funny scenes, and the dialogue is always right-on.

    I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Farrley Brothers' movies, or anyone who likes Jim Carrey. It's a hilarious comedy and the two stars were perfectly casted, especially Jim Carrey, of course.

    And now, an excerpt from the film,

    "Skies, huh?" "That's right." "They yers?" "Yup." "Both of them?"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Marx Brothers. Laurel and Hardy. Abbott and Costello. Jerry Lewis. Every generation has their dose of silliness. The 1990s had Jim Carrey. And along with him came the phenomenal hit "Dumb and Dumber," a simple tale of two numb skulls who journey to Aspen in search of a woman and happiness.

    Our tale begins when Lloyd (Jim Carrey) is escorting a young woman named Mary Swanson (the gorgeous Lauren Holly, who Carrey eventually married and then divorced) to an airport. He falls in love with her in the few minutes they share in the limousine, and after he has dropped her off, he watches her from the outside in his limo and sees her leave behind a black briefcase on the floor inside the airport. Rushing inside, he grabs the briefcase, only to find someone closing the gate to her plane. "It's okay, I'm a limo driver!" he yells to a ticket checker, rushing down the airport jet way and running straight off of it, falling onto the cement runway below.

    After retreating to his apartment, he convinces his pal Harry (Jeff Daniels) to come with him to Aspen to return the briefcase to Mary. Harry, the smarter one (or is that dumb-less one?), at first hesitates, and then reluctantly agrees, and so they are off. Little do they know that the briefcase they carry is actually ransom money that Mary was trying to pay to get her husband returned to her. Now with hitment on their tail, Lloyd and Harry make it to Aspen only to wreak even more havoc.

    Comedic timing is everything in a comedy like this. Carrey and Daniels have chemistry and timing. Check out the scene where they are at the National Preservation Society Gala, and stand at a bar in bright, tasteless suits. The way they stand, talk, and interact is as if they really are bosom-buddies, two idiots without a clue.

    The film is directed by The Farrelly Brothers, Peter and Bobby. You may remember them as the men who brought us the hilarious "There's Something About Mary." But truth be told, "Dumb and Dumber" is even better than "Mary." Whereas "Mary" was a fun summer comedy with big laughs and tons of crude sex jokes, "Dumb and Dumber" is a true comedic gem, and carefully borders the line of tastelessness and taste, something "Mary" crosses over and never turns back to.

    Is this movie "dumb"? Yes, absolutely. Will it offend you? Perhaps if you're a snob. And I'm sure some film elitists will complain that there's nothing substantial or of artistic merit here.

    I don't think it matters. This movie is meant to entertain and it does so wonderfully. In the past I've given negative ratings to films of the same genre that are just meant to be brain-less, silly fare (such as "Me, Myself & Irene") - the difference here is that "Dumb and Dumber" manages to come across as both likable and entertaining, while still managing to feature characters we can actually, in some crazy way, find ourselves liking.

    In the end, this is just a very funny movie that is well-made and memorable - much more so than some of its other 1990s "stupid-comedy" counterparts.
  • For all of you that say this movie is not funny, you must be crazy, this is the best comedy ever, with the best performances in the careers for daniels and jim carrey if you haven't seen this movie yet go out right now and movie i promise it wont dissapoint
  • Warning: Spoilers
    From beginning to end, Dumb & Dumber is sheer hilarity. There is not a slow moment in the adventures of Harry and LLoyd, two great but incredibly unintelligent friends who decide to move to Aspen, Colorado to get out of their dead-end lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Jim Carrey delivers a side-splitting performance as Lloyd, the lovestruck limo driver who first suggested the trip to Aspen ("We got no food, we got no jobs, our pets HEADS ARE FALLIN' OFF!!"), mostly so that he can find Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), the woman he fell in love with after he drove her to the airport in Providence.

    Lloyd's and Harry's adventures on their trip are absolutely hilarious to watch, especially their run-ins with the criminals who are chasing them, trying to get the briefcase that Harry and Lloyd do not know is full of ransom cash. One of the best things about this film is that it never strays too far from reality. There is never anything presented that could not possibly happen in real life. Also, the original and strikingly funny comedy that was written for the film is great! I can't remember ever laughing this hard at a movie.

    Dumb & Dumber takes a good story, adds some tear-inducing comedy, some endlessly hilarious dialogue ("I guess they're right, old people, though slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. Don't you go dyin' on me!"), and needlessly good direction and molds one of the funniest films ever. Good for all ages, Dumb & Dumber is sheer unadulterated comedy and is destined to become a classic.
  • Destined to become a classic in its genre, DUMB & DUMBER reaches its objective of making people laugh off their seats, in a film that crowns Carrey as the modern Lewis & gives Daniels a great chance to show us his lighter side. This is the kind of movie you want to see 100 times, with pranks & puns so silly you love to hate! high moments are Daniel`s bout with the toilet, the parakeet incident, and Jim Carrey`s love declaration to a schoolboy. If U R not silly and have no sense of humor, and basically are not alive , don`t watch this movie...otherwise, rent the video, order some pizza & beer and prepare for 1999: Dumb & Dumber (The early years) Two fingers up
  • It's hard to believe this was out over a decade ago, but it was another in a long line (past few decades) of crude comedies....BUT one of the better ones regarding some laugh-out-loud funny scenes.

    The "classic" of the funny scenes, at least to most men including me, is poor Jeff Daniels on the toilet. No need to go into details! As crazy as Jim Carrey got in some of his earlier movies (Ace Ventura, Liar, Liar, etc) he's actually lower-key than in some of the other stupid-guy roles he played, one reason because he's doesn't shout in here. I didn't find the female lead in here, Lauren Holley, to be appealing but that's just my opinion.

    In modern-day slapstick, it means one basic thing: gross out your audience, so that's what is attempted here. When it works, it's very funny, such as that bathroom scene.. One thing for sure: the language makes this an R-rated film, not PG-13. Speaking of jokes, that PG-13 rating has become a joke.

    Anyway, you should get a lot of laughs out this: at least I suspect males will more than females....and that's all it was meant for - laughs, and nothing else - so don't trash the film because it wasn't "intelligent" enough for you.
  • ... because the gags are so quickfire and chucked into the script with little thought as to whether they suit the plot (what plot?) or whether the characters would realistically say them. No matter for me, because I was laughing all the way through, but I can appreciate why some people might not like that.

    Like I said, don't go into this looking for a plot, because there isn't really anything other than the most basic premise to satisfy the distributors. I personally found it refreshing that the movie asked no requirement of me other than that I be able to laugh. This I did, loudly and frequently.

    A final note on who I consider to be the main star of the show. It ain't Carrey. Jim, of course, does what we expect him to do. However, it is Daniels - in an achingly funny turn - who surprises, and in doing so effortlessly steals the movie from under the nose of the rubberfaced loon standing beside him. It may have something to do with the fact that Harry is (marginally) the more subtle of the two characters.
  • The Farrelly Brothers' 1994 road-comedy about buddies Carrey and Daniels (who make a surprisingly perfect duo of morons) travelling from Providence to Aspen and the troubles their dimwittedness brings them. Met with lukewarm reviews upon its release, but those who grew up with it will appreciate it for the classic that it is. No matter how many times you've seen it, there are still new jokes to uncover because you didn't realize it before ("She sent me a John Deere letter") or that you missed because you were still laughing about something else. Believe it or not, Daniels is just as funny as (or maybe even funnier than) Carrey! Accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack.

    **** (out of four)
  • stalcup12 June 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    The thing that separates this "stupid movie" from other, inferior "stupid movies" like Zoolander and Anchorman is that the movie never takes the stupidity seriously. This is realism of a sort: In general, incompetent fools do not excel in life, and they don't excel in here. The guy does not end up with the girl, the protagonists don't end up successful or particularly happy except in their friendship.

    This gives the comedy so much more impact. If everyone and the world are believable, ridiculous antics really stick out. My favorite scene in this movie, for example, is Harry and Lloyd's interaction with a very serious, tough thug. The thug's realistically confused and shocked response to their pure idiocy makes the idiocy itself far more potent and gut-wrenchingly hilarious.

    The plot, while not particularly deep, acts as a sort of clever satire on most comedy-adventures. As I said, the heroes actually end up any better off than they started, but their blissful ignorance makes it hard for you to feel sad for them.

    There are two distinct reasons that this comedy stands the test of multiple views, though. One is the physical, comedic performances of Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey as Harry and Lloyd. So brilliantly over-the-top and obnoxious, you'll be laughing almost non-stop if you just pay attention to the way the two stars act. The other is how creatively stupid Harry and Lloyd are. It's clear someone of great intelligence wrote this "stupid" script; the jokes are clever and come at a nonstop pace.

    There are the requisite bodily function jokes, but they don't really drag the movie down very much, as they are sparse and generally funny. Overall, I recommend this movie for all fans of comedy. And I question the wisdom and sanity of anyone who doesn't consider themselves a fan of comedy.

  • DUMB AND DUMBER (1995) ***1/2 Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Lauren Holly, Teri Garr, Charles Rocket, Mike Starr, Karen Duffy, Harland Williams. Finally a film that lives up to its title!! Side-splittingly funny moronic comedy with two half-wits (Carrey and Daniels, truly inspired casting) on the road to return a briefcase to a beautiful woman Carrey is ga-ga for. Ingeniously stupid and riotously hysterical with bathroom humor running as rampant as the doltish duo's frenetic hairstyles. Go ahead and laugh. Written and directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly.
  • Dumb and Dumber is the funniest movie ever for the following reasons: two pals lose their jobs, but Lloyd (Jim Carrey) finds a briefcase that belongs to a wealthy woman (Lauren Holly) that lives in Aspen,Colorado and he and his best friend Harry (Jeff Daniels) must travel cross-country to return it to her. Along the way they encounter kidnappers, a state trooper, and many more hilarious moments from this comedy that you must see for yourself. I first saw this on TBS when they aired it last year and I laughed harder than ever. I loved it when Lloyd says "Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? "aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. One of the funniest quotes from the movie. If you don't like obnoxious and dumb humor, then this isn't the movie for you. But, if you love dumb humor, are a big fan of slapstick comedies, want to laugh your butt off, or if you just like Jim Carrey's movies, then this is for you. My rating for Dumb and Dumber:10/10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When being dumb was actually funny- without the over-the-top swearing and extra crap that didn't need to be there. You know...back when you could actually WATCH a comedy in front of your small children...

    Oh how I miss the days when you could get by with hilarious inappropriateness without it being so blatantly obvious and in your face! Like when Mary told Harry that she didn't want to bore him with her problems, and how he said "Thanks", instead of being a caring, considering person who pressed on for details. Or, when LLoyd told the old woman who was *going* to help him out: "Senior citizens, although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. I'll be right back. Don't you go dying on me!" ...

    And then she jacks his stuff.

    That kind of comedy is dead. Nowadays you have to drop F bombs to keep anybody's attention, or they will miss this subtle stuff.

    90s...the last of great comedies!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie by no means is known as one of the greatest movies ever. After all, it's not suppose to be taken seriously to begin with. It's called "Dumb and Dumber" for a reason. However, to this day, this movie is still one of the most beloved comedies in decades. It still has a cult following. This movie is so damn funny, that I can't even explain it. The movie does a superb job at what it's suppose to do. It's not perfect, which is why I didn't give it a perfect score. It has a flew flaws that some movie critics would pick at. However, it's nothing compared to all the good.

    The storyline to the movie is both ridiculous and hilarious. It takes you on a tour of the lives of Harry and Lloyd; two guys in Rhode Island who are going nowhere in life. Once Lloyd finds the love of his life, he obsesses over her and even gets involved further in her life then he should have. She leaves an empty suit case at the airport and the content in it is very valuable. Lloyd grabs it and thinks she forgot it and wants to give it back to her but it's too late, she flew all the way to Aspen. So, Lloyd wants to go on a road trip with his buddy Harry and drive all the way to Aspen to return it to her. Little do they know that kidnappers and the FBI are after them. On their way they encounter several crazy and memorable characters. Seabass the tough redneck, Mental a somewhat stupid hit man and many more.

    The acting is very hilarious and well done. Jim Carrey does a great job at Lloyd who is so damn stupid and hilarious, it's hard not to like him. This character is one of Carrey's best. Jeff Daniels does and equally good job as Harry who is less dumb then Lloyd but still gets into plenty of trouble. The story overall is a road ride in the eyes of two likable idiots who are oblivious to everything and yet, they still manage to get out of trouble without even trying. The dialog in the movie is very funny and memorable. Several scenes are equally as memorable. Lloyd's fantasy dream for instance with his so called love Mary, Harry's explosive diarrhea, The cop drinking the pee out of the beer bottles, the Seabass scenes, the blind kid "pretty bird" scene, "the Don't worry, I'm a Limo driver" scene and several more. There were very few moments in this movie where I wasn't laughing.

    Overall this movie may not be perfect because the humor will not appeal to everyone. Some people may be too serious for this movie and if so, you're lose, go watch "Titanic." All I know is it's one of the funniest movies I have ever seen and to this day, I still watch it. I never get tried of it. It will be very hard for people with a sense of humor not to find this movie funny.
  • When you're laughing so hard that you start to cry at this movie, when you're thinking about how bad you feel for laughing at this dumb stuff, when you admit to your friends that you liked this movie - hey, don't feel bad! This is funny stuff!! I really liked this movie. Sure, it's no classic (nor is it likely to become one), but if you want a good comedy with some good dialogue and sight gags that make your sides split, this is a good movie to rent.

    The ONE thing that I think this movie might have needed (and this is not a criticism, just something that could've made it even better) is a straight man to go along with Carrey and Daniels on their trip. Think about it - the scenes with Carrey and Daniels playing pranks on the kidnapper with gas are the funniest scenes of the movie, so if there was a third straight man the whole time, it would be even funnier! The result is that at times, one of the stars seems much dumber than the other, and at other times, vice versa. For example, Daniels is the smart one when Carrey can't read the newspaper, but Carrey is the smart one when he advises Daniels (who has just spilled salt) to throw salt over his shoulder for good luck, but Daniels throws the entire saltshaker. Just a suggestion, this was a very funny movie without the straight man anyway.

    I've never had so much fun laughing at a couple of brain-dead, perverse idiots. Definitely worth a purchase.
  • scott-sw13 January 2008
    Dumb and Dumber would not be one of those movies destined to fit in the classics. Surely AFI would not want to put this one in the high-caliber humor hits in the history of movies. Still, Dumb and Dumber is one of the funnest comedies of the last 20 years. We meet Lloyd (Jim Carey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels). Both are inept, moronic imbeciles who plan to own a pet store called "I Got Worms." Good luck not only on raising the money, but even more on getting the loan. In any case, both have their odd jobs to get them through. Lloyd's life changes when he drives a woman, Mary (Lauren Holly), to the airport in his limousine, and she forgets her luggage. He decides to take it to her in Aspen, Colorado with the help of Harry. However, the luggage is actually ransom money for her husband. Harry and Lloyd have no idea, but they could really use the money since they have so little. They eventually discover it trying to find Mary, and on their tail are the kidnappers. It reminded me of a Three Stooges, Marx Brothers, or Abbot and Costello movie. However, with these guys, there is no straight man, nor any intelligence. This paves the way for idiotic miscarriages of common sense. Simply put, the audience will laugh because we can be assured that our intelligence is superior. This one also started the gross-out comedy. Looking back, the gross-outs in this one were not over-the-top. They were simple and much more plausible situations. Again, we can laugh because it is not us. There are no breakout performances, nor deft screen writing. Another strength for the movie is that it could work for kids as well as adults. Both ages can have fun with this movie--which is what I often watch on a snow day. Finally, let it be known that truth in stranger than fiction. I knew a guy in graduate school named Mike. In college I knew a guy named Jim. Put them together, you have Dumb and Dumber. However, I think they would have been smart enough to get on the bus at the end.
  • guyfromjerzee17 January 2007
    I never thought this was one of the funniest comedies ever, but I found the movie a lot funnier when I was a kid. The Farrelly Brothers are talented writer/directors who have made several funny flicks like "Kingpin," "There's Something About Mary" and "Stuck on You." Though "Dumb and Dumber" is probably second to "Mary" as far as popularity goes, I think it's one of their lesser flicks. The Farrellys are partially to blame, but I place most of the blame on Jim Carrey. Whoever decided this moron should be paid $25 million a movie should be shot in the head. Jeff Daniels, though less experienced in comedy, gives a much performance in my opinion. Unlike Carrey, he doesn't use the over-the-top, anything-for-a-laugh approach. Instead, he's more concerned with being true to the character. Why does Carrey have to do some goofy eye movement or vocal intonation with every line of dialogue he utters? I always say that the rule of comedy is to act normal in ridiculous situations. In Carrey's case, he prefers to act ridiculous in ridiculous situations. How anyone over the age of 10 can laugh uproariously at a fool like him is beyond me. The film contains its share of funny gags (like the famous toilet scene), but most of them are disgusting or stupid or a mixture of both. One of the most annoying scenes is one where Carrey and Daniels both eat these hot chili peppers. Their mouths start burning, so they squirt ketchup and mustard all over the place, trying to get some into their mouths. And of course, there are other gag-inducing moments, like a man hocking a loogie into someone's burger. I suggest that if you're over the age of 10 and not a sucker for Carrey's incessant mugging, you stay away from this flick. It's simply another overrated comedy.
  • I realize I'm in the minority by not being a gushing fan of potty humor and a lot of scatological and very graphic sound effects, but DUMB AND DUMBER is definitely a movie that clicked with its targeted audience. And I can't ignore the fact that JIM CARREY and JEFF DANIELS have the ability to mug with the best of them, both showing lots of dexterity with comic material that they play to the hilt.

    But the film is a series of sight and sound gags more than a tightly constructed plot and it's just a matter of time before the Beavis and Butt-head type of guys driving cross country to return a valuable suitcase to its pretty owner (LAUREN HOLLY) would drive any normal person insane with their stupidity.

    The joke with the state trooper is probably the low point of all the tasteless humor, but here too, I'm sure I'm in the minority. Seems to be the highlight for others inclined to view potty humor as nothing more than harmless fun.

    If this sort of low comedy appeals to you, it's a funfest of crude jokes and imbecilic humor. It's either a comic masterpiece or a dud of titanic proportions, depending on your point of view.

    Carrey won a "Razzie" award as worst new star--although I don't agree with that designation at all. He's obviously a hyperactive, manic personality who can give Robin Williams a run for his money--and Daniels, too, is a talented chap. But I just wish they had a script more worthy of their peculiar talents.
  • Mister-612 September 1999
    Did you ever get the feeling that sometimes an actor is so full of himself that he forgets the movie and kind of goes off on his own tangent, never to return?

    That's what I got from "Dumb and Dumber", which basically features Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, two men who are good actors and have been in some of may favorite movies, acting like complete idiots and somehow never getting institutionalized for their actions.

    I know, I know.... There are people who love this movie and think that Carrey can do no wrong and since bodily function humor is the soup du jour (so to speak), "Dumb" is their cup of tea (so to speak again).

    But in spite of some very inspired moments (an escalating fight in the snow between Daniels and Holly, the fantasy restaurant fight, the unfortunate demise of the hitman, the parakeet), there are more moments of just downright stupidity than anything else.

    And the scenes with the cop (you know the one) and the out-of-order toilet just are put there, I think, to make ones jaw drop at how far movies will go nowadays. There's no real humor in what's going on and, in spite of their big following as "the biggest laugh scenes of all time", they kind of fall flat. They happen then they're gone.

    As far as Carrey and Daniels, they basically just play two guys who act stupid and fail to use common sense. No character traits, just stupidity. But as they say, give the people what they want....

    As we speak, there is a sequel in the works by the guys that created "South Park". Well, I guess they won't have to worry about losing the original's sophistication.

    Two stars. I almost forgot Carrey's and Holly's kiss. Now THAT'S funny.
  • Dumb and Dumber is a hilarious look at two dummies who go across the country to return a briefcase. During their escapades we see some of the most memorable and humorous scenes of the decade. Including a cop drinking a beer bottle full of pee, a blind kid getting a parrokeete without a head, Jeff Daniels taking a monster dump, and many, many other things. The movie also introduced two film-makers who would also be remembered for There's Something About Mary- Peter and Bobby Farrelly. They bring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels to the screen in a way I've never seen before, or probably won't again. A+
  • Yes, I like this one a lot more than Something About Mary, which was pretty good, but this one was so much more funny to me. Mary had great moments, but there were also quite a few slow stretches...these are, however, common in all the Farrelly brother movies. Not this one though. This is there only comedy where there virtually are no slow is one gag after another, never slowing up for a moment at all. Carrey and Daniels are great with each other, they have good is to bad the sequel will feature neither of them, which means the sequel will probably suck. The movie is simple enough to follow, as two men of lower intelligence embark on a quest to return a briefcase to a woman. This woman, though, left the briefcase on purpose as it contained a ransom. So the two dummies now have killers on their trail and run into a lot of other misadventures on their quest to return the case. All in all, a very funny flick that is funny all the way through.
  • tastyhotdogs2 August 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Felt like some cheap laughs and don't think I'd ever sat through the whole movie, so thought I'd give it a go on it's 15th year anniversary.

    "Dumb and Dumber" stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as Lloyd and Harry, two complete losers who unwittingly get involved in a major incident when Lloyd tries to return a briefcase he thinks a lady whom he's fallen head over heels in love with has left behind at an airport. With little funds and even less brains, they travel across the country to return the briefcase, getting into many zany adventures and cheating death a couple of times.

    Has aged really badly, and has only a couple of laughs for those inclined to this humour, the best being the two diner scenes. The main actors do their bit, but the script is just a little too weak and lame at times and drags badly. Probably a test case for this sort of humour, but this one missed the mark badly, proved by the fact it didn't win any Academy Awards.
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