Doug Liman revealed that Jennifer Aniston was originally cast as Kirby Watts but the producers and Liman had a disagreement on the cast and the producers decided to fire Aniston from the movie to replace her by Kristy Swanson. Anyway, Liman said that despite this, he and Aniston remain good friends since then because they were exciting to work with each other.

According to director Doug Liman, the title sequence was shot for $500 using his out-of-pocket funds. He brought the cat along to chase the rats and motivate them to run, but the rats weren't afraid of the cat. Rather, the opposite was true, so Liman filmed the rats chasing the cat and then re-edited the footage.

In the late 90's, the movie was re-released on video with a new cover art featuring Calista Flockhart and Matthew Perry, obviously to capitalize on their success on Ally McBeal (1997) and Friends (1994) respectively. Both have minor roles in the film.

In one scene in this movie, Kristy Swanson jumps on her boyfriend directly facing him and kissing him for a brief sexual escapade while he is driving the car. This also happened with Kristy Swanson and Charlie Sheen in the movie, The Chase. Both films were released in 1994. In the Chase, Charlie is being pursued by numerous police cars and while driving to escape capture, Kristy, who has fallen in love with Charlie whom the police think he kidnapped Kristy, she jumps his bones in a scene reminiscent of the scene she performed in Getting in,

Both Randall Burns and Amanda Morel are killed off in a method that matches their respective surnames. Burns is burned to death, and Morel accidentally eats poisoned Morel mushrooms and dies of food poisoning.