Little Bun: [playing with chickens] When will they grow up?

Xu Jiazhen: Very soon.

Little Bun: And then?

Xu Fugui: And then... the chickens will turn into geese... and the geese will turn into sheep... and the sheep will turn into oxen.

Little Bun: And after the oxen?

Xu Fugui: After oxen...

Xu Jiazhen: After oxen, Little Bun will grow up.

Little Bun: I want to ride on an ox's back.

Xu Jiazhen: You will ride on an ox's back.

Xu Fugui: Little Bun won't ride on an ox... he'll ride trains and planes... and life will get better and better.

Xu Fugui: What did you name our son?

Xu Jiazhen: "Don't Gamble".

Xu Fugui: If Youqing does as daddy says, our lives will get better and better. Our family is like a little chicken. When it grows up, it becomes a goose and that will turn into a sheep. The sheep will turn into an ox.

Xu Youqing: And after the ox?

Xu Fugui: After the ox is Communism, and there will be dumplings and meat every day.