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  • This movie is outstanding, this film is based on the reality of this generation. akshay Kumar, Prithvi, and pankaj are the three sons of anupam kher and they refuse anything what there father says. Even a slight, Anupam kher has a business which he would like to handover to the three sons but the three sons refuse and go dating.In order for them to listen Anupam Kher, Anupam kher threatens them to marry The girls that they fancy, there mother. And speaking about the mother the mother is in the same situation as anupam kher. So both together join up and teach the boys and girls a lesson. However bear this in mind if Anupam kher marries Moushmi Chatterji then the boys and girls relation will turn into brothers and sisters. It is a fun comedy movie with laughters and cries. You'll enjoy this movie.
  • superindrajit31 May 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Akshay Kumar never had a year without flops except 2007 when he gave all back to back hits and superhits. 1994 was one of his earlier years and during the time, he gave some of his best films like Mohra, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Yeh Dillagi, Suhaag, and the low budget hit action film Elaan. All these films I mentioned were hits but these are 4 out of the 12 films that released in 1994. Other 8 were not so lucky, being Akki releases they were either flops or disasters. However, the film Zaalim was an average due to its tremendous action sequences and natural acting bu Akshay Kumar. That film despite the unoriginal and bogus script was forgiven and rated average instead of a flop.

    Ikke Pe Ikka is another Akshay Kumar film from 1994 which released, ran for around 2 weeks and flopped grossing 12-13 crores in total. The film isn't a copy of any film and the best part of the film is some of the comic sequences are natural and funny. There is no sign of any copy, the movie is an original Hindi movie. The biggest problem with the movie was it contains too many cheesy and boring comic sequences, some of the worst dialogues and some of the worst performances.

    The film is about Anumpam Kher who is a widower and he wants his 3 sons to be responsible and handle his business. However, the 3 sons don't even bother listening to their dad and do all the loafer type things rich peopl's sons in typical Hindi movies do. After about 1 and a half hour of boring family drama, somewhat watchable comedy(which becomes cheesy after a while), and a few nonsensical action sequences, the movie seems to go even more downhill. There is a widow with 3 daughters who are the three worst heroines ever and I'm assuming they only did a few films in Bollywood.

    How the actors become responsible, fulfil their fathers dream and get the girls forms the rest of this silly comedy. The movie's main goal is to provide natural brilliant comedy but it does anything but that. The comedy as I mentioned is natural in some parts but then the slapstick feel comes back and it feels like of the recent horrible Priyadarshan KAMAAL DHAAMAAL MAALAMAAAL which was a horrible slapstick low budget comedy. The acting is pretty average, heroines are definitely bad. Akshay Kumar does OK as one of the sons but he overacts badly in some of the comic scenes. There are a few action scenes where he shows his action skills once again and that is pretty much the best we see OK Akshay in this film. Prithvi and Pankaj Dheer provide average support as Akki's brothers in the film. Anupam Kher is good, his comic scenes were the best and the only few that made me laugh 2-3 times in the film. The script lets the whole film down though, can't believe this one too was by Sachin Bhomwick a very talented writer. This and Zakmhi Dil were one of Akki's worst films from 1994. On the whole, Ikke Pe Ikka is a cheesy, slapstick and bad comedy. It could've been better but the movie fails.