Guinevere is not the original name of this legendary queen. In Welsh her real name was Gwynifred or Gwyneth, depending on the legend. That explains her nickname in Merlin (2008), for Gwen is actually a Welsh name, not English, translated as Guinevere.

Sheryl Lee is world famous as Laura Palmer/Maddy on cult TV series Twin Peaks (1990), Sean Patrick Flanery is best known for playing a title role on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992), and Noah Wyle is best known as Dr. Carter on worldwide famous TV series ER (1994).

The same year as this was released, 1994, another film with a similar story of a girl in love with two boys at the same time was made: Threesome (1994), starring Lara Flynn Boyle (best known as Donna, a friend of Laura (Sheryl Lee), on Twin Peaks (1990)), Stephen Baldwin and Josh Charles.