Laocorn: Worthless fool! How can you ever help to beat me? By the next time I'm done with you, there'll be nothing but stinking meat!

Andy Bogart: Just who WAS that man in the mask, anyway?

Master: One thing's for sure...he's not the Lone Ranger!

Laocorn: I know that you killed Father, you stupid bastard!

Man: What if I did?

Terry Bogard: Power Geyser!

Terry Bogard: Power Geyser!

Lacorn: Oh, no... what in God's name have I done? Sulia...

Lacorn: How dare you... SULIA!

Joe Higashi: [during the four-on-one fight against Laucorn, Joe whips up a tornado that barely misses Gaudemis] Hey, don't get carried away, asshole! Joe Higashi's gonna give you a fight you won't ever forget!

Andy Bogard: [after Andy sees Hauer is trying to kill Mai] All right, you bastard, this time...

[Andy jumps into the air to attack Hauer]

Andy Bogard: ... YOU'RE DEEEAAAD!

Hauer: See what you've done? You made my dancing lovely stop... Barbarians

[Hauer sips his drink and jumps, dropping his glass which is destroyed by a gust of wind that follows his movements]

Billy Kane: [Billy sees how fast Hauer moves and tries to follow his movements, while being surprised by the wind that destroys Hauer's drink] Son of a bitch!