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  • Fall from Grace describes the war of the young English-French Catherine, her mother is killed in 1940 during the German campaign against France, Catherine escapes to England where she eventually volunteers to become a spy.

    The Movie is based on a book by Larry Collins. Tara Fitzgerald as Catherine does her job well and manages to pull off some touching scenes in the last scenes of the film.

    However Richard Anconina as Paul is not nearly as convincing as Fitzgerald, he lacks touch and does not fit to his role.

    York and Fox give good back up as all experienced actors should, the Director does his bit nicely and in all I´d say this movie is not bad at all, I give it 8 from 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What annoyed me about this movie was that they gave away the key element in the first minutes.

    In the book, the fact that Deidre was sent as live bait to the Gestapo/SD to validate the lie that the main landing was to be in the Pas-de-Calais was not revealed to the very end - after all the British and Americans are "good" and would not do anything like send a woman on a suicide mission.

    The American Major, Tom O'Neil, who stared off with high morals soon learn the reality of war and the need to loose ones morality for the good of is country. This is the "fall from grace" Shame, they took a great book with a real shocker and blew it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***my original review contained a huge mistake making it utterly misleading***

    Okay, my interest in this one is not for the faint-hearted. Put the little children to bed before reading further. There is no mainstream flick with any comparable BDSM-y scene like this one. Tara Fitzgerald appeared nude in SIRENS but here she is bound to a chair, with smeared lipstick (if memory serves me correctly, though I might be confusing this with an image I saw on a Hustler magazine cover a few days later, I'm not sure), and there's full nudity, but those vulnerable bare feet... That stays with me the most. Clearly, I am in search of a DVD for this title after six years of failure to obtain ANYTHING relating to this title except IMDb reviews and Wikipedia crediting it on Tara's page, and am obviously not even a reliable witness on its most controversial scene, so if there is anybody out there who has it on DVD, I would reward you as only a fanatical crazy collector can! The story was well-presented, but it's been years since I saw it once, and I so long to have another last long look. I do remember the tragic outcome of Tara's character who turned premature gray after her ordeal. And that Michael York outdid himself as the villain. Sadly :( I will never see this ever again, and it's at the very top of my Hard-to-Find list, life sure is sad.

    Update, 2016/11/25, 9:54:55 PM. Thank you to ralphus44 who supplied a highlights disk free of charge. Showed that I was wrong, my memory played tricks on me, my imagination added extra flavor. The nudity is implied, there is no actual on-screen nudity, only bare shoulders and bare feet. She is not tied to the chair, her hands are manacled behind her back, it's only her feet that are bound, but not to the chair. As was suspected, the smeared lipstick was also my own invention. My apologies if I created the wrong impression, I actually misled myself. Bummed! And something that really needs to be addressed: The level of cruelty in this film is staggering. RavenGlam is about girls looking like birds of paradise, about sexy stuff, so... I am quite dismayed. I had forgotten just how truly bad this is. You could say that it was blotted out by the kinkier early aspects pf the interrogation scene. It is truly horrific to watch the torture and its result. Still, am glad to have this. At least now I own a bit of an otherwise impossible item on DVD-R. Thank you ralphus44! And thanks also to A.L. Fielden, without whom it couldn't have been possible, that old VHS tape sure helped a lot!