Sharon Stone rang director Mark Rydell repeatedly, begging for a part in the film. Rydell automatically assumed that she was after the part of the mistress, and was quite surprised when Stone revealed that she wanted to play the frigid wife.

Halle Berry auditioned for the role of Olivia Marshak.

The unusual clock is a replica of a "Congreve" clock. It is based on a design by the English engineer, William Congreve.

Richard Gere was originally considered to star opposite Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct as Detective Nick Curran but turned it down and it went to Michael Douglas same with the Wall Street role of Gordon Gekko. Both Gere and Douglas worked with Andy Garcia in Black Rain and internal affairs.

1 of 3 Paramount movies that Richard Gere drives a Mercedes. Other two movies are American Gigolo and Primal Fear.

Although the location of the story is not specified, the filming locations were in Canada. There are numerous references to Canada throughout the movie. As Richard Gere is driving to the museum there is a billboard that reads 200 meters to the cafe. Canada follows the metric system. Another instance is a Canadian flag is displayed outside the shop when Richard Gere's character runs into the "red head" little girl with the pastries. A nice touch or connection to the region of filming, Richard Gere's character designed a museum honoring the natives of the region.

The reflecting pool in front of the museum was a temporary creation for the movie shoot. It wasn't until 2010 that a permanent reflecting pool was constructed there.

Richard Gere, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone have each worked with Sharon Stone. Gere and Schwarzenegger played her husbands in this and Total Recall, respectively. Stallone on the other hand starred with Stone, in the same year as this film, in The Specialist in which she played a woman who avenges the death of her parents with the help of a former CIA agent played by Stallone. Also Gere, Stallone, and Schwarzenegger were considered for Bruce Willis' role in Die Hard. They later worked with Willis on movies like The Jackal and The Expendables franchise.

One of 4 movies that Richard Gere appears in that has music from James Newton Howard. First was pretty woman (1990), second was this film, third was primal fear 2 years after and fourth was runaway bride 5 years after this film.

It is rare for an established middle-aged or older actor to be the actual age for the part they are playing in a film. This is especially true when they are very attractive. Almost invariably, they are playing someone younger than they actually are in real life. However, in this film, Richard Gere is playing a 42 year old man. At the time of filming, Mr. Gere had turned 43 years old only several months prior to the filming dates.

Vincent while in purgatory follows his girlfriend down the water thinking he chose her but didn't realize that is how he dies. Going down into darkness, in purgatory means he died and went to hell, being an unfaithful man to his wife and girlfriend. Going up to the light in this case means he would have lived choosing to be with his wife and daughter when in fact he would have chose his girlfriend instead of his wife.

If Gere's character had lived and chose the light, besides getting married to his girlfriend, he would have fixed the problem at the teller construction site, built the dream house and spent time with his daughter at the island for Easter.