[last lines]

Elise Moran: My father cared so much for this planet. He just wanted to do some good.

Angus MacGyver: He did. The world's a safer place because of Paul.

Elise Moran: Maybe. But my father, your friend, he's gone.

Angus MacGyver: Then I guess it's up to us.

[first lines]

Paul Moran: [being carried up a snowy mountain] It won't work, MacGyver. You can't do it!

Angus MacGyver: Why not? I've done it before!

Paul Moran: Not with 400 pounds.

Angus MacGyver: It's no problem, I tell ya!

[rope starts to slip]

Angus MacGyver: Look out, Paul!

Paul Moran: MacGyver. Please... cut me loose.

Angus MacGyver: Forget it!

Paul Moran: Damn you! We're both going to die!

Angus MacGyver: No one's gonna die! No one's gonna die... No one's gonna die...