Mathilda: Leon, I think I'm kinda falling in love with you.

[Leon chokes on his milk]

Mathilda: It's the first time for me, you know?

Léon: [wiping himself off] How do you know it's love if you've never been in love before?

Mathilda: 'Cause I feel it.

Léon: Where?

Mathilda: [stoking her stomach] In my stomach. It's all warm. I always had a knot there and now... it's gone.

Léon: Mathilda, I'm glad you don't have a stomach ache any more. I don't think it means anything.

Mathilda: Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid?

Léon: Always like this.

Léon: You need some time to grow up a little.

Mathilda: I finished growing up, Léon. I just get older.

Léon: For me it's the opposite. I'm old enough. I need time to grow up.

Léon: [referring to his plant] It's my best friend. Always happy. No questions.

Mathilda: I don't wanna lose you, Leon.

Léon: You're not going to lose me. You've given me a taste for life. I wanna be happy. Sleep in a bed, have roots. And you'll never be alone again, Mathilda. Please, go now, baby, go. Calm down, I'll meet you at Tony's in an hour, I love you, now go, go now.

Léon: And stop saying "okay" all the time. Okay?

Mathilda: Okay.

Léon: Good.

Stansfield: Bring me everyone.

3rd Stansfield man: What do you mean "everyone"?

Stansfield: EVERYONE!

Mathilda: You killed my brother.

Stansfield: I'm sorry. And you want to join him?

Mathilda: No.

Stansfield: It's always the same thing. It's when you start to become really afraid of death that you learn to appreciate life. Do you like life, sweetheart?

Mathilda: Yes.

Stansfield: That's good, because I take no pleasure in taking life if it's from a person who doesn't care about it.

Léon: Stansfield?

Stansfield: At your service.

Léon: [handing him something] This is from... Mathilda.

Stansfield: [sees that it's a pin for a grenade] Shit.

Mathilda: [after planting Leon's plant in the school grounds] I think we'll be ok here, Leon.

Léon: The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you can get to the client. The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn.

Mathilda: [Mathilda, crying about her brother's murder and her stepmother] I was more of a mother to him than thaat goddamn pig ever was!

Léon: Hey, don't talk like that about pigs. They're usually much nicer than people.

Mathilda: But they smell like shit.

Léon: Not true. As a matter of fact, right now I have one in my kitchen that's very clean and smells very nice.

Mathilda: You don't have a pig in your kitchen.

Léon: Yes, I do.

Mathilda: I was just in there and I didn't see any goddamned pig.

Léon: Don't move. I'll get him.

[Leon goes into the kitchen]

Léon: Piggy? Piggy? Where are you?

Léon: [Oinking noises are heard in the kitchen] Oink, oimk! Ah, there you are.

Léon: [More oinking, then a pig pot holder sticks its 'head' around the corner] Hi, Mathilda.

Mathilda: [She smiles] Hi, piggy.

Mathilda: Sleep well?

Léon: I never really sleep well. Got one eye open, always.

Mathilda: Yeah, I forgot. You know, I never saw someone with one eye open snore so much.

Mathilda: I don't give a shit about sleeping, Leon. I want love, or death. That's it.

Mathilda: How old were you when you made your first hit?

Léon: Nineteen.

Mathilda: Beat you!

Stansfield: I haven't got time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit.

Stansfield: I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. Can you hear it? It's like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin' and you can hear the insects. Do you like Beethoven?

Malky: I couldn't really say.

Fatman: Somebody's coming up. Somebody serious.

Stansfield: I like these quiet little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven.

Stansfield: You don't like Beethoven. You don't know what you're missing. Overtures like that get my... juices flowing. So powerful. But after his openings, to be honest, he does tend to get a little fucking boring. That's why I stopped!

[laughs and sighs]

Stansfield: Toss the apartment.

Mathilda: I hope you're not lying Leon. I really hope that deep down there's no love in you. And if there is, I think in a few minutes you'll regret you never said anything. I love you Leon.

Mathilda: I am writing here the name of a girl in the class who makes me sick. If things get hot, she'll take the heat.

Stansfield: [catching Mathilda in the bathroom with food bags] Special delivery huh... Let me guess... Chinese? Thai, maybe? Ahh, I've got it. Italian food

[pops a pill and pulls out a gun]

Stansfield: What's your name angel...

[Mathilda answers]

Stansfield: ... Mathilda, I want you to put the sack on the floor... good... Now, I want you to tell me everything you know about Italian food, and don't forget the name of the chef who fixed it for me.

Mathilda: Nobody sent me.I do business for myself.

Stansfield: Ahh... so this is... something... personal?... What filthy peice of... shit... did I do now?

Mathilda: You killed my brother.

Léon: Revenge is not a good thing, it's better to forget.

Mathilda: Forget? After I've seen the outline of my brother's body on the floor, you expect me to forget? I wanna kill those sons of bitches, and blow their fucking heads off!

Orphanage Headmistress: Now tell me what happened to you.

Mathilda: OK. My family they got shot down by D.E.A. officers because of a drug problem. I left with the greatest guy on earth. He was a hitman, the best in town, but he died this morning. And if you don't help me, I'll be dead by tonight.

[to receptionist after being asked about her father (Leon)]

Mathilda: He's not my father. He's my lover.

Stansfield: Death is... whimsical... today.

Mathilda: Leon, what exactly do you do for a living?

Léon: Cleaner.

Mathilda: You mean you're a hit man?

Léon: [reluctantly] Yeah.

Mathilda: Cool.

Stansfield: [after the building explodes] Hey, what the fuck is going on up there? I said take the guy out, not the whole fucking building!

Léon: Sorry about your father.

Mathilda: If somebody didn't do it one day or another, I probably would have done it myself.

Léon: Tony... All the money I make, that you keep for me...

Tony: You need some money?

Léon: No, just curious... Because, I've been working a long time... And I havent done anything with my... I thought maybe someday I could


Léon: use it.

Tony: [Figuring him out] You met a woman.

Léon: When it's tough like this, you know it's gonna be ugly. Better make it quick, or else you will be here all day listening to his crap.

Stansfield: I have a lot of respect for your business, Tony. When you've killed for us in the past we've always been satisfied. And that's exactly why today is going to be very, very hard for me. I hope you'll excuse my mood.

[Shows a crime scene photo]

Stansfield: My man was killed, right here, on your turf. And the chinks tell me that the hit man was kind of the... Italian type. So we figured that, uh, Tony might know something.

[Tony motions to speak]

Stansfield: Wait - there's more. You're gonna love this. A few hours later, a little twelve-year-old girl comes to my office armed to the teeth, with the firm intention of sending me straight to the morgue. And do you know who came and got her in the middle of the afternoon right there in my building? The very... same... Italian hit man.


Stansfield: I'm dying to meet him.

Mathilda: Do you "clean" anyone?

Léon: No women, no kids, that's the rules.

Mathilda: How much would it cost to hire someone to get those dirtbags who killed my brother?

Léon: Five grand a head.

Mathilda: Wow. How about this: I work for you; in exchange, you teach me how to clean. Hmmm? What do you think? I'll clean your place, I'll do the shopping, I'll even wash your clothes. Is it a deal?

Mathilda: Can we try with real bullets now?

Stansfield: You're a Mozart fan. I love him too. I looooove Mozart! He was Austrian you know? But for this kind of work,

[imitates playing the piano]

Stansfield: he's a little bit light. So I tend to go for the heavier guys. Check out Brahms. He's good too.

Tony: Hey, Leon, nothing's gonna happen to you. You're indestructible! Bullets slide off you, you play with 'em.

Léon: There was someone a long time ago. Before I came to the States. Her father didn't want her to see me. She was from a very respectable family. Mine was, you know, not so respectable. Her dad went nuts every time she'd take off to see me.

Mathilda: But she still snuck off to see you, right?

Léon: Right.

Mathilda: You see, nothing can stop love, Léon.

Tony: Check it. Make sure it's the right thing.

Léon: I trust you.

Tony: One thing has nothin' to do with the other - remember that Léon.

Léon: I will.

Mathilda: There's no doorbell.

Léon: So knock on the door.

Mathilda: [about Russian roulette] If I win, you keep me with you for life.

Léon: And if you lose?

Mathilda: Go shopping alone, like before.

Mathilda: [opens rubbing alcohol over drug stash]

Léon: What are you doing?

Mathilda: You said no women, no kids. Who do you think this is gonna kill, junkies and monkeys?

1st Stansfield man: [finds pizza among Matilda's guns] Lunch.

2nd Stansfield man: Careful Blood. Might be poisoned.

1st Stansfield man: No, no anchovies on this.

Old Lady: [investigating the noise] What's happening out there?

Malky: All right, ma'am, go away, DEA. Police.

Old Lady: Why don't you leave that poor family alone?

Malky: [to Stansfield] It's all right, everything's al right. Just calm down.

Stansfield: I am calm.

[loads his gun, looks at old lady]

Stansfield: I'm calm.

Old Lady: Why don't you leave them alone?

Stansfield: [shoots the window next to her] He said, "Go back inside".

Léon: He killed her. One shot to the head. They kept him in jail for two days. They let him go free. They said it was an accident. So, one night I waited for him. 500 feet with a lens. He also had an accident.

1st Stansfield man: He was a pro, he was fast, he fucking came out of nowhere.


1st Stansfield man: shoots the chinamen dead in two seconds

Malky: Easy man I am a cop

1st Stansfield man: Then turns around and says something to Malky like

Léon: No women, no kids.


Mathilda: How are we getting out of here now?

Léon: Leave it to me. We're checking out.

Léon: You still have your gun, so use it. Just do me a favor, don't shoot it out the window.

Tony: Change ain't good, you know Léon?

Léon: No discussion.

Swat Chief: [speaking to Stansfield through radio] Alpha team, man down, man down.

Stansfield: I told you.

Léon: I took a hit. I need a hand now. I know she's young, but she learns fast. Kids need to be shaped into something right?

Tony: Yeah, I know. I taught you that. But ain't there an age limit?

Léon: She's 18.

Tony: Oh, really?

Malky: It's cops outside, we better go.

Stansfield: It's the cops outside... we better go.

Pauly: C'mon, asshole! C'mon faggot. C'mon, gun trick.

Léon: Hey, what about the ring trick, you've heard that one?

Pauly: Ring trick? C'mon, asshole. I'm waiting. Show it to me, motherfucker!

Mathilda: I've decided what to do with my life. I wanna be a cleaner.

Léon: You wanna be a cleaner?

[passes her a gun and bullets]

Léon: Here, take it. It's a goodbye gift. Go clean. But not with me. I work alone, understand? Alone.

Mathilda: Bonnie and Clyde didn't work alone. Thelma and Louise didn't work alone. And they were the best.

Stansfield: What filthy piece of shit did I do now?

Malky: Hey Stan, Stan! What are doing? He's dead!

Stansfield: But he ruined my suit.

Léon: Ey. What about the ring trick. You know that one?

Stansfield: I take no pleasure in taking a life if it's from a person who doesn't care about it.

[last lines]

Mathilda: I think we'll be OK here, Leon.

Swat Chief: [speaking to Stansfield through radio] Alpha team, final position, ready to go.

Stansfield: Be careful.

Swat Chief: Now, get this fucking asshole out of there.

Benny: Oh, shit. We missed a girl, I'm trying to find the fucking super in this goddamn building.

[first lines]

Tony: Allora, come stai, Leone?

Léon: Bene.

[Tony puts out his cigarette in an ashtray]

Tony: OK. OK. Let's talk business.

Léon: [after Leon awakes suddenly from a furtive sleep] Relax. Everything's fine. Sleep well? I never really sleep. Got one eye open always.

Cigarette Kid: Know her?

The Kids: No.

Mathilda: You know a girl's first time is very important. It determines the rest of her life sexually. I read that once in one of my sister's magazine. My girlfriends told me they hated their first experience. That's because they didn't love the guys. They just did it to show off. Afterwards, they started liking it. Like cigarette. Will i like it the first time?

Swat Chief: Turn the fucking water off!

[he is having sex with his wife in the restroom, Mathilda opens the door]

Mathilda's Father: Shut the goddamn door!