Alfie Byrne: Dancing is neither modest or immodest. It's either well-done, or badly done.

Christy Ward: Is that a quote?

Alfie Byrne: Almost.

Ivor Carney: It's very vulgar to talk about one's business. Only stock brokers do that, and then merely at dinner parties.

Robbie Fay: Don't you be dirtying that nice clean bus, now.

Alfie Byrne: You have it lovely, Bosie. I can see myself in it, like Narcissus.

Robbie Fay: You're at it again.

Alfie Byrne: At what?

Robbie Fay: That stuff you do. Big words. Poetry.

Alfie Bryne: The only way to get rid of temptation, is to yield to it.

Alfie Byrne: I've learned a horrible lesson.

Adele Rice: About me.

Alfie Byrne: About myself.

Ivor Carney: Now, what I was saying... We should attempt to keep him out of harm's way.

Lily Byrne: You don't mean St James' Hospital or...?

Ivor Carney: Oh no, no. I didn't mean to have him committed. Though that's a fairly good idea.

Alfie Byrne: Ah, Wardie. My best friend, my choice friend!

Christy Ward: That's the spirit, Mr Byrne. Now don't let the bastards grind you down.

Alfie Byrne: A commendable sentiment, if a little coarse in the phrasin'.

Ivor Carney: She's not suitable at all. Mutton dressed as lamb!

Mrs Taaffe: She's a bit young to be mutton.

Ivor Carney: I don't know what the world is coming to, but I know what you're coming to, Alfred Byrne. A bad end. A sad, bad end!

Robbie Fay: [to Alfie Byrne] I know where you been. I don't care what ya get up to. I like ya. You're me pal. And I know who Bosie was and all.

Ivor Carney: Ah, Ward! You're a sodality member.

Christy Ward: Was.

Ivor Carney: How can you allow yourself to be directed by this man?

Christy Ward: And why shouldn't I?

Ivor Carney: He is a great sinner!

Christy Ward: He's a terrible *director*, but *I'm* staying.

Alfie Byrne: She is like a dove that has strayed. She is like a Narcissus trembling in the wind. She is like a silver flower.

Robbie Fay: You know what I think?

Alfie Byrne: What, Bosie?

Robbie Fay: I think you're soft on her.

Christy Ward: You see, it was a Friday the thirteenth. I remember warning you about that at the time. Friday the thirteenth... It's an old theatrical tradition, like Hamlet.

Alfie Byrne: What are you talking about, Ward?

Christy Ward: They never go up on a Friday the thirteenth. And they never say Hamlet. Never.

Alfie Byrne: Macbeth they never say.

Alfie Byrne: They made him from nothin', raised him to the stars. The first promotion he gets...

Christy Ward: Off the bus and into a new motor car.